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Why Volition Invested In Pramata

This week, we announced a $10M growth equity investment in Pramata.  I am very honored to be joining the Board and am excited to work with the team going forward.  So, what do they do and why did we invest? What does Pramata do?   It’s very simple.  Pramata extracts key information out of enterprise customer contracts […]

5 Topics To Cover In A Quick Investor Pitch (via MSNBC)

I had the chance to swing by MSNBC to talk about 5 key components to cover when pitching an investor. The short synopsis is this: Start by explaining the problem your company solves. Define specifically who experiences that problem. Clearly articulate how your company’s product or service solves that problem. Explain how you charge and […]

Why I Don’t Think Harvard Discriminates Against Asian Americans In Admissions

Yesterday, the Education Department dismissed a complaint by several Asian groups that claims Harvard discriminates against Asian Americans in the college admissions process. It is a widely held belief among Asian Americans that they...Show More Summary

Investment Opportunities In E-Commerce Despite Amazon’s Dominance

Many venture capitalists shy away from e-commerce due to Amazon’s dominant, market leading position. The concern is that Amazon can kill any upstart e-commerce company and doesn’t always operate in economically rational ways when they want to win. While there is truth to being concerned about Amazon in this market, the reality is there are […]

The Least Useful Slide In The Pitch Deck Is…

…the market size slide. My sense is most entrepreneurs feel like they have to have a $1B+ market size for investors to get interested.  And, then the more aggressive entrepreneurs, knowing that everyone else has at least a $1B+ market size, come in with the $5B-$10B+ market sizes.  The means to arrive at these numbers […]

The Difference Between Existing Markets and New Markets

Nearly every company pitch I’ve seen covers the topic of market size.  And, in every serious internal discussion about a prospective investment, we talk about market size as well.  Usually, the primary topic of discussion in both contexts is the size of the market boiled down to an actual dollar figure.  Entrepreneurs and investors alike […]

Everyone’s 2015 Top Technology Predictions and Trends Lists In One Place

Here are some of the more prominent technology prediction lists for 2015.  Not surprising themes: security, IoT/wearables, healthcare IT.  Somewhat surprising themes: 3d printing.  Missing in action: bitcoin, marketplaces, etc. Gartner:...Show More Summary

My Favorite Value Proposition Is Admittedly Boring

It’s only taken 16 years in the investment business for me to discover my favorite value proposition.  And, I admit, it’s a boring selection.  First, some context.  A value proposition is the value a business offers its customer such that the customer decides to buy that companies’ product.  To be fair, there are many categories […]

My Top 15 Favorite Audio Books

A couple of years ago, I switched off the radio during my daily commute and turned on audio books (through Audible). I’m usually in the car about an hour a day, and a typical book is about 10 hours. So, one book a month is more than reasonable. Here are my top 15 favorite audio […]

The 10 Slide Company Pitch Deck

I love meeting with new companies.  To me, it’s the oxygen of this business and the most energizing aspect of the job.  That being said, the one thing that can take the energy right out of an introductory meeting is the obligatory 20-40 slide company pitch deck that drags on and on.  Personally, I prefer […]

The World of Finance Has Problems

I have to shake my head in disappointment at the headlines this past week in the world of finance and money.  It makes me wonder why I even periodically come to the defense of the industry when in weeks like this, it seems like a fruitless exercise.  Here’s a tasting of this past week: 1.  […]

The Economics of Bananas

Yesterday, I had the unexpected opportunity to speak with a former executive of a major fruit and produce company.  I always find it really fun to talk with someone about something I know nothing about – and in this case, the topic was bananas.  So, I asked him about the economics of bananas, and this […]

A Grounded Mentality On Year-End Compensation

This post is prompted by a number of conversations I’ve had over the past several weeks with friends and colleagues in the technology and investment industries.  As year-end approaches, the primary topic of these discussions has been how they should approach compensation, bonus, and promotion discussions in their respective situations.  For the most part, we’re […]

Start With The Problem

After hearing dozens of company pitches over the last week or so, I noticed a common theme with how CEOs told the story of their business.  They typically expended great energy explaining what their company’s product or service does.  They will talk about features and functionality that no other player in the market has.  Where [...]

Can Online Privacy Compliance Even Be Implemented? Not Until Now.

It happens every day.  You visit a website.  Information on your visit is passed to a third party (such as an ad network).  That third party uses the data for purposes that is not something you’ve explicitly condoned.  For example, go to Zappos and look at your favorite red shoe.  Then go about your daily [...]

Behind The Scenes Of An MSNBC TV Interview

Periodically, some of the partners at Volition will do network television spots on shows related to business and technology.  Today, I paid a visit to 30 Rockefeller and the MSNBC studios to participate in J.J. Ramsey’s show, “Your Business”.  The show won’t air until later, but this will give you a sense of what happens [...]

Why Volition Capital Invested In Ensighten

Following up on my prior post, “What Is Tag Management”, this second post will be specifically about why Volition Capital invested in enterprise tag management leader, Ensighten.  Often when we announce a new investment, like we did with Ensighten last week, people ask me why we invested.  Hopefully this post will serve to help answer [...]

What Is Tag Management?

This week we announced Volition’s newest investment in enterprise tag management leader, Ensighten.  I couldn’t be more excited to be involved with the company and to join their Board of Directors.  I was sitting down to write a post about why we invested in Ensighten, but after some thought, I realized it would probably be [...]

Introduction to International Justice Mission (IJM) – 2012 Monthly Webinar Schedule

I am pleased to be co-hosting a monthly webinar to introduce participants to International Justice Mission (IJM).  IJM is a human rights agency that works with victims of violent oppression among the global poor.  Their clients are victims of bonded labor, sex trafficking, sexual assault, false imprisonment and other forms of violent crime.  IJM works with [...]

The Trash Economy

They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  Unfortunately, this statement is more reality than idiom for a large swath of the global poor that find their daily sustenance in city dumps.  Perhaps the only shortcoming of this statement is that it leaves out the women and children that also scavenge city dumps [...]

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