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Kayaktavists Take Over Seattle's Port to Protest Shell Oil's Arctic Drilling Rig

Seattleites took a dramatic stand, er paddle, against Arctic oil drilling on Saturday afternoon. Against the backdrop of the Pacific Northwest city's skyline, around 200 activists, local Native Americans, and concerned citizens tookShow More Summary

This Likely GOP Presidential Candidate Actually Believes in Global Warming

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a potential contender for the Republican presidential nomination, thinks climate change is real and caused—at least in part—by human activity, according to MSNBC. Christie said he believes there's "noShow More Summary

Obama OKs Shell's Plan to Drill for Oil in the Arctic

Royal Dutch Shell cleared a major hurdle this afternoon when the Obama administration announced conditional approval for the company's application to drill for oil in the Chukchi Sea off Alaska's North Slope. The decision came afterShow More Summary

After a Mother Jones Investigation, Starbucks Says It Will Stop Bottling Water in California

On the heels of a Mother Jones investigation earlier this week that found that Starbucks sources its bottled water from a spring in the heart of California's drought country, Starbucks announced yesterday that it will phase out use of its California bottling plant for Ethos Water over the next six months. Show More Summary

These Scientists Just Lost Their Lives in the Arctic. They Were Heroes.

Early last month, veteran polar explorers and scientists Marc Cornelissen and Philip de Roo set out on skis from Resolute Bay, a remote outpost in the patchwork of islands between Canada and Greenland. Their destination was BathurstShow More Summary

The World's Carbon Dioxide Levels Just Hit a Staggering New Milestone

The monthly global average concentration of carbon dioxide just broke 400 parts per million for the first time since record-keeping of greenhouse gas levels began. #CLIMATE NEWS: Global #CO2 concentrations surpass 400 ppm for 1st month...Show More Summary

Obama Administration Gives Rail Companies Three Years to Fix Their Most Explosive Oil Cars

Trains hauling crude oil have continued to explode across the United States and Canada this year as oil production booms in North Dakota and Alberta. Nearly two dozen oil trains have derailed in the past two years, many causing fiery explosions and oil spills. Show More Summary

We're in the Process of Decimating 1 in 6 Species on Earth

Plants and animals around the world are already suffering from the negative impacts of manmade global warming—including shrinking habitats and the spread of disease. A great number are also facing the ultimate demise—outright extinction—among them the iconic polar bear, some fish species, coral, trees... Show More Summary

The 10 American Cities With the Dirtiest Air

Nearly 44 percent of Americans live in areas with dangerous levels of ozone or particle pollution, according to the American Lung Association's annual "State of the Air" report, published yesterday. The good news is that's actually an...Show More Summary

Chipotle Says It's Getting Rid of GMOs. Here's the Problem.

Chipotle announced this week that it will stop serving food made with genetically modified organisms. The company wants you to think the decision is "another step toward the visions we have of changing the way people think about andShow More Summary

This Stat Will Make Deforestation Hit Home

Okay, so deforestation is sad, and it's Arbor Day so we should be extra sad about it. But there are so many things to be sad about, right? Well maybe this stat, from a study that came out last month, will make the loss of the world's forests sink in for you: More than 70 percent of the worlds's forests are within 1 kilometer of a forest edge. Show More Summary

This Is Why You Crave Sugar When You're Stressed Out

Here's something that won't come as a surprise to anyone who has ever devoured a pint of Rocky Road after a miserable day at work: Researchers at UC Davis recently found that 80 percent of people report eating more sweets when they are stressed. Show More Summary

Obama Just Called Out Florida's Climate Deniers in Their Own Backyard

President Barack Obama just marked Earth Day with a speech on climate change, given from a podium in Florida's Everglades National Park. The choice of venue was appropriate from an environmental perspective—the Everglades is already acutely feeling the impacts of sea live rise—but it was also telling from a political standpoint. Show More Summary

Scott Walker Celebrates Earth Day by Firing 57 Environmental Agency Employees

Happy Earth Day! Today is a day we can all band together and share our love for this beautiful planet—or at least drown our sorrows about climate change with nerdy themed cocktails. Later today, President Barack Obama will mark the occasion with a climate-focused speech in the Florida Everglades. Show More Summary

How Californians Screwed Drought-Plagued California

Solving California's water crisis got a lot harder on Monday when a state appeals court struck down steeply tiered water rates in the city of San Juan Capistrano. Like many other California cities, this affluent Orange County town encourages...Show More Summary

17 Everyday Items That Use a Whole Lot of Water

If you live in the West, particularly in California, where Gov. Jerry Brown has ordered a 25 percent mandatory reduction in household water use, you may have started taking shorter showers. Perhaps a spiky array of cacti now dwells where your lawn used to be. Show More Summary

You May Be Consuming Way More Water Than You Think

If you live in the West, particularly in California, where Gov. Jerry Brown has ordered a 25 percent mandatory reduction in household water use, you may have started taking shorter showers. Perhaps a spiky array of cacti now dwells where your lawn used to be. Show More Summary

McDonald's Franchisees: "We Will Continue to Fall and Fail"

McDonald's opened its first franchise in Des Plaines, Ill., 60 years ago today, but its franchisees aren't exactly celebrating. "The future looks very bleak. I'm selling my McDonald's stock," one operator wrote in response to a recent survey of McDonald's franchises across the country, as quoted by Business Insider. Show More Summary

These Popular Clothing Brands Are Cleaning Up Their Chinese Factories

It's well known that the outsourcing of clothing manufacturing to countries with low wages and weak regulations has led to exploitative labor conditions. But many foreign apparel factories also create environmental problems. The industrial...Show More Summary

The FDA Has Some Bad News About Your Kind Bars

Depressing news for all you Kind bar fans: The popular nut and fruit snack, which bills itself as a "healthy and tasty" treat, is actually kind of not healthy at all. According to a letter from the Food and Drug Administration to the...Show More Summary

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