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Trump Talks Policy!

A "friend" of mine forced me to read the transcript of Sean Hannity's interview with Donald Trump earlier this week, and it was fascinating in a train wreck kind of way. After a few minutes, Hannity said it was time to get serious and talk policy. Show More Summary

Voters Are Angry, Voters Are Fed Up, Voters Are Blah Blah Blah

Oh please: The surging candidacies of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are fueled by people’s anger with the status quo and desire for authenticity in political leaders. We hear this every four years. Voters are always angry. They always prize straight talk. Show More Summary

Achtung! Don't Help Your Kids With Their Math Homework.

Pacific Standard reports today on a recent study about learning math, but I think they bury the lede. "New research finds that when parents with math anxieties try to help their kids, their efforts could backfire," says the headline....Show More Summary

Three Studies Confirm: Obamacare Isn't a Job Killer

Among the many (many, many) catastrophes predicted by opponents of Obamacare was that a lot of workers would find their hours reduced against their wishes. Why? Because Obamacare requires firms to provide health insurance only to employees who work 30 hours or more. Show More Summary

The Hillary Clinton Email Saga: Still No There There

Is Hillary Clinton starting to get into serious trouble over the personal email account she maintained as Secretary of State? Hard to say. So far there's no evidence that she did anything wrong, just a beef between State and CIA over whether some of the emails she sent and received were classified properly at the time. Show More Summary

Scott Walker Finally Finds a Big-Government Subsidy He Loves

The owner of the Milwaukee Bucks wants a new stadium. But he doesn't want to pay for it himself. So he's threatened to move the Bucks to a new city if Wisconsin doesn't pony up $250 million to help finance the shiny new sports palace...Show More Summary

China's Newfound Dedication to the Market Falters When the Market Does Something They Don't Like

Noah Smith on Twitter last night: I see some people asserting that China is devaluing the RMB to boost the RMB's status as a global currency. I heavily doubt this. China has two reasons to let the yuan depreciate. The first is self-serving: it makes Chinese exports cheaper and thereby helps the Chinese economy, which is in trouble. Show More Summary

Obama Is Playing Hardball, and Guess Who Doesn't Like It?

The Washington Post is unhappy with the "certitude" with which President Obama is defending the Iran nuclear deal. Normally, the Post would prefer more certitude in Obama's foreign policy, but whatever. Then there's this: After six-plus years of a presidency in which Mr. Show More Summary

The Brownback Crash Continues in Kansas

Menzie Chinn updates us today on how things are going in Sam Brownback's Kansas. Answer: not so good. The chart on the right compares Kansas to the rest of the country using coincident indexes, an aggregate measure of economic performance tracked monthly by the Philadelphia Fed. Show More Summary

Scott Walker's Abortion Flimflam Explained! (Maybe.)

I had almost given up on anyone helping me understand what Scott Walker meant when he explained why he opposed abortion exceptions not just for rape and incest, but also to save the life of the mother. "There are many other alternatives that can also protect the life of that mother," Walker said during Thursday's debate. Show More Summary

Donald Trump, the Tea Party, and Political Correctness Have All Collided in 2015

Aside from conservatism (duh), Alan Abramowitz says the strongest predictor of support for the Tea Party is racial hostility. Paul Krugman says he thinks Donald Trump supporters are basically just tea partiers. Put these together and...Show More Summary

China Finally Adopts Market-Based Value for its Currency, But We May Not Like the Results

For years the United States has been complaining that China artificially undervalues its currency, which makes their exports cheaper and gives them a trade advantage over American firms. In response, China has gradually let the renminbi rise. Show More Summary

I Still Don't Know What Scott Walker Was Talking About on Abortion

During Thursday's debate, Scott Walker took the most extreme position of any candidate on abortion. Not only does he oppose exceptions for rape and incest, he even opposes an exception to save the life of the mother. "I've said manyShow More Summary

2016 and the Fable of the Surge

Over at the Atlantic, Peter Beinert writes about the "fallacy of the surge"—the notion that the surge in Iraq won the war, and things have since fallen apart only because President Obama withdrew American troops and left the field wide open for the taking. Show More Summary

Yes, Of Course Donald Trump Is Fueled by the Politics of Resentment

Josh Marshall: Far be it from me to beat up on insular, east coast elites. But the insular, cross-partisan east coast media elite hasn't grasped how the politics of resentment are fueling Donald Trump's campaign or why gang ups fromShow More Summary

Republicans May Be Shooting Themselves in the Foot Over Abortion

Here's an interesting recent poll question: There's not much need to tell you I just made this up. If it were real, this bill would get 0 percent support. Everyone who saw it would be immediately appalled at the idea that someone could...Show More Summary

Is Opposition to Obamacare Finally Dying Down?

I missed this when it first got published the day after the Republican debate, but Sarah Kliff says out loud something that was only percolating in the back of my head at the time: Ten Republican presidential hopefuls took to the debate stage last night to prove their conservative bona fides. Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Threads the Needle on College Tuition Plan

Hillary Clinton plans to offer a major proposal to deal with skyrocketing student debt: With Americans shouldering $1.2 trillion in student loan debt, and about eight million of them in default, Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday willShow More Summary

Cruz, Fiorina Are Big Winners In First Post-Debate Poll

A new NBC poll has gotten a lot of attention today for suggesting that Donald Trump won the Republican debate on Thursday. And maybe he did! But I'd take the results with a grain of salt. Here's why: As the chart on the right shows, Trump's support didn't increase. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Has Finally Catapulted Us Into an Alternate Universe

The Donald Trump saga continues its trip into Bizarroland today with the exit of Roger Stone from the Trump campaign. Trump claims he fired Stone, while Stone says he resigned—and he has the resignation letter to prove it. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm guessing Stone is the more believable party here. Show More Summary

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