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Donald Trump Is a Pathological Creep

This was in Politico yesterday: Top Donald Trump donors tried to set up a meeting between the GOP presidential nominee and Charles Koch in Colorado Springs on Friday, but Koch aides rejected the entreaties, according to two Republicans...Show More Summary

A Different Way of Looking at the Minimum Wage

A couple of days ago I wrote about the minimum wage, and how it's gone down over the years. How much has it gone down? Well, that depends on what measure of inflation you use. But there's another way of looking at it that doesn't rely on a computed inflation rate at all: just compare it to the median wage. Show More Summary

Chart of the Day: Hillary Now in Commanding Lead Over Trump (Sort Of)

Here's the latest Pollster aggregate for the presidential race. Following the Democratic convention, Hillary Clinton now leads Donald Trump by nine points, 43-34 percent. I'm putting this up because, hey, we deserve a little cheerful...Show More Summary

Friday Cat Blogging - 29 July 2016

Let's give Hopper the spotlight again. She deserves two weeks in a row, doesn't she? Here she is in one of her favorite places: plonked down against my arm when I'm lying on the couch. I do this frequently, using my tablet to peruse the web for news in order to minimize my time at the desk. Show More Summary

The Seattle Minimum Wage Experiment: Mixed Results So Far

I've mentioned before—only half jokingly—that I'm happy to see other people experiment with a $15 minimum wage. It's the best of all worlds: it provides us with test beds to see what happens, but if it's a disaster it won't affect me...Show More Summary

Horrible North Carolina Voting Law Struck Down

Rick Hasen reports on an appellate court decision rejecting North Carolina's horrible 2013 voting law. Most importantly, they rejected it by clearly finding discriminatory intent on the part of the legislature: A partially divided panel...Show More Summary

Is Donald Trump Really Ahead By 7 Points? Really?

Here's the lead story in this morning's LA Times: Donald Trump has gotten a significant boost from his party’s nominating convention last week; now, Hillary Clinton will try for her own....In Trump’s case, the post-convention bounceShow More Summary

The "War on Cops" Is a Right-Wing Invention

From Andrew McCarthy: The War on Cops Continues Several news services are reporting that one San Diego police officer has been killed and another badly wounded (but expected to survive) after a driver they pulled over late Thursday night opened fire on them. Show More Summary

Chart of the Day: GDP Growth Was Lackluster in Q2

Real GDP grew by only 1.2 percent in the second quarter. Political scientists everywhere are now rushing to plug this number into their models in order to come up with new estimates of who will win the election in November. Long story short, consumer spending was healthy, but business and residential investment was horrible. Show More Summary

4-Star General Opens Up a Can of Whup-Ass on Donald Trump

Hoo boy. Tonight is national security night at the Democratic convention. Retired General John Allen just gave a stemwinder of a speech delivered in the tones of a drill sergeant and about as hawkish as anything you've ever seen at a Republican convention. Show More Summary

Japan Still Can't Figure Out How to Avoid Deflation

No matter what it does, the Bank of Japan just can't seem to generate any inflation. The BOJ meets on Friday to decide on its next move, and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe upped the ante yesterday by announcing a large spending increase prior to the meeting. Show More Summary

Does America Really Want the Most Qualified Candidate Ever?

Here is President Obama last night, after singing the praises of Hillary Clinton: That’s the Hillary I know. That’s the Hillary I’ve come to admire. And that’s why I can say with confidence there has never been a man or a woman moreShow More Summary

Yes, We Should Raise the Minimum Wage

Donald Trump, having discovered that raising the minimum wage is popular, has suddenly jumped on the bandwagon. He now claims to favor raising the federal minimum wage to $10 per hour. I will leave it to you to decide if you believe him. Trump's flip-flopping aside, James Pethokoukis has a few points to make. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Caught Using Apple Macbook

Donald Trump participated in a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" yesterday: 90 minutes, 13 questions: What Trump said in his Reddit AMA — Yahoo News (@YahooNews) July 28, 2016 The group that sponsored the AMA is almost literally a white supremacist site, but I guess no one cares about that any more. Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Tells the Truth!

Here is Gail Collins a couple of days ago in a big profile of Hillary Clinton with the ironic subhead, "How is it possible that we still don’t really know the most famous woman in America?" She's describing Hillary's 2000 run for the Senate in New York: She had trouble with the carpetbagging issue. Show More Summary

Tough Times at Fox News

The New York Times reports on hard times at Fox News: Megyn Kelly and her co-hosts [at the Democratic convention], including Bret Baier and Brit Hume, have not been speaking during commercial breaks, according to two people with direct knowledge of the anchors’ interactions, who described the on-set atmosphere at Fox News as icy. Show More Summary

My 17-Word Democratic Convention Speech Roundup

Tonight's speech roundup: Michael Bloomberg: Trump is a con man. Tim Kaine: Trump is a liar. Joe Biden: Trump is a sociopath. Barack Obama: Trump is an asshole. Decisions, decisions. Who's right? Whatever else you think of it, the Democratic convention sure has had a strong lineup of speakers. Show More Summary

Here's a Bit of Mid-Convention Entertainment For You

Here's a bit of miscellaneous entertainment for you as you watch the convention—or even if you don't: I'm a little surprised it isn't bigger news that Trump is doing an AMA in a literal white supremacist forum. Sign of the times I guess. —...Show More Summary

Chart of the Day: Donald Trump's Deficit Busting Budget Plan

I know no one cares about this because it's boring policy stuff and no one takes any of Donald Trump's policy suggestions seriously in the first place, but I'm trying to fill the time while the B-listers natter on at the Democratic convention. Show More Summary

Donald Trump's Top Ten Giveaways to Vladimir Putin

The number of pro-Putin positions that Donald Trump has taken has assumed quite remarkable proportions: He wants to reduce America's commitment to NATO and reorient its activities to the Middle East. This is perhaps Vladmir Putin's greatest...Show More Summary

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