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Class Struggle In The USA

Noam Scheiber has a hard hitting article on the front page of “2016 Candidates and Wealthy Are Aligned on Inequality” The content should be familiar to AngryBear readers. A majority of Americans are alarmed by high and increasing inequality and support government action to reduce inequality. However, none of the important 2016 candidates has […]

Good Reads on a Sunday while sipping your Coffee or Tea

“Two Cheers for Corruption” and Bill Black’s Response Plunder has become a way of life for many elite Corporate CEOs, Bill Black argues in response to Deirdre McCloskey supposition: “But corruption can be efficient and just, too. It can be good for efficiency if, say, bribes are paid to get around bad laws (such as […]

Awaiting the 2015 Social Security Report (not holding breath)

FEDERAL OLD-AGE AND SURVIVORS INSURANCE TRUST FUND AND FEDERAL DISABILITY INSURANCE TRUST FUND (c) With respect to the Federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund and the Federal Disability Insurance Trust Fund (hereinafter in this title called the “Trust Funds”) there is hereby created a body to be known as the Board of Trustees of […]

“Run Elizabeth Run” : for Majority Leader

Well quite the interesting news twist this morning as Senate Democratic Minority Leader Harry Reid announces he will not be running for re-election. Which of course launched the standard narrative of which current lieutenant would move up, giving us the rather stultifying debate of “Schumer vs Durbin”. Or Clinton’s former senior colleague vs Obama’s former […]

Wikileaks releases Trans-Pacific Partnerhip investment chapter

Via Daily Kos, we learn that Wikileaks has released the investment chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This is a critical chapter, as it was in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), because it establishes investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanisms. Despite its neutral-sounding name, ISDS is actually a radical concept. Instead of using the […]

Facebook Face-Off ACA v Cathy McMorris Rogers

Doktor Zoom at Wonkette reports on the delightful and important consequences of the foolish decision by Rep Cathy McMorris Rogers (R-WA) to ask the public to report Obamacare horror stories on her facebook page. Matthew Yglesias found it too. Facebook isn’t reality (warning to the kids who might be ready) but it can be cruel […]

Diabetes Diagnoses Surge in States Which Expanded Medicaid

The big news is that expanded access to Medicaid causes increased diagnosis of diabetes which presumably causes better health in the not so distant future. Google is impressed. I quote Sabrina Tavernise in The New York Times The number of new diabetes cases identified among poor Americans has surged in states that have embraced the […]

On Baker & DeLong on House Prices Mortgages and Consumption

I commented on Brad DeLong commenting on Dean Baker asking Brad Delong a challenging question. Brad decided my comment belonged on his front page, so I guess it belongs here too. Baker wrote Brad DeLong tells us that he is moving away from the cult of the financial crisis (the weakness of the economy in […]

McClatchy: Fed Interest Earnings Approach $100 Billion

Fed’s interest earnings approach $100b WASHINGTON — The Federal Reserve said Friday it transferred a record $96.9 billion to the U.S. treasury in 2014, profits on its unprecedented $4.4 trillion in holdings designed to support the U.S. economy in the aftermath of the Great Recession. Returning to a topic I have raised a few times […]

Epic Fail for the Postal Service: The wrong model and the wrong BOG

Guest post by MARK JAMISON via Save the Post Office Epic Fail for the Postal Service: The wrong model and the wrong BOG In 2001 Postmaster General Bill Henderson submitted the first blueprints for a transformation of the Postal Service into a sleeker, more efficient business entity.  To justify the transformation, the rhetoric has repeated […]

Who Owns the US Post Office?

Guest Post by MARK JAMISON at Save The Post Office Who owns the post office?  Who is the post office designed to serve?  What is the system’s ultimate function? These questions are fundamental to the future and the fate of the post office, the postal network, and postal services in this country. How we answer […]

Even the Liberal Jonathan Chait is Fed up with Netanyahu

I was intrigued by a very puzzling tweet (by @billmon1) which noted that Jonathan Chait had compared Benjamin Netanyahu to Yasser Arafat. I thought that a very odd comparison as they don’t seem similar to me, except for the part about participating in negotiotiations but never actually accepting a final peace agreement. But I now […]

Alice Rivlin: Financial Instability now more a Concern than Inflation

Alice Rivlin has a wonderful speech about Fiscal & Monetary Policy in a Post-inflation World. Her basic point among many keen insights is that financial instability should be more of a priority now than inflation. I agree with her. Monetary policy should focus on the wild beasts of the economy, not the domesticated pets. Inflation […]

Israel: Demography vs. Democracy

Preliminary election results from the Israeli elections are due in a couple of hours and no one who follows this even a little bit imagines that the path going forward is anything but fraught with uncertainty. Indeed it is not clear that given the polling that any stable government can be formed. But what is […]

Is the US getting addicted to extremely low interest rates ?

Uber wonk Matt O’Brien writes about The “weird way people talk about zero interest rates” He discusses Gillian Tett discussing her conversations with those who O’Brien calls the “the masters of the universe.” They don’t like the Fed’s extremly low interest rate policy. They can’t claim that loose monetary policy has causes excessive inflation, so […]

More evidence low taxes didn’t create the Celtic Tiger

The Tax Justice Network has just inaugurated a new blog, Fools’ Gold. It just came out with an excellent piece on taxes and Irish economic success in the “Celtic Tiger” era, written by Nick Shaxson. As I argued in 2011 and in my book Investment Incentives and the Global Competition for Capital, Ireland had low […]

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