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 “Immigration and Job Creation at the State Level”

In this post, I was planning to look at how the percentage of a state’s population that is made up of immigrants affects job creation.  After all, we hear from some quarters that immigrants create jobs, and from others that immigrants take away jobs that would otherwise go to Americans.  Obviously, the truth is sometimes […]

Hillary Clinton was right to separate Trump from the GOP on racism, xenophobia, and sheer meanness. She was wrong to separate him from the GOP on fiscal and regulatory policy and on court and administrative-agency appointees. It wasn’t a package deal, o

Washington Post blogger Paul Waldman yesterday posted a lengthy post titled “Why Hillary Clinton was right to separate Donald Trump from the GOP” in which he makes the same mistake that Clinton herself has made since she secured theShow More Summary

On The new heavyweight macro critics

I strongly advise you to read this post by Noah Smith and then click his links and read all of Romer (I have) and Kocherlakota (I haven’t yet but advise myself to do it now). Noah recalls that he has long argued that current mainstream academic macroeconomics is no good at all. I too have […]

2nd Amendment/Open Carry vs Police “I feared for my life”

Supporters of Open Carry and ‘Must Issue’ Concealed Carry insist that no one should be afraid of someone exercising his or her 2nd Amendment Rights whether that be in some public park or the aisles of your local Wal-Mart. Yet right along side that we have a doctrine that everyone should comply with every request […]

Who ARE those other people, Mr. Trump? You know; the ones whose money you said on Tuesday that you use rather than your own? The OP in the OPM? And what if, say, those OP call their loans during your presidency? Do tell.

I am now going to the brand new Trump International Hotel D.C. for a major statement. – Donald Trump, twitter, Sept. 16 at 9:23 a.m. And so he did, as all the world will remember.  That’s when, and where, he made his trumpeted “birther”-renouncement statement—er, his internationally televised ad for his new D.C. hotel. The […]

Mike Kimel vs. Yves Smith

I and many others, including Yves Smith, waded into the thicket of Mike Kimel’s provocative generic and specific-reasons-for-the-generic claims in his post here earlier this week titled “Negative Effects of Immigration on the Economy”—I...Show More Summary

Unskewing 538

Different data journalists have different estimates of the probability that Hillary Clinton will be elected. The numbers will be updates, so I type the current ones before discussing. Five Thirty Eight polls plus 55.7% Five Thirty Eight polls only 57.1 % Daily Kos 63% Upshot 75% Princeton Election Consortium (Sam Wang) (random drift) 71% (Bayesian) […]

Lose Lips Can Sink a Ship

WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump Jr. has posted a message on Twitter likening Syrian refugees to a bowl of poisoned Skittles. Seeking to promote his father’s presidential campaign, the younger Trump posted a tweet featuring a bowl of the candy Skittles with a warning. “If I had a bowl of skittles and I told you […]

Negative Effects of Immigration on the Economy

by Mike Kimel Negative Effects of Immigration on the Economy In a recent post, I showed that looking at data since 1950 or so, the percentage of the population that is foreign born is negatively correlated with job creation in later years. I promised an explanation, and I will attempt to deliver on that promise […]

That’s what I’m talkin’ about! (Ireland)   I have argued many times (most directly here) that, contrary to the claims of nearly all Irish policymakers, low taxes are not what makes the Irish economy tick. Show More Summary

Blanchard & Posen: Inflation tied to Corporations Trying to Maintain Profit Margins

I have posted this model of core inflation before. Core inflation on y-axis. Corporate-after-tax profit rate minus nominal rates on x-axis. The model implies that inflation depends upon the difference between an aggregate corporate profit rate and nominal rates. The more nominal rates cut into corporate profit rates, the more corporations would choose to raise […]

Trump is wrong. Hillary Clinton didn’t start the birther claim. New Jersey Muslims standing on rooftops did.

Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. I finished it. I finished it, you know what I mean. President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period. Now we all want to get back to making America strong and great again. – Donald Trump, today I took that quote from […]

September 13, 2013, the date of publication of the initial Orlando Sentinel article reporting that Bondi’s office was considering joining the New York AG’s fraud lawsuit against Trump U., was … a Friday. The Trump Foundation’s check to Bondi’s PAC arrived

Look, here is the actual check from the Trump Foundation (remember, all just an innocent mistake, heh-heh!), dated 9/9/13. Totally undercuts the idea that Trump bribed Bondi to head off an investigation, doesn’t it? [Photocopy of front and back of canceled check.] Except not so much. Even the Times acknowledges, this doesn’t absolutely clear up anything, since […]

Oh, God. Why does Clinton refuse to run on the Democratic Party platform? And against pro-Citizens United justices?

The Clinton campaign today made a key concession about its analysis of the fundamentals of the race. This concession was made almost in passing, as an afterthought, in a statement released late last night by Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri: “One upside to Hillary Clinton’s break from the trail was having time to sharpen the […]

Damnable Diatribes on the Monstrous Macroecomic Mess Maelstrom

Being born on November 9th, I will get the end of this campaign for my birthday (tough luck Josh Barro of course this also means that I couldn’t vote in 1978 the year I turned 18 (but neither could J Barro so there)). It also means that my astrological sign is scorpio, which is relevant […]

Paul Romer on “The Trouble With Macroecomics”

Eminent macro/growth economist Paul Romer denounced business cycle macroeconomics. I strongly advise reading his wonderful paper, which is devastating and funny. I’d also look at Noah Smith’s intelligent discussion. But if you insist, read on. Here is a fair use of Romer’s abstract For more than three decades, macroeconomics has gone backwards. The treatment of […]

Did Trump backdate his charity’s $25,000 check to Pam Bondi’s PAC by four days? Or was it just sent, as Bondi AND Trump now say, in response to Bondi’s phone solicitation of a donation from Trump made (according now to Bondi herself) not weeks before the

Last night I clicked on the NYT website and saw a prominently-featured article by Kevin Sack and Steve Eder titled “New Records Shed Light on Donald Trump’s $25,000 Gift to Florida Official.”  The article lays out a sequence of events concerning Trump’s charity’s Sept. 2013 check to Florida AG Pam Bondi’s 2014-reelection-campaign PAC. The check, […]

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