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The Truth About Benghazi Is Finally Going to Be Exposed

You remember Lamar Smith, don't you? He's the nutbag congressman from Texas who's been harassing NOAA because they've published papers saying the climate has warmed up. Smith knows that climate change is malarkey, so he wants NOAA to...Show More Summary

Poor Ted Cruz Is Now Hoist By His Own Petard

The continuing conversation about whether Ted Cruz is eligible to be president is a travesty. But I have to confess, it's also sort of delightful. First the travesty part: Ted Cruz was born a US citizen. No one doubts that. This is enough to be "natural born" and thus eligible for the presidency. Show More Summary

Debate Liveblogging Tonight!

I will be liveblogging tonight's Republican debate. It's on the Fox Business Channel at 9 pm Eastern. That's 6 pm Pacific—or as we like to call it around here, God's Time Zone. The Fox Business Channel is probably somewhere on your cable dial, but you might want to check to make sure. Show More Summary

The Movie Presidency Has Finally Come of Age

Matthew Dickinson finally made it to a Trump rally: As I was leaving the event, a reporter for a local New Hampshire television station pulled me aside for an on-camera interview in which he asked me the secret of Trump’s appeal. Put...Show More Summary

Is It Open Season on Drones?

I keep coming back to this story in the Washington Post today: William Merideth had just finished grilling dinner for his family when he saw a drone hovering over his land. So he did what he said any Kentuckian might do — he grabbed his Benelli M1 Super 90 shotgun, took aim and unleashed three rounds of birdshot. Show More Summary

The 21st Century Sure Has Been a Great Time to Be a Corporation

This is apropos of nothing in particular. I was just noodling around on something else and happened to run across this data, so here it is. The economic recovery of the Bush years might have been pretty anemic for most of us, but itShow More Summary

Come On, Folks, Give Nikki Haley a Break

My Twitter feed has been alight with mockery of the latest from South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley: "We've never, in the history of this country, passed any laws or done anything based on race or religion," she said at a press conference today. Show More Summary

Wheaton College: Still Standing Despite a Bit of Mild Criticism

Perhaps you remember the case of Larycia Hawkins. She's the professor at Wheaton College who declared on her Facebook page that Muslims and Christians worship the same god. Wheaton College follows the " evangelical Protestant tradition,"...Show More Summary

Quote of the Day: Mitt Romney Says Voters Are Tired of Romney-esque Message

This is...interesting: Mitt Romney, the GOP’s 2012 presidential nominee, has been encouraging party leaders to develop better policies to address wage stagnation. For instance, he supports raising the federal minimum wage, a departure...Show More Summary

Chart of the Day: TV's Schoolboy Crush on Donald Trump Gets Ever More Pathetic

Jim Tankersley reminds me that it's been a month since I took a look a how television was covering the GOP campaign. It's a sad story. After briefly finding solace in a few other candidates, TV is back to mooning over Donald Trump, desperately hoping he'll return their adoring gaze. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Sure Does Like People Who Make the Trains Run on Time

What does Donald Trump think about dictators and autocrats? Well, they're bad guys, he admits. But that's not all. Let's roll the tape: North Korea: You've got to give [Kim Jong-un] credit: how many young guys, he was like 26 or 25 when his father died....he goes in, he takes over, he's the boss. Show More Summary

I'm Sick of Conservatives Being Such Babies

Last night President Obama noted the unremarkable truth that the US can't try to rebuild every country that falls into crisis. "It's the lesson of Iraq," he said. Over at National Review, Bing West was not amused: That is insulting to all who fought. Show More Summary

Yep, The Economy Really Is Starting to Deliver Higher Earnings

Paul Krugman posted an interesting chart today, which I've simplified on the right to show only household income. It comes from Sentier Research, which tracks income in a more timely manner than the Census Bureau (though they use Census data). Show More Summary

Iran Releases American Sailors

Am I the only who senses that conservatives are pretty disappointed that Iran released our sailors quickly and without any fuss? Or am I just being hypersensitive?

We Are Happier Than Ever, We Are Angrier Than Ever

In a Gallup poll released last week, 85 percent of Americans said they were satisfied with how things were going in their personal life. That's close to an all-time high: At the same time, only 20 percent are satisfied with how things are going in the United States. Show More Summary

We Can All Breathe a Sigh of Relief: Star Wars Toymakers are Not Agents of the Patriarchy

In an apparent effort to prove that you can do data journalism on literally any topic, Leah Libresco examines the merchandising bonanza of the latest Star Wars movie: The most-recent “Star Wars” Monopoly set did what the villain of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” couldn’t, sidelining Rey, the film’s female protagonist.... Show More Summary

Map of the Day: We Have Met the Enemy, and the Enemy is Squirrels

The American electrical grid remained under sustained assault in 2015 from squirrel attacks. The Obama administration, feckless as always, failed to understand the threat and protect the American people. If they refuse to even say the words "evolutionarily maladapted squirrels," what chance do they have of defeating the enemy?

China Baits the Forex Gods

Yesterday: Wagers that the yuan will slump 10% or more against the dollar are “ridiculous and impossible,” a senior Chinese economic official said Monday, warning that China had a sufficient tool kit to defeat attacks on its currency. Show More Summary

Donald Trump: The Chinese Sure Knew How to Display Toughness at Tiananmen Square

Here is Donald Trump in a 1990 Playboy interview: What does all this—the yacht, the bronze tower, the casinos—really mean to you? Props for the show. And what is the show? The show is "Trump" and it has sold out performances everywhere. Show More Summary

Health Update

My piece on assisted suicide went up today, and just in case there are any readers who think I wrote it as a subtle way of saying that things are going badly with my multiple myeloma, I didn't. This is something that's been on my radar...Show More Summary

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