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Pivoting to the Center for the General Election Is Easy!

It's a truism of American politics that candidates run to the left or right during primaries but then "pivot" toward the center for the general election. And the quality of the pivot is a topic of endless discussion. It has to be done smoothly and delicately. Show More Summary

Americans Aren't Really Very Angry — Except Toward Uncle Sam

Are voters really angry this year? The Associated Press says no: All that talk of an angry America? An Associated Press-GfK poll finds that most Americans are happy with their friends and family, feel good about their finances and are more or less content at work. Show More Summary

Driverless Taxis By 2017?

Here's the latest on the driverless car front: General Motors Co. and Lyft Inc. within a year will begin testing a fleet of self-driving Chevrolet Bolt electric taxis on public roads, a move central to the companies’ joint efforts to...Show More Summary

Everyone Is Getting Today's Trump Tweet Totally Wrong

I think everyone is badly misinterpreting this tweet from Donald Trump: Happy #CincoDeMayo! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 5, 2016 This is not an awkward and embarrassing outreach to Hispanics. Show More Summary

Chart of the Day: Americans Are Pretty Upbeat About the Job Market

How do Americans feel about the economy? Here is Pew Research: Americans are now more positive about the job opportunities available to them than they have been since the economic meltdown....Today’s more upbeat views rank among some...Show More Summary

Here's Why OxyContin Is So Damn Addictive

Why has OxyContin become the poster child for opioid abuse? The LA Times has a long investigative piece today which suggests that a big part of the blame should be laid at the feet of Purdue Pharma, the makers of the drug. When OxyContin was launched, it was billed as a painkiller that would last 12 hours—longer than morphine and other opioids. Show More Summary

I Have a Terrific Deal On Mandatory Arbitration Clauses For You

The CFPB has proposed a new rule that would prevent big companies from forcing their customers to accept mandatory arbitration in place of an actual trial in an actual court. Iain Murray is unhappy: Like most of the CFPB’s rules, this may sound good at first hearing. Show More Summary

Trump Prepares to Tap His "Expansive Personal Rolodex"

This comes as no surprise, but... Facing a prospective tab of more than $1 billion to finance a general-election run for the White House, Donald Trump reversed course Wednesday and said he would actively raise money to ensure his campaign...Show More Summary

Will the 2016 Campaign Be All About Race?

Greg Sargent says that Donald Trump is in for a rough time: The general election will differ from the primaries in an important sense: Unlike Republicans, Democrats will not be constrained from brutally unmasking the truly wretched nature of his racial appeals. Show More Summary

Republicans Have a Tough Six Months Ahead of Them

Every living Republican president has decided not to endorse Donald Trump: Bush 41, who enthusiastically endorsed every Republican nominee for the last five election cycles, will stay out of the campaign process this time. He does not...Show More Summary

Here's How Flint's Lead Disaster Is Likely to Affect Its Children

I've been saying for a while that (a) the elevated lead levels in Flint were fairly moderate and probably didn't cause a huge amount of damage, and (b) the water is now safe to drink. A reader wants me to put my money where my mouthShow More Summary

Conservatives Are Drooling Yet Again Over Hillary's Email Account

Several years ago a Romanian hacker broke into the email accounts of several high-ranking US officials. One of the email accounts he hacked belonged to Clinton pal Sidney Blumenthal, and it was this hack that eventually led to the revelation...Show More Summary

Obama Visits Flint, Tells the Truth

President Obama visited Flint today and told residents, "It's not too much to expect for all Americans that their water is safe." Obama made the comments during a speech in the city on Wednesday, a few hours after he drank filtered Flint water after a briefing by federal officials on the city's lead-contaminated water. Show More Summary

Readers: Please Help Give Me Some Direction For the Next Six Months

The biggest problem with Donald Trump is that he's a charlatan and a demagogue who could do immense damage to the United States. But this is my blog, which means everything is about me me me. And my biggest problem with Trump is trying to figure out just how much to mock the guy. Show More Summary

How Badly Off Is the Middle Class?

I've coincidentally run into a couple of things this week that have sparked a question. The first is from Atrios, who describes in caustic terms how the well-off political class views the world: I think they see the world as a combination...Show More Summary

Republicans Now Have to Face Up to Merrick Garland

Everybody thinks Donald Trump will lose the general election in November. If that's true, what should Republicans do about the Supreme Court? Go ahead and confirm Merrick Garland. He's about as good as they're likely to get from a Democrat. Continue...Show More Summary

Chart of the Day: Cheap Pot!

It's now been three years since Washington State legalized the sale of marijuana. So what happened? Answer: it got cheaper. The price of pot has fallen from $25 per gram to about $9 per gram, and it's still dropping. Keith Humphreys comments: Falling pot prices create winners and losers. Show More Summary

How Smart Is Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is now officially the presumptive Republican nominee for president. But what kind of chance does he have of winning in November? I'd guess "pretty slim," but it depends on a couple of things. First, does anything horrible...Show More Summary

Fighting Cancer Has Gotten a Lot More Expensive Since 2000

Cancer drugs are expensive. No surprise there. But Carolyn Johnson reports on a study showing that they've become spectacularly more expensive over time: The [study] examined 32 cancer medications given in pill form and found that their initial launch list prices have steadily increased over the years — even after adjusting for inflation. Show More Summary

Why Do Campaigns Give Away Their Strategies?

As soon as the California primary is over, Donald Trump will be facing a barrage of attack ads: A series of ads painting [Trump] as an unserious, unready, and unscrupulous businessman who also happens to disparage women and minorities...Show More Summary

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