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Drunken Vegetarians Are Sometimes Secret Meat-Eaters

A lot of people do things they regret when they are drunk. Maybe it's getting tanked and then incoherently divulging secret feelings for a colleague. Perhaps it's the slurred, eyes-shut, karaoke rendition of Whitney Houston's "I Will...Show More Summary

New Dietary Guidelines Won't Include Sustainability

When the USDA's Dietary Guidelines are released later this year, they're sure to make waves in the nation's food economy. Updated every five years, the rules—the government's official line on what Americans should eat to stay healthy—inform...Show More Summary

Watch the Government Shoot Thousands of Moths Out of a Drone

Pink bollworms are a species of pest (they're baby moths) that love to feast on cotton. They've been largely eliminated from the United States, but flare-ups do occur now and then, causing an expensive headache for farmers. So the US...Show More Summary

School Lunches May Come With a Side of Gnarly Plastic Chemicals

When kids dig into their cafeteria lunches, they may be getting an unwanted side dish. A new study from Stanford University's Prevention Research Center has found that meals served at schools may contain unsafe amounts of bisphenol A...Show More Summary

Here's What You Need to Know About The Big Storm Coming For the East Coast

The Northeast is in for a good soaking over the next few days from Hurricane Joaquin, which continues to gather strength as it makes a beeline for Washington, DC. Here's the current trajectory of the storm. The blue shaded area is where...Show More Summary

One Good Thing to Come Out of California's Drought Is This Luminous Book

What if, contrary to current El Niño predictions, California never again catches a break from drought? Such is the world imagined by Mojave Desert-bred Claire Vaye Watkins in her electrifying debut novel Gold Fame Citrus. Watkins was...Show More Summary

NASA Scientists Just Discovered Liquid Water on Mars

Scientists have known for several years that there is ice on the surface of Mars. But liquid surface water—which many believe would be a perquisite for life—has remained elusive. Until now. This morning, NASA scientists announced that satellite images have revealed traces of liquid water on Mars' surface. Show More Summary

Look! In The Sky! It's a Bird! It's a Plane! AND THEY'RE ON FIRE! Oh Wait, It's a Blood Moon.

The Blood Moon starts at 10:11pm ET! You can watch it live here. Or you can go outside and look at it IRL. But you won't do that because you're an internet shut-in. No judgment! What is a Blood Moon? It is not the end of the world. It is, well, let this video explain:

China's Climate Plan Isn't Crazy and Might Actually Work

Today Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Barack Obama are planning to jointly announce long-awaited details of China's plan to slash its greenhouse gas emissions by putting a price on carbon dioxide pollution. The plan, which...Show More Summary

The Feds Have a Secret Plan to Stop the Next Car Pollution Scandal

Days after Volkswagen admitted that half a million cars it sold in the US contained software enabling them to evade clean air laws, top Environmental Protection Agency officials said they are planning to toughen emissions testing for all automakers. Show More Summary

Did Pope Francis Soften His Climate Message for Congress?

In the run-up to Pope Francis' address to Congress today, there was a lot of speculation about how his climate change message would play in a chamber where action on climate often goes to die. Most of the pontiff's positions on global...Show More Summary

How Scientific Are the US Dietary Guidelines?

Later this year, the US government is set to unveil its new dietary guidelines—advice on what Americans should eat to stay healthy. The guidelines, once known as the Food Pyramid, are updated every five years and are hugely influential:...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Opposes the Keystone Pipeline

Hillary Clinton has long declined to take a position on whether or not the Obama administration should approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline. That just changed. At a campaign event Tuesday in Des Moines, Iowa, Clinton came out against...Show More Summary

Which States Are the Most Obese?

Bulging waistlines have become the new normal in the United States, according to Monday's State of Obesity report. Though only five states saw increases in adult obesity last year, researchers noted little improvement to the nation's...Show More Summary

Volkswagen’s Shares Veer off Cliff After Automaker Admits it Cheated Pollution Tests

Bloomberg Investors severely punished Volkswagen when trading opened on Monday morning in Europe, driving the German automaker's stock price off a cliff. The steep decline comes after the US Environmental Protection Agency accused the company of evading federal clean air laws, and its CEO was forced to apologize. Show More Summary

Antibiotics Are Spreading Like Crazy—and a Lot of Them Are About to Stop Working

In 1945, Sir Alexander Fleming won a Nobel Prize for his discovery of penicillin, which transformed modern medicine. Later that year, the bacteriologist issued a prescient warning: The miracle medicine could one day come with dangerous side effects. Show More Summary

The Feds Just Accused Volkswagen of an Unbelievable Scheme to Evade Pollution Laws

Volkswagen produced hundreds of thousands of cars with a device made to intentionally evade air pollution standards, according to a citation issued today by the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA alleges that nearly 500,000 VWShow More Summary

This Catholic Congressman Is Boycotting Pope Francis’s Speech to Congress

When Pope Francis addresses a joint session of Congress next Thursday, there's a pretty good chance he'll talk about climate change, one of his favorite subjects of late. Paul Gosar, a Republican Congressman from Arizona, is not happy...Show More Summary

David Letterman's New Job: Fight Back Against the Global Warming Deniers

Stephen Colbert is great, sure, but we were all sad to see David Letterman leave late-night TV this spring. Fortunately, he's not gone forever: The National Geographic Channel announced yesterday that Letterman will appear as a special...Show More Summary

A Third of American Kids Will Eat Fast Food Today

Every day, more than a third of children in the United States eat fast food. A new report from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention also showed that teens eat twice as much fast food as younger children; on average, 17 percent...Show More Summary

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