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The Elites Have Lost The Right To Rule

Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, In the end, the elites will be overthrown and a power vacuum will form. The transition period will be extremely difficult as the elites will fight their demise to the end. For you see, they care nothing for you they care about their power and control. Show More Summary

Imports Collapse At East Coast Ports

If anyone needed another indicator that global trade is collapsing, look no further than the latest Port Authority of New York and New Jersey report on loaded imports for May. On Tuesday the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey reported that May loaded imports fell to 268,861 twenty-foot equivalent units, down 4.7% y/y. Show More Summary

Rotten To The Core

Submitted by Robert Gore via Straight Line Logic blog, Coercion is inseparable from corruption. When a group coerces with impunity, it steals from, lies to, defrauds, and enslaves the subjugated. The dominant group invariably develops a morally comforting ideology of its superiority and the subjugated’s inferiority. Show More Summary

71% of Americans Think the Economy is “Rigged” … They’re RIGHT

A new poll by Marketplace-Edison finds that 71% of Americans – including “Americans from across the economic and political spectrum” – think the economy is rigged. They’re right … They’re also right about how broken and totally corrupt our political system has become …

"The British Woke Up!" Paul Craig Roberts Asks "Can The Americans?"

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts, In our time to be truthful is to be provocative. To write provocatively leaves little room for error or mistatement as today’s euphemism terms it. I could shill for the establishment and be wrong 98% of the time and nothing ever would be said about it. Show More Summary

Trump Plans To Have Tyson, Ditka, & Bobby Knight At GOP Convention

Earlier this month the mainstream media was wondering how it was going to be possible for Donald Trump to defeat Hillary Clinton, especially given all of the well known political figures that Clinton was going to be able to trot outShow More Summary

Teachers Unions Vs Hedge Funds: The Battle Over Billions

Randi Weingarten is the president of the American Federation of Teachers, and is a name that hedge fund managers and those on Wall Street are beginning to learn quite well. About a decade ago, some liberals joined conservatives in pushing to expand charter schools. Show More Summary

"Deutsche Bank Poses The Greatest Risk To The Global Financial System": IMF

Over three years ago we wrote "At $72.8 Trillion, Presenting The Bank With The Biggest Derivative Exposure In The World" in which we introduced a bank few until then had imagined was the riskiest in the world. As we explained then "the...Show More Summary

"You Want To Own Gold" Marc Faber Warns "Brexit Is The Excuse For QE4"

“If Brexit is used as an excuse, the central banks will print more money, QE4 in the U.S. is on the way and the depreciation in the purchasing power of currencies will continue,” warned a vociferous Marc Faber said in a Bloomberg TVShow More Summary

Brexit Aftermath - Here's What Will Happen Next

Submitted by Brandon Smith via, In my article 'Brexit: Global Trigger Event, Fake Out Or Something Else?', published before the U.K. referendum vote, I outlined numerous reasons why I believed the Brexit was likely to pass. Show More Summary

This Will Push The Gold Market Over The Edge

By the SRSrocco Report, This could be the year that the mainstream investor finally pushes the gold market over the edge. While a fraction of investors continue to acquire a lot of physical gold, the mainstream investor is the key to...Show More Summary

One American's True Story: "How I Went From Middle Class To Homeless"

Meet Joe. He used to make a steady income in manufacturing, but the work has disappeared. Now, he is selling everything and moving into his van. Joe is one of the 71% of Americans who think the U.S. economic system is "rigged in favor of certain groups," according to a new poll by Marketplace and Edison Research. Show More Summary

Goldman Warns Of Downside Risk To $50 Oil Forecast Due To Ceasefire With Niger Delta Avengers

In the aftermath of the successful Brexit referendum, many expected France, Italy, maybe Catalonia, and the Netherlands to demand a referendum next. Instead, the loudest call for a referendum over the weekend came from an odd source:...Show More Summary

Revenge Of The Rubes - Why The Days Of The Financial Elite's Rule Are Numbered

Submitted by David Stockman via Contra Corner blog, Talk about not waiting for the body to get cold. The establishment oracles are out in force today proclaiming that Brexit has already been cancelled. Apparently, like in the case of...Show More Summary

Paul Singer: "Donald Trump Will Cause A Widespread Global Depression"

In addition to the recently quite vocal George Soros and Stanley Druckenmiller, one republican hedge fund billionaire who has been warning for years about not only the looming trouble for the market but also a calamitous collapse ofShow More Summary

Not 'The Onion' - Why Elections Are Bad For Democracy

Following James Traub's mind-numbingly-elitist rebuttal of the democratic rights of "we, the people" in favor of allowing "they, the elite" to ensure the average joe doesn't run with scissors, "It's time for the elites to rise up against the ignorant masses." The Brexit has laid bare the political schism of our time. Show More Summary

Mainstream Media Explains The Benghazi Report

Nothing to see here, move along... Source:

Health Care Costs Are Rising Sharply, And It Will Get Much Worse

Submitted by Mish Shedlock of MishTalk Inquiring minds are diving into Kaiser Family Foundation reports on health care. The charts and stats are not pretty, and they are sure to get worse. Health Care Expenditures 1960-2014 The above...Show More Summary

Futures Spike After Banks Unveil Tens Of Billions In Buybacks

Between BofA, Citi, JPMorgan, and all the other big banks, announced buybacks amounting to dozens of billion have sent US equity futures spiking after hours. Bank of America Authorizes $5b Buyback; Boosts Div to 7.5c-Share CitigroupShow More Summary

Fed Fails Deutsche Bank And Santander In Stress Test, As 31 Other Banks Unleash Dividend, Buyback Frenzy

One week ago, the Fed released the first part of its annual solvency stress test, which found that all 33 bank participants had passed, and would not need additional capital even in a severely adverse scenario which looked as follows: The...Show More Summary

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