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Chuck Norris Warns Washington On Jade Helm: "Don't Mess With Texas"

Earlier this month, Lone Star state residents breathed a heavy sigh of relief after Chuck Norris promised that in the event a US Spec Ops training exercise inexplicably morphs into a second (and thereby completely redundant) annexation of Texas, Walker Texas Ranger will personally defend the state against a Navy SEAL incursion. Show More Summary

Meet The Man Responsible For Oklahoma's Earthquake Epidemic

As part of the US shale miracle, a far less pleasant, and talked about side-effect are the millions of gallons of wastewater: that key component of the new drilling technology that allows previously inaccessible deposits to be extracted. Show More Summary

"We're Living In A Make-Believe World" Biderman Warns "A Global Recession Is Inevitable"

Submitted by Christoph Gisiger via Finanz und Wirtschaft, Charles Biderman, founder of the research firm TrimTabs spots a warning sign in the drop of the commodity prices and mistrusts the paper money of the centrals banks. I n every market supply and demand are determining the price. Show More Summary

"It's A Madhouse" - At Least 6 Dead, 12 Missing As Floods "Hammer" Texas & Oklahoma

"We got hammered," Houston's emergency management coordinator Rick Flanagan told CNN, and as the following stunning images show, that is an understatement. "We've seen flooding before, but not nearly to this extreme," said one resident, adding "It rains and it rains and it rains, and there's really nowhere for the water to go... Show More Summary

Russia Tells France It Gives Up On Mistral Ship Deal

With French ministers crowing about their better-than-expected GDP data (+0.7%) as some trend reversal that heralds a revolution, it appears Vladimir Putin is about to put a dent in their hopes and dreams. As Sputnik News reports, Moscow...Show More Summary

Do You Smell Smoke?

...or just see the mirrors... Source: Townhall

Today's Economic Data Enough To Push Q2 GDP By Whopping 0.1% To 0.8%

... at least according to the Atlanta Fed. Based on the one GDP model which hasn't lost all credibility and which for the past 3 months has captured the attention to wannabe weathermen and other Wall Street strategists, today's bevyShow More Summary

Crude Carnage Continues - WTI Hits 1-Month Low

WTI is having its worst day in over 2 months as the front-mointh tumbles back below $57.50 to one-month lows... Perhaps fundamentals do matter after all - or is this pre-OPEC dump to force non-Saudi cartel members to revolt?

US Capitol Visitor's Center Evacuated: No Official Reason Given

Seems like now would be a good time to reinstate the NSA's bulk data collection (for our own security) to find out who is at the center of this... CAPITOL VISITORS CENTER HAS BEEN EVACUATED;CAPITOL NOT AFFECTED CAPITOL POLICE DON'T IMMEDIATELY HAVE STATEMENT ON EVACUATION “Evacuate, evacuate, evacuate the U.S. Show More Summary

Strong 2 Year Auction Prices At Highest Yield For 2015

As we documented previously, one of the best ways to determine if a given Treasury auction will be strong is to look at the implied short overhang heading into the auction courtesy of Repo rates. Earlier today, ahead of today's $26 billion...Show More Summary

China Equity Rally Reaches Escape Velocity As Shenzhen Trades At 71X Earnings

As noted Tuesday morning, China’s margin-fueled equity mania reached new heights overnight with the Shanghai Composite wrapping up its best six-day run in seven and a half years, rising 2% on the session to within shouting distance of 5,000 and rounding out a 15% move over the past week. Show More Summary

There Ain't Enough Bourbon In Kentucky

Via ConvergEx's Nicholas Colas, American consumers may have pocketed most of their gas savings thus far, but there are two discretionary items where they aren’t holding back spending: bourbon and Tennessee whiskey. U.S. revenues for both spirits climbed by 9.6% last year, or 46.7% over the past five years, to $2.7 billion in 2014. Show More Summary

Meanwhile, In The Real Economy... Or Why Deutsche Thinks "Lunatics Are Running" The Fed

For all the recent talk whether US Q1 GDP (in both 2014 and 2015) was or wasn't seasonally adjusted enough, there is a far greater and more seriously issue: one we hinted in "Global Trade Tumbles Most In 5 Years", "World's Largest Container-Shipper...Show More Summary

Why Tesla's Batteries Won't Work For Roof-Top Solar

Submitted by Euan Mearns via, In How Much Battery Storage Does a Solar PV System Need? I assumed that the rooftop PV system would generate just enough power to fill annual domestic demand and that the surplus power generated in summer would be stored for re-use in the winter in Tesla batteries. Show More Summary

Is This Why Stocks Are Sliding And The Bond Curve Is Flatter

From the best market inflation-point indicator in the known newsletterverse: Are stocks over-extended to the upside? Yes, of course. Are they over-extended in terms of earnings? Yes, of course. Are the markets in Asia, and particularly the markets in China, almost preposterously over-extended in the short term? Yes, of course. Show More Summary

"Some Folks Are Selling..." Dow Down 350 From Highs, Futures Plunge Below 18,000

Bond yields are collapsing and US equity markets are not happy this morning. The Dow Industrials are now up only 1.2% year-to-date, and over 350 points from last week's record highs (as Trannies are down over 8% YTD). Bonds are ripping lower in yield... And Dow futures just lost 18,000... Charts: Bloomberg

China Outlines New "Offensive" Military Strategy; Builds Lighthouses In Disputed Waters

In what is becoming an intensely contentious situation, China is ramping up its naval ambitions amid fierce criticism from Washington. As we reported on Monday, the Beijing-backed Global Times has suggested that a war with the US may...Show More Summary

Dallas Fed Crashes To Six Year Lows As Employment Collapses

Having missed for a record 5 months in a row, Dallas Fed Manufacturing Outlook collapsed further in May to -20.8 (against expectations of -12.4). Thisis the 5th drop in a row (only ever seen in a recession) and 6th monthly miss in aShow More Summary

Peter Schiff Is Furious At "Double Seasonally Adjusted" Economic Data

Days before the BEA made it official that it would "double seasonally adjust" GDP data so it is more in fitting with a recovery narrative, Zero Hedge first suggested that this is simply an exercise in giving Janet Yellen a green light...Show More Summary

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