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How the Supreme Court’s King v. Burwell Debacle Will End

I have known for the last five weeks—since January 27, to be exact—that the Supreme Court will uphold the Administration’s interpretation of the federal-subsidies provisions in the ACA when it issues its decision in the infamous King v. Burwell case whose argument date at the Court is Wednesday.  I also have known since then that […]

Tamir Rice: 2nd Amendment Martyr

An American citizen exercising his Constitutional (or for some God-Given) Right to Bear Arms was shot down on sight by Police in Cleveland. The Police defense was “We were in fear for our lives”. But as the good folks at Open Carry Tarrant County and many other 2nd Amendment defenders point out no citizen, including […]

Netanyahu Lied so far no one Died

February 23 Al Jazeera and The Guardian reported leaked memos from Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency to the South African intelligence agency. The memos contradicted claims of fact that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had recently made in his UN Speech (the one with the illustration of cartoon bomb with a burning fuse). This post mainly points […]

Madison Protesters the same as ISIS

I lived in Mad City for 12 years, a place I had wished I could of lived as a child. Instead, I was able to raise my children there. Flying back to Madison after a consulting gig and seeing lakes Mendota, Monona, Wingra, the Capital on the Isthmus between Mendota and Monona nestled in the […]

Scott Walker Announces His Foreign Policy: Privatize Social Security and Medicare; end the food stamp program and CHIP, and repeal the National Labor Relations Act

PALM BEACH, Fla. — Two days after provocatively suggesting that standing up to organized labor in Wisconsin has prepared him to fight terrorists overseas as president, Scott Walker told a crowd of conservative donors on Saturday that “the most significant foreign policy decision” of his lifetime was when Ronald Reagan fired 11,000 air traffic controllers. […]

Guest post: Comparing performance between Republican and Democratic years

Guest post:  by Nathan Salminen (Politics that work) Comparing performance between Republican and Democratic years The performance gap we see at the state level could still theoretically be the result of factors other than policy. It could be that the red states have simply drawn the short straws and happen to have inferior access to […]

Guest post: How wages in services vs. goods-producing jobs explain relative GDP growth during Recoveries (Hint: producing goods is better)

by New Deal democrat (Bondaddblog) How wages in services vs. goods-producing jobs explain relative GDP growth during Recoveries (Hint: producing goods is better) This week I will put up several posts discussing the relative impact of goods-producing vs. service jobs in the economy, prompted by an article by Kevin L. Kliesen and Lowell R. Ricketts […]

America’s Current Accounts Deficits: Not Quite Déjà Vu

by Joseph Joyce America’s Current Accounts Deficits: Not Quite Déjà Vu The U.S. current account deficit has narrowed since 2006, when it reached $807 billion, which represented 5.8% of U.S. GDP. By 2013 the deficit had fallen to $400 billion, worth 2.4% of GDP. But the IMF last October projected it would reach $484 billion […]

Social Security Works!: the Book.

Publisher’s (New Press) webpage: Social Security Works! More below the fold. Non-disclaimer: I bought my copy. Nobody gave me one for review or to plug. Disclaimer: I am a casual friend of auther Eric Kingson and a somewhat better friend of Nancy Altman. Disclaimer: It would not bother me a bit if you happened to […]

Corporate Profits

Yes I am playing with FRED. My thoughts about the graph after the jump. First isn’t that a long name for a time series ? Profit measurement is controversial. Non-accountants such as myself are afraid to even go there. Wouldn’t you have guessed a larger ratio ? So much effort seems to be directed at […]

The Taper Tantrum

I am marking my beliefs to market as Brad DeLong does from time to time. One of my old beliefs whose market quotation has declined is extreme skepticism about the effectivenss of US monetary policy at the zero lower bound. This skepticism was largely caused by what I perceived to be the weak effects of […]

Fishing with Anti-Malaria nets

At the NY Times Jeffrey Gettleman reports that people are using anti-malaria nets to fish (via Anne Laurie at Balloon Juice). After reading the headline but not the article (not wanting to be discouraged) I thought the problem was just that the pesticide treated nets were not being used to protect the people from malaria. […]

Third Way trade agreements study leaves out a lot

Third Way (h/t TPM), a Democratic pro-trade think tank, has released a new study, “Are Modern Trade Deals Working?” It examines the various “free trade” deals the U.S. has signed since 2000 to conclude that 13 of 17 have led to an improvement in our goods (not including services; see more below) trade balance with […]

Health news

I’m not sure if there are studies looking at the long term effects of such advice on one’s health especially in this economy, but I can see where in the words of Arlo Guthrie, it could create a movement.   Health Experts Recommend Standing up at Desk, Leaving Office and Never Coming Back ROCHESTER, MN—In […]

Clinton-Becerra 2016

I am not going to say nobody ever thought of this pairing, but a quick trip around the Google-sphere got me a paucity of results. So I am going to stake my claim here. Why Becerra? (Or for some Becerra who?) Chicano. California. Ambitious. Young. CPC (Congressional Progressive Caucus). The guy ticks off so many […]

Researcher at San Francisco Fed warns of Excessive Easy Monetary Policy

Today we see an article, Betting the house: Monetary policy, mortgage booms and housing prices by Oscar Jorda, Moritz Schularick, Alan Taylor. They warn of excessive easy monetary policies. Their research uses a large data set. “In our new paper (Jordà et al. 2014), we analyse the link between monetary conditions, mortgage credit growth, and […]

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