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Clapping Harder Won’t Keep Driverless Cars From Taking Over

Roberto Baldwin writes about driverless taxis: What happens when the car needs to pick up a child, senior citizen or someone with a disability who needs help getting in and out the vehicle? That’s something that needs to be dealt with now before it becomes an issue. Atrios comments: I find it hilarious that a […]

Donald Trump’s Job Approval Dips Slightly After Charlottesville

There’s not much going on this evening, so how about a look at Donald Trump’s job approval? Here it is: Apparently Charlottesville hasn’t done him too much damage. I’m not surprised. We’re getting to the point where Trump’s support is limited to his most diehard supporters, and these are the folks who think his Charlottesville […]

Republicans Mulling Plan to Hide the Quatloos

Republicans are in a bind. They want to pass a tax bill, but (a) they don’t want to pay for it and (b) they want it to be permanent. Sadly, a combination of PAYGO and reconciliation rules¹ prevent this. What to do? One option is to design a bill that would get some Democratic support, […]

Lunchtime Photo

Every week I try to put up at least one picture of an animal, a vegetable, and a mineral. But what is this one? Animal or mineral? That’s a little tricky, isn’t it? However, my backlog of pictures is pretty top-heavy with animals, so I’m counting Mickey as a mineral. I don’t suppose the guy […]

Donald Trump Lied and Lied and Lied in Arizona

From Donald Trump at his campaign rally last night: We want walls that you can see through in a sense. You want to see what’s on the other side. That’s called a “fence,” Mr. President.¹ But how can we ever have a fence if Trump refuses to say the word? Say the word! Say the […]

California Cap & Trade Permits Hit a New Auction High

Permits to emit greenhouse gases in California hit a new high at the most recent quarterly auction: The LA Times has more: During August’s auction, every emission permit offered by the state was sold, and prices reached their highest level since the program launched five years ago. The auction results, announced Tuesday, were the first […]

Chart of the Day: Women Earn About 82% of Men

The BLS has released its latest report on women’s earnings, and there hasn’t been much change. Currently women earn about 82 percent of what men earn, a number that’s been pretty flat for the past decade. However, there’s considerable variation by age: Women have made progress since 1979, when their earnings were 62 percent of […]

Oh Yes, American Industries Are Much More Concentrated Than They Used to Be

Tyler Cowen is skeptical that there are very many sectors of the US economy that have become more concentrated: Or ask yourself a simple question — in how many sectors of the American economy do I, as a consumer, feel that concentration has gone up and real choice has gone down? Hospitals, yes. Cable TV? […]

Senate Republicans Hate Donald Trump

In the New York Times today, Alexander Burns and Jonathan Martin have a piece about the relationship between Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump. It’s—how do the kids put it?—complicated. Basically, McConnell can barely stand the sight of the guy: “In a series of tweets this month, Mr. Trump criticized Mr. McConnell publicly, then berated him […]

There’s No Simple Way to Unite the Democratic Party

Riffing off a recent Elizabeth Warren speech, David Atkins says that Democrats can easily stop their internal bickering. There is, he says, “no contradiction between winning back some of the white working class that defected to Trump, and achieving social justice on the issues of importance to Black Lives Matter activists.” We just have to […]

Lunchtime Photo

Here’s another plant from my last trip to Silverado Canyon. What kind of plant? I couldn’t say. But it’s a nice, soothing green, surely something we could all use after the excitement of yesterday’s eclipse.

Facts or Anecdotes? Pick One and Stick With It.

Here’s a quiz for you. Which of these articles about, say, starving children in Africa is likely to get the widest readership? A piece that tells the story via description and personal anecdotes. A piece that tells the story via facts and numbers. A piece that combines the two. Some of us respond to numbers, […]

“Despacito” Is…OK, I Guess

This weekend, I read a Voxsplainer by Alex Abad-Santos about this summer’s mega-megahit, “Despacito.” What’s the deal? Quite simply, “Despacito” is magic….chord progressions and melody….American listeners and even artists seem to beShow More Summary

Can “Medicaid For All” Save Obamacare?

Hawaii Sen. Brian Schatz says there’s been a silver lining to Republican attempts to repeal Obamacare: “One of the unintended consequences of the Republicans trying to cut Medicaid is they made Medicaid really popular,” Sen. Schatz said in an interview. “This conversation has shifted. There was a time where Medicare was really popular and Medicaid […]

How Will Afghanistan “Defray” the Cost of the War?

I heard this line during Donald Trump’s Afghanistan speech tonight, but I was distracted and wasn’t quite sure what he had said. But now the transcript is available, so here it is: In this struggle, the heaviest burden will continue to be borne by the good people of Afghanistan and their courageous armed forces. As […]

Inside the White House: How Trump Took Command to Get the Afghanistan Plan He Wanted

When Donald Trump took office, he asked his generals for a new plan in Afghanistan. Here is how I imagine things have gone since then: March GENERALS: Not much more we can do. Maybe a few additional troops. Push harder on Pakistan. Stop worrying so much about civilian casualties. TRUMP: Try again. April GENERALS: Not […]

Trump Announces Brand-New Same-Old Strategy in Afghanistan

So what is President Trump’s long-awaited new plan for Afghanistan? In a half-hour prime-time speech, he didn’t really say. Trump started out by complaining a bit, saying that he had been dealt “a bad and very complex hand,” but one he’d fix because “I’m a problem solver.” The solution, however, was pretty vague. Here were […]

Lunchtime Photo

We didn’t get a total eclipse here in Southern California, but that only lasts a couple of hours anyway. So why not visit this summer and enjoy our lovely beaches? You can spend days or weeks enjoying our golden sunshine. Doesn’t that really sound better?

Donald Trump Is An…Oh Forget It

Somehow, Donald Trump can always find a new way to be stupid. How does he do it? In this moment, he became president — Josh Billinson (@jbillinson) August 21, 2017

Being the First Name on the Ballot Has a Huge Effect

Here’s a fascinating bit of political science research. It’s a few months old, but I just recently found out about it. In Texas, names are placed on the ballot in different orders depending on the county. The order is selected randomly, which allows an examination of whether being first on the ballot matters very much. […]

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