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Cash Crops Effect in North America

Part two of this week's five-part series on cash crops and the impact they have around the world. Cash crops are a major economic factor in almost every region of the world. In North America, there is a wide variety of cash crops that are grown and sold. Show More Summary

Cash Crop Blog Series Introduction

This week the globalEDGE blog will look at cash crops around the world. Cash crops are crops that are grown specifically to be sold in a marketplace or traded; essentially a crop grown not for direct consumption by the farmer. Cash crops have played a large role in shaping the world throughout history. Show More Summary

Dr. Verghese Kurien, Amul Dairy Company, and the Rise of India’s Milk Production

Milk has always been an essential part of India’s culture. In the early 1900’s, India's milk production was incredibly inefficient and was struggling with its limited production of milk. Until one individual, Dr. Verghese Kurien caused a dramatic change in his home country. Show More Summary

Use of Robots In Warehouses

Technology is evolving rapidly in many realms of the world. Currently, the light is focused on the use of robots in warehouses. The autonomous mobile robotics (AMR) are emerging worldwide from numerous start-up firms. Currently, Amazon is the main company producing and using automatic robots. Show More Summary

The Economic Impact of Tropical Storms

Recently, Hurricanes Irma and Harvey slammed into the coasts of the Caribbean and southern parts of the United States. These destructive tropical storms caused billions of dollars worth of damage combined and displaced millions of families. Show More Summary

The Evolution of Ledgers: Blockchain

Blockchain is a platform where transactions are recorded. It is an open source available for all parties involved. Participants in each transaction generally have their own ledger; however, Blockchain serves as a shared ledger. It eliminates...Show More Summary

Driverless Cars: the Auto Industry's Next Big Development

Driverless, or autonomous, cars have been in the news a lot this past year. Essentially it is a car that can drive itself with no help needed from a human driver. There are many people who believe this is the next big development in the automotive industry. Show More Summary

Will Fish be the Next Breakthrough in Healthcare Around the World?

It is no shock that developing countries have the lowest access to healthcare. According to the Global Economic Symposium, “low and middle-income countries bear 93% of the world´s disease burden, yet account for only 18% of world income...Show More Summary

Paperless Money Transfers: Changing the Way People Exchange Money

In the world today, everyone is looking into shortcuts for everything from cooking to driving and now for payment methods. The world as a whole is becoming a paperless society. According to a Business Insider report, more than one trillion dollars are exchanged through peer-to-peer (P2P) payments applications such as Venmo and PayPal. Show More Summary

Growth in Citizenship by Investment: What it Means for International Business

The process of acquiring a second passport as means of citizenship is continuing to grow in popularity as more countries establish themselves in the industry. For passport owners, the return on investment ranges from increased access and establishment in new markets to owning luxurious homes in coastal regions. Show More Summary

Initial Coin Offerings: A Shady Trend in International Capital Markets

Initial Coin Offerings, or ICO’s, are a new and quickly growing way for startups to raise capital. Despite being a relatively new phenomenon the total value of ICO’s has been proliferating with nearly $1.5 billion dollars being raised since the start of the year. Show More Summary

Effects of Major Hurricanes and Typhoons on Global Economies

With Hurricane Harvey just recently striking southeastern Texas and part of Louisiana the damage major storms can create is too fresh in our minds. Images of the submerged houses and destroyed stores fill most news programs in the United States. Show More Summary

Where do Cryptocurrencies Fall in the International Currency Markets?

Let’s start with a quick overview of what a cryptocurrency is. It is a digital currency and is known for its unique feature, in that it is not issued by any central authority, therefore, cannot be controlled and manipulated by any government. Show More Summary

The Future of Agriculture in India

With the population in India increasing and the need for a sustainable food supply being so important, a multi million dollar investment that is backed by the World Bank has gone into place. The main goal of this initiative is to boost the agricultural industry in India. Show More Summary

The GlobalEDGE Team is Excited to be Back

The entire globalEDGE team will be returning tomorrow for another school year. We will resume our regular updates of the site. Also our blog schedule has now shifted to five days a week. We are all excited to provide you with new content. To read the rest, visit globalEDGE!

The United States Begins a Trade Probe Into China

On August 18, United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer announced a trade probe of China's intellectual property practices. According to the Chicago Tribune, the probe is meant to verify complaints that "Beijing improperly...Show More Summary

What's at Stake in the NAFTA Renegotiations?

The first round of NAFTA renegotiations between the United States, Canada, and Mexico concluded in Washington this past Sunday. Trade representatives from each country began to lay out their goals for a probable update of NAFTA policy. Show More Summary

Technology is Shaping the Resurgence of Manufacturing Jobs

At one point in the 20th century, over twenty million Americans held jobs in the manufacturing industry. This trend has experienced a steep decline since 1960—in this century alone, five million of those jobs have been terminated. This...Show More Summary

Venezuela's International Struggles

Venezuela's international standing has suffered in the wake of its controversial presidential election and constitutional assembly. Amidst allegations of vote manipulation and crackdowns on protests and opposition, Venezuela's electoral process and ensuing government scandals have faced condemnation from several international leaders. Show More Summary

United Kingdom GDP Slumps in Wake of Brexit

How drastically has Brexit affected the United Kingdom’s economy, and where does the country stand as it attempts to separate from the European Union? Reports released by the INSEE on July 27th indicate that the United Kingdom only saw...Show More Summary

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