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Meanwhile In Greece, The Price Of A Prostitute Drops To €4 Per Hour

By Keep Talking Greece Six years of crippling financial crisis have sent Greek students to the streets. However, not for anti-austerity protests but for sex. They allegedly “sell it very cheap,” for the price of “a cheese pie or a sandwich,”...Show More Summary

Taxation As A Severe Insult

Submitted by Tibor Machan via, Who is Best Qualified to Decide how How Your Wealth Should be Used? I have noted before that my fellow citizens and I are the best wealth redistributors one can find. We know quite well,Show More Summary

"On The Cusp Of A Staggering Default Wave": Energy Intelligence Issues Apocalyptic Warning For The Energy Sector

The Energy Intelligence news and analysis creator and aggregator is not one to haphazradly throw around hyperbolic claims and forecasts. So when it gets downright apocalyptic, as it did this week in a report titled "Is Debt Bomb About to Blow Up US Shale?", people listen... Show More Summary

And The 'Fakest' Country In The World Is...

If America is so 'exceptional' why is it the world's leader in needing to 'change'... When it comes to plastic surgery, the United States is still the country with the most procedures worldwide. You will find more statistics at Statista...Show More Summary

Mark Dice Confronts America's Zombie Shoppers

Unlike on previous occasions when Mark Dice either mocks the stupidity of Americans for having zero clue about the true worth of precious metals, or mocks the stupidity of Americans for having absolutely no understanding of politicsShow More Summary

He Lived Through Hyperinflation, Devaluation And Confiscation: This Is His Advice

Nearly four months ago, when bitcoin was still languishing in the low $200s, we explained why in the post-Yuan devaluation regime, where all Chinese capital outflows are now scrutizined through a microscope, bitcoin will inevitably see...Show More Summary

Diversification Is For Dummies - The Nifty Nine Never Mattered More

From the 4-horsemen of the dotcom exuberance (and apocalypse), to today's so-called FANG and NOSH stocks, and now 'Nifty Nine', investors could be forgiven for ignoring the benefits of stock market diversification that every commission-taking,...Show More Summary

"Mysterious" Fire Hits Argentine Ministry Of Finance, Destroys Years Of Prior Regime's Files

"If you play with fire, you get burned," apart from if you are an official in the Argentine government it would appear. Just days after Argentina threw out the Peronists, who have ruled almost non-stop in the three decades since theShow More Summary

China's Plunge Protection Team Now Owns 6% Of The Entire Chinese Stock Market

Two weeks ago, in “The Cost Of China's ‘Manipulated Market Stability’ May Be Too High, BofAML Warns,” we revisited Beijing’s plunge protection national team, which during Q3 bought an astounding CNY1.5 trillion in stocks. For those who...Show More Summary

How The Scots Welcome 'Visitors'

William Wallace would be proud... Larkhall is a town in South Lanarkshire, Scotland and is around 14 miles southeast of Glasgow. Traditionally a mining, weaving and textile area, most of Larkhall's traditional industries have now shut, including the Lanarkshire iron and steel works... and now they have a message for the new invaders...

The Death Of Damascus: Images From Syria's War-Torn Capital

Last month, as the IRGC and Hezbollah rallied their ground troops to prepare for an assault on Aleppo, we brought you a series of stark images from a city deciminated by years of war. A week later, we highlighted new, high-def drone footage of Syria’s eerily desolate urban landscapes rendered barren by mortar fire, barrel bombs, and airstrikes. Show More Summary

Dirty Connecticut Mayor (Sentenced To Prison For Corruption) Reelected In Landslide

After East Chicago re-elected an accused drug dealer and murderer as councilman, we thought the bar had dropped as low as it gets for the ignorance of an electorate. But, no! Bridgeport, Connecticut residents just took the proverbial biscuit by re-electing Mayor Joseph P. Show More Summary

Goldman's Meteoronomists Have A Dire Forecast: "Winter Is Coming"

What little credibility the shamanistic voodoo religion that is economics had, it lost over the past 2 years when even the most modest downtick in economic activity was blamed on the "weather." It appears that as part of their conversion...Show More Summary

Why China Hit The Panic Button On Metals Traders (In 1 Simple Copper Chart)

Within the last week China appears to have hit the panic button with regards the seemingly unstoppable collapse of commodity prices. First, desperate Chinese producers began to demand a QE-for-commodities bailout; then, following the...Show More Summary

How Turkey Exports ISIS Oil To The World: The Scientific Evidence

Over the course of the last four or so weeks, the media has paid quite a bit of attention to Islamic State’s lucrative trade in “stolen” crude. On November 16, in a highly publicized effort, US warplanes destroyed 116 ISIS oil trucks in Syria. Show More Summary

US Ally Saudi Arabia's New King Likes Beheading People More Than His Predecessor

Saudi Arabia is planning to execute dozens of people in a single day, according to Amnesty International who warn that "it is clear that the Saudi Arabian authorities are using the guise of counter-terrorism to settle political scores."...Show More Summary

Active Shooter Barricaded At Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood, Multiple People Shot

If there are two things that could unleash progressive hell across the nation, it is the combination of "active shooter" and "Planned Parenthood" in the same sentence, which is exactly what happened moments ago. Moments ago the Colorado...Show More Summary

2015: The Year Of The American Identity Crisis

Via, Race and sexual identity now make up a good portion of all media distractions. According to political activists, “symbols of oppression” now include Halloween costumes, the Confederate flag, and the color of Starbucks coffee cups. Show More Summary

Top U.S. Air Defense Commander: Turkey’s Shootdown of Russian Jet “Had to Be PRE-PLANNED”

Lt. General Tom McInerney is an expert on handling threats from fighter jets. McInerney served as: Commander of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (Norad) – the military agency responsible for protecting the United States and...Show More Summary

Another Data Point To Ignore - There Are The Most Distressed Bonds In 6 Years

In the immortal words of Taylor Swift, "shake it off." That appears to be the meme of the new normal. Terrorist attacks - buy em; looming World War 3 - buy it; plunging earnings - perfect!; collapsing capex - bullish; soaring inventories...Show More Summary

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