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Is there any gold bullion stored at the US Mint in Denver?

by Ronan Manly, BullionStar Anyone with even a passing interest in US official gold reserves will probably recall that the US Treasury claims to hold its gold (8,133.5 tonnes) over four locations across the continental United States,...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Enters The Media Wars

Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, Earlier this week, I published a post titled Questioning Hillary’s Health is Not Conspiracy Theory, in which I wrote: As I look at the landscape in 2016 to-date, I observe emergent...Show More Summary

Caption Contest: Virtually President

Sometimes 'life'... "wow, the economy looks great" h/t @Stalingrad_Poor Imitates 'art'... Source: MichaelPRamirez And, just this morning, White House propagandist Earnest exclaimed "Obama's economic optimism is widely shared." The problem is... Show More Summary

The Reckoning Looms - Central Bankers Really Don't Know What They're Doing

Submitted by Michael Snider via Alhambra Investment Partners, As I have written many, many times, the “unexpected” events of January and February were a dramatic wake-up call for central banks. Last August’s global liquidation they could...Show More Summary

Bank of Japan Prepares for Crash Triggered by Fed Tightening

By Wolf Richter, WOLF STREET No central bank of a developed country equals the Bank of Japan in trying to manipulate the stock market up by buying equities. The BOJ has done this for years. With breath-taking ineffectiveness. So on July...Show More Summary

Hillary Thinks "Mr. Brexit" Is Just Another "Right-wing, Xenophobic, Sexist, Bigot" That You Should Promptly Ignore

It seems that a speech made by Nigel Farage (or "Mr. Brexit" as the Trump campaign has named him) at a Trump rally a couple of days ago in Jackson, Mississippi may have struck a nerve with the Clinton camp. If you haven't seen's worth a view: Well, Clinton was not amused by Mr. Show More Summary

Look Who Is Gutting The First Amendment!

Submitted by Johanna Markind via The Gatestone Institute, "The [American Bar Association] wants to do exactly what the text calls for: limit lawyers' expression of viewpoints that it disapproves of.... state courts and state bars should...Show More Summary

Bill Gross: Yellen's Economy "May Never Walk Normally Again, This Is Not Capitalism"

It took the headline scanning algos several minutes to read Yellen's speech, which the kneejerk reaction was to deem as more hawkish than expected, before they stumbled on the key section we pointed out earlier, and which unleashed a...Show More Summary

Another Warning Sign

Submitted by Lance Roberts via, Would Another $4 Trillion In QE Work? Just recently, David Reifschneider, deputy director of the division of research and statistics for the Federal Reserve board in Washington,...Show More Summary

Why Is FaceBook Funding "Anti-Fed" Activists

That's what St. Louis Fed president James Bullard would like to know. Moments after revealing that the Fed is very close to admitting that the stock market is in a bubble when he told Steve Liesman that "I think we are on the high side...Show More Summary

Crude Lifts After Rising Oil Rig Count Trend Ends

After Yellen, Saudi-Yemen, and Fischer headlines roundtripped crude prices for the day, Baker Hughes' oil rig count was unchanged for the week at 406 (ending 8 straight weeks of rises). Crude prices are rising modestly on the news... U.S. Show More Summary

Lots of Smoke Here, Hillary

Submitted by Patrick Buchanan via, Prediction : If Hillary Clinton wins, within a year of her inauguration, she will be under investigation by a special prosecutor on charges of political corruption, thereby continuing a...Show More Summary

Stunning Maps Depict Epic Collapse Of Obamacare "Coverage" In 2017

Remember when Obama toured around the country telling everyone that Obamacare was going to increase competition and lower premiums? If not, here is an example to help jog your memory (comments taken from Obama remarks delivered at Prince George's Community College on 9/26/13): Now, this is real simple. Show More Summary

No Complacency Among These Equity Options Traders, But...

Via Dana Lyons' Tumblr, Unlike many of the sentiment indicators we’ve looked at recently, traders on one options exchange recently exhibited a record show of nervousness. We’ve written a fair amount recently about the growing level of optimism, or complacency, evident in many corners of the stock market. Show More Summary

Vice Chairman Of South Korea Conglomerate Lotte Hangs Himself Hours Before Criminal Probe

The past several years have seen a surprising spike in professional suicides, mostly confined to the banking sector in general and Deutsche Bank in particular. Overnight this tragic group expanded into multinational corporation sector,...Show More Summary

"Bad Cop" Fischer Spoils "Good Cop" Yellen's Party: Stocks Plunge, VIX Spikes

Despite Yellen's hawkish tone, market participants clung to dovish hopes in her words... but Stan Fischer just clarified "Yellen's comments are consistent with a possible September hike" and that has spoiled th eparty in stocks, bonds,...Show More Summary

Why The Fed Expects 2018 Rates To Be Between 0% And 4.5%

While the debate rages whether Yellen was "hawkishly dovish", hiking in September just to unleash trillions more in QE once the curve inverts even more as a recent Fed staffer paper suggested, or "dovishly hawkish", waiting until December...Show More Summary

Policy Error? Treasury Curve Crashes To Dec 2007 Lows

Dear Janet, the bond market's not buying it... at all... The Treasury yield curve (2s30s) has plunged post Yellen to 143bps... flashing a big red "policy error" warning as Yellen's faith in growth is dismissed by bond traders... This...Show More Summary

Best Reaction Yet: "Yellen Speech A Whole Lot Of Nothing"

While previously we showed Goldman's kneejerk response to the Yellen speech, according to which the central bank-spawning hedge fund saw Yellen's speech so hawkish it raised Goldman's odds for a September rate hike from 30% to 40%, it...Show More Summary

Iraq War Surveillance Technology Being Used In Baltimore Without Public Debate

Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, The relationship between those who are constantly watched and tracked, and those who watch and track them, is the relationship between masters and slaves. – Chris Hedges, from the...Show More Summary

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