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San Diego Study Finds Cheaper, Greener Energy from Utility Leapfrog

A recent study found a surprise: San Diego can meet its climate change goals and lower electricity rates by circumventing the local utility. Might this work for other municipalities?

Want a Big Boost in GDP? Bring in Immigrants

President Donald Trump has promised to boost the economy by 3-4 percent. It's an unlikely prospect, say analysts, noting that 2 percent has historically been about par for the country's yearly growth. Researchers at ProPublica however, say it's possible, but it would require scrapping one of his other big campaign promises: deporting and banning immigrants.

UK Banning Diesel and Gasoline Fueled Cars and Vans After 2040

The government of the United Kingdom has announced that it will ban the sales of diesel- and gasoline-powered passenger vehicles after 2040, mostly in an effort to reduce the impact nitrogen oxides, or NOx, have had on public health...

Foxconn Chooses Wisconsin For $10 Billion Flat Panel Factory

Foxconn, one of the most important companies within Apple's supply chain, is close to announcing the location of a brand new factory in the U.S.; Wisconsin is reportedly the favorite to land this $10 billion factory that could boast as many as 10,000 jobs.

Vail Resorts Promises an ‘Epic’ Zero-Carbon Footprint by 2030

Vail Resorts, one of the largest mountain resort operators on the planet, announced that it has committed to a "zero net operating footprint" by 2030.

What Investors Need to Know About Sustainability Rankings

By understanding the scope and methodology of certain key sustainability rankings, you can monitor those that mean the most to you and the companies that you follow.

All-Electric, Autonomous Container Ship Sets Sail in 2018

Two companies in Norway have teamed up to produce a shipping vessel powered by an electric motor instead of dirty bunker fuel. If this technology is successful, it could substantially reduce the carbon footprint of this dirty industry -- projected to be responsible for 17% of global emissions by 2050.

Op/Ed: NRG Sustainability Commitments Stronger Than Ever

Bruno Sarda, the Head of Sustainability at NRG explains why the energy company's commitment to a sustainable energy future hasn't wavered, even though the utility giant recently restructured and sold off its renewable energy portfol...

Tiny Houses: A Salve for Tomorrow’s Housing Shortages?

Tiny is catching on these days. From do-it-yourself rolling palaces that amount to the size of a conventional living room to modest structures for low-income families, the concept of tiny houses is making more sense than ever for cities faced with housing shortages. But are residents and cities cut out for going teeny?

This California Dairy Farmer Says He’s Got a Carbon-Positive Solution to Fight Emissions

Albert Straus, often heralded as a first mover in organic dairy and sustainable agriculture, has revealed what he says is the world's first first full-scale electric truck - powered by cow manure.

Pruitt’s EPA Faltered on Pesticide So Legislators Take Up a Ban

U.S. Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico introduced a bill that would ban chlorpyrifos, a pesticide some research says has links to learning disabilities as well as severe health problems. NGOs including the NRDC is supporting such a ba...

Over 250 CEOs Pledge More Inclusion in the Workplace

Over 250 CEOs have signed their names to the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion pledge, which aims to make the workplace across more sectors far more welcoming to all employees, regardless of their backgrounds.

7 Billion Tons of Trashed Plastic

For each person living on Earth, there is almost one ton of plastic trash on the planet and that number is accelerating.

Widespread Sexual Harassment Allegations — Time for the Tech Industry to Shape Up

The tech industry lives and dies by innovation and disruption, and it’s about time we applied the same philosophy to the culture as we do to the product. Addressing sexual harassment is the obvious part — it's illegal. Here’s the greater challenge: This industry that literally drives us into the future needs to move away from a culture that looks and acts so much like the past.

San Diego Struggles with Styrofoam: Recycle or Ban?

Despite a study concluding that the city could lose $90,000 a year from foam container recycling, San Diego's city council has given the green light to including Styrofoam in its municipal recycling program instead of outright banning the material.

China Tells WTO: No More Garbage Imports

China recently informed the World Trade Organization that wastes resulting from textiles and steelmaking are among a list of 24 types of garbage that will no longer be accepted at the country’s ports.

Rush Hour Pollution More Harmful Than Previously Thought

While sensors monitor pollutions near the freeway, what gets sucked into a car's interior is another matter all together. And it's linked to heart disease, asthma and other respiratory disease for unlucky drivers.

Beef-Giant Canada Now Promoting a Plant-Based Diet

Canada, one of the world's largest beef producers has issued new dietary guidelines in an effort to promote healthy eating. And beef is no longer on the menu.

‘Fossil Fuels are Dead’ Says Coal Transport Magnate

The CEO of the United States' third-largest rail transport company has been predicting the end of fossil fuels for a year now. Last week he announced what that would mean for CSX Rail: No new coal cars for a disappearing industry.

Corporate Responsibility Practitioner Roundup: Totem Power

In the run up to the COMMIT!Forum, CR Magazine spoke with Brian Lakamp, Founder and CEO at Totem Power. Totem's smart hub combines modern communications, advanced energy, and distributed intelligence into a single, powerful platform for modern campuses, retail centers, commercial facilities, cities and more. We spoke with him about being a practitioner in the clean energy space.

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