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California Moves to Ban All Vaccination Exemptions

Here's the latest vaccination news from the Golden State: Gov. Jerry Brown, who preserved religious exemptions to state vaccination requirements in 2012, on Wednesday appeared open to legislation that would eliminate all but medicalShow More Summary

Is Obama Getting Closer to War With Russia?

Here's the latest on Ukraine: Ashton B. Carter, President Obama’s choice to become his fourth secretary of defense, said Wednesday that he was “very much inclined” to provide arms to Ukraine to fend off Russian-backed rebels, something...Show More Summary

Book Bleg

OK, this is a bit of an odd request. But here it is. I need something to read, and since my alertness level is a little on the weak side these days, I need something easy on the brain cells. The ideal choice would be, say, a 10-part fiction series that's basically beach reading. Show More Summary

Will Republicans Shut Down the Department of Homeland Security?

Paul Waldman notes today that Republicans have made a hash out of their first month in control of Congress, and I'd say he's right about that. They keep getting distracted by events—executive actions from President Obama, vaccination...Show More Summary

There Are New Hints Today of a Nuclear Deal With Iran

AP reports that there are hints of progress in talks with Iran over its nuclear program. The US and its allies have been insisting that Iran substantially reduce the number of centrifuges it operates, which so far Iran has refused to do. Show More Summary

FCC Chairman Finally Gets Fully Behind Net Neutrality

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler is now officially on board supporting the strongest possible version of net neutrality. Here's his first-person statement: Originally, I believed that the FCC could assure internet openness through a determination of “commercial reasonableness” under Section 706 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Show More Summary

Here's the Big Problem With Liberals' "Middle Class" Agenda

President Obama recently advanced two proposals designed to help the middle class—part of a middle-class agenda that's recently become something of a liberal rallying cry for the 2016 election. The first proposal was a mortgage plan available to anyone who bought a home. Show More Summary

Congress Already Has Its Eyes on 2016

Steve Benen comments on the GOP's 56th vote to repeal Obamacare: It’s quite a congressional majority, isn’t it? Nearly a month into the new Congress, Republicans have prioritized an oil-pipeline bill they know can’t pass, an immigration...Show More Summary

2015 Would Be a Terrible Time for the Fed to Raise Interest Rates

The Fed has kept interest rates near zero for more than six years. With the economy finally showing signs of recovery, is it now time to think about raising rates a bit? Normally, the answer might be yes: unemployment has trended down...Show More Summary

Standard & Poor's Finally Pays Up For Bogus Mortgage Ratings

Standard & Poor's is finally paying up for its role in handing out bogus investment-grade ratings to risky mortgage securities during the housing bubble. Dean Starkman explains what happened: In May 2004, as the U.S. housing market was...Show More Summary

Scott Walker Is Still Clearly a Work in Progress

I see that Martha Raddatz's interview with presidential wannabe Scott Walker is making the rounds today. And deservedly so! After listening to Walker blather a bit about America's need for "big, bold ideas," Raddatz asks him, "What is...Show More Summary

Here's the Birth of the Modern Anti-Vax Movement

A New York Times video takes a look at the birth of the belief that vaccinations can cause autism in young children: It turns on a seminal moment in anti-vaccination resistance. This was an announcement in 1998 by a British doctor who said he had found a relationship between the M.M.R. Show More Summary

Blogging Isn't Dead. But Old-School Blogging Is Definitely Dying.

With Andrew Sullivan giving up his blog, there are fewer and fewer of us old-school bloggers left. In this case, "old school" pretty much means a daily blog with frequent updates written by one person (or possibly two, but not much more). Show More Summary

Friday Cat Blogging - 30 January 2015

My fatigue level is off the charts today. I have no idea what's causing this. But there are always plenty of catblogging pictures available, and you can hardly go wrong with Hilbert in a bag, can you? Enjoy.

Housekeeping Note

My chemotherapy, which until now has had fairly predictable side effects, seems to have entered a less predictable phase. This means that my fatigue level changes from day to day, and with it my blogging output. So some days you'll see a bunch of posts, and other days you'll see one or two. Show More Summary

Here's What's at the Heart of the Crisis in Greece

If you're in the market for some interesting commentary on Greece, there have been a couple of good ones recently. The first comes from Paul Krugman, who, among other things, makes a point that often gets missed: Greece is already running a primary surplus. Show More Summary

Why are Scam PACs So Much More Common on the Right Than the Left?

Politico's Ken Vogel reports on a phenomenon that's gotten a fair amount of attention on both the right and the left: Since the tea party burst onto the political landscape in 2009, the conservative movement has been plagued by an explosion...Show More Summary

Murder In Los Angeles Is Way Down Among Teenagers

The LA Times reports that murder is becoming less common among teenagers: “You're not seeing youngsters like you have in the past,” said Det. Todd Anderson of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. “You used to see a lot more kids who were 16, 17, 18, 19. Show More Summary

Greek Investors Apparently Surprised By Stuff No One Should Be Surprised About

The latest news from Greece is a bit peculiar: Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras told his new cabinet on Wednesday that he would move swiftly to negotiate debt relief, but would not engage in a confrontation with creditors that would jeopardize...Show More Summary

ISIS Fighters Lose Kobani In Win For Obama's Iraq Strategy

From the LA Times: Kurdish fighters in the Syrian border town of Kobani appeared poised Monday to deal a decisive defeat to Islamic State militants after months of street clashes and U.S. aerial bombardment, signaling a major setback for the extremist group. ....The apparent breakthrough shows how U.S. Show More Summary

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