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Hillary Clinton: Yeah, It Was Comey

On a conference call today, Hillary Clinton blamed her last-minute loss on FBI Director James Comey: Speaking with Democrats who raised over $100,000 for her failed bid for the presidency, the former secretary of state said Comey's second...Show More Summary

If the White Working Class Is the Problem, What's the Solution?

I think it's still too early to know the extent to which Donald Trump won because of his appeal to the white working class. These folks have been moving steadily into the Republican camp for a long time, and 2016 merely continued this trend. Show More Summary

The Daily Trump Shitshow Is About to Begin

In the near term, the Donald Trump shitshow is going to unfold on a daily basis as we learn who will be running things in the new administration. The bad news starts at the top: Mike Pence is replacing Chris Christie as head of Trump's transition team. Show More Summary

A Fresh Start?

David Frum is persuading me this morning that the tweetstorm can be a valuable medium after all. He is not buying Michael Smerconish's suggestion that we should all give Donald Trump a fresh start: Slicing away one’s memory lobes an excellent basis for decision-making, so sure (he said with heavy sarcasm). Show More Summary

We Are All Keynesians Now: Part 2

Trump economic advisor Anthony Scaramucci took to the pages of the Financial Times yesterday to tout the bold, innovative plans in store for the American economy: This could literally have been written by Paul Krugman any time in the past eight years. Show More Summary

Let's Figure Out What Happened Before We Start the Purges

Shorter Kelly Kleiman: Before Democrats devolve into internecine warfare, let's actually figure out what happened on Tuesday. Was it a whitelash? Sulky Bernie supporters? Lack of enthusiasm from blacks and Latinos? Voter suppression?...Show More Summary

Friday Cat Blogging - 11 November 2016

Hopper wants to hide and pretend that Tuesday never happened. Hilbert is still a bit out of focus at the moment, but he's facing the future with purpose and determination. Which cat are you? Which cat will you be next week?

The Selling of America

Dean Baker: Trump got elected by making many promises that he will not be able to keep. Rebuilding an economy in which the benefits of growth are broadly shared is a great idea, but Donald Trump is not going to bring back the coal mining...Show More Summary

The Trump Era Begins

Today brings three miscellaneous harbingers of life in Trump's America. First, here is Harry Reid on Trump: I have heard more stories in the past 48 hours of Americans living in fear of their own government and their fellow Americans than I can remember hearing in five decades in politics. Show More Summary

Podesta: Yeah, It Was Comey

From The Hill: Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, communications director Jennifer Palmieri and other Clinton aides sought to provide explanations during a private conference call Thursday with supporters of the Democratic nominee...Show More Summary

A Lead-Crime Study Passes the Gelman Test

Several months ago I wrote about new study that compared lead poisoning and crime rates at the census tract level in St. Louis. This is one of the most detailed, neighborhood-level studies I've seen, and the authors reached a simpleShow More Summary

Twitter Provides Our Best Insight Into Donald Trump's Warring Soul

Apparently Donald Trump is struggling with the whole idea of being president-elect. Yesterday, following a day of protests against his presidency, we initially got the Trump who had his Twitter account taken away by his handlers during the election: Just had a very open and successful presidential election. Show More Summary

Fuck You, James Comey

When an election is close, you can blame pretty much anything for your loss. There are dozens of people, events, and movements that can make a difference of 1 percent or so. In this election, you can blame Hillary Clinton, Berniebros, Jill Stein, neoliberalism, the DNC, white racism, CNN, Obamacare, or anything else you want. Show More Summary

We Are All Keynesians Now

The Wall Street Journal reports that investors are giddy at the possibility of Republicans finally embracing crude Keynesian stimulus. Isn't that funny? Republicans have been screaming about government spending for the past eight years, but investors are now pretty sure they'll happily blow a great big hole in the deficit. Show More Summary

Will the Filibuster Survive Donald Trump?

Right now, there's one thin reed preventing Republicans from doing anything they want starting in 2017: the filibuster. During the Obama administration, Republicans set a precedent of requiring 60 votes for essentially everything, 1 and Democrats are now the beneficiaries of that. Show More Summary

OK, Fine, I'm Going to Say It: Settle Down

I said yesterday that I didn't intend to tell anyone to settle down over the Trump victory. It's every bit as appalling as it seems. And yet, there's a strain of thinking out there that really does need a bucket of cold water thrown on it. Show More Summary

Republicans and the Popular Vote

In the past quarter century, Republicans have won the popular vote for president once.

Could Bernie Sanders Have Beaten Trump?

My pal Josh Harkinson tweets: Not to pile on too much, but I do hope that @kdrum will now realize that Bernie Sanders was the candidate who would have beat Trump. — Josh Harkinson (@JoshHarkinson) November 10, 2016 That's certainly possible. Show More Summary

Republicans and the White Working Class

Jim Tankersley: For the past 40 years, America's economy has raked blue-collar white men over the coals. It whittled their paychecks. It devalued the type of work they did best. It shuttered factories and mines and shops in their communities....They...Show More Summary

Things We Can Count On In the Next Two Years

What is Donald Trump going to do in office? Beats me. For the most part, I'd ignore what he said on the campaign trail, since he said so many different things at different times. It's obvious that (a) he doesn't know much, and (b) he doesn't truly care about very many things—and that means he's going to be willing to negotiate. Show More Summary

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