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Kevin Williamson on Human Progress

(October 26, 2015 02:16 PM, by David Henderson) I've got to admit it's getting better. Over at National Review, Kevin Williamson has an excellent article on human progress. Its title: "Take a Bow, Species." Were I to excerpt the really good parts, I would probably end up excerpting... (0 COMMENTS)

What I Didn't Get to Say to Mark Krikorian

(October 26, 2015 12:08 AM, by Bryan Caplan) If you haven't heard of John Tanton, you should: He's the intellectual entrepreneur behind most of America's major anti-immigration organizations. This morning I spoke before one of Tanton's brain children, US Inc., for their annual Social Contract Writers Workshop. As... (0 COMMENTS)

Reagan Learned

(October 25, 2015 03:37 PM, by David Henderson) My favorite paragraph I've read all week (on the aftermath of the Abel Archer exercise) is from then President Ronald Reagan, writing in his diary at the time: He wrote in his diary on Nov. 18, 1983: "I feel the... (0 COMMENTS)

Delaying the crash

(October 25, 2015 02:00 PM, by Scott Sumner) I am gradually working my way through Bernanke's recent memoir, and so far I am greatly enjoying the book. It does an outstanding job of explaining how things looked from the inside, and is full of fascinating tidbits. For instance,... (0 COMMENTS)

Tony de Jasay, the greatest thinker you don't know

(October 25, 2015 12:26 PM, by Alberto Mingardi) If you're not a libertarian (and maybe even if you are), Anthony de Jasay is possibly the greatest thinker you have never heard of. A reason for that might be that de Jasay (who just turned 90 on October 15)... (0 COMMENTS)

Raj Chetty on Income Mobility

(October 24, 2015 11:59 AM, by David Henderson) Mr. Chetty and the economists he works with tackle problems that seem intractable, and offer hopeful prescriptions. Consider economic inequality--the income spread between rich, middle-class and poor. Mr. Chetty addresses the issue indirectly. He examines income mobility, which he defines... (0 COMMENTS)

A right-turn for Switzerland?

(October 23, 2015 04:05 PM, by Alberto Mingardi) Some friends of mine are alarmed about the new course in Swiss politics. I tend to agree with Scott Sumner: Switzerland is my favourite political system. And I am not particularly alarmed by the latest elections, in which the Union... (0 COMMENTS)

How I think

(October 23, 2015 09:20 AM, by Scott Sumner) Over at MoneyIllusion a commenter asked me the following question: What is your "take" (to borrow a sports term) on the role played by mass quantities of gold and silver pouring into Spain during the first centuries of that period?... (0 COMMENTS)

The Epstein-Huemer Debate on Anarcho-Capitalism

(October 23, 2015 12:05 AM, by Bryan Caplan) Video of the Junto debate between Richard Epstein and Michael Huemer is now up. The resolution: "A government that performs its fundamental functions is preferable to a system of anarcho-capitalism in which these functions are privatized." Enjoy. Normal 0 false... (0 COMMENTS)

Human Smuggling and Border Crossings by Gabriella Sanchez

(October 22, 2015 12:10 AM, by Bryan Caplan) To write Human Smuggling and Border Crossings (Routledge 2015), Gabriella Sanchez interviewed a large sample of human smugglers in Arizona. The result is a fascinating ethnography. Smugglers often have a Huemerian - not Kingian - take on civil disobedience:When Zulema... (0 COMMENTS)

Japan needs austerity, not fiscal stimulus

(October 21, 2015 05:03 PM, by Scott Sumner) Paul Krugman has a new post on Japan, which makes some good points. He considers the possibility that Japan will never escape the zero rate trap. I don't think that we have a good sense of what that scenario implies,... (0 COMMENTS)

Canada's Election Outcome

(October 21, 2015 12:33 AM, by David Henderson) Co-blogger Scott Sumner writes: Yesterday's win for the Canadian Liberals was a huge win for libertarian policies in North America: If Scott had simply inserted the word "some" before "libertarian," I would agree with him. He has correctly identified the... (0 COMMENTS)

Social Undesirability Bias

(October 21, 2015 12:04 AM, by Bryan Caplan) When the truth sounds bad, people lie. They lie to others. They lie to themselves. That's the essence of Social Desirability Bias, one of the most powerful forces in the social world. Politics without Social Desirability Bias would be almost... (0 COMMENTS)

What My "Case Against Education" Is Not

(October 20, 2015 02:26 AM, by Bryan Caplan) Great parody of "Every NYT Higher-Ed Thinkpiece Ever Written":Higher Education is in a Crisis. A deep, dark, existential crisis which can only be blamed on its resistance to innovative disruption and its abandonment of cherished liberal arts principles. You might... (0 COMMENTS)

The libertarian coast

(October 20, 2015 10:50 AM, by Scott Sumner) Yesterday's win for the Canadian Liberals was a huge win for libertarian policies in North America: One other industry may gain from the Liberal landslide. Canadian marijuana stocks including Canopy Growth Corp., Aphria Inc. and Mettrum Health Corp. may gain... (0 COMMENTS)

Reply to Arnold Kling

(October 19, 2015 01:01 PM, by Scott Sumner) Arnold Kling replied to me recent post discussing a 4% inflation target (a policy I oppose, by the way.) I strongly disagree with all 6 of his points. He is responding to this claim I made: The simplest solution is... (0 COMMENTS)

First-Order Effects Are First

(October 19, 2015 10:29 AM, by David Henderson) Co-blogger Bryan Caplan's excellent post on forecasting this morning reminds me of a similar point that co-author Charley Hooper (CLH) and I made in our book, Making Great Decisions in Business and Life. Here it is: First Find First-Order Effects... (0 COMMENTS)

Where Superforecasters Start

(October 19, 2015 12:07 AM, by Bryan Caplan) How can you improve your forecasting? One of Superforecasting's most useful principles is "outside first." Suppose you have a lot of details about the Renzetti family, and you're trying to guess whether it owns a pet. It's tempting to dwell... (0 COMMENTS)

Bernanke's memoir: First impressions

(October 18, 2015 01:54 PM, by Scott Sumner) Economics seminars at the University of Chicago were pretty intense. I recall times when the speaker was barely one sentence into his presentation, and was already being challenged by pointed questions. I hate to be "that guy", but..... (0 COMMENTS)

Meer vs. Galbraith on the $15 Minimum Wage

(October 18, 2015 12:01 AM, by David Henderson) I finally got around to watching the debate about the minimum wage between Jonathan Meer and Jamie Galbraith. Meer is an economics professor at Texas A&M University and Galbraith is an economics professor in the Lyndon B. Johnson School at... (0 COMMENTS)

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