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I posted all I can say publicly at Skippy. And even that wouldn't work at a family blog like this one. The rest are jokes that I am told--undoubtedly correctly, but lapsed traders are difficult to retrain--are "too soon." The Phantom...Show More Summary

Farm subsidies and entrenched wealth

Lynne Kiesling writes Farm subsidies and entrenched wealth at Knowledge Problem: Veronique de Rugy has a great argument for ending farm subsidies in the April issue of Reason (and yes, do read the whole thing, well worth your time).Show More Summary

Migration will be Wed. early morning.

After taking care of some technical stuff, MEV thought it best to migrate during slower traffic time than this afternoon's faster pace.

Doggett fighting for fairness on Tax Day!

by Linda Beale Doggett fighting for fairness on Tax Day! On Monday, Congressman Lloyd Doggett, a long-time member of the House Ways and Means Committee, releases a GAO report showing the continued advance of corporate tax expenditures...Show More Summary

Boston Marathon bombing

My son has been called in for triage injuries where he works in Boston. My thoughts and prayers go to the injured. I and family were there just yesterday. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Okay Fine, Let's Call Investment "Saving." Or...Not

I really like Hellestal’s comment and linguistic take on this whole business: I’m comfortable changing my language in order to communicate. I have very little patience for people who aren’t similarly capable of changing their definitions. This discussion is really about the words we use to describe different accounting constructs. Show More Summary

Wow. Seriously, Chris Cillizza and Sean Sullivan? Seriously??

Am I misunderstanding (certainly a possibility), or do the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza and Sean Sullivan write an entire article based on a really obviously ridiculous conflation of two separate concepts: what tax law is, and what...Show More Summary


by Sandwichman (re-posted with author's permission): In his Essay Concerning Human Understanding, John Locke affirmed, "I do not question but that human knowledge, under the present circumstances of our beings and constitutions, mayShow More Summary

Saving, Investment, and Lending in the Real Economy (Graphs). S=I?

With all the chaff that’s been flying around (recently, and for years now) about saving and investment, dissaving, and lending/borrowing, I felt the need to go back to the numbers and see how they’ve played out over the decades in what we tend to call the “real” economy — domestic households and nonfinancial business. Show More Summary

Another try at migration...

MEV will be moving us over to our Wordpress platform and new look Tuesday early morning. They have assured us the glitches have been corrected...rss feeds should continue, and links to old posts will be maintained. Please let me know right away if problems develop... Dan

Criticizing the IMF staff and Ryan Avent

Lifted from Robert Waldmann's Stochastic Thoughts: In the post below, I vigorously criticize IMF staff and Ryan Avent for claiming that central banks adopted low inflation targets in the early 80s without noting that the Fed did not adopt an inflation target until January 25 2012. Show More Summary

Reagan and Rios Montt: The Company You Keep

by Mike Kimel Reagan and Rios Montt: The Company You Keep Former Guatemalan dictator Efrain Rios Montt is on trial for genocide. I was born in the US, but my formative years were spent in South America in the 1980s. That the right wing...Show More Summary

Lifted from comments: Program sustainability is?

Lifted from comments comes a beginning thought on the term 'sustainability' for programs...Sustainability Rusty asks: Is there an accepted definition for "sustainability?" I tend to think of it in an environmental context, but apparently...Show More Summary

Senator Warren prods bank regulators

by Linda Beale Senator Warren prods bank regulators Somehow, more Senators need to start doing what Senator Warren does. Review the facts. Ask questions that force regulators to admit to what they are doing. Point out the lopsided nature...Show More Summary

Reading Mankiw in Seattle

A while back Nick Rowe challenged amateur internet econocranks (my word, not Nick’s) like me to actually go read an intro econ textbook. (He was specifically targeting the author of Unlearning Economics — who I, at least, don’t consider...Show More Summary

Solow on Bernanke (and both, on Libertopians)

I’m just sayin’. (Emphasis mine, words Solow’s): [Bernanke's] preferred answer is better and more system-oriented regulation. One has to ask then why regulation failed to see the crisis of 2007–2008 coming and take action to head it off. Show More Summary

Mark Thoma QE and Signalling

Mark Thoma once claimed to be pleased that I was shrilly criticizing him. I sure hope he meant it, because here I go again. He comments on the newly released FOMC minutes I have long believed that the Fed failed to appreciate the signalling component of quantitative easing. Show More Summary

Inflation Targets and Rewriting History

Simon Wren-Lewis wrote I think there were three important contributory factors to what happened in the 1970s that are just not present today. First, our knowledge of inflation output trade-offs, although hardly complete now, was much weaker back then. Show More Summary

F-35 and sequester dollars and cents

With constant delays due to significant engineering issues and design flaws, the cost of the F-35 has risen to $395.7 billion. But that's just to build the planes. When you add in the cost of testing, operations and support, it will cost an additional $1.1 trillion — bringing the overall price tag to an incomprehensible $1.5 trillion. Show More Summary

Delivering water quality to the tap

David Zetland at Aguanomics reminds us that we always need to get people on board and invested with results of policies, and perhaps a way to keep track relevant to daily lives as well. Water delivery is pretty local so far in the US,...Show More Summary

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