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Carly Fiorina Was Good Last Night, But She Wasn't Great

After he was quoted in Rolling Stone insulting Carly Fiorina's looks, Donald Trump said he was really talking about Fiorina's "persona." So last night Jake Tapper asked Fiorina if she wanted to comment on Trump's persona. She paused, then replied stonily, "Women all over this country heard very clearly what Mr. Show More Summary

Debate Liveblogging: The Second GOP Presidential Debate of 2015

Get comfortable, folks: you have three hours of Republican debatifying ahead of you. Let's do this thing. 8:12 - Debate to start momentarily. 8:08 - Everyone has a notebook, water, and a pen. No other props allowed. But what about spy pens?

I Think It's Safe to Say That the Ahmed Mohamed Incident Is a Product of Islamophobia

So are conservatives starting to cover the Ahmed Mohamed story? With a three-hour debate death march looming, I don't have the energy to do a serious survey. But I did hop over to The Corner and found this from Ian Tuttle: Unlike the...Show More Summary

Debate Liveblogging Tonight at 8 pm Eastern: Come See If Kevin Can Make It Through the Whole Thing

Last night my editor asked if I was planning to liveblog today's debate. Sure, I said. I always think I'm going to swear off this stuff eventually, but then I cave in yet again. So, yes, I'll be liveblogging Donald and Ben and the nine...Show More Summary

Artificial Intelligence for Kids Is the Hot New Toy Sensation

Artificial intelligence is here, baby! In the past five years, breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and speech recognition have given the devices around us — smartphones, computers, cars — the ability to engage in something approaching...Show More Summary

Poverty Is Still Winning the War on Poverty

The Census Bureau released its latest report on income and poverty today, and there were no big surprises. Median income is basically flat or down for all ethnic groups, though things would look a bit better if health care benefits were included. Show More Summary

How to Get Arrested In Two Easy Steps: (1) Be Named Ahmed, (2) Build a Clock

From Fox News: The incident went viral on social media and the hashtag #IStandWithAhmed was the top non-promoted U.S. trend on Twitter early Wednesday morning. Some supporters alleged Mohamed was arrested only because of his name, or the way he looked. Show More Summary

"Several Dozen" Tea Partiers Hold Fate of Nation in Their Hands

The tea partiers are feeling their oats: House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) is bracing for what could be the toughest weeks of his speakership as several dozen conservatives in his party are threatening to topple him unless he is...Show More Summary

Donald Trump's Winning Game of Affinity Politics

In our more thoughtful moments, even us wonkish types admit that few people really care about policy. Nor do most people care about whether presidential candidates can actually do any of the things they promise. The whole campaign process is basically a way of identifying a person who shares your values and nothing more. Show More Summary

No, Bernie Sanders' Domestic Policy Plan Doesn't Really Cost $18 Trillion

The Wall Street Journal says Bernie Sanders' domestic policy plan would cost $18 trillion over ten years. Is this true? It depends on how you look at it. First, there's a set of proposals that the Journal estimates would cost about $3.4 trillion. Show More Summary

Ben Carson Month Is In Full Swing

Last night Donald Trump was whining about how badly the media mistreats him—yes, seriously—and Exhibit A was a bunch of recent headlines saying that Ben Carson was surging in the polls. "Everybody's surging but me," he griped. Well,Show More Summary

Donald Trump Is Still Never Going to Be President of the United States

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I have not succumbed to the "It's time to take Trump seriously" bandwagon. I continue to think he's a buffoon who deserves admiration only for his ability to hoodwink the rubes and play the media like a fiddle. Show More Summary

President Obama Not Thrilled With Trigger Warnings

I see that President Obama has waded in to the great trigger warning debate: I’ve heard some college campuses where they don’t want to have a guest speaker who is too conservative or they don’t want to read a book if it has language that is offensive to African-Americans or somehow sends a demeaning signal towards women. Show More Summary

Exclusive: Republicans Really Hate Hillary Clinton

Last night a friend pointed me to a piece at Mediaite by Tommy Christopher. Christopher asked Quinnipiac for the crosstabs of that famous poll in which the top description of Hillary Clinton was "liar," and what he discovered will surprise exactly no one. Show More Summary

Why Does Donald Trump Have Nothing Against Germany?

Which of these countries is not like the others? China Germany Japan Mexico Answer: When Donald Trump goes on a tear about foreign countries that are stealing our jobs thanks to their "cunning" and "ruthless" leaders, he always talks about our horrible trade deficit. Show More Summary

Health Update

I learned two things today. First, my oncologist is just as goofy and rattlebrained as ever. Second, my M-protein level, which is a pretty good proxy for the level of cancerous cells in my bone marrow, is down from 0.9 to 0.7. That's after two months on the new meds. Show More Summary

Democrats Are...Maybe...Possibly...Thinking About Fundraising the Way Republicans Do

Nick Confessore has a fascinating story in the New York Times today. He reports that Democrats are planning to adopt the super PAC tactics of Republicans in order to compete more effectively. By itself, that's no big surprise. But Democrats are asking the FEC for permission to do all this. Show More Summary

Donald Trump's Twitter Account Heralds the End of the World As We Know It

You've heard of elderly executives who print out all their email? I guess the social media equivalent is elderly entertainers who dictate their tweets. Ben Dreyfuss investigates and finds that this is what Donald Trump does 97 percent of the time. Show More Summary

Planned Parenthood: Exonerated, But Still a Target

Steve Benen reports on the swan song of conservative plans to prove that Planned Parenthood broke the law: There was just one nagging detail: Planned Parenthood never actually did anything illegal. It didn’t sell fetal tissue for a profit; it didn’t misuse public resources, and it didn’t violate any laws. Show More Summary

Scott Walker Is Committed to Making Your Life "Flexible"

Scott Walker has released a new plan to empower workers. Paul Waldman has the details, but I'll save you the trouble of reading if you just want the highlights. Here they are: union bosses and the politicians they puppet....power toShow More Summary

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