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Flows Into European Equities Reaches Feverish Pitch, Consolidation Likely Ahead

So far the bullish themes for this year are foreign equities and U.S. bonds with the continued surge in the USD. These themes are borne out when looking at flows into exchange traded funds (ETFs) by asset class and geographic focus.

Are Central Banks "Rigging" Rates or Dealing With Past Sins?

Due perhaps to prior articles I’ve written on the idea of the stock market being rigged, a recent piece from the New York Post was sent my direction titled, “Stock Market Rigging Is No Longer a ‘Conspiracy Theory’”, by John Crudele. The story set forth by Crudele is..

You Have Been Forewarned

We've heard more than few pundits drive home the point that a stronger dollar is good for the stock market because it is a reflection of faith in the U.S. economic outlook. In that respect, the thinking goes that the dollar is...

Talkin’ and Yellen: Understanding the Fed

As the stock market prepares to close later today, Yellen will deliver a speech on the new normal for monetary policy at a conference hosted by the San Francisco Federal Reserve, of which she was previously the President.

Will Germany Build the Next Silicon Valley?

While Germany has the economic and human capital to rival Silicon Valley, it is hindered by its laws and staid investment culture – yet changes are afoot.

No Bear Market Signal Yet From Housing

Before each of the really ugly bear markets of the past 30 years, there has been an important signal from housing data well ahead of time. We do not have such a signal now, and so that portends more upside in the months ahead for stock prices.

Dan Wantrobski on Why We're Not at a Market Top; Corrections Still Buying Opportunities

Interview with Dan Wantrobski, Managing Director of Technical Strategy at Janney Capital Markets regarding their latest study on share buybacks, IPOs, and M&A activity. Dan explains the results of this study and what it means for the stock market...

Driverless Cars Poised to Transform Automotive Industry

The newest Mercedes autonomous car looks like a car on the outside but like a lounge on the inside, with four swivel seats facing each other in a multimedia bubble of padded leather and walnut veneer.

Weather Constrained Retail: Focus on Outdoor Dining

Demand-pull inflation – too much money spent chasing too few goods – should be present by now. An increase in payrolls means more wages. More wages means more retail spending. All three are currently accelerating.

Saudi Arabia and Iran Compete in Yemen

While the al-Houthi movement struggles to manage multiple regional challenges to its north, its rise to power in Yemen is a setback for Saudi Arabia on its southern flank. After the fall of the Yemeni government...

Crude Oil Inventories Should Peak Soon

There are many moving parts in this storage picture. One of those, as I explained in the previous article, is refinery demand. This piece of the picture seems to be largely lost in the storage discussion, so...

The Monetary Approach Reigns Supreme

We are still in the grip of the Great Recession. Economic growth remains anemic and below its trend rate in most parts of the world. And what’s more, this state of subdued economic activity has been with us for over seven years.

The Tried-and-True Blueprint for Raising Taxes

As the global economy slides into recession and the U.S. economy catches a cold, the blueprint for raising taxes will be dusted off in every state. The blueprint for raising taxes in the modern era was first established in 1913...

Can Money Flows Push Equity Prices Much Higher?

The S&P rose 30% in 2013. In 2014, it was up just over 10%. Since the start of the "best six months of the year for equities" in November (nearly 5 months ago), the index is up 4%. Any number of factors could account for...

Big Four Economic Indicators Weaken – Weather or Recession?

Official recession calls are the responsibility of the NBER Business Cycle Dating Committee, which is understandably vague about the specific indicators on which they base their decisions. This committee statement is about as close as they get to identifying their method.

Felix Zulauf: Asset Prices Will Continue to Inflate as China Joins the Party Next

Felix Zulauf is the Founder and President of Zulauf Asset Management in Zug, Switzerland and has been a member of Barron’s Roundtable for over 20 years. In a wide-ranging discussion, Felix covers Fed policy, how dollar strength will lead to a global crisis...

Fischer: Fed Going From “Ultra Expansionary” to “Extremely Expansionary”

Last week the market reacted positively to the Fed’s statement, in which the word “patient” was removed. This sets the stage for possible rate hikes as early as the June meeting. But the Yellen Fed artfully orchestrated...

Q1 Earnings Season Is Going to Be Ugly

Alcoa’s (AA) earnings release on April 8th will put the spotlight on the Q1 earnings season. But trends in estimate revisions are setting up Q1 as a very weak reporting cycle. The magnitude of negative revisions that...

Our Top 10 Must-Listen Broadcasts for 2015

In case you’ve missed any of the 80+ shows or interviews we’ve done so far this year, here’s a list of our top 10 most popular podcasts from the Newshour page.

Active vs. Passive Redux

Most of you know I spend my days gathering “thin reeds” and try to weave them into a favorable “investment bouquet.” As Yogi Berra said, “You can observe a lot by just watchin’!” To this point, about a month ago I wrote...

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