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Dear Publicist

As someone fortunate enough to have a following in the media I get a lot of people looking to get quoted. They are the lifeblood of any journalist, even one such as me who does about 99% of his own analysis. After all, how better toShow More Summary

MTA April 2001

The 26th Annual MTA Seminar Lincolnshire, IL May 17-20, 2001 Although the crowd was somewhat smaller than usual, MTA members, affiliates and guests converged in suburban Chicago for their 26th annual seminar. It delivered the networking, reunions and new friendships that have become the mainstay of these gatherings. Show More Summary

Real Estate Put Aways

I just read this on MarketWatch: There’s a new boom in the housing market, and in many cities, this bubble is even bigger than the last, warns Wolf Richter of the Wolf Street blog. He explains that home ownership — the bedrock of the American dream — has been tumbling as houses get snapped up as investments. Show More Summary

If you wanna be my source

I'll tell you what I want,What I really, really want.....I want you to feed me interesting things about the market, relevant to charting and technical analysis, that my readers will want to read.What? You should do the work?Well, yeah. Show More Summary

The 2014 Mike Epstein Award

Mike Epstein Award 2014 Market Technicians Association Educational Foundation Prof. Blake LeBaron: Abram L. and Thelma Sachar Professor of International Economics at Brandeis University In 2009, the MTA Educational Foundation established an annual award in memory of our late colleague, Mike Epstein. Show More Summary

American Worker

I really don't utilize the blog much anymore as all I seem to have time to do is tweet. And there is precious little time for that since I write, write, write for a living. Somebody tell me how to get paid on Twitter :-).But something happened today that needed more than 140 characters to express. Show More Summary

Nostalgia - MTA Seminar 2001

The 26th Annual MTA SeminarLincolnshire, ILMay 17-20, 2001Although the crowd was somewhat smaller than usual, MTA members, affiliates and guests converged in suburban Chicago for their 26th annual seminar. It delivered the networking, reunions and new friendships that have become the mainstay of these gatherings. Show More Summary

Remembering Legends (part 1)

Remembrances of the Legends (from the June 2000 edition of the MTA newsletter, "Technically Speaking" by Mike Carr Linda Raschke and George Schade, CMT, prepared and presented a tribute to the deceased winners of the MTA Annual Award. Show More Summary

MTA Award Dinner 2014

I made a really good decision just last week - to attend the 2014 MTA Awards dinner. While I was not going to attend the MTA Symposium for many reasons not the least of which was still having to do my day job, I was too close geographically to miss the dinner. Show More Summary

Dodobird, CMT

Blogger has been relegated to carrying posts that are too long for Twitter. Life imitates life in a sound-bite, I want it now world. From today's Quick Takes Pro (still offering the first month for 10 bucks, no obligation): I attended...Show More Summary

Effing Market

I don't do much on the full blog anymore (find me on Twitter) but this one needed two charts and some whine. Monday was the day the Dow shed over 300 points. Here is one of the 37 NYSE stocks that hit a fresh 52-week high before caving into the market's pressure. Show More Summary

Bitcoin Mania?

After doing the research for my Barron's Online column "Bitcoin, Gold and Tulips" I thought more about the charts I saw. One of them is in the upper left corner of the graphic shown here - courtesy Elliott Wave International. The chart...Show More Summary

The New Way for TA

I have lamented, no complained, no whined for years that technical analysis is just not what it used to be. I still think it works but with the Fed distorting the market like a black hole in reverse little things like momentum, sentiment, price structure and even (shudder) earnings have taken a back seat. Show More Summary

People Data Needed

I was blogging about a conference for Barron's Online but the following was not quite suited for them. Here is what I wrote. At the #Stocktoberfest conference by social media platform @Stocktwits, founder Howard Lindzon suggested the price and volume are changing. Show More Summary

Blue Dogs and Irony

I was chatting with a blue dog democrat the other day although this person did not realize that is exactly what they believed. Of course, Obamacare came up as did the problems with radical conservatives, especially those in the media. One political show had drifted a bit too far to the right and in my view was messing up their message. Show More Summary

Twitter on the Blog

As you can see, I am playing around with Blogger Templates so I can make my Twitter feed a bit more user friendly here. There has been some feedback that people just don't want to deal with Twitter and an old friend and colleague told me many firms prohibit Twitter applications on their systems. Show More Summary

Using Twitter instead

As you can tell, blog activity has gotten very sparse. Please follow me on Twitter, where I am far more active. @mnkahn

Silence of the Bears

Yes, Clarice, I am still alive. It's just that working on a regular blog has not gotten me any business so unless I have something to say it ain't gonna get said. Today's Bernanke Bombshell, aka September Surprise or "Eff Yew Wall Street Smart Pantses" rally seems to have sent the bears packing. Show More Summary

Post Office and Competition

I have not blogged in a while because frankly I am sick of the markets in their current state. No, I am not quitting and signalling the top I have always sought. Rather, I have cut back on the activities that make me no money - like blogging. Sure, I will bare my soul with rants and whines about this and that. Show More Summary

Your Fame and Glory

Today, I have finally decided to tell you that when it comes to your career as an analyst or portfolio manager, you are the problem. You want more assets to manage? You want to sell more subscriptions to your newsletter? Or even, you...Show More Summary

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