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TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (9/29-10/5)

Let’s consider our relationship with the recent past as it changes into something to ask about, something that’s reducible, relatable, and metaphorical. Let’s consider how it can be found so easily on the walls of a space that has been designed just for the purpose of its understanding. Let’s also consider the objects that we […]


Welcome to this week’s top V.2 from EXPO Chicago at Navy Pier. Also the stARTup Fair opens tomorrow and don’t forget to check out this week’s Top V for a selection of provocative solo programs being exhibited in spaces both large and small around Chicago this weekend.  1.  Zuecca Project Space Booth #826 Work by: […]

TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (9/22-9/29)

It goes without saying that this is the week of EXPO Chicago.  We’ll be posting a Top V2 from the EXPO floor at Navy Pier. But until that’s released here’s this weeks Top V, a selection of provocative solo programs being exhibited in spaces both large and small around Chicago.   1. Harlem Redux September […]

Phyllis Bramson’s Take on Pleasure and Folly

Expo Chicago 2016: Friday, September 23 at 12:30 pm in Booth 137 Talk with Phyllis Bramson and Toby Kamps: Why “bad behavior” and “inappropriateness” can be an artist’s necessity in the studio Phyllis Bramson’s work is featured at the Artadia booth at Expo Chicago 2016. She was selected from a pool of Chicago-based Artadia awardees by […]

Episode 560 Erik L Peterson and Open House Contemporary

Download audio file (Bad_at_Sports_560_Erik_L_Peterson_And_Open_House_Contemporary_mixdown.mp3) download An AirBNB Gallery? (what is up with that logo AirBNB?) The sculptor and super friend Erik L Peterson at Open House ContemporaryShow More Summary

TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (9/15-9/21)

1. More Strange Than True September 17, 2016, 2-5PM Work by: Elizabeth Atterbury, Dana Carter, Ramón Miranda Beltrán, Dana Levy, Michael Rado and Fran Lightbound, Bailey Romaine and Aaron Walker, Michal Samama, Adam Schreiber and Ann Toebbe (Curated by FIELDWORK) Pulaski Park: 1419 W Blackhawk St, Chicago, IL 60642   2. Searching the Starry Sky […]


The Visualist has been using its growing archive to offer its Top V at Bad at Sports for the last few months. The events, programs, tours, and screenings that we select every Thursday often share a thematic link while at the same time represent as wide of a cross section of the visual arts as […]


1. Institutional Garbage September 1, 2016, 7-9PM Participating Artists Include: Alberto Aguilar, Brit Barton, Mara Baker, Kevin Blake, Zippora Elders, Rami George, David Hall, Josh Rios and Anthony Romero,  Michal Samana, Naqeeb Stevens,...Show More Summary

Plant Humans of the Future: An Interview with Saya Woolfalk

Saya Woolfalk is a New York-based artist who, for the last decade, has been building an elaborate and multi-dimensional narrative about alternate cultures. Woolfalk’s physical installations document the artifacts of these cultures—specifically...Show More Summary

Reading with My Whole Body: An Interview with Essi Kausalainen

I've realized that when looking at a plant body I'm always looking at the whole ecosystem, the surroundings, the weather, the climate—all of that is inseparable from the plant body. The same goes with us. The “I” making the work is actually...Show More Summary

In and Out of Virtual Space: An Interview with Robert Burnier

While dérive was a response to physical urban spaces, we also experience our contemporary urban geography through virtual structures, with populations acting in concert with communications networks and sets of common interfaces and devices, etc. In my work, I've put virtual and physical spaces on par in certain ways. They are both material for use.

Centerfield | Goal-less Living Things: The Plants of Heidi Norton

Houseplants are our way of corralling nature, organizing it, and preserving it. They make ecology accessible and domestic. Still, houseplants, vegetation, botanical enterprise all have histories and experiences far bigger than me. As a material, their associated context is greater than my conception, but I like that. Show More Summary

In Defense Against Material: An Interview A Laurie Palmer

In that philosophical poem, Lucretius asks straightforwardly: What is this place? What is it made of? How does it work? His answers are as helpful now as they were in 50 BCE, in the sense that his curiosity, detailed observations, and empirical imagination still reverberate. He was an early proponent of a DIY ethic: he trusted his own experience to make sense of things.

Into Visibility: An Interview with Linda Tegg

Caring put me into a specific and active relationship to the plants; in some ways we’re in it together. The act of caring creates the potential for us to influence each other. We’re co-constituted. I also think that care bring things into visibility.

TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (8/25-8/31)

1. Community Conversation: The Importance of Art on the South Side August 27, 2016, 10AM-12PM Organized by Ode to the City Dorchester Art + Housing Collaborative: 1456 E 70th St, Chicago, IL 60637   2. Symptoms: Satirical Drawings By Tom Torluemke August 26, 2016, 7-10PM Work by: Tom Torluemke Firecat Projects: 2124 N Damen Ave, […]

An Opening to Imagine the Present: A Conversation with Cymene Howe and Anand Pandian

Planetary changes are happening, every single one of them, from the reduction of the albedo effect in the Arctic (loss of ice-reflectivity) to deluges and heat spells that are increasingly “unprecedented.” These events are occurring somewhere, affecting some person, now. Show More Summary

The Future is Elastic (But it Depends): An Interview with Zoe Todd

Knowledge is produced through relationships—relationships to space, time, people, other beings. And those relationships create responsibilities. It's not my place to learn something if I do not have robust and ongoing relationships to a specific place or person or history. Show More Summary

Adapting the Umwelt: Art Orienté objet

Existence itself is a permanent transformation, a constantly-evolving system. You speak of changes made to the body, but I think grief, for example, shakes up identity much more. My aim is not so much a transformation of my essence,Show More Summary

Sunday Comic: Golden Spike: Rock Shop of the Anthropocene

Together artists and organizers installed a cohesive “roadside attraction” that playfully stages evidence of humanity’s influence on geological material, torquing Frontier-fantasy trading posts and Pastoral tourist stopovers with Anthropocenic evidence culled from the the city.

SHE IS RESTLESS: The Artist Books of Rebecca Mir Grady

How do you describe a hundred foot wave? What about a thousand foot wave? By translating those environmental catastrophes into a book—and a tiny book at that—the scale is exaggerated.

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