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Is This How The Smart Money Is Betting On A Market Crash?

Instead of allocating capital to expensive tail risk bets on direct asset class collapse (in equities, credit, and commodities), it appears, just as we detailed previously, the 'smartest money in the room' is "betting" indirectly on a stock market crash through eurodollar options. Show More Summary

UN Rules WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Being Detained Unlawfully

Submitted by Claire Bernish via, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s years-long confinement in the Ecuadorian embassy in London has been ruled unlawful by the U.N.’s Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, and his lawyers have now called for Sweden’s extradition request to be dropped immediately. Show More Summary

PBOC Hedge Fund Battle (Video)

By EconMatters The China currency debate in financial markets is rather interesting right now with many market ramifications. A rapid depreciation in the Chinese currency could lead to an Asian currency market crisis. I can see both sides of the current debate of a rapid devaluation versus a prolonged drawn out devaluation of the currency. Show More Summary

This Is What Hillary Told Wall Street Behind Closed Doors

Bernie Sanders has found the chink in Hillary Clinton’s political armor - and it has nothing to do with a private e-mail server. The riley socialist has begun hitting the former First Lady hard on her liberal credentials, branding her...Show More Summary

Why the Current System is Doomed

The current financial system is on borrowed time. This is not fear mongering. It is fact. The system almost went down in 2008. Since that time, every major decision made has been to double down on the very same bad ideas that created 2008. Show More Summary

A Badly Wounded Deutsche Bank Lashes Out At Central Bankers: Stop Easing, You Are Crushing Us

Ten days ago, when Deutsche Bank stock was about 10% higher, the biggest German commercial bank declared war on Mario Draghi, as we put it, warning him that any further easing by the ECB would only push stocks (with an emphasis on DB stock which has gotten pummeled over the past few months) lower. Show More Summary

Paths of Glory

From the Slope of Hope: A couple of Thursdays ago, we were all wringing our hands (or at least I was) about the powerful bureaucrat and lifetime government employee Haruhiko Kuroda and what his next move would be. He dropped a big bomb...Show More Summary

"Fukushima Class Disaster" - L.A. Gas Leak Spewing Lethal Levels Of Breathable Nuclear Material

Submitted by Mac Slavo via, In a breaking development that has been completely ignored by mainstream news sources, the leaking natural gas well near Los Angeles, California is now reportedly spewing lethal levels of radioactive material, according to a report from Steve Quayle and a group with expertise in nuclear material. Show More Summary

Visualizing The World's Most Famous Case Of Deflation, Part 1

The Great Depression was the most severe economic depression ever experienced by the Western world. As VisualCapitalist notes, it was during this troubled time that the world’s most famous case of deflation also happened. The resulting aftermath was so bad that economic policy since has been chiefly designed to prevent deflation at all costs. Show More Summary

Facebook's War On Freedom Of Speech

Submitted by Douglas Murray via The Gatestone Institute, Facebook is now removing speech that presumably almost everybody might decide is racist -- along with speech that only someone at Facebook decides is "racist." The sinister reality...Show More Summary

These Vancouver Homes Sold For Millions In 2011 And Have Been Vacant And Rotting Since: Here's Why

Five years ago, in July of 2011, the house at 4182 West 8th Avenue in Vancouver in sold for $4.6 million. It now rests vacant, abandoned and rotting. Six years ago this $6.2-million Point Grey home boasted unobstructed vistas of the North Shore mountains, English Bay and Vancouver’s skyline. Show More Summary

22 Signs That The Global Economic Turmoil We Have Seen So Far In 2016 Is Just The Beginning

Submitted by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog, As bad as the month of January was for the global economy, the truth is that the rest of 2016 promises to be much worse. Layoffs are increasing at a pace that we haven’t seen...Show More Summary

Volcano Erupts "Spectacularly" 50km From Japanese Nuclear Plant

Last August, in a hilarious example of bad timing, Japan restarted its first nuclear reactor since the Chernobyl redux at Fukushima just as a nearby volcano was set to erupt. Sakurajima, one of the country’s most active volcanos, erupts almost constantly, but experts warned the next eruption could be “the big one”, so to speak. Show More Summary

As Madoff Airs On TV, Two Anonymous Whistleblowers Are Pounding On The SEC's Door Again

Submitted by Pam Martens and Russ Martens via, Last night ABC began its two-part series on the Bernie Madoff fraud. Viewers will be reminded about how investment expert, Harry Markopolos, wrote detailed letters...Show More Summary

World Succumbs To Zika Panic: Puerto Rico Declares Emergency; Plane Cabins Sprayed; CDC Says "Use A Condom"

Just like the global panic that gripped the world in October 2014 when the Ebola virus had spread from western Africa to many nations around the globe, including several isolated cases in the US, so a year and a half later, the world...Show More Summary

China's 3 Trillion Dollar Mistake

Submitted by Eugen Bohm-Bawerk via, When looking at the current state of the Chinese economy it is important to note what happened leading up the ongoing predicament. By managing the USD/CNY exchange rate the Chinese factory worker was essentially funding excess consumption in the United States. Show More Summary

And Now "Some Important News About JPMorgan's New Cash Policies"

Want to deposit cash at JPMorgan Chase? Then prepare to be treated if not like a criminal, then certainly a suspect a serious crime: the charge - holding cash. And soon, as cash becomes increasingly frowned upon, cash deposits will be gradually phased out in their entirety.

Pros & Cons Of Obama's $10/Barrel Oil Tax

With President Obama unveiling his $10/Barrel tax plan to fund government-subsidized public transportatation (versus an individual's choice over his method transportation), we thought a glimpse at the pros and cons of such a choice may be useful... Show More Summary

Weekend Reading: The Awakening

Submitted by Lance Roberts via, Over the last two months, the deterioration in the economic data has become much more prevalent despite the ongoing hopes of the more “bullishly biased” mainstream media. Furthermore,...Show More Summary

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