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The NSA Just Got Six More Months of Unlimited Snooping in Your Phone Data

Almost as soon as Congress passed the USA Freedom Act earlier this month, which ended the National Security Agency's mass collection of phone records under the Patriot Act, the government moved to keep that program around for as long as it could. Show More Summary

Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Landmark Bill Requiring Childhood Vaccinations

Amid heavy pushback from anti-vaccine groups, California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation today officially putting an end to the personal belief exemptions that let parents opt out of vaccinating their kids for reasons of philosophy or conscience. Show More Summary

Bree Newsome Explains Why She Tore Down the Confederate Flag in South Carolina

On Monday afternoon, Bree Newsome, the woman who scaled the flagpole at the South Carolina statehouse on Saturday and took down the Confederate flag, made her first public comments since her arrest, which were published on the progressive website Blue Nation Review. Show More Summary

The Supreme Court Just Stopped Texas From Closing Almost All Of Its Abortion Clinics

The Supreme Court on Monday halted key portions of Texas's anti-abortion law from going into effect that would have shutdown all but nine abortion clinics in the state. The stay will remain in place while abortion rights advocates prepare...Show More Summary

Supreme Court Justice Calls Death Penalty Drug "Equiva­lent of Being Burned at the Stake"

On Monday the Supreme Court upheld the use of the drug midazolam for lethal injections in a 5–4 decision that pitted the five conservative justices against the four liberal ones. Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who wrote her own dissent, argued...Show More Summary

The Supreme Court Just Struck Down Obama Regulations on Power Plants. Read the Opinion Here.

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled against EPA regulations to limit mercury emissions and other pollutants at power plants. Read the opinion in its entirety below:

Watch Badass Woman Scale Statehouse Flagpole, Take Down Confederate Flag

A woman named Bree Newsombe just scaled the flagpole in front of the South Carolina state capitol and took down the Confederate flag. She was then arrested. Badass. Too bad state workers promptly put it back up.

Texas County Clerk Refuses to Issue Marriage Licenses to Gay Couples

Despite this morning's landmark Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage across the country, at least one county clerk in Texas has refused to issue marriage licenses to two same-sex couples. The Denton Record-Chronicle reports: Denton...Show More Summary

Genius Conservative Compares Gay Marriage to 9/11, Pearl Harbor

So, you're a conservative and you're upset that every state is going to be forced to be nice to gay people, so you take to Twitter to share your outrage and you reach for a simile; not just any simile but, like, a good simile. One that has a strong tradition and is emotionally evocative and will let everyone know you mean business. Show More Summary

Mike Huckabee Set the Bar Really High for the Worst Reaction to the Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

As of 10:01 a.m. on Friday, marriage equality was the law of the land, effectively ending one of the most divisive debates in American politics over the last decade. Unless you're former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, that is. EarlierShow More Summary

The Supreme Court Just Made Gay Marriage Legal Everywhere in the United States

On Friday, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage in the historic case of Obergefell v. Hodges, a decision which effectively invalidates bans on gay marriage illegal. Read the opinion in its entirety below:

John Roberts Just Saved the Republican Party From Itself

The Supreme Court's Thursday ruling, written by Chief Justice John Roberts, that once again upheld a core tenet of the Affordable Care Act is good news for the millions of Americans whose health insurance was on the line. But it's also,...Show More Summary

The Supreme Court Just Saved Obamacare in Landmark Decision

On Thursday, the Supreme Court upheld federal subsidies in Obamacare in the landmark case of King v. Burwell. In a 6-3 decision, the justices ruled against the lawsuit, which would have effectively ended health care coverage for nearly...Show More Summary

Obama Shuts Down White House Heckler: "You're in My House"

While celebrating an event for LGBT Pride Month at the White House on Wednesday, President Obama was interrupted by a woman shouting demands he end the deportation of LGBT immigrants. Obama was not into it: "Listen, you're in my house," the president told her, visibly irritated by the disruption. Show More Summary

Shout Out to the Baltimore Sun, Which Just Bought Charleston's Newspaper a Stack of Pizzas

This is a nice story. Last week, we wrote about the heroic efforts of Charleston's main daily newspaper, the Post and Courier, and their dogged, round-the-clock coverage of the massacre at the Emanuel AME church. We noted that city newsrooms...Show More Summary

This Extremist Group Vows to Picket the Charleston Funerals. Anonymous Vows to Stop Them.

Westboro Baptist Church, the notorious group of religious extremists that is basically just one family, has said that it will attempt to picket the funerals of people killed in the Charleston shootings. In recent tweets, Westboro has suggested that the shooting was God's punishment for late pastor and state Sen. Show More Summary

What Is Going On With This Bobby Jindal Announcement Video?

Louisiana Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal launched his presidential campaign on Wednesday by releasing a video—a very strange video. In it, he and his wife, Supriya, break the news to their three kids that he'll be spending much of the next six months (at least) in Iowa. Show More Summary

Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker Says State's Confederate Symbol Belongs "in a Museum"

When Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) was asked on Sunday about removing the Confederate cross from his state's flag, he demurred. That decision "should be up to the Mississippi legislature and the people of the state," he argued. But 48 hours later, he's changed his mind. Show More Summary

Strom Thurmond's Son Just Called For the Removal of the Confederate Flag

On the floor of the South Carolina Senate Tuesday, the son of longtime US Senator and segregationist Dixiecrat Strom Thurmond made an impassioned call to remove the Confederate flag from the statehouse. Republican State Sen. Paul Thurmond...Show More Summary

America Sucks at Affordable Housing. The Supreme Court Might Make It Even Worse.

In the coming days, the Supreme Court will hand down a decision that could weaken the Fair Housing Act's ban on racial discrimination in housing. The timing couldn't be worse: The nation's housing affordability crisis is growing, according...Show More Summary

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