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What I Want Bernie Sanders to Know Before Tuesday’s Debate

A few weeks ago Mike Huckabee made minor news by telling an interviewer that slavery has never been made unconstitutional.  Or, to be precise, he told radio interviewer Michael Medved that “the Dred Scott decision of 1857 still remains to this day the law of the land which says that black people aren’t fully human.”  […]

Is the Engine of the Economy Flooded?

When one hears talk about the Wicksellian natural rate of interest, one hears that a real rate below the natural rate will cause inflation and economic heating. Then a a real rate above the natural rate will lead to disinflation and economic cooling. “Wicksellian analysis is an older tradition; it argues that there is at […]

Homo Oeconomicus vs Homo Socialis: The Anthropology of Neo-Classical Econ

I have been working (in my head) on a wonkish, fully cited, post on the fundamental fallacy embedded at the basis of neo-classical econ. But I am still engaged on reading the ur-texts (hint Karl Polanyi and a revisit to E.P. Thompson) so instead will just throw out my thesis and let the thoughtful critics […]

More on Breaking the Code between Effective Demand & Profit Margins

My previous post talked about how profits peaked 12 months ago coinciding with the economy hitting the effective demand limit. The idea is that profit margins will peak at the effective demand limit. Keynes stated this… “Thus the volume of employment is given by the point of intersection between the aggregate demand function and the […]

Anyone in far southern California thinking about adopting a doggie?

This was in my email box this morning, and I thought I’d pass it along:

Declining Profit Margins, Recession & Breaking the Code of Effective Demand

By way of a video from Boom Bust (the best show for economics news), Barclays says that the 60 basis point drop in corporate profit margins in the S&P500 over the last 12 months is a sign that we are heading toward a recession now. (see 22:30 minute point of video.) The Barclays’ message coincides […]

Normalizing the Fed Rate: This Time is Different

One hears that the Federal Reserve would like to normalize the Fed rate. What does that mean? How can we conceptualize that? Well, there are many ways to conceptualize it, but here is a simple way using measures of the growth of nominal GDP (NGDP). In normalization, the Fed rate will rise to the growth […]

Poverty and Brains

I think it is best to just click and read this. In a study published this year in Nature Neuroscience, several co-authors and I found that family income is significantly correlated with children’s brain size — specifically, the surface area of the cerebral cortex, which is the outer layer of the brain that does most […]

Who’s Inflation Expectations ?

Janet Yellen gave a speach which has received a lot of attention and not just because she is one of the most powerful people in the world. I agree with Lorcan Roche Kelly that the best parts are footnotes 28 and 26. I got into a twitter debate with Andy Harless who was unconvinced by […]

Where MMT Gets Its Accounting Wrong — And Right

Modern Monetary Theory has been revolutionary in economics, and its influence is — beneficially — ever-more pervasive. It has opened the eyes of a generation to a clear-eyed, accounting-based methodology that trumps dimensionless theory,...Show More Summary

Inequality for All, the film

If you do not know, Prof Reich’s film is currently up on youtube.  I just watched it.  For most readers it is nothing new.  But for the masses this is a great film.  Plus, I did not know that he literally went over on the same boat as Bill Clinton when they were going to […]

More on Weak Productivity & Labor Share of Income

There is a post by Dietz Vollrath, Labor’s Share, Profits, and the Productivity Slowdown. D. Vollrath has some math there for how a decline in labor share along with a rise in aggregate mark-ups can show that productivity growth is slowing. Mark-ups are the price over marginal cost. Normally in perfect competition, price is equal to […]

People who are published in newspapers who don’t make proper use of published data

“Pundits are regularly outpredicted by people you’ve never heard of. Here’s how to change that.” is a very interesting article at the monkey cage by Sam Winter-Levy and Jacob Trefethen. (h/t @MarkThoma) They note a study of people you’ve never heard of vs intelligence analysts (not pundits) and write accountability. While many pundits may not […]

Target Obama: Cantor and Boehner Collateral Damage

I don’t know what to say here. Me I am on the other side of the same movement, in the US I am “feeling the Bern” as a Sanders guy and as an observer on the UK side chanting “Jez We Can!” for Jeremy Corbyn. That is I am totally down for a Renaissance of […]

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