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Report: Obama Administration Will Reject The Keystone XL Pipeline

After years of deliberation, the Obama administration is poised to reject the Keystone XL pipeline, according to multiple media reports: #BREAKING: Secetary of State John Kerry has recommended against the Keystone XL pipeline, sr administration...Show More Summary

New York Launches Probe Into Allegations Exxon Covered Up Climate Dangers

On Thursday, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced the state has officially opened an investigation looking into whether ExxonMobil deliberately covered up research into the dangers of climate change. OK. #ExxonKnew just got really grownup really fast. Show More Summary

Republicans Are Going To Hate This Chart

Yale Project on Climate Change Communication Two weeks ago, President Barack Obama's signature climate action plan was formally published. The new regulations will require many states to reduce their use of coal, the dirtiest form of energy, in an effort to slash greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector by about a third by 2030. Show More Summary

TransCanada Just Asked the United States to Suspend the Keystone XL Pipeline

In an unexpected turn of events, the company behind the Keystone XL pipeline proposal requested to temporarily suspend its US permit application on Monday. In a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry, the Calgary-based TransAmericaShow More Summary

Volkswagen’s Pollution Scheme Could Be Even Worse Than We Thought

Things just keep getting worse for Volkswagen. In mid-September, the German automaker was suddenly faced with the possibility of billions of dollars in fines after federal regulators accused it of selling half a million diesel-powered...Show More Summary

Bill Gates Explain Thinks It’s Time to Fix Capitalism

On Friday, the United Nations released a survey of the plans laid out by more than 100 countries to fight climate change. Their report uncovered some interesting trends, including that most countries are planning to invest in renewable...Show More Summary

The World's Plan to Save Itself, in 6 Charts

World leaders have a pretty comprehensive plan to fight climate change, according to a United Nations report released Friday—even if it doesn't go as far as many of them had hoped. In just over a month, representatives from most of the...Show More Summary

This Commerical Might Be One of the Only Factual Things to Air During Tonight's GOP Debate

If you watch tonight's Republican primary debate on CBNC, you can expect to hear opinions on the economy and pot, attacks on newly annointed front-runner Ben Carson, and more. You can also expect to see the ad above, which lays out the...Show More Summary

4,400 Dead Cows Are Decomposing on Brazilian Beaches

Earlier this month, a ship heading to Venezuela sank at the river port of Vila do Conde in the Amazon region of northern Brazil. Shipwrecks are always tragic, but what made this one unique was the ship's cargo: 4,900 live cows. The animals, which belonged to the Brazilian beef company Minerva Foods, were headed to Venezuela. Show More Summary

Women Can Boost Their Testosterone Just by Acting Like a Boss

We often point to testosterone to explain the traits that make men "manly": competitiveness, horniness, impulsiveness. People have even blamed the testosterone levels of the architects of the Great Recession for the devastatingly awful...Show More Summary

Bacon, Hot Dogs, and Processed Meats Cause Cancer, WHO Says

A new report released by the World Health Organization on Monday reveals processed meats such as bacon, hot dogs, and sausage cause cancer. Red meat, while carrying a slightly lower risk than processed meats, likely does as well. According...Show More Summary

Coal-Loving Republicans Are Suing Obama Again

President Barack Obama's signature plan to fight climate change was formally published this morning, thus opening the season for a fresh round of legal challenges from two dozen states, most of which are major coal consumers. The Clean...Show More Summary

"Back to the Future" Never Predicted This Kickass Solar House

Three years ago next week, when Superstorm Sandy swept through the New York City area, the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, N.J., was right in the line of fire. The experience gave the school's engineers and architects plenty of food for thought on how to design a storm-proof coastal building. Show More Summary

Science Just Proved That Donald Trump Is Totally Wrong

Donald Trump loves to tweet about how climate change is a hoax, especially when he personally feels cold. Because, you know, if global warming is really real, then it will never be cold anywhere ever again. (Just kidding. Winter is still...Show More Summary

Here Is the Kind of Sunscreen That Won’t Destroy Coral Reefs

Earlier this month, scientists announced that the third global coral bleaching has begun—and that it could be the most destructive yet. The causes include the El Niño weather pattern, climate change, and the giant blob—and that's on top of pollution runoff and overfishing already wreaking havoc on reefs. Show More Summary

Here’s Barack Obama’s Newest Plan to Fight Climate Change

The White House launched a new Twitter handle devoted to climate change Tuesday afternoon. The stream, called @FactsOnClimate, claims to provide "the facts on how @ POTUS is combating climate change in the U.S. and mobilizing the world...Show More Summary

American Cancer Society Recommends Women Receive Fewer Mammograms

In a major shift following years of mounting evidence that women may be receiving too many mammograms, the American Cancer Society on Tuesday released new guidelines recommending that women start getting the tests later, at age 45, and...Show More Summary

No, Californians, Poisonous El Niño Snakes Are Not Going to Kill You

Here is some video, they are dangerous and venomous, don't get close to them. Rescued this sea snake today on the beach here at Silverstrand in Oxnard. Prior to this there was only a report of them being seen as far north as Orange County. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Still Does Not Understand How Seasons Work

It is cold in New York City today. Why? No one knows! I know what you're thinking: I know. No, you don't. Yes, I do. No, you don't. Yes, I do. It is cold because it's mid-October, and sometimes in mid-October it is cold in the northeastern United States. Sorry, Doctor Science, you are wrong. Show More Summary

The Drought Is Making California Mudslides Even Worse

Mudslides stranded hundreds of motorists on Southern California's main north-south highway Thursday evening after severe thunderstorms rocked the area. Cleanup crews worked through the night to plow and scoop up the mud, but meteorologists...Show More Summary

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