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Tepid Demand For 2Y Paper: Bid-To-Cover Slides, Primary Dealers Hold More Than Half

Following hot on the heels of Austria's record 70 Year bond issue, there was some concern if today's 2Y Treasury auction would not fall flat on its face when the results printed at 1pm. However, it appears that just as there was demand...Show More Summary

Huma Abedin On Hillary: "She Is Still Not Perfect In Her Head"

In light of all the recent concerns about Hillary's health, perhaps Huma Abedin and John Podesta can explain exactly what they meant by the following two emails: First, Huma: And this from Podesta: Seems that the condition of Hillary's head was a big concern for staffers.

More Bad News For Phiadelphia: Obamacare Premiums Set To Soar More Than 50%

Yesterday the Obama administration confirmed what many Americans already knew: the monetary pressures imposed by Obamacare on the middle class are becoming unmanageable as a result of the average Obamacare premium set to spike by 25%, or hundreds of dollars of formerly disposable income that will be redirected to what is effectively a tax. Show More Summary

Venezuela’s Inflation: The Wall Street Journal’s Reportage is Off, Way Off

Authored by Steve H. Hanke of The Johns Hopkins University. Follow him on Twitter @Steve_Hanke. Recent reportage in the Wall Street Journal by Matt Wirz, Carolyn Cui, and Anatoly Kurmanaev states that Venezuela’s annual inflation rate is 500 percent. Show More Summary

The Secrets Of Self-Employment: Overhead And Capital Accumulation

Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, There are still opportunities to not just earn a wage, but the overhead, profit and capital skimmed by global corporations. So how can someone earning $15 an hour as an employee get ahead? The short answer is: they can't. Show More Summary

Austria Sells €2 Billion In 70 Year Bonds, Pushes Global Duration Risk To Record High

The latest evidence of the unprecedented scramble for yield and duration came yesterday when it was revealed that Austria would join the rest of the Eurozone in selling ultra-long dated debt in the form of 70 Year bonds. It didn't take...Show More Summary

Never Invest In These HORRIBLE Things. Ever!

By Chris at A reader asked me some time back what I thought about a particular ETF. I told him I often hate ETFs and promised to provide a more detailed explanation as to why some day. Today is that day. ETFs...Show More Summary

Clever Clinton Camp Mocks Trump Supporters With DIY Tin Foil Hats

After Project Veritas just exposed Hillary's genius idea to launch the "Donald Ducks Releasing His Tax Returns" campaign, we get the following "Trump Tin Foil Hat" for all of the "alt-right" conspiracy theorists out there. This is actually...Show More Summary

The US Military Lied To Thousands Of Soldiers (And Now Veterans Are Paying for It)

Submitted by Alice Salles via, Shortly after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the Pentagon hired Bell Pottinger, a London-based PR agency. The PR firm was tasked with promoting what the Pentagon called “democratic elections” in Iraq, ultimately earning over a hundred million dollars yearly. Show More Summary

Wikileaks Shocker: Cheryl Mills Tells Podesta "We Need To Clean This Up - Obama Has Emails From Her"

Recall that in a March 2015 interview with CBS, just after the NYT reported of Hillary's use of a private email server, president Obama told the American public he had only learned about Hillary's use of a private server from the press. As we reminded readers one month ago, CBS News senior White House correspondent Bill Plante asked Mr. Show More Summary

"Executive Orders For Sale": Leaked Email Shows Hillary Auctioning Off 'Laws' To The Highest Bidder

Authored by The Daily Sheeple's Melissa Dykes vis, Unaccountable power multiplies, but this is astounding. This is a very good example of the reasons that the founders sought to limit and check power. But of course, over the years, those protections have been whittled down, and the loopholes are big enough drive tanks through. Show More Summary

Oil Tumbles Below $50 (Again) As Russia Reportedly "Against" Production Cuts

Just as we warned previously, it appears Russia is spoiling the oil-rally party. IFX reports that Russia's envoy has stated that they are "against oil output cuts." Furthermore, seemingly confirming no 'cut', Venezuela's Pino says "freeze" deal may only be temporary. Show More Summary

Demolition Of The Calais Jungle Begins Following Violent Clashes - Live Feed

The Calais "Jungle", which has been called "home" for up to 10,000 migrants for the past 2 years, is finally being demolished today. As we previously noted, French authorities conducted a massive evacuation effort over the weekend and...Show More Summary

Cable Collapses To Flash-Crash Lows Ahead Of Carney Speech - Live Feed

Sterling is being pounded back below 1.21 - weakest since the flash crash lows, back to 31 year lows. The drop lacks an obvious trigger (more technical levels), but as The FT reports, nerves appear to be building in the run-up to a scheduled...Show More Summary

NYSE ARCA Options Suspends Routing, Declares Self-Help

Just as stocks seemed heavy at the open, missing the traditional post-open ramp, the NYSE ARCA Options announced that at 10:12am it had declared self-help and announced it has suspended routing as something broke. The exchange announced...Show More Summary

Podesta Part 18: Wikileaks Releases Another 1,300 Emails; Total Is Now 31,500

With exactly 2 weeks left until the November 8 presidential election, Wikileaks continues its ongoing Podesta dump by unveiling another 1,299 emails in the latest Part 18 of its release, bringing the total emails released so far to exactly...Show More Summary

Consumer Confidence 'Bounce' Dies, Plunges Most In 11 Months

For the first time since June, The Conference Board's Consumer Confidence index declined YoY, plunging from near cycle highs at 104.1 (revised lower to 103.5) to 98.6 (missing 101.5 expectations), this is the biggest monthly plunge since Nov 2015, catching down to UMich and Bloomberg surveys. Show More Summary

Michael Moore: "Trump's Election Will Be The Biggest Fuck You Ever Recorded In Human History"

Some fascinating comments from the overtly liberal, Hillary-supporting Michael Moore, who in a recently leaked speech comes perilously close in a speech explaining why on November 8, what is left of middle America will look to cast its...Show More Summary

How One Billionaire Became A Gold Bug

Submitted by Michael Shedlock via, Hugo Salinas-Price, a hard currency advocate, and the founder of Mexico’s Elektra retail chain explains in the following guest post how he became a gold bug. How I Became a Gold-Bug byShow More Summary

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