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ConocoPhillips Fires 10% Of Global Workforce, Warns Of "Dramatic Downturn" To Oil Industry

Remember when the oil crash was supposed to be "unequivocally good" for the global economy and the US consumer, only for this to be disproven as the biggest macroeconomic lie since "QE is good for the people"? We do - quite vividly -...Show More Summary

Renaming Mountains

Presented with no comment... Source:

ABN Amro Warns There Is A 40% Chance Mario Draghi Expands ECB QE "As Soon As This Week"

Last week, when we quantified what China's reserve unwind, aka Treasury liquidation, could mean in practical terms, we quoted Bank of America which put the total Reverse QE figure as we dubbed it (or Quantitative Tightening in DB's terms), at between $1 trillion and $1.1 trillion. Show More Summary

Rigor Mortis Of The Robo-Machines

Submitted by David Stockman via Contra Corner blog, Call it the rigor mortis of the robo-machines. About 430 days ago the S&P 500 crossed the 1973 mark for the first time - the same point where it settled today. In between there has been endless reflexive thrashing in the trading range highlighted below. Show More Summary

The Scariest Chart For Global Stocks

As QE3 came to an end, World Stocks plunged back to economic reality before The Fed's Jim Bullard promised 'moar QE' if things get really bad. Well things have got really bad... JPMorgan's Global Manufacturing PMI just dropped to its lowest since July 2013.. Show More Summary

Meanwhile At Budapest Main Train Station (Live Feed)

In an unprecedented move to stem the tsunami of migrants entering Europe, Hungary has decided to stop all trains at Budapest main train station to stop refugees - most of them from conflict areas such as Syria - from entering the EU onwards to Austria and Germany. Show More Summary

BofA Saw Record "Buying Across The Board" Last Week, Just Before The Market Resumed Sliding

Previously we reported that while the general investing public was naively following "price action" as an indicator of value for most of 2015 (when it was merely chasing HFT momentum ignition algos and the occasional central bank intervention) the "smart money" was quietly unwinding its equity positions. Show More Summary

VIX ETFs Are In Crisis Mode

That's what happens Larry when there are 64 million shares short and only 52.3 million shares outstanding... VXX (Long VIX ETF) is exploding higher amid the short squeeze... XIV (Inverse VIX ETF) is reflexively puking to new lows... And that is dragging stocks lower... Show More Summary

A Layman's Explanation Of The Wall Street Rigged Casino Analogy

Authored by Mark St.Cyr, In a discussion the other day I was asked to elaborate on the “rigged casino” reference used when describing the stock markets for they understood the “gambling” aspect implied, yet also knew from reading myself...Show More Summary

The "Great Accumulation" Is Over: The Biggest Risk Facing The World's Central Banks Has Arrived

To be sure, there’s been no shortage of media coverage regarding the collapse in crude prices that’s unfolded over the course of the past year. Similarly, it’s no secret that commodity prices in general are sitting near their lowest levels of the 21st century. Show More Summary

China: Doomed If You Do, Doomed If You Don't

Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith of OfTwoMinds blog, Whichever option China chooses, it loses. Many commentators have ably explained the double-bind the central banks of the world find themselves in. Doing more of what's failed is, well, failing to generate the desired results, but doing nothing also presents risks. Show More Summary

How The US State Department Help Desk Unexpectedly "Discovered" Hillary Clinton's Personal Email

The following exchange, released as part of the most recent data dump by Hillary Clinton in which she unveiled over 7,000 pages of "non-personal" emails, and which is the direct result of the scandal erupting once it was revealed that...Show More Summary

WTI Crude Crashes 8% - Biggest Plunge Since Nov 2014's OPEC Meeting

Surprise!!! Month-end window-dressing manipulation massacred... This is the biggest single-day drop since Nov 28 2014 - When OPEC stunned the world. Charts: Bloomberg

September 2015: We Officially Enter The Danger Zone

Submitted by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog, Is September 2015 going to be one of the most important months in modern American history? When I issued my first ever “red alert” for the last six months of 2015 back in June, I was particularly concerned with the months of September through December, and not just for economic reasons. Show More Summary

Third Greek Bailout Suddenly In Jeopardy: Creditors Warn Cash May Be Delayed If Elections Don't Go As Desired

Just when everyone was convinced that the main "risk off" event of the summer, namely the Greek bailout, was safely tucked away and that having abdicated its sovereignty to its creditors and Germany in particular, who now hold the Greek...Show More Summary

Peak Construction Spending?

Construction spending grew at 13.7% YoY in July. It has only grown at a faster pace than that once - at the very peak of the idiocy in Q1 2006. Nope - no bubble here... So that got us wondering... how is it that Construction Spending is surging as Lumber Prices are collapsing? (unless homes are now made of Twitter share certficates). Show More Summary

Behold China's 2PM Ramp Capital

For the last few years, US equity traders have become conditioned to expect the miraculous arrival of some heavy-handed levitation in stock markets as 330pmET rolls by. This became ubiquitous enough to inspire a Twitter account. Well, it appears the Chinese have learnt a thing or two from the American manipulators... Show More Summary

WTI Crude Plunges 5.25% - Biggest Drop In A Month

WTI crude has retraced 50% of yesterday's ridiculous gains and is now down 5.25% from the NYMEX close yesterday. It appears everything is not so awesome again... and energy stocks are collapsing back to credit reality... and USO catching back down to Oil VIX... Charts:Bloomberg

Is George Soros Betting On The Long-Term Future Of Coal?

Submitted by Michael McDonald via, Perhaps the greatest nightmare for investors in a commodity stock is that the commodity in question goes the way of coal. After more than a century of dominance in the U.S. and abroad, coal appears to have entered into a structural decline. Show More Summary

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