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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel vs. Robert Mercer and Rebeka Mercer (i.e., the meaning of TRUE CHANGE)

In the wake of Hillary Clinton’s recent fundraising along the East and West coasts, the Republican National Committee has released a new web ad claiming the Democratic presidential nominee is out of touch with “everyday Americans.” The...Show More Summary

Explaining Trump’s Appeal, Part 3

by Mike Kimel Explaining Trump’s Appeal, Part 3 In a recent post, I showed that since 1950 a. foreign born population correlates to slower job creation b. it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to find a job in the US I want to try to tie both those facts, and explain them. But first, […]

Real aggregate wage growth: August 2016 update

by New Deal democrat Real aggregate wage growth: August 2016 update In my opinion the best measure of how average Americans are doing in an economic expansion isn’t jobs, and it isn’t wages per hour.  Rather, it is real aggregate wage growth.  This is calculated as follows: average wages per hour for nonsupervisory workers times […]

Women New School Econ PhDs Hit The Big Time

Barkley Rosser notes at Econospeak: Women New School Econ PhDs Hit The Big Time Dr. Stephanie Bell Kelton served as the top economic adviser of Bernie Sanders.  She has apparently recently returned to her old position in the economics department at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. It has now been announced that Dr. Heather Boushey […]

While we watch political trash talk in the USA

Doug Higgins sent a note on China from  Nikkei Asian Review Doug adds “The size of the layoffs—as well as their nature—may be quite significant.  China has been economically stuttering—closing factories, slowing its export machine.  Of course, the U.S. trade deficit continues.  The Neoliberals and elites studiously ignore trade as a sign of anything important. […]


St. Francis (Frannie) was first reported to our group – Val’s Pals GSD and Large Paw Rescue –  via another rescue named Forgotten Dogs of 5th Ward (in Houston). They are a group who has volunteers go into the 5th Ward area and feed the enormous number of homeless dogs. We were alerted to her on the evening of […]

Trump apologizes for being too truthful in his statements about Mexicans, Muslims, the Khan family and … me

CHARLOTTE — Donald Trump on Thursday expressed regret over causing “personal pain” through ill-chosen words he has used “in the heat of debate,” an unexpected and uncharacteristic declaration of remorse for a candidate whose public persona is defined by his combative and bombastic style. Speaking during his first campaign rally since rebooting his campaign, the […]

The Last (Wildlife) Refuge of a Scoundrel

Tucked into the fiscal relief package for Puerto Rico this spring was a provision to give away a national treasure that belongs to all Americans — 3,100 acres of the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge. The proposal had nothing to do with the economic recovery of Puerto Rico. But it would have handed an important victory […]

When to Stop Reading a “Non-Fiction” Article

(cross-posted from Skippy the Bush Kangaroo) Mark Thoma sends us to Benjamin M. Friedman. Given that imprimatur, one expects precise analysis. (Mark, after all, is an econometrician by trade.) So it was surprising to stop reading so early. Specifically, I gave up on this cretinous piece of garbage at: especially during the president’s first year […]

Agency, or "o Brasil do meu amor" (op-ed)

by Mike Kimel Agency, or “o Brasil do meu amor” There was a rumor that an Olympic kayaker hit a couch while practicing in the lagoon in Rio. Perhaps it happened.  Perhaps it didn’t.  Either way, one thing is certain.  The water – in the lagoon, in Guanabara Bay, and off the famous beaches of […]

Top Marginal Tax Rates and Real Economic Growth, Part 1

by Mike Kimel Top Marginal Tax Rates and Real Economic Growth, Part 1 This post looks at the relationship between the top marginal income tax bracket and growth in real GDP per capita (from NIPA table 7.1) in the subsequent year or years. The first graph shows the top marginal income tax rate on a […]

Why does Trump claim that only Democrats commit voter fraud—including in pre-election polls?

Donald Trump again raised the specter of election fraud Friday, saying that the only way he would lose Pennsylvania is to Hillary Clinton is if “they cheat.” The Republican nominee, speaking at a rally in Altoona, Pennsylvania, repeated his concerns about the fairness of the election. “The only way we can lose, in my opinion […]

Velocities of M2 & MZM

I wrote a post about the velocity of M2 money supply. There were comments that the M2 money supply is a dying indicator. Well, let’s look… There are 3 indicators for the money supply, M1, M2 and MZM. M1 is the narrowest. MZM is the broadest. M2 is in the middle. “M1 is the money […]

Estimated Path of the Fed Rate

Using my model of core inflation, nominal rates, profit rates, labor share & capacity utilization, here is a graph of the present situation. The estimated natural real rate for this graph is 1.7%. The vertical dashed green line shows where capacity utilization is now at 75.2%. The solid red line shows the path of the […]

Trump claimed today that Clinton’s donors won’t let her reduce taxes for corporations and the wealthy. Wonder whether anyone else will notice that he said that.

Outside the factory setting [which Clinton toured today before she gave her economic-policy speech], a scattering of pro­-Trump protesters held “Hillary for Prison” signs and criticized Mrs. Clinton’s connections to Wall Street. And more than 1,000 miles away in Florida, Mr. Trump echoed that critique. “She doesn’t have the talent” to jump­start the economy, Mr. […]

Capital Flows and Financial Activity in Commodity Exporters

by Joseph Joyce Capital Flows and Financial Activity in Commodity Exporters Emerging markets and developing economies have struggled in recent years to regain the growth rates of the last decade before the global financial crisis. The slowdown has been particularly evident in commodity-exporters that face declining prices. Show More Summary

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