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Why Yellen's Testimony Was Not Dovish Enough: Bank CEOs Told Her The 'Economy Is Stronger Than Markets Imply'

Every quarter members of the Fed meet with 12 representatives of the U.S. banking industry who comprise the Federal Advisory Council. This is what the Fed says about this specific council: The Federal Advisory Council (FAC), which is...Show More Summary

Complete and Utter Scam: Oil Prices

Phil's article below was from yesterday morning, before today's big spike in oil prices (2-12-16). He follows up on Oil Fears Spook Investors (Again), from Monday. Why is oil currently up almost 12%? "US crude surges as much as 12% on output-cut hopes." Hopes. Show More Summary

Breadth Breakdown Bodes Badly For Budding Bulls

While the S&P 500 held support at January low (1,812) yesterday (and October 2014's Bullard bounce lows), BMO's Russ Visch warns "it may not hold in the days ahead" due to weak market breadth. Given the ongoing collapse in market breadth...Show More Summary

US Oil Rig Count Plunges By Most In 10 Months

Following last week's dramatic 31 rig decline, Baker-Hughes reports another major decline of 28 oil rigs (dropping the total oil rigs to 439 - lowest since Jan 2010 - for the 8th consecutive week). The total rig count dropped 30. OnShow More Summary

More Bad News For European Banks? ECB Leaks "Firm Support For A Deposit Rate Cut"

After starting out strongly this morning, with DB stock trading just shy of $17/share, European banks have seen some weakness in the past hour following a report from Reuters, in which sources were cited as saying that there is "firm...Show More Summary

"Distressed" Bonds Accelerating At "Alarming Pace", Markit Warns

It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the collapse of global credit markets... as Markit warns the number of distressed bonds (trading greater than 1000bps) is "escalating at an alarming pace." 26% of the entire high yield bond universe is now at "distressed" levels - the highest since the financial crisis. Show More Summary

Here Is The ETF Liquidation That Sent Shockwaves Through The Crude Oil Market

A week ago we exposed the real reason for the "crazy volatility" in crude oil markets, and specifically the driver of the immense rally (despite weak data) in crude - a massive liquidation of the triple-inverse ETF DWTI. Today we have...Show More Summary

Here's What Julian Assange Thinks About Voting For Hillary Clinton

Submitted by Clarice Palmer via, Julian Assange is one of the most wanted men in the world. After a recent tweet, however, he might also be at the top target of Hillary Clinton’s alleged “hit list.” On Wednesday, the...Show More Summary

637 Rate Cuts And $12.3 Trillion In Global QE Later, World Shocked To Find "Quantitative Failure"

2016 is shaping up to be the year that everyone finally comes to terms with the fact that the monetary emperors truly have no clothes. To be sure, it’s been a long time coming. For nearly 8 years, market participants and economists convinced themselves that the answer was always “more Keynes.” Global trade still stagnant? Cut rates. Show More Summary

The Best And Worst Performing Hedge Funds Of 2016 (And Those Inbetween)

With the S&P down just about 10% YTD, hedge funds especially of the levered-beta variety have not had a good year; that said, it would be fair to say that many have not had a terrible year either. In fact, as the following table of hedge...Show More Summary

Oil Soars Most Since Feb 2009 On OPEC Production Cut Headline Redux

Another day, another OPEC Production Cut rumor, and another massive swing in WTI Crude oil prices. But having run stops to these levels, we wonder what happens next? This 11.5% ramp is among the biggest single-day moves in oil's history... Driving realized volatility near record highs... But sadly, stocks are not correlating...

Don't Show Bill Dudley This Chart

The Fed's Bill Dudley just unleashed the most cognitively dissonant statement of his career. That superlative is highlighted by theses two headlines: DUDLEY SAYS U.S. ECONOMY IS IN QUITE GOOD SHAPE DUDLEY: DON'T SEE NEGATIVE RATES HAVING 'BIG CONSEQUENCE' Try telling The BoJ's Kuroda that!! Nope - no consequence at all... Show More Summary

Market Analysis - Keep Your Cool (Video)

By EconMatters Always stay calm while others are panicking - especially in financial markets. There is a lot of talking one`s book going on in the markets with incentives to create panic and hysteria in the financial markets with the media the willing accomplice in how the game is played. Show More Summary

Why NIRP (Negative Interest Rates) Will Fail Miserably

Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith of OfTwoMinds blog, What NIRP communicates is: this sucker's going down, so sell everything and hoard your cash and precious metals. The last hurrah of central banks is the negative interest rate policy--NIRP. Show More Summary

EU Ready To Restrict Passport-Free Travel, Austria To Close Border

The writing has been on the wall for quite a while and indeed it was just three days ago when we reported that the EU was mulling a two-year Schengen suspension amid the wave of Mid-East asylum seekers streaming into Western Europe, but now it looks to be official. Show More Summary

S&P 500 Approaching Significant Levels

Via Dana Lyons' Tumblr, The correction in the equity markets has brought the S&P 500 down close to a confluence of key technical levels. People ask us all the time what we view as the important “levels” in the stock market, e.g., “what is our target level for the Dow?” or “what level will put an end to the correction?”. Show More Summary

Retail Sales Beat Expectations, Control Group Rises Most Since May Delaying "Fed Relent"

There was much at stake in today's retail sales report, because had the Census reported another miss in the headline, ex auto and control group data, it would have made the Fed's job of maintain the illusion of a recovery into a rate hike cycle virtually impossible. Show More Summary

Deutsche Bank Rallies On Modest Debt Buyback Plan, Schaeuble Proclaims "Strong, Resilient Bank"

Deustche Bank stock is ripping 10% higher after confirming old news that it will undertake a modest debt buyback of $2 billion and €3 billion (not including the CoCos). Have no fear though as Wolfgang Schaeuble proclaimed Deutsche Bank is a "strong bank" that ios "resilient" and "well positioned." Back to the start of the week... Show More Summary

This Is The NIRP "Doom Loop" That Threatens To Wipeout Banks And The Global Economy

Remember the vicious cycle that threatened the entire European banking sector in 2012? It went something like this: over indebted sovereigns depended on domestic banks to buy their debt, but when yields on that debt spiked, the banks...Show More Summary

Europe's Most Distressing Chart: For Banks 2016 Is Already Worse Than 2008

As we have reported previously on various occasions things are bad for European banks: from DB's record wide 5Y Sub CDS, to Credit Suisse record low stock price, to everyone else inbetween. But did you know that for most European banks,...Show More Summary

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