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For the First Time Ever, Conservatives No Longer Outnumber Liberals in America

Via Ed Kilgore, here's an interesting chart from the good folks at Gallup: What's interesting about this is that the change is due almost entirely to Democrats and Democratic leaners. Since 1999, that group has gone from 35 percent liberal...Show More Summary

Friday Cat Blogging Counterpoint: I Don't Care About Your Cute Cat

While Kevin Drum is focused on getting better, we've invited some remarkable writers, thinkers, and Friends of Kevin to contribute posts and keep the conversation going. Today, in the spirit of open debate, we interrupt our regularly...Show More Summary

Friday Cat Blogging - 22 May 2015

One of the reasons we got a pair of sibling cats last year is because I've always wanted a couple of cats who would sleep together in an adorable little kitty pile. And that's worked out pretty well. Is there anything cuter than Hilbert and Hopper snoozing together in the picture below? I don't think so. I really don't.

Don't Panic: Health Insurance Rates Aren't About to Rise by 50 Percent

Here's the latest Fox News bait from the Wall Street Journal: Major insurers in some states are proposing hefty rate boosts for plans sold under the federal health law, setting the stage for an intense debate this summer over the law’s impact. In New Mexico, market leader Health Care Service Corp. Show More Summary

Republicans Hate Obamacare Even If They Like Their Own Obamacare Plans

A new Kaiser poll gives us an in-depth look at what people think about health insurance plans purchased through an Obamacare exchange. Some of the results are unsurprising: people like plans with low deductibles; most say it was easy to shop for a plan; and most were pretty satisfied with the plans they purchased. Show More Summary

CNN Plans to Feature Peanut Gallery Debate as Warmup for Main Event

CNN will be hosting the second Republican debate, and they've come up with a....unique way of dealing with the fact that there are just too damn many candidates. To handle the crowd, they're going to have two separate debates: "The first...Show More Summary

By About 2020, We'll Probably Finally Know Whether a $15 Minimum Wage Is a Good Idea

So my near neighbor of Los Angeles is poised to raise the minimum wage to $15. How should we think of that? Personally, I'm thrilled. Not because I think it's a slam-dunk good idea, but because along with Seattle and San Francisco it will give us a great set of natural experiments to figure out what happens when you raise the minimum wage a lot. Show More Summary

Rand Paul's Latest Fundraiser Now Underway

I see from the intertubes that Sen. Rand Paul has begun another talking filibuster. This time it's to protest any legislation that extends the NSA's ability to access to metadata from phone calls, even if the data is held by the phone companies and available only by court order. Show More Summary

Eight Good Lessons About Health Care — Plus a Ninth

Over at Vox today, Sarah Kliff and Julia Belluz have a list of eight things they now do differently after reporting on health care for a combined decade between them. It's a great list, and unless I missed something I think I agree with every word on it. Show More Summary

Big Banks Plead Guilty to Collusion, But Fines are Pocket Change

Five of the planet's biggest banks have finally been forced to plea guilty to collusion charges in the foreign exchange market: The Justice Department forced four of the banks — Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Barclays and the Royal BankShow More Summary

The Truth About How Obama Has Handled the Pacific Trade Deal

While Kevin Drum is focused on getting better, we've invited some of the remarkable writers and thinkers who have traded links and ideas with him from Blogosphere 1.0 to this day to contribute posts and keep the conversation going. Today...Show More Summary

Are You a True Political Junkie? A Wee Test.

I'm often amazed at the incredible memories that true political junkies have for trivial stuff that happened well over a decade ago. I was just reading a Kevin Williamson item over at The Corner, and he was noting that (a) some police...Show More Summary

Finally! It's Tax Fantasyland Season Again!

One of the more entertaining aspects of the 2012 presidential race was keeping track of the ever-expanding array of fanciful tax plans from Republicans. Even after Herman Cain announced his absurd 9-9-9 plan, other plans that would cut taxes even more kept coming down the pike. Show More Summary

Obamacare Is Making It Easier to Be a Young Working Parent

With Kevin Drum continuing to focus on getting better, we've invited some of the remarkable writers and thinkers who have traded links and ideas with him from Blogosphere 1.0 to this day to contribute posts and keep the conversation going. Show More Summary

It's Experiment Week

As you all know, I'm recovering nicely from my chemotherapy. That is to say, technically I'm recovering nicely. All my numbers are in a good range and are continuing to improve, and there's every reason to think that will continue. However, I still feel crappy. Show More Summary

Marco Rubio Is a Moron

Here's the latest from Florida wunderkind Marco Rubio: Marco Rubio Struggles With Question on Iraq War Under a barrage of questions from Chris Wallace of Fox News, Mr. Rubio repeatedly said “it was not a mistake” for President George W. Show More Summary

No, the GOP Has Not Lost Its Lust for War

It seems like only yesterday that the conventional wisdom was that the Republican Party was on the cusp of a major shift in philosophy: The libertarians had made huge inroads into the party and the rank and file was very, very taken with their agenda—most especially their isolationist foreign policy. Show More Summary

Friday Cat Blogging - May 15 2015

With Kevin continuing to concentrate on his (ever improving!) health, over the past week we've hosted guest blog posts from all-stars like Ruy Teixeira, Aaron Carroll, and Ana Marie Cox. But now that it's Friday, it's time for the humans...Show More Summary

Bonus Friday Cat Blogging - 15 May 2015

It's been a traumatic week for Hilbert. He and Hopper were upstairs chasing each other around when he made the fateful decision to climb onto the bathroom counter and then leap to the top of the shower door. Why? Who knows. But he did it, and immediately discovered that the shower door railing is only about an inch wide. Show More Summary

Weird Tales and Trade Treaties

Watching the political fight over the TPP trade treaty has been kind of interesting. FWIW, two things strike me as a little odd: Historically, it's been Republicans who bitch and moan about how treaties are invasions of American sovereignty. Show More Summary

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