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Donald Trump's First 30 Years: Business Failures and Bailouts From Dad

Kurt Eichenwald continues his chronicle of Donald Trump's business failures today, this time via a report from the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety that summarizes Trump's federal tax returns from the late 70s. The report was based on tax returns furnished to them when Trump first tried to break into the casino business in 1980. Show More Summary

Here's Theory #3 On How Donald Trump Got $916 Million in Tax-Free Income

The theories are piling up! Today, Josh Barro summarizes a theory from Lee Sheppard in Tax Notes about how Donald Trump managed to show a $916 million operating loss on his 1995 tax return. By my count, this is the third plausible theory in circulation. Show More Summary

Circuit Court Judge Has Finally Had It With Software Patents

Here's a bracing analysis of whether it should be possible to patent software: Given that an “idea” is not patentable and a generic computer is “beside the point” in the eligibility analysis, all software implemented on a standard computer...Show More Summary

CFPB: The Wild West Is Over for Prepaid Cards

Here's some cheery news: the CFPB has issued new rules to rein in the wild, wild West of prepaid cards. I had to read to the end of the story to find out what the new rules actually were, but eventually I was rewarded for my patience: The...Show More Summary

Mike Pence Lied Constantly Last Night. So How Can He Be the Winner of the Debate?

Mike Pence won last night's debate. Pretty much everyone agrees about that. Here's what everyone also agrees about: Pence lied constantly. It was one of the most widespread observations about the debate: Washington Post: More effectively...Show More Summary

The VP Debate Ratings Were Pretty Bad

Apparently a lot of people needed to clip their fingernails last night: Overnight rating for the VP debate on 7 networks is a 24.2 and 39 share, down -26% from 2012’s 32.5/47. — Michael Mulvihill (@mulvihill79) October 5, 2016 This suggests that the post-debate spin is going to be more important than usual since so few people actually saw the debate. Show More Summary

American Public Says It Would Rather Have a Beer with Mike Pence Than Tim Kaine

I'm now turning into some of the post-debate blather. The general consensus seems to be that Tim Kaine had the facts on his side; Mike Pence repeatedly refused to defend Donald Trump; and Kaine did a good job of keeping Trump's cretinism front and center. Show More Summary

We're Live Blogging the Vice Presidential Debate of 2016

In a presidential campaign featuring superstars Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Tim Kaine and Mike Pence have faded so far into the background they're almost invisible. In fact, they've both avoided controversy so assiduously thatShow More Summary

Here's Theory #2 On How Donald Trump Got $916 Million in Tax-Free Income

Tax guru David Cay Johnston says he thinks he knows what Donald Trump's $916 million operating loss in 1995 was all about. The story starts when Trump's casino empire crashed in the early 90s, producing multiple business bankruptcies. Show More Summary

Celebrity Cancer Isn't the Only Kind of Cancer

Yesterday I wrote a bit about how my bout with cancer hadn't produced any life lessons for me. But millions of other people have been diagnosed with cancer too, and every one of them has a story of their own. So why bother sharing mine? This is why: @jennyrogersDC @kdrum A friend and I have had the exact same conversation many times. Show More Summary

Trump Foundation Sleaziness Surfaces Yet Again

Rebecca Berg reports on yet more possible sleaziness surrounding the Trump Foundation: As Donald Trump began making noise about a possible bid for president in 2011, South Carolina conservative activist Oran Smith caught the celebrity...Show More Summary

Donald Trump Is a Lousy Businessman Who Got Lots of Money From His Rich Father and Then Squandered It

Believe it or not, I try hard not to spend too much time covering every utterance from Donald Trump's pie hole. Sadly, as the chart on the right shows (data courtesy of Quiddity), I fail more often than I succeed. Today I shall failShow More Summary

Here's Hillary Clinton on Antitrust and Entrepreneurism

David Dayen says the antitrust elements of Hillary Clinton's economic speech yesterday were "really great." Her website contains the policy specifics, so let's look: As President, she will work to promote competition and take on abuses...Show More Summary

Veep Liveblogging Tonight

Oh yes, there will be liveblogging of the vice-presidential debate tonight. As usual, the show starts at 9 pm Eastern, and I'll start up a few minutes before. I expect a more sedate affair than the Clinton vs. Trump lollapaloozas, but it's still a nice little appetizer for political junkies. Show More Summary

Trump Fans Get Conned Again, But This Time Not By Trump

Good news comes in all sorts of forms. Today it comes from WikiLeaks, which has been promising for a while that it would release devastating new leaks about Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, news that Trump fans have been eagerly awaiting....Show More Summary

How Do US Kids Stack Up Against the Rest of the World?

Are American schools really 26th in the world, as Donald Trump says? Bob Somerby has been on this beat for a while, and says it ain't so. So where do we rank? Well, it depends on which test you believe. There are two big international...Show More Summary

I Have Cancer and Haven't Learned Anything New About Life

Like me, Tom Brokaw has multiple myeloma, an incurable form of blood plasma cancer. He wrote about it in the New York Times this weekend, and today Julia Belluz writes about Brokaw: Brokaw then describes what sounds like another full-time...Show More Summary

Health Care and Education Will Be Among the First to Fall to Our Robot Overlords

Tim Lee has become bearish on the future of disruptive technological change: “Who knows? But it will come!” has become the de facto rallying cry for a lot of recent Silicon Valley innovations with more hype than obvious applications....But...Show More Summary

The Presidential Campaign Is Now Getting Really....Lame

It's a brand new week, and Donald Trump is taking it on the chin over his taxes. So how does he respond? Lamely. First up, we have a new video—shot in grainy black-and white, natch—claiming that Tim Kaine defended horrible murderers back when he a defense attorney fresh out of law school. Show More Summary

Is the Ex-Im Bank Truly the Work of Satan?

Veronique de Rugy writes about the recently passed Continuing Resolution that kept the government from shutting down: I for one am relieved that they didn’t use the CR as a way to restore the full-lending authority of the crony Export...Show More Summary

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