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A Food Giant Wanted to Squash Eggless Mayo. It Just Lost.

In the great mayo wars of 2015, there is finally a winner. For those who haven't been following the scandal-filled sandwich spread controversy, a bit of background: It all began in 2013, when the egg-alternative food startup companyShow More Summary

Shit Is About to Get Real in California, El Niño Report Predicts

After four years of drought, Californians are bracing for another potentially destructive weather event: El Niño. Earlier this week, FEMA released a disaster plan including what to expect from the upcoming rainy season. Here are the key takeaways: This may be the strongest El Niño on record. Show More Summary

The Government’s New Food Rules Will Be a Huge Deal. Bacon Lovers Are Not Going to Be Happy.

The Obama administration is soon expected to reveal its new dietary guidelines for Americans, with advice about which foods to pile onto your plate—and which ones to avoid—if you want to stay healthy. Evidence suggests dairy doesn'tShow More Summary

Flavored E-Cigarettes May Be Worse For You Than Nicotine

"An exotic fusion of pineapple and coconut with champagne infused blueberries." "Creamy milk chocolate and rich peanut butter flavors." No, these are not excerpts from the dessert menu at a fancy hotel. They're some of the latest offerings from the makers of vape pens and e-cigarettes—which are the same thing, more or less. Show More Summary

The House Just Voted to Ban Those Tiny Pieces of Plastic in Your Toothpaste

Yesterday, the US House of Representatives voted to phase out microbeads, the little pieces of plastic that act as exfoliants in personal care products ranging from face wash to toothpaste. The bill, which was introduced last year by Rep. Show More Summary

Jane Goodall Just Called Out Republicans on Climate Change

At the major climate summit in Paris on Monday, renowned conservationist Jane Goodall called for Republicans in Congress to back down from opposing an international agreement on climate change. "Success [at the Paris climate summit] would be a binding agreement to limit carbon," she said, in a briefing with reporters. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Just Gave the Dumbest Rebuttal to Obama's Big Paris Speech

What is Obama thinking? A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on Dec 1, 2015 at 8:12am PST On Monday, in Paris, President Barack Obama pressed world leaders to adopt an aggressive international agreement to curb climate change. Show More Summary

Want to Know What’s Happening in Paris This Week? Watch This

Just a few weeks after a national poll found that most Americans want the United States to reduce its greenhouse gas footprint, the White House announced billions of dollars in new funding for clean energy innovations. Is solar paint...Show More Summary

Obama Just Called Saving the Planet an "Act of Defiance" Against Terror

A major two-week summit on climate change opened on Monday in Paris, and President Barack Obama was there to urge world leaders to push for a strong international agreement to slow global warming. In his speech (video above), the president also offered a rebuke to the terrorists behind the Nov. Show More Summary

Purina Pet Food Is So Much More Disgusting Than We Even Knew

If you've ever purchased seafood or pet food from Nestlé, you may have unwittingly contributed to the abuse of migrant workers in Southeast Asia. On Monday, Nestlé admitted that it had found indications of forced labor, human trafficking,...Show More Summary

China Is Absolutely Destroying the US on Clean Energy

When world leaders convene on Monday in Paris for two weeks of high-stakes climate negotiations, one of the top items on the agenda will be how developing nations should prepare for and help to slow global warming. Opponents to President...Show More Summary

This Jeff Goldblum Video Isn't Really That Funny, But I Give Him Credit for Trying

It's pretty hard to be funny about climate change. Not just because the subject tends to be grim, but also because the solutions tend to be technical, wonky, and interesting mostly just to nerds. The video above, released today by Funny or Die in affiliation with the League of Conservation Voters, makes a valiant effort. Show More Summary

France Scrambles to Secure Upcoming Climate Talks After Deadly Attacks

On Saturday, just a day after terrorist attacks in Paris left at least 129 people dead and hundreds more injured, the French government vowed to forge ahead with a long-scheduled international summit on climate change. The summit, which...Show More Summary

This Chart Shows Which Countries Are the Most Screwed by Climate Change

Verisk Maplecroft One of the cruel ironies of climate change is that its impacts tend to fall hardest on the countries least equipped to manage them. When drought or sea level rise strike the United States, communities at least haveShow More Summary

This Is How Much Sugar You Should Eat, According to the FDA's New Guidelines

The Food and Drug Administration is releasing new guidelines regarding how much sugar Americans should consume, reports NYT: The goal is for Americans to limit added sugar to no more than 10 percent of daily calories, according to the proposed guidelines. Show More Summary

2 GOP Candidates Have Reasonable Positions on Climate Change. They Won’t Be in Tonight’s Debate.

If you were hoping for a reasonable discussion about science during Tuesday night's Republican presidential debates, you're probably going to be sorely disappointed. That's because the only two candidates with serious positions climate change have been excluded from the event. Last month, South Carolina Sen. Show More Summary

I Can’t Stop Smiling Because of This Adorable Baby Goat Video

So your morning train was packed with halitosis-breathing psychos. You stepped over (human?) poo on the way to work. The weather is bad: Winter Is Coming. Your boss—a prick at the best of times—is breathing down your neck about this or that and just won't shut up, even though you've already done the task and it's been sitting in his inbox for a week. Show More Summary

SeaWorld Is Ending Its Killer Whale Show

SeaWorld will shut down the killer whale exhibition at its flagship San Diego location by next year, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune: In its place would be a new orca experience debuting in 2017, described as "informative" and...Show More Summary

Everyone In California Is Freaking the Hell Out About a UFO

The government says it was a missile launch. That hasn't stopped people from freaking out. My photo of a bright fireball seen from Pasadena tonight. Note the blue tail. @myfoxla @plutokiller @BadAstronomer — Ron Baalke (@RonBaalke) November 8, 2015

Republicans Are Very Mad About Obama's Keystone XL Decision

Friday morning, after years of heated battles between environmentalists and Republicans, President Barack Obama announced that he is rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline. In a speech, the president criticized both supporters and detractors...Show More Summary

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