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Conservatives Know That Emailgate Is Bullshit, and Game Theory Proves It

Conservatives crack me up sometimes. Here is NR's newest writer, Dan McLaughlin: Now that President Obama has formally endorsed his former Secretary of State for President, it’s no longer possible for him — or a Justice Department directly...Show More Summary

Obama's Tax Increase Has Reduced Income Inequality

Max Ehrenfreund passes along the latest from the Congressional Budget Office today: Here’s proof President Obama really did reduce inequality Income inequality declined abruptly in 2013 after President Obama and Congress negotiated an increase in taxes on the wealthiest Americans, according to new federal data. Show More Summary

Chart of the Day: Have Blue-Collar Workers Seen a Raise in the Past Half Century?

I was taking a look at something else this morning, and then decided to put it off because I wasn't sure I was measuring the right thing. But along the way I happened to take a look at one of my favorite wage series, the one for production and nonsupervisory workers. Show More Summary

Mid-Week Waterfowl Blogging

Still no sign of the baby geese. Where do they hide? So that means the water torture continues. I'm reliably informed that yesterday's bird was a cormorant, which seems like an odd way to spell duck. But English is a funny language. So here he is again, this time in non-diving mode.

Five Miscellaneous Things Not Big Enough For a Post of Their Own

A few random hits from my reading list today: Stimulus. Softball pitchers are awesome! "Pit a professional baseball player against a top fastpitch pitcher, and he’ll most likely strike out, as hitting legends Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, and Mike Piazza all did when they faced fastpitch pitchers at charity events." Response. Show More Summary

The Tech Biz Is Not Much Different Today Than It Was In the 70s

Tim Lee says we routinely sell technology short: People underestimated the first PCs in the 1970s. They were so underpowered that you could hardly do anything useful with them....The same thing happened with the internet. In the 1980s it was hard to use and couldn't do very much. Show More Summary

Weekly Flint Water Report: May 27-June 2

Here is this week's Flint water report. As usual, I've eliminated outlier readings above 2,000 parts per billion, since there are very few of them and they can affect the averages in misleading ways. During the week, DEQ took 383 samples. Show More Summary


Yet another scandal for Hillary Clinton! This one revolves around a report that she wore a $12,495 Armani jacket recently. And she wore it to a speech on income inequality. It's Armanigate! But in a fearless act of investigative journalism, Fashionista has discovered that, in fact, the jacket has been marked down to $7,497. Show More Summary

What Did Donald Trump Mean by "No PP"?

As you'll recall, after forgetting what "TPP" meant in a speech last night, Donald Trump smirked and made a little joke to his audience: "What you mean is, 'No PP.'" Or, perhaps, "no pee pee." But what did he mean? Readers have offered...Show More Summary

California's Calamitous Republican Party, In One Chart

This year's general election for the California Senate seat being vacated by Barbara Boxer will feature no Republicans: The top vote-getters in California's open primary were a pair of Democrats, Attorney General Kamala Harris and Rep. Show More Summary

The Diving Duck of Irvine

I still haven't been able to track down our new baby geese, and I'm going to torture you with daily waterfowl pictures until I do. Today you get a video! It's the diving duck of Irvine.

Some Closing Thoughts on the Democratic Primary

A few random thoughts about tonight's election results: Hillary Clinton won a majority of the pledged delegates, a majority of the superdelegates, and a majority of the popular vote. If you can't stand her regardless, that's fine, but a clear majority of Democrats preferred her to Bernie Sanders. Show More Summary

Our Donald Question of the Day: What Is "No PP" Supposed to Mean?

Apologies for the lousy video, but can someone please explain this: Here's a transcript, such as it is: GUY IN AUDIENCE: No TPP! TRUMP: No PPP, you're right about that. [Smirks toward crowd.] And you mean, no PP. Trump is such a moron...Show More Summary

Poor Donald Has Been "Misconstrued" Yet Again. Why Does This Keep Happening to Him? Why?

Donald Trump has issued a statement about his beef with Judge Curiel: It is unfortunate that my comments have been misconstrued as a categorical attack against people of Mexican heritage. I am friends with and employ thousands of people of Mexican and Hispanic descent. Unfortunate indeed. Show More Summary

Sen. Mark Kirk Un-Endorses His Party's Candidate for President

Here's our first un-endorsement of the season: First un-endorsement -- Sen. Mark Kirk. "I cannot and will not support my party's nominee for President." — Erica Werner (@ericawerner) June 7, 2016 Kirk was always likely to be one of Trump's first defectors. Show More Summary

How's the Labor Market Doing, Really?

Last week produced a weak jobs report, and today Fed chair Janet Yellen implied that this made an interest rate hike unlikely in the next month or two. Fine. But that's just one report over one month. Does it really tell us much about the health of the labor market? Maybe not. Show More Summary

No, Judge Curiel Is Not Biased Against Donald Trump

I have exciting news. A few days ago I asked if some qualified lawyer type person could take a look at Judge Curiel's rulings in the Trump University case and report back on whether he'd been fair. Guess what? Someone actually took me...Show More Summary

Your Outrage of the Day, Explained

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, your outrage of the day: Bernie supporters are apoplectic. We haven't even voted yet! What's going on? It's simple. The AP keeps a running tally of delegates, and on Sunday Hillary won a few more in Puerto Rico. Show More Summary

Who's Worse, Berniebros or Hillarybots?

Kevin's law of politics states: Every candidate for office believes he's been treated brutally unfairly by his opponent, the press, and his opponent's supporters. Occasionally this is even true. But usually it's not. It's just that candidates usually see only the abuse that's been aimed at them. Show More Summary

Monday Evening Waterfowl Blogging

I'm still looking for the adorable baby geese. So far, they've remained cleverly hidden from my prying camera lens. In the meantime, enjoy this local duck.

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