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Lose Money Fast on Miner 3X ETFs (DUST, JDST, NUGT, JNUG)

Who the F can afford these equities besides hedge funds? Not the average investor hoping to catch a swing in the right direction. The miner and anti-miner ETFs and trade at 3X bullish or bearish are the following: Direxion Daily Gold...Show More Summary

Why Buy Disney Shares?

Two words. STAR WARS. After banking coin this week in Amazon Inc (AMZN) its time to move on. I did not expect the stock to move that fast and I would rather not lose my weekly profits. That's why I'm turning my focus to Walt Disney Co (DIS). Disney shares are only $2 away from its 52 week high. Show More Summary

Betting Against the Miners has Banked Massive Coin

The miners have been killed and the reverse miner ETF have profited. Gold and silver miner stocks have been crushed in the past 3 months. Sure you could try and play the bounce or find the low but it has proven costly. So what has done...Show More Summary

Short or Long Inc?

Einhorn's latest short thesis has this stock buzzing. Amazon Inc. (AMZN) the most successful U.S. online retailer rakes in billions in revenue yet never makes a penny of profit. It seems every few months the company is offering some cool new device, platform or service. Show More Summary

Fall Movie to See for 2014: John Wick

Only one movie to see before X-Mas. Neo is back. Finally Keannu Reeves has redeemed himself. JOHN WICK is the movie we have all been waiting to see him in since THE MATRIX. It's all action. No bullshit. Just simple plot and tons of action. Show More Summary

NightCrawler comes out on Halloween

This movie looks dope. If you haven't noticed, Jake Gyllenhaal has been making some awesome movies. Donnie Darko, Bubble Boy, Jarhead, Source Code, Zodiac - the list goes on and on. That's why I'm super excited to see Night Crawler this Halloween. Check it out:

Time for Stocks to Bounce Back (Oct 20th Week)

At least one popular CNBC host believes it could be. Cramer points out why stocks may be finally at a bottom. He has some credible reasons. Let's hope next week kicks ass for stocks. (Jim Cramer | Boxes checked galore!...Show More Summary

Best GIF of the Day: Beetlejuice

It's SHOWTIME! Enjoy fellow Masters. Some rad animated GIFs from Beetlejuice to get you in the flavor for Halloween 2014. Source

Netflix stocks tanks but gets a 'Buy' Rating

A 'Buy' rating despite a 22% drop in share price. Time to back up the truck for shares of Netflix (NFLX)? One analyst thinks so. Netflix shares are down almost 1/4 of their value today. Why so bad? They missed bad on the earnings call. Show More Summary

Best Animated GIF of the Day

Watch out, it's Steven Seagal! Thank you internets. FunnyOrDie had this first. We had to repost as we are long time Seagal fans. Lock up your kids, its Steven Seagal!!! The kid holding the corndog is my favorite. for more...

High Frequency Trading Kills Oct 13th Session

Fucking robots. The major indexes (Dow Jones, S&P 500, NASDAQ) all got killed in the final half hour of trading today. What's to blame? High frequency trading. Get it the shit out of here and stop destroying the average Joe investor. There is no other explanation. Show More Summary

Where are Stocks Going (Oct-Nov 2014)?

The Dow Jones has erased all gains for the year, now what? Will stocks bounce back this week? Haven't we had enough of our equities falling on every 'global economic' headline that is not positive? What to, what to buy? Do you run or...Show More Summary

Women's Underwear gone Tech?

There really is something for everyone. The ADA collection continues to make buzz long after its summer launch. These women CEO's are in high demand not just for their expertise, but for their curves. Mastery takes a look at the best photos from the ADA Collection. Show More Summary

New Star Trek Shenanigans

Oh boy. Maybe It’s Better If We Don’t See What Happened on the Set of Star Trek

Stocks back to Pain

Down, up, now really Down. Forecast is for Pain. Fucking stock market. Tues stocks tanked on global growth concerns. Wed everything looked great because rates are going to hold. Thursday, right back to the dumps because Floosie Floosiepants...Show More Summary

Sexy FROZEN Movie Costumes, Really?

Trick or Treat Indeed Fan of the Disney movie "Frozen" and also a grownup who likes dressing in sexy Halloween costumes, look no further. Olaf is by far the best costume. Here are this season's sexy "Frozen"-inspired Halloween costumes. Show More Summary

Gold and Silver at 4 Year Lows

Gold and Silver haven't been this low since 2010. ecall when Stallone unleashed THE EXPENDABLES on us or Ben Affleck redeemed himself in THE TOWN. That's also the last time gold and silver was this low. Via HSBC has downgraded...Show More Summary

Stocks Falling, Buffett Buying

He bought a shitload during the 230 point crash, you should too. Warren Buffett loves it when a plan comes together, just like ol' Hannibal. The best guess you can make is that Buffett bought more of what he already owns. The market continues it's drop today. Show More Summary

Best Show you Aren't Streaming: BoJack Horseman

Will Arnet is on his A-Game and then some. Now available on Netflix streaming is the Netflix original comedy series 'BoJack Horseman'. It gets better wich each episode. There are 13 episodes available right now, season one.

AMC Walking Dead Spinoff: A Surviving Family

A family surviving in the same world as Rick and Co. WD fans we are about to get more. I'm betting this spinoff show will be a huge success, like Fraiser was for Cheers. They wil be the new Brady Bunch. Here's the story of a lovely lady,...Show More Summary

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