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Are Stocks Due For A Big Move?

Via Dana Lyons' Tumblr, With last month’s failed (so far) breakout in the U.S. equity market, stocks are relegated once again to range-bound status. Essentially the market has gone nowhere since the beginning of the year and, by some measures, 2015 has been the quietest start to a year in over a century. Show More Summary

Trade Deficit Shrinks 19% In April Driven By Drop In Imports

After March's six-year high disastrous kitchen-sink trade deficit revised down to -$51.4 billion, April saw a bounce back to just $40.9 billion deficit (considerably lower deficit than the $44 billion expectation). The imporvment was...Show More Summary

Mario Draghi's "Moar Is Still Needed Despite Progress" ECB Press Conference - Live Feed

The ECB left policy unchanged on Wednesday, as expected. Attention now turns to the Draghi press conference where they'll be plently to discuss including recent volatility in euro bond markets (which began about a week after Draghi's...Show More Summary

ADP Employment Bounces, Still Weaker Than All Of 2014, 3rd Monthly Decline In Manufacturing Jobs

Having fallen for 5 straight months (and missed expectations for the last 4), much to the 'recovery meme' chagrin of Mark Zandi and his fellow extrapolators, May's 201k print (against expectations of 200k) was a modest bounce that will be seen as heralding the post-weather recovery. Show More Summary

Draghi To Address Bond Rout, Inflation, Greece, QE Outlook At ECB Press Conference

As expected, the ECB kept policy unchanged on Wednesday. The market will be looking for comments from Mario Draghi on the bond market rout that began around a week after the ECB chief’s April presser and seemed to contradict the idea that PSPP is not creating distortions in sovereign debt markets. Show More Summary

ECB Keeps Rates Unchanged Ahead Of Draghi Press Conference

While there will be far more focus on Mario Draghi's press conference in 45 minutes, where there is no expectation of another glitter bomb this time due to much more stringent press screening measures, the ECB just announced that, as expected, it is keeping it three key rates unchanged. Show More Summary

Greece Admits It Will Not Make IMF Payment On Friday, No Deal Expected Wednesday

For days, Greek officials have been insistent that the country will make a €300 million payment to the IMF this Friday and thus avoid a default. Last month, we heard the same rhetoric out of Athens and as it turns out, the government had prearranged an end-around whereby Greece tapped its IMF SDR reserves to stay current. Show More Summary

Frontrunning: June 3

Obama signs bill reforming surveillance program (Reuters) Tsipras to meet Juncker in Brussels for talks on agreement (AFP) Spot the irony: OECD cuts global growth forecast, says recovery taking hold (Reuters) The Secret Money BehindShow More Summary

Futures Rise, Bund Rout Pauses On "Cautious Optimism" Ahead Of Greek Endgame

With the Greek IMF payment just 48 hours away, and Europe having submitted its best and final offer to Greece in a battle of "deal proposals", today Greek PM Tsipras will meet with European Commission President Juncker to discuss the recently submitted reform proposals by the Greek premier. Show More Summary

10 Countries Dead Within Two Decades

Follow ZeroHedge in Real-Time on FinancialJuice with Voice News Ever wondered what life would be like if a country actually disappeared off the face of the planet or at least transformed into something else? If it got swallowed up by...Show More Summary

Chinese Stocks Stumble As Hanergy Debt Debacle Looms Over All The 500%-Club

If one sentence sums up the farce that the hyper-speculative ponzifest that is the 500% club in China it is "Hanergy Group was basically using the listed company as a means to produce collateral in the form of shares that it could then...Show More Summary

Sounding The Alarm On The Country's Vulnerability To An EMP

Last year, Elliott Management's Paul Singer highlighted "one risk that stands way above the rest in terms of the scope of potential damage adjusted for the likelihood of occurrence" - an electromagnetic pulse (EMP). As Michael Snyder previously details, our entire way of life can be ended in a single day. Show More Summary

Ron Paul Fears The CIA Is The Biggest Threat To Americans' Liberty

As the Senate scrambled to pass the USA Freedom Act this evening, reinstating the agency’s ability to spy on Americans, Ron Paul points out that US intelligence organizations have always – and will continue – to operate outside the law;...Show More Summary

The Defaults Continue In China As Duck Producer Sinks

On Monday, in “China May Double Down On Debt Swap As ABS Issuance Stumbles”, we reiterated the important point that China is effectively pursuing a number of competing policy goals in an attempt to deleverage and re-leverage simultaneously. Show More Summary

"If It Looks Like A Duck" - The Man In The Moon: Part 2

Submitted by Paul Brodsky of Macro Allocation, Inc. In part 2 of the "Man in the Moon" series we look at Paul Volcker’s roundtrip - monetary policies and their impacts from 1971 through the Great Leveraging to today. Part 1 can be found here. Show More Summary

The Future Of India's Monetary Policy Is Now "Monsoon Dependent"

In a world priced to perfection and beyond, thanks to 7 years of central bank micromanagement of not only the capital markets but the economy, any and every scapegoat will be used when even the smallest deviations from the scripted economic path occur. Show More Summary

This Is What Market Mania Looks Like

Following the Chinese stock market's worst drop in recent history, a record-smashing 4.4 million new 'investors' opened stock-trading accounts last week, confirming that - despite the words (but no actions) of the regulators - China's BTFD market mania (after all the PBOC will just bail them out, right?) is in absolute full swing. Charts: Bloomberg

From Whence Cometh Our Wealth - The People's Labor Or The Fed’s Printing Press?

Submitted by David Stockman via Contra Corner blog, It is hard to believe that in these allegedly enlightened times this question even needs to be asked. Are there really educated adults who believe that by dropping helicopter money conjured from thin air, the central bank can actually make society wealthier? Well, yes there are. Show More Summary

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