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The Levered Canary In The Coalmine: High Yield Is Flashing A "Sell Signal", Says Barclays

The growing divergence between equity and credit markets this year have seldom been far from our pages (especially how, over many cycles, credit has led and stocks followed at trend turns), and now it appears Barclays also recognizes this fact. Show More Summary

Bullard Does It Again, Says Market "Misread" His QE4 Comment

Here we go again. By now everyone, including 2 year old E-trade babies and Atari algos know, that the only reason the market soared from the October 15 bottom, a move which we showed was entirely due to multiple expansion and thus nothing...Show More Summary

US Equities Give Back All PBOC Rate-Cut Gains

As we already noted, Draghi's comments had no impact whatsoever on US equities overnight but when the PBOC rate-cut news hit, AUD surged and so did US equity futures... all the way into the US Open (and OPEX pins). From that moment,Show More Summary

Russia Can Survive An Oil Price War

Submitted by Colin Chilcoat via, After a frosty reception at the G20 summit in Australia this week, Russian President Vladimir Putin required some much needed rest, at least according to the official explanation given for his conspicuously early departure from the proceedings. Show More Summary

The NYPD Does It Again

Presented without commentary. BREAKING: New York City police commissioner says "accidental discharge" from police officer's weapon may have killed man in Brooklyn. — Reuters U.S. News (@ReutersUS) November 21, 2014

The Average Hedge Fund Is Down -1% YTD, And The Redemption Requests Are Now Flooding In

A year ago, when we reported that "Hedge Funds Underperform The S&P For The 5th Year In A Row", we thought there is no way this underperformance can continue: after all who in their right mind could possibly anticipate that a "risk-free" centrally-planned world could last for 6 years (well, maybe the USSR). Show More Summary

Why Banks Should Not Be Allowed To Manipulate Metals Markets In 4 Simple Points

As Day 2 of Carl Levin's Senate hearing on the fact that banks did indeed corner and rig the physical commodity markets - with the erosion of the line separating banking from commercial activities leading to the detriment of consumers...Show More Summary

Did The Tech Bubble Just Quietly Pop?

While some might scoff at the idea of there even being a bubble in hi-tech start-ups, it appears the massive wall of money that has been thrown at dot-com 2.0 names - all money-losing, social, mobile, cloud name-droppers - has dried up. Show More Summary

What Does Oil Say About the True State of the Global Economy?

The markets erupted higher this morning on a surprise interest rate cut from China. For those who like to keep track of the madness, this brings the total number of interest rate cuts by Central Banks since the 2008 crisis to well north of 520. Show More Summary

Have Central Banks Entered An Undeclared War?

Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith of OfTwoMinds blog, The monetary tectonic plates are shifting, and predicting the next global financial earthquake is relatively easy. I recently suggested that the devaluation of the yen was Japan's Monetary...Show More Summary

Here Is The Only Thing You Need To Know As Goldman's|New York Fed's Bill Dudley Testifies To The Senate

As everyone listens in silence as Goldman's New York Fed's Bill Dudley gets emotional during his Senate Banking Committee testimony, and his only response to why there is Goldman capture of the NY Fed being that $3 trillion in Fed excess...Show More Summary

RBS Shares Tumble After Admitting Stress Test "Error"

Dear Mr. Draghi, we are very sorry but we messed up on the 'stress test'. The Royal Bank of Scotland shares are sliding after it admitted that it made an error - not in favor the bank - in its stress test calculations... RBS: CET1 STRESS...Show More Summary

S&P 500 "Most Overbought" Since Feb 2012

The explosive surge in US equity markets off the 'Bullard' lows have swung the Relative Strength Index (RSI) from its most oversold in 24 months to the most overbought in 33 months in a record amount of time. The last time the market was this 'overbought', the S&P 500 fell almost 11% in the following few weeks... Chart: Bloomberg

Deutsche Bank: "People Are Talking About Helicopter Money And Debt Cancellation Being The End Game"

If Deutsche Bank's Jim Reid is right, what just took place overnight from the PBOC is just a pleasant start and an enjoyable dress rehearsal of what is about to take place. Where it ends is precisely where we have said it would ever since QE1 was announced in March 2009. Show More Summary

Bill Dudley Explains Why The New York Fed Is Not A Subsidiary Of Goldman Sachs - Live Webcast

Just days after the NY Fed ousted an employee for providing confidential information to a Goldman Sachs banker (who formerly worked at the NY Fed - and has since been fired by Goldman), Bill Dudley - the president of the NY Fed - will...Show More Summary

The S&P's GAAP P/E Ratio Rises Above 19X

Goldman may have been right that there will be no more multiple expansion in 2015, but there sure was quite a bit overnight thanks to the latest verbal and actual central bank interventions by the ECB and the PBOC. And as a result, the...Show More Summary

Speaker Boehner's Response To Obama's Executive Action: "Acting Like A Teenager"

Speaker Boehner is out with his response to Obama's executive diktum: BOEHNER: OBAMA IMMIGRATION ORDERS WILL ENCOURAGE BORDER CRISIS OBAMA `DAMAGING PRESIDENCY ITSELF' BY EXECUTIVE ORDER: BOEHNER As Obama himself noted, these actions are those of a teenager...

Goldman's Two-Word Summary Of The PBOC Rate Cut: "Slightly Useful"

Via Goldman Sachs' Yu Song, The PBOC cut the benchmark lending and deposit rates by 40 bp and 25 bp, respectively. Meanwhile, the deposit rate ceiling was increased to 1.2 times the benchmark deposit rate (from 1.1 previously), effective from Nov 22. Show More Summary

Gold Repatriation Stunner: Dutch Central Bank Secretly Withdrew 122 Tons Of Gold From The New York Fed

A week ago, we penned "The Real Reason Why Germany Halted Its Gold Repatriation From The NY Fed", in which we got, for the first time ever, an admission by an official source, namely the bank that knows everything that takes place in...Show More Summary

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