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300 US Paratroopers Arrive In Ukraine After Russia Says Its Missiles Will Target NATO Member States

While the escalation of the second Cold War between Russia and the US over their proxy conflict in Ukraine has been relegated to the back pages due to the lack of any flash points in recent months, events in eastern Europe continue to build up to an increasingly unstable equilibrium. Show More Summary

Did WalMart Close A California Store To Punish Employees Who Protested Wages And Working Conditions?

On Wednesday, we asked why WalMart simultaneously closed multiple geographically distinct stores across the US for “plumbing issues.” We began by noting that the company — the largest retailer in the world — raised wages across the board just two months ago. Show More Summary

Compare And Contrast: Putin vs Draghi

Spot the difference: A topless protester gets "two thumbs up" and a smile from Vladimir Putin. A terrified Mario Draghi reels from a fully-clothed female protester. Source: @RudyHavenstein

5 Things To Ponder: Aircraft Erudition

Submitted by Lance Roberts via STA Wealth Management, Speaking of seeming backward, the economic data has continued to disappoint on virtually all fronts, earnings are weak and markets are grossly extended. Yet, investors are more bullish...Show More Summary

China's Bursting Bubble + Grexit Trouble = Dow Rubble

Straw... meet camel's back... Before we start, it is perhaps worth noting that the US equity market is now the worst performing asset YTD (beaten by gold, credit, bonds, and oil)... Year-to-Date, Trannies are ugly, The Dow just went red then was liofted to close pefectly unchanged YTD, and the S&P is up less than 1%... Show More Summary

One Day After Recommending the Veritaseum Leveraged Macro Trade Against Goldman's Earnings, 50% Profit!

Yesterday I penned "The Pop Media Is In Love With Goldman Again, Probably Because They Don't Read The Fine Print", illustrating how quickly the media swallows what a big name brand company throws at them. If you do a Google search in...Show More Summary

Well That's Never Happened Before - Exhibit 1

We have never, ever, seen the US equity market so disconnected from underlying macro fundamentals. As the chart shows, the rising stock market is shockingly divergent from the US Macro picture (the greatest divergence ever). This has happened before (in 2006/7) but on a lesser scale, and did not end well. Charts: Bloomberg

The ECB Is Considering A Parallel Greek Currency

As we first reported yesterday, one of the proposed measures to be implemented in Greece just before, or during its default and/or exit from the Eurozone, in addition to pervasive capital controls of course, is the implementation of a parallel "currency", or as explained yesterday, a government paying its citizens with IOUs. Show More Summary

When The ECB Starts Buying Corporate Bonds And Stocks Here's Where It Should Look

On Thursday we documented why the ECB will soon be forced to buy corporate bonds. Paraphrasing Soc Gen, we noted that as yields on risk-free assets plunge further into negative territory (and don’t look now but the 10-year bund is 5Show More Summary

Clash Of The Wealth Redistributing Titans: Caption Contest

When Barry met Yanis... "honest broker" Barack Obama left Greek FinMin Yanis Varoufakis disappointed yesterday when, as Bild reports, the US will not give financial aid to Greece (but will send advisers to Athens to compile a list of possible savings measures). Thanks but no thanks... Source: KTG

Stocks Re-Tumble After DOJ Said To Block Comcast-Time Warner Deal

Time Warner is down 5-8% on the news that the DoJ is "leaning against" the Comcast deal: DOJ LAWYERS SAID CLOSE TO RECOMMENDING SUIT TO BLOCK CABLE DEAL U.S. SAID GATHERING EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT BLOCKING TWC PURCHASE This has dragged the...Show More Summary

Greece Is About To Be 'Fixed' For Good

What could possibly go wrong? Tomorrow I will be meeting with the Nobel Prize-winning economist @NYTimeskrugman #Greece — Alexis Tsipras (@tsipras_eu) April 17, 2015 Just wait until he tells the Greek PM that "debt doesn't matter."

Meet The Latest Country With Negative Rates

Submitted by Simon Black via Sovereign Man blog, Let’s talk about idiots. Somewhere out there, some absurdly well-paid banker just placed his investors’ capital in yet another financial instrument which is guaranteed to lose money: Australian government debt. Show More Summary

Dow Dumps 400 Points, Gives Up All Post-Payrolls Gains

But bad news is good news, right? Dow dumped 420 points off yesterday's highs back to pre-payrolls levels.. S&P and Nasdaq remain green-ish...

Hillary Clinton Is Grooming A Former Goldman Banker To Become America's Next Treasury Secretary

For years on end, many wondered how it is possible that Gary Gensler allowed Wall Street firms to manipulate, rig, and otherwise abuse the US commodity market which he, as head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission from 2009 until 2014, was supposed to regulate. Show More Summary

Cyprus Provided a Template For the Coming Bank Holidays and Account Seizures

Behind the veneer of “all is well” being promoted by both world Governments and the Mainstream Media, the political elite have begun implementing legislation that will permit them to freeze accounts and use your savings to prop up insolvent banks. Show More Summary

US Rig Count Drops For Record 19th Week In A Row

Rig counts fell for a record 19th week in a row. Total rigs dropped 34 to 954 and oil rigs dropped 26 to 374. This means the total rig count drop is now greater than 50% - the fastest drop since 1986. Crude prices had slid into the rig count announcement and popped afterwards. Show More Summary

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