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Christie is Done. But Wow! What a Parting Shot!

I don’t think Chris Christie makes it out of New Hampshire. But he may have put ‘paid’ to Rubio and indirectly punched tickets for his rivals Bush and Kasich. Because Lord knows that Trump didn’t do himself any favors on eminent domain in the Live Free or Die State nor did Cruz for laying back […]

Trying to Make Progress on Redefining ‘Progressive.’ And ‘Establishment.’

A progressive is someone who makes progress. That’s what I intend to do. – Hillary Clinton, during last night’s debate. Clinton also thinks a “conservative” is someone who conserves. Which, she says, also is what she intends to do. First, though, she intends to redefine the entire Oxford English Dictionary.  Progressive, and presumably then, conservative don’t […]

Mahatma Sanders: “First they Ignore You”

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. I have been firmly in the conventional wisdom camp that Bernie would never be the ultimate candidate and so as much as I always wanted to “Feel the Bern” and more or less identify with Sanders as a Social […]

Clinton Says Margaret Thatcher Wasn’t Part of Britain’s Establishment Because She Was a Woman

Okay, what she actually said is that she can’t be part of the establishment, because she is a woman.  Because by definition, women aren’t part of the establishment. Shucks! No one told all those corporate folks who paid her $225,000 to hear her reminisce to them about how stressful it was to advise President Obama on whether he should approve the raid on […]

No, Sanders is not trying to boot moderates out of the Democratic Party and erect a progressives-purity test. He just objects to Clinton’s misrepresenting herself as a progressive Democrat when she is, by her own fairly recent and proud description, a mo

I’ve been a fan of New Republic senior editor Brian Beutler dating back to his days as a Salon writer, but in a piece today called “Bernie Sanders Will Be Unelectable If He Keeps This Up” he misinterprets the essence of Sanders’s current criticism of Clinton as a fair-weather progressive in a way that I […]

New OECD tax agreement improves transparency — but the US doesn’t sign and the US press won’t tell you UPDATED

Last week 31 countries signed a new Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) agreement providing for country-by-country corporate information reporting and the automatic exchange of tax info between countries under the Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement (MCAA). Show More Summary

Is it just me, or is the Clinton campaign’s take on how to appeal to African-American voters really demeaning?

It’s worth noting that Clinton has an interesting built-in advantage here. Clinton is campaigning as the candidate of continuity, at least in the sense that she is promising to build incrementally on the Obama agenda, while Sanders is implicitly arguing that the change of the Obama era has been woefully insubstantial when compared with the […]

FOMC Projections of Fed Funds rate

Here is the graph from FRED for FOMC Summary of Economic Projections for the Fed Funds Rate, Central Tendency, Midpoint. (link) 1.15% for 2016. 2.45% for 2017. 3.20% for 2018. LOL… lots of luck. “The projections for the federal funds rate are the value of the midpoint of the projected appropriate target range for the […]

Open Season Primary Thread: Paulite Bros for Bernie, Sleepy Ben Wakes Up on Open Evangelical Highway

Pick a topic relating to New Hampshire, South Carolina, or Nevada. The floor is open. Except for that whole Impractical Bernie vs. Electable HIllary thing, that’s been done to death. Some topic teasers for you. The shakeout from Iowa more intense than I predicted, first O’Malley and Huckabee and now Paul and rumors have it […]

Why I think Clinton did not win the Iowa caucuses: The spread between Clinton and Sanders remained at 49.8 to 49.6 percent for soooo long, increased a bit, a few times, but always returned to 49.8 to 49.6, never quite getting to 49.7 to 49.7. And Des Moi

Clinton received 49.8 percent support and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) received 49.6 percent support, according to the Iowa Democratic Party’s website. – Talking Points Memo, 1:11 p.m. Okay.  I do not think Clinton won the caucuses.  I watched the entire count, on my computer, on the New York Times website, which had a map of Iowa, […]

Iowa Open Thread: I know you got opinions, predictions

I knew what was going to happen on Monday three days ago. My argumentation was solid and based on data. Even data-based. But now I don’t. At all. Because ‘reasons’. But I am sure all you do and will fill me in while we wait for actual results about 26 hours from right now. Let […]

The Fed messed up

This post will build upon my previous post with the Cobra equation. In that post, I gave a model showing that the Fed is completely behind the curve of the business cycle. The Fed should not be raising rates at this point in the business cycle. When to Normalize in Theory In the model, aggregate […]

Just a Thought . . .

Maybe a blow up doll behind the empty podium representing Trump? Or maybe the same as Clint Eastwood, they should all address the empty podium and tell it what they think of Trump. Any other ideas?

Re: Tim Duy… Brains need not explode

Tim Duy, who is a cool economist, points out a difference between the labor market and output GDP… Labor market improving while GDP is slowing. He describes this difference for the Fed. “Now they have slow GDP growth and fast employment growth. That will make brains explode on Constitution Ave.” Yet, Brains need not explode. […]

Trump vs Cruz: Transactional Inside-Outsiderism

What fresh hell/word salad is this?!! Bear with me a second and then treat this as a political open thread. Trump and Cruz are each in their ways walking talking self contradictory oxymorons. Each purports to be the outsider speaking for the common man yet each came straight to the top through insider channels. Trump […]

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