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Republicans Mystified That Trump Isn’t Selling Their Health Care Plan

The Washington Post asks an intriguing question about our president: Trump has spoken out repeatedly during his tenure about the shortcomings of Obamacare, which he brands a “disaster.” But he has made relatively little effort to detail for the public why Republican replacement plans — which fare dismally in public opinion polls — would improve […]

Yet More Jaw-Dropping Lies From the Trump Administration

I suppose we’re all used to it by now, but the brazenness of the lies from the Trump administration is pretty jaw dropping. Here’s the latest: Actually, over 20 million people have been insured by the Affordable Care Act, but that’s sort of a garden-variety Trump lie. The real chutzpah comes from his crocodile tears […]

Did Donald Trump Invent a Chemical Attack in Syria?

A reader emails to ask why I haven’t written about Seymour Hersh’s story from last week that accuses Donald Trump of ignoring evidence that Syria’s chemical attack in April wasn’t actually a chemical attack at all. It’s worth an answer. First off, there’s some background. Hersh’s main outlet was the New Yorker until a few […]

A Very Brief Primer on Single-Payer Health Care

Single-payer health coverage is back in the news these days. But what is it, anyway? Here’s a very brief primer on the five basic forms of health insurance: Socialist: The government owns the hospitals and directly employs the doctors. Britain’s NHS is the best known example. In the United States, VA healthcare works on this […]

Down Payments Are Dropping. Is That a Good Thing?

This story has been making the rounds: For first-time home buyers, the challenge of coming up with a 20% mortgage down payment is often difficult enough to keep them out of the market. But the fact is, the 20% down payment is all but dead — and has been for quite some time, especially for […]

Trump Oppo Group Sought Hacked Clinton Emails, Even If They Came From the Russians

Matt Tait is a British cybersecurity consultant. Last summer he was contacted by Peter Smith, who was working with the Trump campaign to track down the 33,000 personal emails that Hillary Clinton had deleted from her server before turning it over to the FBI: When he first contacted me, I did not know who Smith […]

Science Bows Out At the White House

I guess this should come as no surprise: By COB today, number of staffers in White House OSTP’s Science Division = 0. — Kumar Garg (@KumarAGarg) June 30, 2017 The only thing science ever does is get in the way of doing stuff that Republicans want to do. What’s the point of wasting resources […]

Friday Cat Blogging – 30 June 2017

Is it finally Friday? I swear, it’s seemed like Friday ever since Monday. But now it finally is. This is Hilbert in one of his favorite spots. In the late afternoon, when it’s time to bring in the cats for the day, Hilbert likes to run away and make us chase him. Most of the […]

Russia Update

Mom is fine! My warning of “grave consequences” caused the Russkies to back down from their plan to nuke her neighborhood. It just goes to show that credible threats really can deter bad behavior from our adversaries.

Private Plane Crash Lands on 405 Freeway

A private plane declared an emergency this morning shortly after taking off from John Wayne airport here in Orange County. The plane immediately turned around, but missed the runway and instead landed on the 405 freeway. It burst into flames, and the pilot and a passenger were injured. Cub reporter Kevin Drum was on the […]

Joe and Mika Say It Politely: Donald Trump Is Not Well

Donald Trump says one thing. The people he’s attacking say another. Who do you believe? Unless Trump’s target is Baron Munchausen, you believe the target. So when Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough say that Trump is lying about their interactions on New Years eve of last year, I think you can take their version to […]

Kris Kobach Is Playing a Familiar Game

Kris Kobach, the former Kansas secretary of state who was obsessed with nonexistent voter fraud, is now the vice chairman of a White House commission charged with confirming Donald Trump’s claim that three million (or five million) fraudulent votes were cast for Hillary Clinton, and this is the only reason he lost the popular vote. […]

Donald Trump Has Finally Done Something: He’s Increased the Deficit By a Trillion Dollars

This is pretty amazing. Donald Trump hasn’t actually done much of anything in the past five months except flap his jaws. But it’s been some pretty expensive flapping. CBO’s last projection of the federal deficit was released in January. Literally nothing has happened since then except for Trump shooting off his piehole every day and […]

CBO: Republican Health Care Bill Cuts Medicaid 24 Percent By 2036

The CBO has released its long-term analysis of Medicaid spending under the Republican health care bill (BCRA), which means I can now update my chart with the most official numbers we have. But it wasn’t easy. CBO, bless their black little hearts, doesn’t provide spending in nominal dollars because “in the agency’s judgment, a presentation […]

Lunchtime Photo

This is another California sunflower, this time taken at our local bird sanctuary. It caught my eye because it was similar to a wildflower picture I took about 30 years ago that’s always been one of my favorites. Just a little pop of yellow surrounded by gray and green.

Trumpcare Cuts Medicaid By a Third in 20 Years

WaPo’s Carolyn Johnson points me to an analysis by Avalere Health that extends the CBO’s analysis of Medicaid cuts under the Republican health care bill. I’ve taken the liberty of roughly turning it into a single line, which provides us with estimates of Medicaid spending all the way out to 2036: Click the link above […]

Donald Trump Is (Yawn) On the Attack Again

President Trump insists that he no longer watches Morning Joe, but just as the program was ending today he tweeted that he “heard” the program speaks badly of him. Uh huh. So naturally he insulted both Joe and Mika and then tweeted this about Mika Brzezinski: …to Mar-a-Lago 3 nights in a row around New […]

I Get Letters

The single biggest proponent of SB562, California’s single-payer health care bill, is the California Nurses Association. But here’s something I didn’t know until yesterday: the CNA is aggressively using support for SB562 as a litmus test for being a true progressive. The bill is basically unpassable, but it’s being used as a way of whipping […]

Environmentalists Accidentally Win Keystone XL Fight

It looks like environmentalists have accidentally won a battle after all: Keystone XL is facing a new challenge: The oil producers and refiners the pipeline was originally meant to serve aren’t interested in it anymore. ….Much has changed in the oil markets since TransCanada first filed an application with the State Department in 2008 for […]

NRA Declares War on Half of America

Here’s the latest from the NRA: I’m not sure this video is even unusual for the NRA, which, these days, is more a purveyor of wholesale culture war zealotry than it is just a gun rights group. But it’s still a pretty spectacular appeal to the seemingly bottomless resentment of liberal sophisticates that eternally haunts […]

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