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Former Fed Analyst says Fed should have raised rates a long time ago

This is an excellent interview of former Fed analyst Danielle Dimartino Booth ( Dallas Fed) by Erin Ade at Boom Bust. I fully agree with her analyst analysis. Listen closely to her analysis of the housing market. She points to one area where low interest rate policy backfired.  

Social Security Defender Archive: Including Northwest Plan Docs/Spreadsheets

I have been working off and on, well mostly off because of ‘life’ and ‘laziness’, since 2010 on a project I modestly called the Social Security Defender. It is all built around a Google account and so has a Google+ page, a blog, an e-mail address and a Google Drive. Today I am going live […]

Is trade zero-sum between workers in different countries? had a long, interesting interview with Senator Bernie Sanders covering a large number of political and economic issues. In this post, I want to focus on just one issue he raised: Whether rising incomes for Chinese workers have to come at the expense of U.S. workers. Here is what Sanders told Vox’s Ezra Klein: […]

Dean Baker on the 2015 SocSec Report and Real Wage

CEPR’s Dean Baker: Wage Growth Continues to be the Key to Social Security Solvency Dean Baker and colleague Mark Weisbrot have been making a steady case since their publication of the aptly named Social Security: the Phony Crisis back in 1999. In short Social Security does not face a structural demographic problem, instead it has […]

Shopping Around . . .

Quite a few blogging PPACA naysayers are out there advertising the 25 to 50% increases in premiums for healthcare plans under the PPACA. Charles Gaba@ACA Signups blog points out it is just an opportunity to “shop around” and the premium increases may not be big anyway in dollars and cents. “Looking past the scary headlines” […]

Is Jeremy Corbyn the Bernie Sanders of Britain?

Who is Jeremy Corbyn? Well it turns out that the British Labour Party is two weeks out from a leadership election after their shellacking in the last election. And the contest very much mirrors that of Sanders vs Clinton, with Corbyn representing Old Labour (Democratic Socialism) and the other candidates represent New Labour (Blairite Neo-Liberalism). […]

Global Liquidity and U.S. Monetary Policy

by Joseph Joyce Global Liquidity and U.S. Monetary Policy The events in Greece and the Ukraine have only partially drawn attention away from the financial markets’ focus on changes in U.S. monetary policy. Federal Reserve officials seem to be split over when they will raise their Federal Funds rate target, and by how much. But […]

The F story about the Great Inflation (knowledge transmission)

Simon Wren-Lewis takes a look back to the 60s and 70s…”The reason I write about this now is that I’m in the process of finishing a paper on the knowledge transmission mechanism and the 2010 switch to austerity, and I wanted to look back at previous macroeconomic crises.”  Robert Waldmann is part of this post. The […]

Tale of Two Charts: Medicare 2009 and 2015

(From main Angry Bear page you may need to click ‘Read More’ to see Charts) 2009: Medicare Unsustainable. From less than 4% of GDP heading straight for 11%. Show More Summary

Table IV.B5: Social Security OAS and DI Actuarial Balances by 25 Year Subperiod

Table IV.B5.—Components of Summarized Income Rates and Cost Rates, Calendar Years 2015-89 [As a percentage of taxable payroll] Lots of numbers here but the only ones want to focus on are those in the last column, those which show actuarial balances for each of the OAS and DI Trust Funds for for the next 25, […]

2015 Social Security Report: Infinite Future Fun

Hmmm. I think I’ll just let people have fun figuring out what this all means. Hover over the image or double click and you should get legible version. Hint the meanings of ‘past’ ‘current’ and so ‘future participants’ might not mean exactly what they seem at first encounter. You can scroll to the text from […]

Social Security Report: What is the “Low Cost Alternative”

Well one answer it line I in the above figure from the 2015 Social Security Report. Figure II.D7.—Long-Range OASI and DI Combined Trust Fund Ratios Under Alternative Scenarios [Asset reserves as a percentage of annual cost] Under the definitions used by the Social Security Actuary and Trustees the program is ‘Solvent’ over the short term […]

2015 Social Security Report Release Day (w/updates)

At 1:30 EDT the Trustees of Social Security will hold a media availability at which they will release the 2015 Social Security and Medicare Reports. If past practice holds the Reports will be released on line at or before that time in both a web (HTML) format and in PDF. Assuming past file name conventions […]

Have you noticed your Home owners insurance? Clean engergy news and lots of water.

A year ago I noticed my property owners insurance has been rather high.  I say property because some is home, some is business.  So, being that have been using accounting software since 1991, I went back a few years to see how much.  In 2003 the house was $454/year.  This year it will be $1543.  […]

CRS: Social Security: What Would Happen If the Trust Funds Ran Out?

Very interesting paper that I missed in real time. Social Security: What Would Happen If the Trust Funds Ran Out? Almost everyone who addresses this question assumes that the answer is pretty simple: if either of the Social Security Trust Funds goes to zero than benefits will automatically drop from ‘Scheduled’ to ‘Payable’ which translates […]

NYT: Obama Picks Michigan Professor for Fed Board

Obama Picks Michigan Professor for Fed Board WASHINGTON — President Obama said on Monday that he would nominate Kathryn M. Dominguez, a professor of economics at the University of Michigan, to a seat on the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors. Well I got nothing. Except to note that Ann Arbor is not on ANY large […]

The current “gangbusters” current wealth effect on consumption

Marko July 20, 2015 7:01 am These days, more people may own stocks, but the vast majority own trivial amounts. Look up Edward Wolffs stuff on wealth distribution and try to estimate how much stocks would have to go up to tease out any meaningful consumption out of the bottom 90% of the […]

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