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Health Care and Education Will Be Among the First to Fall to Our Robot Overlords

Tim Lee has become bearish on the future of disruptive technological change: “Who knows? But it will come!” has become the de facto rallying cry for a lot of recent Silicon Valley innovations with more hype than obvious applications....But...Show More Summary

The Presidential Campaign Is Now Getting Really....Lame

It's a brand new week, and Donald Trump is taking it on the chin over his taxes. So how does he respond? Lamely. First up, we have a new video—shot in grainy black-and white, natch—claiming that Tim Kaine defended horrible murderers back when he a defense attorney fresh out of law school. Show More Summary

Is the Ex-Im Bank Truly the Work of Satan?

Veronique de Rugy writes about the recently passed Continuing Resolution that kept the government from shutting down: I for one am relieved that they didn’t use the CR as a way to restore the full-lending authority of the crony Export...Show More Summary

FBI Releases One Final Data Dump About Hillary Clinton's Email Affair

A few weeks ago the FBI released its final report on Hillary Clinton's private email server. I commented on it here. But it turns out there's more. A week ago the FBI released 250 additional pages of interview notes and reports. I had no idea. Show More Summary

Weekend Catch-Up: How Did Donald Trump Lose $916 Million?

Surprisingly, I had some real-life stuff to attend to this weekend, which means I've only just caught up on the latest Trump meltdown. I might as well share it with you, since maybe a few other people need to catch up too. On Saturday,...Show More Summary

Weekly Poll Update

I forgot to do my weekly poll update yesterday, so here it is today. There are ups and downs in the numbers, but basically the race remains amazingly stable. Trump still hasn't managed to break through his all-time high of 44 percent, and Clinton is currently leading him by 4.8 percentage points.

Donald Trump is Predictable and Controllable. On the Other Hand, He's Also Predictable and Controllable.

Ezra Klein writes about what we've learned for the thousandth time this week about Donald Trump: The problem isn’t that Trump is cruel, though he is. The problem isn’t that Trump is boorish, though he is. The problem isn’t that Trump...Show More Summary

Friday Cat, Squirrel, and Fundraising Blogging - 30 September 2016

Our squirrel made an appearance this morning, hopping from tree to tree and catching the attention of our two furballs—who were predictably entranced. They both wanted to climb up the nearest tree and go squirrel hunting, but Hilbert could only look up longingly. Show More Summary

Should Hillary Clinton Endorse Legalized Pot?

Today's chatter is almost exclusively about Donald Trump's implosion over Alicia Machado, the Miss Universe of 1996, which has dragged his entire team of thrice-married surrogates into embarrassing spasms of hypocrisy and is making Trump into even more of a laughingstock than before—which is quite a feat. Show More Summary

Media Forecast: Trump Wins 2nd Debate, Clinton Delivers Brave Comeback in 3rd

Thoreau delivers his debate forecast: My prediction for the narrative, based on every election since 2000, is that Trump will be deemed to have improved substantially in the second debate, and then Clinton will be seen as pulling off...Show More Summary

New Trump Video Set For Early Release

This should be fun: A video of Donald Trump testifying under oath about his provocative rhetoric about Mexicans and other Latinos is set to go public as soon as Friday, drawing new attention to those comments just weeks before voters cast their ballots in the presidential race. Show More Summary

Gennifer Flowers Gets Another 15 Minutes of Fame

Over at Vox, Dylan Matthews wonders why Donald Trump is spending time on Bill Clinton's alleged infidelities of two decades ago. "The '90s scandals are pretty old news," he says. "There are 18-year-olds voting in this election who weren't...Show More Summary

Obama Now Not Tyrannical Enough

Ladies and gentlemen, your Republican Party: R's write bad bill. O criticizes. R's pass bill. O vetoes. R's override. R's blame O for not criticizing enough. — Michael Grunwald (@MikeGrunwald) September 30, 2016 Do you think Grunwald is exaggerating? Nope. Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Is Finally Feeling the Bern

I've been a mite hard on Bernie Sanders, and a couple of weeks ago I was eager to put it behind me. Sanders was scheduled to do some weekend campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Ohio, but when I went to the tape on Monday I discoveredShow More Summary

New Study Says Rising Inequality Is Killing the Economy

Non-rich people tend to spend 100 percent of their income, or close to it. Rich people don't. They spend, say, 50 percent of their income and save the rest. This difference is called the "marginal propensity to consume," and it seems like it might be a problem if income inequality is rising. Show More Summary

Online Polls: Dumb Clickbait or Stupid Timewasters? You Decide.

The Trumpian bluster continues apace today: Donald Trump on Wednesday criticized the media for saying online post-debate polls “don’t mean anything,” as he continues to brag about winning the surveys many consider unscientific and unrepresentative. At...Show More Summary

New Poll Shows Lots of People Having Second Thoughts After Monday's Debate

The overnight polls all say Hillary Clinton won Monday's debate by a wide margin. Common sense confirms this. But how will this affect the race? Ipsos/Reuters released its first post-debate polling today, and the results are on the right. Clinton gained ground, which is no surprise. Show More Summary

Robots Are Coming to Steal Your Children Away

The Guardian reports that robots designed to interact with adults are "out of fashion" lately because—not to put too fine a point on it—adults are assholes. But what about robots for children? The 3ft tall iPal has wide eyes, working fingers, pastel trimming, and a touchscreen tablet on its chest. Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Demolished Trump on Monday

Donald Trump was on the business end of the most epic butt-kicking in debate history on Monday night: Hillary's debate win from seven scientific polls: Morning Consult +23 YouGov +16 CNN +35 PPP +11 Gravis/Breitbard +5 Echelon +26 NBC/SM +31 — Josh Jordan (@NumbersMuncher) September 28, 2016 Make it 7 polls for Clinton. Show More Summary

Gary Johnson Wants to Crush the Bernie Revolution Once and For All

Gary Johnson makes his pitch: What would government be like in a Johnson administration? First, we would begin the conversation about the size of government by submitting a real balanced budget. Every government program would have to justify its expenditures, every year. Show More Summary

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