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Eurozone Fiddling While Greece Burns

Hmmm. Things are not looking good in Greece: A meeting of eurozone finance ministers on Greece's debt crisis broke up in acrimony on Monday evening, further dimming hopes of a speedy resolution to problems that could result in the new...Show More Summary

A Simple Chart That Shows We've Locked Up Too Many People

Correlation is not causation. This has recently become something of an all-purpose comeback from people who want to sound smart without really understanding anything about a particular research result. Still, whether it's overused or not, it's a true statement. Show More Summary

Friday Cat Blogging - 13 February 2015

Chemotherapy may be over, but I still have to go in to the infusion center once a month for a bone-strengthening treatment. Unlike chemo, which was a pretty quick procedure, this actually takes a while, and this month it happens to be scheduled for mid-morning today. Show More Summary

Republicans Are Cutting Taxes on the Rich and Raising Them on the Poor

Shaila Dewan surveys the tax policies of actual Republicans who are governing actual states: A number of Republican-led states are considering tax changes that, in many cases, would have the effect of cutting taxes on the rich and raising...Show More Summary

Republicans Are Shooting Themselves in the Foot Over Net Neutrality

I've written before about the GOP's peculiarly uncompromising stance on net neutrality. At its core, net neutrality has always been a battle between two huge industry groups and therefore never really presented an obvious reason for Republicans to feel strongly about one side or the other. Show More Summary

Republicans and Democrats Are Both in Favor of Approval to Fight ISIS

So what does the public think of President Obama's request for an authorization to use military force against ISIS? According to a new NBC/Marist poll, they're basically in favor: Greg Sargent has a partisan breakdown, and approval of the AUMF is surprisingly bipartisan: 60 percent of Democrats approve and 52 percent of Republicans approve. Show More Summary

The Kansas Economy Sucks, So Let's Do a Little Gay Bashing to Distract Everyone

Michael Hiltzik reports on Kansas governor Sam Brownback's move this week to revive the culture wars: Brownback's latest stunt is to abolish state employees' protections against job discrimination based on sexual orientation. In an executive...Show More Summary

We Put Way Too Many People in Prison

Earlier this morning I mentioned the Brennan Center's new report on the decline in crime over the past two decades, and one of its prime focuses is on incarceration. One of the authors of the report explains at 538 what they found. Basically,...Show More Summary

There's a Labor Dispute at West Coast Ports, But No One Will Say What It's About

West Coast port operators are shutting down for a few days because "they don't want to pay overtime to workers who, they allege, have deliberately slowed operations to the point of causing a massive bottleneck." This is part of an increasingly...Show More Summary

Lead and Crime: The Brennan Center Weighs In

The Brennan Center has released a lengthy report examining the reasons for the big crime decline of the 90s and aughts, and one section highlights the work of Jessica Reyes and others linking crime levels to gasoline lead emissions: Reyes,...Show More Summary

Russia, Ukraine Reach Cease-Fire Deal—For a Few Days, Anyway

After a marathon session, we now have another cease-fire in the Russian war against Ukraine: The cease-fire is scheduled to begin at midnight on Saturday, but the 13-point compact appeared fragile, with crucial issues like the truce line left unresolved. Show More Summary

By Age 40, Your Income Is Probably as Good as It's Going to Get

By age 40 you're done. That's the conclusion of a report from the New York Fed that looks at lifetime earnings from age 25 through retirement. The charts on the right tell the story. The top chart shows average earnings by age. It'sShow More Summary

Is Republican Concern About Middle-Class Wage Stagnation Just a Big Con?

Over the past few weeks, Republicans have become oddly troubled about the state of the American economy. It's not just that recovery from the Great Recession has been slow. Their big concern is that income inequality is growing. Middle-class wages are stagnating. Show More Summary

Scott Walker Would Be the Most Conservative GOP Candidate Since Goldwater

For those of us who are sort of fascinated by the rise of Scott Walker as a Republican presidential contender, here's an interesting chart from Jason McDaniel, a political science professor at San Francisco State University. It shows...Show More Summary

Republicans Need to Speak Up About Alabama Gay Marriage Ruling

Steve Benen has a question for Republican presidential candidates: Last week, after Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) made controversial comments about vaccines, almost immediately political leaders in both parties were asked to explain their own position on vaccinations. Show More Summary

Jon Stewart Picked a Good Time to Retire From the Daily Show

I guess I'm curious about something. How many of you think Jon Stewart made the right decision stepping down from the Daily Show? I'm reluctant to say this because I've long been such a big fan, but the truth is that Marian and I gradually stopped watching him last year. Show More Summary

Personal Health Update

I got back my final lab results today. We were mainly looking for two things. First, the volume of the antibody that corresponds to the particular type of blood plasma cell that had become cancerous. In my case, that's the IgG antibody, and over the course of the chemotherapy its volume has fallen from 6200 to 1580. Show More Summary

Growing Income Inequality Was What Made the Great Recession so Great

A couple of years ago a new narrative emerged about the role that income inequality may have played in the boom/bust cycle that ended in the Great Recession. In a nutshell, it goes like this: Middle class incomes stagnated during the...Show More Summary

Needed: More Bourgeois Buses for the Middle Class

Josh Barro thinks our cities are building too much light rail. It's expensive, often slow, and offers virtually no advantage over simply opening up a bus line. The problem, according to a 2009 report from the Federal Transit Administration,...Show More Summary

Quote of the Day: Who Would Be Dumb Enough to Trust Republicans With the Economy Yet Again?

From Kevin Hassett, a conservative economist who's advised both John McCain and Mitt Romney, explaining what Hillary Clinton's economic message should be in the 2016 presidential campaign: The Republicans gave us a crappy economy twice, and we fixed it twice. Show More Summary

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