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Maybe Democrats Can Turn Paul Ryan Into a Minority Leader After All

For the time being, Hillary Clinton has settled into a lead of about 8 points over Donald Trump. The Senate looks tight: most forecasters figure it's going to end up very close to 50-50. And the House will, of course, stay safely in Republican hands. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Goes After the Upper Middle Class Vote

Donald Trump is giving a big economic policy speech this morning. So what is he proposing? Trump wants childcare tax deduction, not expanded child-related credits. How does that help lower-income, working poor? Who benefits most? — James Pethokoukis (@JimPethokoukis) August 8, 2016 Who benefits most from this? Answer: the upper middle class. Show More Summary

Health Care Journalists Love Homeopathy

From Alex Tabarrok: Wow, this is insane. Lots of journalists are favorable to homeopathy & those in health-related content more so! — Alex Tabarrok (@ATabarrok) August 6, 2016 Journalists' opinions are split equally between accepting and rejecting homeopathy. Show More Summary

For the Love of God, Can We All Stop Whining About the Olympics Being Tape Delayed?

Here is Meredith Blake in the LA Times commenting on the Olympic opening ceremonies last night: In yet the latest decision to fuel the #NBCfail hashag, the network broadcast the ceremony on a one-hour delay on the East Coast. The West Coast was delayed by an additional three hours. Show More Summary

BREAKING NEWS! Republican Presidential Candidate Endorses Republican Congressional Candidate

I could have chosen just about any newspaper for this, but here's the Washington Post last night: Drink this in: it's front-page news that the Republican candidate for president has endorsed the Republican Speaker of the House for reelection. Show More Summary

Friday Cat Blogging - 5 August 2016

Hilbert, like all cats, likes to hunker down on any kind of flat object you might lay down somewhere: clothes, paper, books, iPads, you name it. But like all cats, he's also very hard to fool. He only wants to lie down on this stuff if it's somehow annoying to the humans. Show More Summary

Wall Street Billionaires To Advise Trump On Populist Economics

Excellent. Donald Trump has introduced his blue-chip economic advisory team: The list includes strikingly few academic policy experts, usually the bread-and-butter of campaign policy teams. Instead, the advisory team of 13 men — and no women — consists largely of personal friends or longtime business associates of Trump. Show More Summary

Even the White Working Class Is Abandoning Trump

Ed Kilgore points out that in the latest polls, Trump is not just behind, he's even losing ground with his most fervent supporters, the white working class: He’s still leading in this demographic, to be sure. But every recent Republican has won it, by ever-increasing margins. Show More Summary

Chart of the Day: Net New Jobs in July

The American economy added 255,000 new jobs last month, 90,000 of which were needed to keep up with population growth. This means that net job growth clocked in at a very robust 165,000 jobs. The number of short-term unemployed dropped sharply, but the number of longer-term unemployed increased. Show More Summary

Sean Hannity Tells Us How He Really Feels

Bret Stephens, the Wall Street Journal's deputy editorial page editor, was unimpressed with Sean Hannity's latest meltdown: Fox News' dumbest anchor had a message for y'all: via @Yahoo — Bret Stephens (@StephensWSJ) August 5, 2016 Hannity was not amused: Wsj genius. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Roundup For Thursday Evening

By the standards of earlier this week, today was surprisingly quiet on the Trump front. I think his supporters were all taking a deep breath and steeling themselves for whatever he does next. Still, there were a few tidbits. We can start...Show More Summary

Trump Support Is Collapsing Nationwide

A new McClatchy-Marist poll shows Hillary Clinton with a stunning 15-point lead over Donald Trump. Is that an outlier? Normally I'd say yes, but who knows? It's tulip season, folks. The poll's demographic breakdowns are pretty devastating too: Men had been the bedrock of Trump support. Show More Summary

Trump Properties Are Taking a Beating. Women Staying Away. Blue States Snubbing Him. Sad!

As long as I'm showing you charts of Donald Trump's falling popularity, here's another one. It comes via FourSquare, which tracks the mobile phones of millions of its users: Poor Donald. Ever since he began his presidential campaign, people have been staying away from his properties. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Will Be Lucky to Get 43% of the Popular Vote in November

I've made this point before, but it's interesting enough to make it again. Despite all of Trump's endless controversies, idiotic feuds, assorted ups and downs, and even taking into account his convention bounce and recent meltdown, his overall trajectory has been surprisingly stable over the past year: down. Show More Summary

Today's Chin Scratcher: Why Are Conservative Voters OK With Donald Trump's Trillion-Dollar Stimulus Plan?

Donald Trump has proposed a trillion-dollar infrastructure spending program, and conservative voters seem to have no problem with this. Conservative elites purport to be puzzled. Why did tea partiers go nuts over Obama's stimulus, but...Show More Summary

Donald Trump Roundup For Wednesday Evening

I had to take a quick trip to Procyon 5 this afternoon and my ansible broke down. So I'm out of touch. What's been going on? I see that Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson has admitted that Obama wasn't responsible for the death of Captain...Show More Summary

Now We Have a How-To Manual for Foreigners Who Want to Donate to US Political Campaigns

In his 2010 State of the Union address, President Obama blasted the Supreme Court's Citizen United decision. It would, he said, open the floodgates for special interests to spend vast amount on our elections, "including foreign corporations."...Show More Summary

The Sad But Lucrative End of

This is from the Wall Street Journal: Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is in talks to buy online discount retailer Inc., according to people familiar with the matter, in what would mark a disappointing end for one of the most ambitious challengers...Show More Summary

If the World Is Getting Better, Why Do We All Feel So Much Worse?

Mark Manson agrees that by all objective measures, the country is in pretty good shape these days. So is the rest of the world. And yet: Like you, like seemingly everybody, I have also felt as though the world is spinning out of control and there’s nothing we can do about it. Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Is Now Way Ahead of Donald Trump

I showed great self-restraint yesterday by not posting the latest poll numbers, but today is Wednesday, which is officially the middle of the week. So here's the latest from Pollster: Hillary Clinton's convention bounce will almost certainly fade a bit by next week, but even if it does she'll remain 4-5 points ahead of Trump. Show More Summary

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