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Italy Is Next In Line For a Banking Crisis

The Wall Street Journal reports that Italy could be ground zero for the next European economic crisis: In Italy, 17% of banks’ loans are sour. That is nearly 10 times the level in the U.S., where, even at the worst of the 2008-09 financial crisis, it was only 5%. Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Innocent

The FBI has concluded that Hillary Clinton was careless in her use of a personal email server, but that's all. No criminal charges will be brought: With respect to the thousands of e-mails we found that were not among those producedShow More Summary

Is the Working Class Really Furious at the Upper Middle Class?

Stephen Rose writes in the Washington Monthly that the middle class is indeed shrinking. But this is good news—if you use a specific measure that he created for no apparent reason. Basically, he took the definitions of rich, middle class, and poor from 1979 and adjusted them for inflation. Show More Summary

Friday Cat Blogging - 1 July 2016

Whenever we leave the house via the front door—usually to take a walk—the cats wait patiently for us. I don't know how long they'd wait for us before falling asleep, but longer than 20 minutes, anyway. This is what we always come back to: a pair of cats keeping watch out the window, waiting for our return. Show More Summary

Here's How To Do Free Trade Right

Jared Bernstein says that Donald Trump has a legitimate point about the problems with American trade agreements: The process by which they’re negotiated is undemocratic, they uplift investor rights over sovereign rights, they reverse the order in which certain challenges should be tackled, and they fail to deal with currency issues. Show More Summary

Why Is Donald Trump Trying to Raise Money From Legislators in Iceland?

The latest weirdness from the Donald Trump campaign is its June fundraising efforts. Trump is apparently having trouble raising money from the usual Republican suspects, but wants to avoid the embarrassment of yet another FEC report showing that he has no money. Show More Summary

FCC's Attempt to Kill Set-Top Boxes Looks Doomed to Failure

A few months ago the FCC—or its three Democratic commissioners, anyway—proposed doing away with set-top boxes. They're basically a rip-off, doing next to nothing in return for a monthly rental that lasts forever. The FCC's proposal was for cable companies to make all programming information available in a standard format, so anyone could use it. Show More Summary

Saez: Income Inequality Up, But Bottom 99% Doing Fairly Well

Good news from Emmanuel Saez: The latest IRS data show that incomes for the bottom 99 percent of families grew by 3.9 percent over 2014 levels, the best annual growth rate since 1998.... But you knew there had to be a but, right? ....but...Show More Summary

Donald Trump's Beautiful Chinese Ties

Greg Sargent on Donald Trump's continuing appeal: One core assumption driving Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy is this: Voters will see even the seamier details of Trump’s business past as a positive, because even if he got rich...Show More Summary

2016 Features Different Candidates, But Looks Almost Identical to 2012 Anyway

Donald Trump is a very unusual candidate who's likely to break some of our usual presidential voting patterns. Right? Sure, he'll get the angry white males that always vote Republican, but other groups might shy away from Trump and vote for the Democratic ticket in larger numbers than usual. Not so fast, says Alan Abramowitz. Show More Summary

Thursday Morning News Roundup

Here's the news roundup for this morning: BoJo has taken himself out of the race to be Britain's next prime minister. I guess he didn't feel like trying to clean up the mess he made by winning the Brexit vote. Donald Trump apparently...Show More Summary

Weekly Flint Water Report: June 17-23

Here is this week's Flint water report. As usual, I've eliminated outlier readings above 2,000 parts per billion, since there are very few of them and they can affect the averages in misleading ways. During the week, DEQ took 258 samples. The average for the past week was 12.13.

Donald Trump vs. the World

Via Pew Research, here's what the world thinks of Donald Trump: Trump does poorly pretty much everywhere. His top ratings come from China, where authoritarian bullies are taken for granted, and Italy, which probably figures Trump looks positively presidential compared to Silvio Berlusconi. Show More Summary

Before Trump University, There Was the Trump Institute. Here's How Donald Trump Learned the Hustle.

A couple of months ago Ars Technica ran a story about one of Donald Trump's penny-ante moneymakers from the aughts: the Trump Institute. It all started when a pair of journalism grad students, Joe Mullin and Jonathan Kaminsky, became...Show More Summary

NAFTA and China Aren't Responsible for Our Steel Woes

Donald Trump stood in front of a pile of scrap metal yesterday in Pittsburgh and blasted both NAFTA and the accession of China into the World Trade Organization. He was positively poetic about how his trade policies would affect theShow More Summary

GE Capital Shrinks to Avoid the Cost of Being "Systemically Important"

GE has been working on this for a while, and today they got their wish: The U.S. Financial Stability Oversight Council said Wednesday that it voted this week to remove its label on GE Capital as “systemically important financial institution,” which carries more stringent oversight. Show More Summary

Chart of the Day: Hillary Outspent Trump $26 Million to Zero in June

NBC News reports that Donald Trump spent $0 on ads in swing states in June: Hillary Clinton and her allies continue to dominate the presidential battleground-state airwaves, outspending Donald Trump and pro-Trump groups this month, $26...Show More Summary

Even With a Teleprompter, Donald Trump Is Full of Shit

Professor Trump delivered a lecture on the evils of international trade today. Here's a snippet: Massive trade deficits subtract directly from our Gross Domestic Product. From 1947 to 2001 — a span of over five decades — our inflation-adjusted gross domestic product grew at a rate of 3.5%. Show More Summary

A Closer Look Behind the "Obamacare Surprise"

Helaine Olen writes in Slate that Democrats might be in for a nasty surprise just before the election: A few weeks ago Politico warned of “Obamacare’s November surprise”: Many consumers enrolling in the health care marketplace on Nov. Show More Summary

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