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The Brilliance of Anwar Shaikh

Recently I found the work of Anwar Shaikh. His views on economics are the most insightful and thorough I have ever seen.  He is questioning and re-formulating economic theories through history. He is arriving at conclusions that are more realistic and integrative. He should lead the way to how economics should be taught in the […]

TransCanada Files NAFTA Suit Demanding More Than $15 Billion for Keystone XL Rejection

From Ecowatch: On June 24, foreign oil company TransCanada filed a lawsuit against the U.S. under NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, arguing that the U.S. rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline violated NAFTA’s broad rights for foreign investors by thwarting the company’s “expectations.” As compensation, TransCanada is demanding more than $15 billion from […]

I really don’t understand what …

… all the fuss about Brexit is about, given that now more people will visit Turnberry, Scotland to golf. Or maybe not. Although that push to repeal Dodd-Frank may save things!

More Lies

After almost 8 years the Party of NO and me too, the Republican Party through Mr. Paul Ryan has announced its sketchy version of a national healthcare plan. There is nothing unusual (maybe I should not say this, as distortion and out-right telling lies is unusual) or earth shattering being offered in Mr. Ryan’s plan. […]


I was about to write a post about a Supreme Court opinion issued today, but made the mistake of checking my emails first–and saw this: Wayne Pacelle, Humane Society of the United States  Today at 2:08 PM To Beverly Mann Message body Hi Beverly, you have a chance to see this message from Tuesday? The cruelty […]

Come on Banks, take notice of the AS-AD-ED Model

From feedback, I need to write a better post about the AS-ED model. Thanks for the feedback from Coberly, Arne and David at CEPR. (link to previous post) This post presents what could be a huge breakthrough in understanding the business cycle. Banks and central banks should take notice here. Model of Effective Demand Figure […]

The Iatrogenic and Incoherent “Theory” of Flexibility

In its report on “The long-term decline in prime-age male labor force participation,” President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers writes: Conventional economic theory posits that more ‘flexible’ labor markets—where it is easier to hire and fire workers—facilitate matches between employers and individuals who want to work. Show More Summary

Trash the AS-AD model, but Leave my AS-ED Model Alone

Olivier Blanchard is criticizing the Aggregate Supply-Aggregate Demand model… “Turning to the supply side, the contraption known as the aggregate demand–aggregate supply model should be eliminated.” (link) Let me show you something good… I am the only one in the world using this model of Effective Demand with Aggregate Supply… What you are looking at […]

Trump: My Two Cents. Or maybe Ha’penny. Farthing?

Words fail. Literally. By which I mean ‘literally’. Open thread: Somebody has to have apposite words.

Real Rate Integration with Model of Effective Demand

With the temperature reaching 120 degrees here today in Phoenix (almost a record), allow me to have a little fun with my theoretical model of Effective Demand. There are two equations in my effective demand research that will be integrated in this post. First the Effective Demand equation… Effective demand limit upon real GDP = […]

Who Will Be the Next President?

by Mike Kimel Who Will Be the Next President? We don’t know much about Panama before the Spanish arrived other than that it fit the usual pattern you see just about everywhere – there were periods of bloody violence (wars, genocides) alternating with periods of some sort of coexistence.  After the Spanish arrived, there was […]

Soul-searching at Fed is beginning

The soul-searching at the Fed is beginning. I have written many times for over a year that the Fed will have a period when they start soul-searching. They will realize that the business cycle got away from them and they will not be able to normalize rates. They just got too far behind the curve. […]


McCain answered the question about the gun debate by citing Obama’s culpability for the attack through his foreign policy: “Barack Obama is directly responsible for it, because when he pulled everybody out of Iraq, al-Qaeda went to Syria, became ISIS, and ISIS is what it is today thanks to Barack Obama’s failures,” McCain said. … […]

John McCain says Obama invented the Internet. And homophobia, too. Seriously.

And also attempts to cover one’s own homosexual desires by attacking a gay bar. Uh-oh.  Those Arizona Senate race polls must be looking really bad for McCain. Seriously.

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