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Growing Income Inequality Was What Made the Great Recession so Great

A couple of years ago a new narrative emerged about the role that income inequality may have played in the boom/bust cycle that ended in the Great Recession. In a nutshell, it goes like this: Middle class incomes stagnated during the...Show More Summary

Needed: More Bourgeois Buses for the Middle Class

Josh Barro thinks our cities are building too much light rail. It's expensive, often slow, and offers virtually no advantage over simply opening up a bus line. The problem, according to a 2009 report from the Federal Transit Administration,...Show More Summary

Quote of the Day: Who Would Be Dumb Enough to Trust Republicans With the Economy Yet Again?

From Kevin Hassett, a conservative economist who's advised both John McCain and Mitt Romney, explaining what Hillary Clinton's economic message should be in the 2016 presidential campaign: The Republicans gave us a crappy economy twice, and we fixed it twice. Show More Summary

Iran's Supreme Leader Signals Support for Nuclear Deal

Hmmm: Iran's supreme leader offered a new signal of support Sunday for a deal to scale back his country's controversial nuclear program as negotiators race to meet an upcoming deadline. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, whose recent public pronouncements...Show More Summary

Jason Chaffetz Opens Up Dumbest Investigation of Obama Yet

I understand why net neutrality is a big deal for internet service providers, who oppose any new rules that restrict what they can do and how much they can charge. Ditto for content companies like Google, who support net neutrality because they don't want to be extorted by ISPs for access to high-speed pipes. Show More Summary

Scott Walker Still Having Some Teething Problems Balancing the Tea Party with the Mainstream GOP

I've been talking up Scott Walker as a good bet to win the Republican presidential nomination next year, but there's no question that he first has to find the right balance between the bullheaded "Hulk Smash Democrats" persona designed...Show More Summary

Arming Ukraine? Sorry, but Europe Simply Isn't On Board

Republican hawks have insisted from the start that President Obama isn't being tough enough in his approach to the Ukraine crisis. And perhaps he isn't. It's a point that's arguable by reasonable people. But what's not arguable is that regardless of what Obama would do if he had a truly free hand, he pretty clearly doesn't have a free hand. Show More Summary

A Baton Rouge ER Is Closing Because Bobby Jindal Won't Accept Medicaid Expansion

Louisiana's capital city is losing one of its emergency rooms: The Baton Rouge General Medical Center-Mid City will close its emergency room within the next 60 days, a victim of continuing red ink and the Jindal administration withdrawing...Show More Summary

Jungle Primaries in California: It Looks Like a Big Fat "Meh"

A few years ago California adopted what's mockingly called a "jungle primary." Instead of Democrats and Republicans each running their own primary, there's just one big primary and the top two vote-getters move on. That might be twoShow More Summary

Google Can Do Well With Its New Communications Products, But Only If It Acts Like a Genuine Startup

Brian Fung tells us that Google is making a "serious play in the communications space," featuring an aggressive strategy that includes rollouts of new products like ultra-fast internet service, new smartphones, and even wireless service: Google’s investments in telecom pit the company against some of the largest voice and Internet providers around. Show More Summary

Today's Intriguing News About New Contraception Options

Megan Thielking tells me something I didn't know today: With some financial help from the Gates Foundation, Massachusetts drug manufacturer MicroCHIPS Biotech is developing an implantable contraceptive for women. Contraceptive implants...Show More Summary

Book Bleg Followup

A few days ago I asked for reading recommendations that wouldn't tax my brain too much since my chemotherapy regimen has left me more fatigued than usual. Light, multi-part fiction was my primary request. There were loads of ideas, and I figured some readers might appreciate a quick summary. Show More Summary

What Do America's Most Admired Men and Women Say About America?

This is a month old, but Tyler Cowen happened to it highlight it today so I thought I'd pass it along. Here are America's most admired men and women and the end of 2014: I suppose there are no huge surprises here. Presidents and first ladies always do well. Show More Summary

John Boehner's Big Triumph Is Now Just a Big Shit Sandwich

I could use a good laugh, and this afternoon I got one. For starters, as the White House hinted yesterday, Joe Biden won't be attending Benjamin Netanyahu's speech next month before a joint session of Congress. Apparently he'll be out of the country that day: The vice president’s office on Friday confirmed the plans to skip the March 3 speech. Show More Summary

Friday Cat Blogging - 6 February 2015

My sister is the guest curator for catblogging this week, and this was her selection. I always call this "being a lizard cat," especially when they strike this pose outside on a nice sunny patio. This is also the aftermath of being a burrito cat. Show More Summary

We May All Be Sinners, But Please Shut Up About Our Actual Sins

Religious conservatives are mad at President Obama again. I suppose the appropriate reaction is a big yawn, since they're always mad at President Obama. It hardly matters what new horror he's ostensibly perpetrated, does it? Still, this latest brouhahah is kind of interesting. Show More Summary

Greek Charm Offensive Is Charming No One So Far

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis is apparently on a "charm offensive" to persuade his European counterparts—i.e., the Germans—to allow Greece to end its brutal austerity program and spend more money. The Germans, so far, are not...Show More Summary

Quote of the Day: No Dessert For You!

From Tyler Cowen: I would be happy enough if all desserts were simply dark chocolate ice cream or gelato, consumed rapidly and perhaps at a different venue altogether. Well, that would certainly put a crimp in the dessert business, wouldn't...Show More Summary

Why Is Wall Street So Excited By Tough New Net Neutrality Regulations on Cable Companies?

I already have a chart of the day, so I suppose this one can't also be a chart of the day. But it's certainly the head scratcher of the day. It comes via Brian Fung, and it shows the reaction of the stock market to the news that FCC chair Tom Wheeler is about to impose strict net neutrality rules on broadband internet suppliers. Show More Summary

Chart of the Day: Net New Jobs in January

The American economy added 257,000 new jobs last month, 90,000 of which were needed to keep up with population growth. This means that net job growth clocked in at 167,000 jobs. This is lower than last month, but only because December's results were revised sharply upwards. Show More Summary

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