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Weekend Reading - Inconceivable

Submitted by Lance Roberts via, In an interesting twist, this past week the markets rallied in anticipation Britain would “Remain” in the European Union reversing the sell-off last week which was hedging the potential split risk. Show More Summary

Brexistential Bloodbath - Dow Crashes 600 Points As Vol Explodes

Overheard in Britain today... Well they did it... and no one expected it... UK Stocks -3.14% worst since Jan 2016 US Stocks -3% worst since Aug 2015 (biggest opening gap down since 1987) VIX +6pts biggest daly rise since Aug 2015 crash Japan...Show More Summary

After Brexit: The System Cannot Hold

Submitted by Raul Ilargi Meijer via The Automatic Earth blog, Well, they did it. A majority of Britons made clear they’re so fed up with David Cameron and everything he says or does, including promoting the EU, that they voted against that EU. Show More Summary

Fed Credibility Collapses - Rate-Cut Now More Likely For Next Year

Just when you thought The Fed's credibility could not drop any further... it does. For the first time since the financial crisis, the market now sees a greater probability of a rate cut than a rate hike... for the next year. As rate-hike...Show More Summary

"Today Is The Appetizer For Monday"

Early this morning we laid out the thoughts of RCB's Charlie McElligott on today's dramatic market action, which discussed not the blow up of "fat tail" quant stategies (something we touched upon later and which is likely to unleashShow More Summary

Hillary Clinton Omitted One Key Email From The State Department Review

Before turning over emails to the State Department for review and potential public release, Hillary Clinton and her lawyers withheld thousands of emails Clinton said were clearly personal, such as those involving what Clinton described...Show More Summary

When Fearmongering Fails

Submitted by Chris Rossini via The Ron Paul Liberty Report, Fear is the go-to emotion that government preys upon. It's so reliable. The fear of the unknown causes most individuals to give away and sacrifice every liberty that they were naturally born with. Show More Summary

What is a man to wear for this apocalypse?

I had been listening for months to the Bremain campaign's fear mongering, and now that Brexit has won, we all better get ready for The End Of The World As We Know It!!!! What is a man to wear for this apocalypse? Friday humor, or not...Show More Summary

Derivative Strategist Warns Of $150 Billion In Quant Selling Over The Next Three Days

When it comes to forecasts about upcoming major quant trades, few have been as prominent or as accurate as JPM's Marko Kolanovic, although to be fair, after having predicting up to $1 trillion in expiring S&P options two weeks ago, when...Show More Summary

A Legendary Day in the Making

In what was an extraordinary day for global financial markets, and a day which will no doubt become legendary and enter folk memory in the UK and elsewhere, the electorate of the United Kingdom voted 51.9 % to 48.1% to leave the European Union. Show More Summary

Nomura Warns "Do Not Underestimate The Global Contagion" From Brexit

In a nutshell, Nomura expects the global impact of the Brexit to be more through the financial, confidence and psychology channels than simply through trade. Their warning is to not underestimate the depth and reach of global financial...Show More Summary

This Was Obvious in 2010 and Stated Explicitly Last March - The Euro, Stick a Fork In it, Its Just About Done!

So, Brexit. And... Czexit, Pexit, Frexit as EU referendum CONTAGION sweeps Europe amid political quake. Go to 5:38 and you will see I predicted this day exactly 3 months ago. The accuracy is uncanny... I also called it in 2010 as well. Show More Summary

BAML Admits Wrongdoing, Agrees To Pay $415 Million For "Misusing Customer Cash To Generate Profits"

The SEC announced on Thursday that Bank of America's Merrill Lynch unit admitted wrongdoing and has agreed to pay $415 million to settle charges that it "misused customer cash to generate profits for the firm." According to the statement,...Show More Summary

French Cops Claim They’re Too Tired To Keep Policing Massive Protests

Submitted by Michaela Whitton via, Months of mass demonstrations and violence linked to the Euro 2016 football tournament have left French police begging for mercy. A heated combination of protests against controversial...Show More Summary

US Oil Rigs Decline Most In Six Weeks

After 3 straight weeks of rig count increases, US oil rigs declined 7 to 330 this week - the biggest drop in 6 weeks - sparking a very modest rise in WTI Crude. Biggest decline in oil rigs in six weeks... And oil jumped a smidge...

Goldman Tells Clients To Start Buying Gold; Raises Price Target By $100

Dear gold bulls, we have some terrible news. Goldman has just raised its price target on gold. Why is this bad news? Because with Goldman's infamous track record of getting every trade recommendation wrong, it likely means that gold will be trading in the triple digits in no time. Show More Summary

Who Are The Biggest Losers From Brexit?

Yesterday, we warned "EU is nothing without Britain," and it seems that is being borne out by today's price action. There are two big losers from the Brits' decision to "Leave" - UK Billionaires... and the rest of Europe. First of all,...Show More Summary

The Real Story Behind Brexit

Gold investors are vindicated. The United Kingdom shocked the world last night and voted to leave the European Union and both stock markets and currencies are in freefall. Regardless of the politics behind today’s exaggerated move, the...Show More Summary

Greenspan: "This Is The Worst Period I Recall; There's Nothing Like It"

During a CNBC inteview today, when discussing the historic Brexit vote outcome, Alan Greenspan unleashed a fiery sermon that could have been prepared just by reading a random selection of posts from this website, the former Fed chairman...Show More Summary

Gold Surges 15% To £968 Per Ounce – BREXIT Creates EU Contagion Risk

Gold Surges 15% To £968 Per Ounce – BREXIT Creates EU Contagion Risk – Sterling and euro have fallen sharply on fx markets – Gold bullion surged 20% in sterling to £1,015/oz – Gold now 15% in higher in GBP at £967 per ounce – Gold 8%...Show More Summary

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