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Unilever Slams The Door On Social Media Hate Speech And “Fake News”

In an extraordinary speech on corporate social responsibility, Unilever CMO Keith Weed takes on social media, Russian troll farms and US political leadership.

Microplastics: In Our Soils Too?

Since plastic does not decompose naturally, most of the plastic we have produced to date is building up in our landfills or our natural environment.

Carbon Tracker: Stranded assets is a growing risk for fossil fuel energy investors

Fossil fuel investors may be facing increased risk in the future, says the British financial think tank, Carbon Tracker. As the world increases its dependence on "green" energy and the environmental demands for countries to reduce their carbon emissions, the potential for devaluation of oil, gas and coal investments may grow. Show More Summary

Tariffs or Not, New Installation System Could Change the Solar Energy Game

A new low cost racking system demonstrates how the cost of solar energy can keep falling, despite Trump Administration policies favoring fossil fuel.

Taking Water Infrastructure Back to Nature

Why nature’s tools are the best solution to our water infrastructure needs

Little Risk in Brands Taking Stands

What is the cost, the danger, the risk associated with taking a stand?

What’s Really ‘Green’? A Look at Beef Finishing on Feedlots

Evaluating feedlot sustainability encompasses impacts and solutions related to feed supply chains.

The US Could Still Meet Clean Power Plan Targets Without the Clean Power Plan

Hundreds of American cities, companies and other entities have pledged to uphold the Paris Accord targets and continue to make plans and manage their resources with the intent of meeting them.

How Your Company Can (Still) Be A Renewable Energy Leader

The recent actions by utilities are especially interesting because they indicate that the US economy will continue to decarbonize, even though the Trump Administration remains determined to prop up the coal, oil and gas industries.

Unlimited Volunteering: Will It Work for You?

Unlimited volunteering time allows employees the flexibility to become involved with charities in the longer term.

Children and Their Families in Hospitals to Get $100 Million Boost from the Walt Disney Company

Disney has announced a five-year plan to “reinvent the patient and family experience” in children’s hospitals around the world.

How an Olympic Mindset Can Empower Social Impact Leaders

Watching the Olympics last month, we saw athletes from all parts of the world pursue their goals without letting anything or anyone get in the way.  Their commitment and mindset teach us essential lessons for how we, as social impact professionals, must approach our work every day.

Survey Fatigue Notwithstanding, ‘Transparency Builds Trust,’ says NRG’s Peacock

Responsible for NRG’s voluntary reporting, Peacock dedicates nearly 20 percent of her time to information and data management, with questionnaires often containing 50 to 300 ESG indicators. 

Investors Turn to Israel for SRI Opportunities

Best known as an incubator for startup industries, Israel's played a major role in revolutionizing the way today’s technology is used to address the world’s greatest environmental and social challenges

5th Annual Young Women’s Leadership Summit Hosted by Bloomberg

Summit provided over 500 young women the opportunity to network with professionals from a variety of disciplines including engineering, media, and sales.

Wanted: Ways to Communicate a New Direction for Workplace Ethics

The problem of workplace harassment is not complicated to call out, as this bad behavior has been going on for decades, even centuries. But this elimination of ingrained behaviors is proving to be a complex task.

Who Owns the Physical Risks from Climate Change? (And What One Move Can Make It Less Risky?)

Who is bearing the cumulate expense of the 16 U.S. weather events in 2017 estimated at over $306 billion?

How and Where Diversity Drives Financial Performance

A survey of 1,700 companies discovers a relationship between diversity and innovation.

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