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One Pollster Has Stopped Polling the Republican Primary. Will Others Follow?

I've been wondering for a while who the first pollster would be to stop polling the Republican primary. Today I got my answer: As candidates jostle to make the cut for the first GOP presidential debate this week, the McClatchy-Marist...Show More Summary

As Federal Aid Goes Up, College Costs Rise Enough to Gobble It All Up

Josh Mitchell of the Wall Street Journal writes today about the spiraling cost of college: The federal government has boosted aid to families in recent decades to make college more affordable. A new study from the New York Federal Reserve...Show More Summary

Tell Us What You Really Think About Donald Trump

I've sort of promised myself not to write about Donald Trump, but (a) it's a weekend, and (b) David Fahrenthold has a pretty entertaining piece about Trump in the Washington Post today. Here's a brief excerpt of some of the reactions...Show More Summary

Our Anti-ISIS Program in Syria Is a Bad Joke

So how are we doing in our efforts to train moderate Syrian allies to help us in the fight against ISIS? Here's the New York Times two days ago: A Pentagon program to train moderate Syrian insurgents to fight the Islamic State has been...Show More Summary

The Clinton Rules, Tax Record Edition

I was sitting in the living room this afternoon and Hopper jumped into my lap. So I told Marian to turn the TV to CNN and I'd watch the news until Hopper released me. The first thing I saw was John Berman teasing a segment about Hillary Clinton releasing a health statement plus eight years of tax records. Show More Summary

Friday Cat Blogging - 31 July 2015

Hopper (left) and Hilbert are so entranced by something or other that even my sister wants to know what they're looking at. My guess: a dust mote in the cat dimension. Speaking of my sister, she is promising some guest cat blogging for next week. Will she come through? Tune in next Friday to find out!

It's Republicans, Not Obama, Who Want to Bust the Sequestration Deal

The LA Times reports today that we might be headed for another government shutdown. Big surprise. But these paragraphs are very peculiar: President Obama has signaled his intention to bust, once and for all, the severe 2011 spending caps known as sequestration. Show More Summary

California Really Doesn't Need to Worry About Losing Jobs to Texas

Is California losing jobs to Texas, thanks to California's stringent anti-business regulations vs. Texas's wide-open business-friendly environment? It's a question I have only a modest interest in, since there are lots of reasons for states to gain or lose business. Show More Summary

The New York Times Needs to do a Better Job of Explaining Its Epic Hillary Clinton Screw-Up

As you probably know, the New York Times screwed up epically last week by publishing a story claiming that Hillary Clinton was the target of a criminal probe over the mishandling of classified information in her private email system....Show More Summary

Why Has Maine Turned Into Crackpot Central?

Yesterday, Steve Benen got me up to date on the latest lunacy from Maine Gov. Paul LePage. A few weeks ago, LePage decided to ignore a bunch of bills he didn't like, figuring he would "pocket veto" them by simply withholding his signature. Show More Summary

For a Week, Walter Palmer Is the Worst Human Being Ever in History

Max Fisher argues that the social media jihad against Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the lion, is wildly out of control: Web users uncovered Palmer's personal information, including about his family, and published it online. Show More Summary

Will the Tea Party Shoot Itself in the Foot Yet Again?

Paul Waldman notes today that although Jeb Bush is substantively pretty conservative, his tone on the campaign trail has remained resolutely moderate and affable. Waldman explains how this leads to Bush winning the nomination: If you’re...Show More Summary

ISIS Is Losing the War, But That Doesn't Mean We're Winning It

Zack Beauchamp says that ISIS is losing the war. His evidence is the map on the right. ISIS may have taken over Ramadi in Iraq and Palmyra in Syria, but overall they've lost about 9 percent of the territory they controlled at the beginning...Show More Summary

Today's Trivia Quiz

Quick trivia question: When was the last time one of the two major parties nominated a candidate for president who was neither a politician nor a former general? The prize for the winner is that they get to relax about the possibility...Show More Summary

Chart of the Day: The Economy Continues to Plod Along

GDP was up in the second quarter, but our economy is still not exactly a house afire. Preliminary results indicate an increase of 2.3 percent: The BEA explains where last quarter's growth came from: The acceleration in real GDP growth...Show More Summary

Opposition to Iran Nuclear Deal Just Keeps Getting Weirder and Weirder

The congressional hearings into the Iran nuclear deal continue apace. Steve Benen points us today to this lovely exchange between Sen. Lindsey Graham and Defense Secretary Ashton Carter: Graham: Does the Supreme Leader's religious views compel him over time to destroy Israel and attack America? Carter: I don't know. Show More Summary

Millennials Living In Their Parents' Home Is Finally Starting to Taper Off

Pew has a new report out showing that even five years after the recession ended, more young adults are living with their parents than before the recession. This is despite the fact that unemployment among 20-somethings has dropped dramatically. Show More Summary

There's a New Planned Parenthood Video, But There's Just Nothing There

Another day, another video hit job on Planned Parenthood. Apparently the strategy here is to release new videos every three or four days and hope that mere repetition is enough to convince people that something—something—must be wrong here. Show More Summary

Health Care Spending Growth Will Rise a Bit Over the Next Decade, But Only a Bit

By coincidence, a new article in Health Affairs confirms an offhand guess I made a few days ago. I wrote, "I happen to think the slowdown in medical costs is real, and will continue for some time (though not at the extremely low rates...Show More Summary

Boehner Planning to Pick Up His Ball and Go Home

Is it just me, or is this trick getting a little old? Mr. Boehner said the three-month [highway] bill could come up for a House vote on Wednesday. If the bill passes, the House would adjourn for an August recess Wednesday, a day earlier than previously planned, a House GOP aide said. Show More Summary

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