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I Still Think Trump Will Lose

Just for the record, I haven't changed my mind: Donald Trump will not win the Republican nomination for president. At some point fairly soon, the other candidates are going to take off the gloves and really go after him. When that happens, Trump will have to fight back in a fairly ordinary way. Show More Summary

When Will It Become Illegal to Drive a Car in the United States?

When will driverless cars become a reality? That is, real driverless cars, where you just tell it where you want to go and then sit back and enjoy the ride? My guess is seven or eight years. Maybe you think five. Or ten. Or fifteen. But...Show More Summary

Republicans Find New $1.7 Billion Iran Chew Toy

Here's the latest appeasement of Iran from the capitulator-in-chief: A deal that sent $1.7 billion in U.S. funds to Iran, announced alongside the freeing of five Americans from Iranian jails, has emerged as a new flashpoint amid a claim in Tehran that the transaction amounted to a ransom payment. The U.S. Show More Summary

National Review Is Against Trump, But it Probably Doesn't Matter

National Review has finally released its big anti-Trump issue. A bevy of conservative stars contributed to the issue, and they complained about his boorishness, his ignorance, his bullying, his libertine personal life, his racism, his narcissism, his love of dictators, his vitriol, and the fact that he'd probably lose to Hillary Clinton. Show More Summary

Why Does Everyone Still Treat Donald Trump With Kid Gloves?

As many, many people keep pointing out, no one has really taken on Donald Trump. Nor does anyone seem likely to start. Trump has somehow developed a myth of invincibility: nothing anyone says ever hurts him, so why bother trying? But this is ridiculous. Show More Summary

Are Immigration Agents Defying the President?

As you all know, the Supreme Court has agreed to rule on the legality of President Obama's 2014 immigration program—Deferred Action for Parental Accountability, or DAPA. Like DACA, the "mini-DREAM" rule that Obama established in 2012,...Show More Summary

Lets All Agree That Apostrophe's Arent Necessary

German Lopez says that "apostrophes offer an exciting opportunity to show other people how smart and educated you are"—which all by itself makes it worth learning how to use them. For example: Another common issue is irregular plural words, like children and teeth. Show More Summary

Ted Cruz vs. Donald Trump: Who Is the Least Charitable?

McKay Coppins tells us that Ted Cruz is "facing questions" about his lack of entirely Christ-like generosity: In a series of interviews this week, political opponents and pastors alike suggested Cruz — an avowed Baptist who is aggressively...Show More Summary

Giant Supernova May Be Due to Cloud of Star Smithereens

It's been a big week for astro-scientist types. First a gigantic supernova, then a ninth planet. We have yet to confirm the planet, but a team of scientists has now suggested a possible explanation for the supernova: a fast spinningShow More Summary

Raw Data: The Undocumented Immigrant Population in the US Is Down Yet Again

I don't have any real comment about this. It's just raw data for those who are interested. Illegal immigration into the US has been declining ever since 2008 and declined yet again in 2014, according to the Center for Migration Studies. The full report is here.

Conservative Anger Over Immigration Isn't That Complicated

Ramesh Ponnuru writes today that Nikki Haley has paid a price for her squishy stance on immigration: For these comments, she was denounced in some quarters as a moderate who had declared war on her own party’s strongest supporters. Both...Show More Summary

Why Is Flint's Water Still Unsafe? Or Is It?

Can someone help me out? Flint reconnected to the Detroit water system in October, and it was supposed to take a few weeks after that to clean out the pipes. So what happened? I keep seeing pallets of bottled water being delivered to...Show More Summary

Republicans Refuse to Vote on Banning Muslims From US

House Republicans have passed a bill to ban refugees from Syria and Iraq, and today it was up for debate in the Senate: On Wednesday, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) slammed the refugee bill but said Democrats would allowShow More Summary

Why Are #OscarsSoWhite?

The answer to the question in the headline is easy: because Academy voters are mostly white senior citizens (94 percent white, average age 63) and their taste tends to be pretty conventional for white folks born in 1952. At least that's what all the critics say. Show More Summary

Sarah Palin Is Such a Creep

I know I said that last night's Palin-palooza would "hold me for a year," but I guess I was wrong. Palin's son Track was arrested Monday on domestic violence charges, and today Palin addressed this: My own family, my son, a combat vet having served in the Stryker brigade... Show More Summary

Scientists Discover "Most Planet-y" Planet in the Solar System

Oh FFS. We just demoted Pluto because it was too small and didn't do a real planet's job of taking out the orbital trash, but now the boffins at Caltech are claiming we have a ninth planet after all. It's a gazillion miles away, but apparently it's big enough to "clear the neighborhood" and thus qualify as a real planet. If it's real, that is. Show More Summary

Global Warming Went On a Rampage in 2015

Remember that old chestnut, the climate chart that starts in 1998 and makes it look like climate change has been on a "pause" ever since? It was always nonsense produced by cherry picking an unusually high starting point, but it was still effective propaganda. Show More Summary

ISIS Is Losing

Zack Beauchamp passes along a new leaked document that chronicles the latest travails of the ISIS high command: According to the document, ISIS is being forced to slash salaries for its fighters by half across its holdings. The document...Show More Summary

Donald and Sarah Barnstorm Iowa

Oh God. I know I shouldn't do this. I know I shouldn't post snippets from Sarah Palin's endorsement speech for Donald Trump just because they amuse me. But I'm weak. So, so weak. Can you find it in your hearts to forgive me? Please please please? Thanks. Show More Summary

Should Bernie Sanders Support Reparations?

A few days ago, someone asked Bernie Sanders if he supported the payment of reparations to African-Americans. He said he didn't—and then, as with every other subject he's asked about, used it as a springboard to talk about the "real issue" of poverty and income inequality. Show More Summary

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