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Middle East War Suddenly Getting a Lot More Warlike

I'm a little behind on the news right now, but it sure looks like things are getting a whole lot hotter in the Middle East. Here are a few headlines: Saudi Jets Strike Yemen in Bid to Halt Houthis Tikrit airstrikes draw U.S. into battle between militants and Iraqi forces Obama Says He Will Delay Withdrawal of U.S. Show More Summary

Housekeeping Note

I'll be busy with various tests and doctor appointments all day Wednesday, so no blogging. I should be back on Thursday, health permitting.

Has Israel Given Up On Democrats?

Israel is doing its best to spy on the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the West. No surprise there. But the Obama administration believes they've taken things too far: The spying operation was part of a broader campaign by Israeli...Show More Summary

Television Is a Vast Disease-Laden Wasteland

Jason Millman writes: Maybe you've noticed that prescription drug ads are everywhere these days — more so than usual. You wouldn't be wrong. Oh yes, I've noticed. It's one reason I watch less TV than I might otherwise—especially shows that are pitched to, um, mature demographics. Show More Summary

Beware the Hype of New Medical Studies

Julia Belluz thinks the democratization of medical research may have gone too far: I often wonder whether there is any value in reporting very early research. Journals now publish their findings, and the public seizes on them, but this...Show More Summary

Three Cheers For the California Miracle!

Oh dear. Here's some bad news for Ted Cruz on his very first day as an official presidential candidate: For years, business lobbyists complained about what they derided as "job killer" laws that drive employers out of California. Rival state governors, notably former Texas Gov. Show More Summary

Ted Cruz Throws His Hat In General Direction of Presidential Ring

The big news sweeping my Twitter feed last night was Ted Cruz's rather sudden decision to announce that he's running for president. Usually there's a warmup period of some kind (an "exploratory committee," etc.) but apparently Cruz decided to dispense with all that and simply throw his hat in the ring posthaste. Show More Summary

Why Is Closed Captioning So Bad?

Over at Marginal Revolution, commenter Jan A. asks: Why is the (global) state of subtitling and closed captioning so bad? a/ Subtitling and closed captioning are extremely efficient ways of learning new languages, for example for immigrants...Show More Summary

Friday Cat Blogging - 20 March 2015

Appearances to the contrary, I might be getting better this morning. Cross your fingers, and we'll see how things go tomorrow. Our hummingbird babies are fully mobile! I took some pictures of them this morning, and when I carefully edged in for a slightly closer angle they took off like a shot. Show More Summary

Thursday Hummingbird Blogging - 19 March 2015

Sorry for the lack of blogging yet again. In the meantime, here's the latest pic of our baby hummingbirds. They look perilously close to flapping their wings and leaving the nest.

My Stake In the 2016 Election Is Way More Personal Than Usual

Ed Kilgore: I'm increasingly convinced that by the end of the Republican presidential nominating process the candidates will have pressured each other into a Pact of Steel to revoke all of Obama's executive orders and regulations. The...Show More Summary

So What's Next For Israel and Palestine?

I thought all along that Benjamin Netanyahu was going to win this week's election in Israel. I never wrote about it, but Mark Kleiman is my witness. My reasoning was simplistic: the polls were pretty close, and Netanyahu is a survivor. Show More Summary

Republicans Take Game Playing to New Heights With Latest Budget

I would like to nominate this for least surprising headline of the year: And it gets even better. This is unusually straightforward reporting: House Republicans called it streamlining, empowering states or “achieving sustainability.”...Show More Summary

I Have Great Lungs

In addition to the whole multiple myeloma thing, regular readers may recall that about a year ago I suddenly developed breathing difficulties. Things have improved since then, but I still have regular spells of shortness of breath. In...Show More Summary

"Arming Our Allies" a Fiasco Yet Again in Yemen

No surprise here: The Pentagon is unable to account for more than $500 million in U.S. military aid given to Yemen amid fears that the weaponry, aircraft and equipment is at risk of being seized by Iranian-backed rebels or al-Qaeda, according to U.S. Show More Summary

My Un-Miracle

If a miracle happened on Friday, an un-miracle happened on Sunday. I was fine all day Friday, fine on Saturday, and fine Sunday. Until lunchtime. Then I collapsed again. Ditto on Monday around 10 am. Ditto again today. As usual, no idea what's going on. But I'll blog whenever I have spurts of energy.

My Day

Heart test. Check. EKG. Check. Chest X-ray. Check. Complete spinal X-ray. Check. 20 vials of blood drawn. Check. All that's left is a lung test tomorrow and dropping off a stool sample. Then I get a week off before I visit City of Hope for an orientation and further instructions in preparation for the stem cell transplant in April. Progress!

Republicans Are Making Obama Popular Again

This isn't exactly Oprah levels of adulation or anything, but President Obama's Gallup approval ratings have been rising steadily ever since Republicans won the midterm elections last year. He's been bouncing around positive territory...Show More Summary

Factlet of the Day: Mutual Funds Suck

Jeff Sommer summarizes the results of actively managed mutual funds over the past five years: If all of the managers of the 2,862 funds hadn’t bothered to try to pick stocks at all — if they had merely flipped coins — they would, as a group, probably have produced better numbers. I am not an investment advisor, so do whatever you want to do. Show More Summary

Ides of March Catblogging - 15 March 2015

Et tu, Hopper? A few days ago I featured Hilbert draped over my sister, so I figured that turnabout is fair play: here's Hopper draped over me to make up for the lack of normal Friday catblogging. Hopper is a Daddy's girl, and will sit on no one's lap but mine. Show More Summary

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