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Kim Kardashian Nude Photo Leak: Do we Care?

Who cares. In an effort to gain headlines and page hits we also post the same stupid story about Kim Kardashian's nude photo leak. Is this really an event or story? The world has already seen enough of this broad. Those who really want...Show More Summary

Ali Your Baba!! Enough Already

Forget buying, it's shit. Sell your house and put all on Alibaba Group Holding (BABA). If you do that you are stupid. You are not going to get rich on BABA, that's already been done by the rich people already in before the IPO. When the IPO goes tomorrow you may get a chance to buy at $80 a share, that's our prediction. Show More Summary

5 Easy Steps to get a better night's sleep

Because you need your beauty sleep. Lets face it, Americans are getting less and less sleep every year. Earlier this year, the Center for Disease control announced that Insufficient Sleep is a "Public Health Epidemic". Many turn to sleeping...Show More Summary

Han Solo had a Girlfriend? (Jenny)

Thanks to the full Cantina scene we meet Jenny. The original cantina scene from the 1st Star Wars (Ep. 4 New Hope) is now on the internets. Turns out Han Solo has a lady friend snuggled up next to him before Luke and Obi-Wan sit down. Show More Summary

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia coming soon to Streaming (Season 9)

Season 9 now on DVD, streaming is a few weeks or months away. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 9 is now available on DVD on Netflix and Amazon as of Aug 2nd 2014. The question for all of us is when will it come to Amazon Prime and Netflix streaming? There's nothing officially on the Netflix streaming calendar 2014 release. Show More Summary

It's Always Sunny Season 9 on Netflix

On DVD now, streaming coming soon. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 9 is now available on DVD on Netflix and Amazon. The question for all of us is when will it come to Amazon Prime and Netflix streaming? There's nothing officially on the Netflix streaming calendar 2014 release. Show More Summary

U.S. Stocks at Record Highs: Time to Sell?

Time to cash out? The S&P 500 finally crossed and stayed above the 2,000 mark to close the week. It's inevitable that various financial publications are out with the classic headline "time to sell", blah, blah, blah. So what to do? If you have made some great gains this year, by all means cash out. Show More Summary

YouTube to MP3 Converter Sites Legal?

The debate continues. Google YouTube and what's the text waiting to fill in the search box? That would be Youtube to MP3. If you haven't been exposed to this phenomenon, welcome. Long story short about is coverting videos from Youtube to MP3 legal or illegal comes down to this --- Private use it's okay. Show More Summary

NOAH Movie: White People, Where did son Ham go?

Finally watched movie and boy do I have questions. Noah's blacksheep son Ham played Logan Lerman by did have a wife and she was on the ark. Why was there only white people? You telling me Ham and his brothers eventually started every...Show More Summary

Chappelle Does Standup Again Aug 2014 (YouTube)

He's back and buff. Dave Chappelle returned to the standup stage this week with Louie C.K. welcoming him back on stage. Thanks to YouTube you can view the set. Dave went back to the same stage he walked off at a year ago. It's awesome to see him back in full effect. Enjoy the clip of Dave.

Nicki Minaj Anaconda GIF you are Searching For

Good Lord. Nicki's new video is out and the internets is a buzz with new booty shaking GIFs. We are right on board with that. Here they are for your cut/paste or save as fun. At age 31 Minaj looks amazing. The video (seen below) really...Show More Summary

Gogo shares rally on a website Rumor

The power of the internet raises Gogo shares. Gogo Inc (GOGO) share are rallying today thanks to a website called Runway Girl Network. Credible? With a name like that? Shit our site name sounds more professional. Gogo shares got as high as $18.07 today. Show More Summary

Pam Smart back in the Spotlight

Sex, drugs, manipulation -- murder. HBO has a compeling documentary worth your time, Captivated The Trials of Pamela Smart. Two decades later the interview Pam, court footage and the major players. There were no independent eyewitnesses. Show More Summary

Streaming Movies and TV Tips

Roku, Amazon Fire TV Apple TV, XBOX ONE, PS4, Chromecast...which one is best? There's no doubt Roku is the best but it doesn't have all the apps and HBO GO doesn't work if you have XFINITY. What works best is a combination of a few of them. Show More Summary

Why GOGO Shares were up Friday

After falling they climbed back up. Gogo Inc (NASDAQ:GOGO) have been on a downturn ever since they reported earnings Aug 11th. The results weren't that bad, they were actually good. However when you are a growth stock that has a large short interest if you don't kill expectations you are destined to fail. Why did Gogo shares bounce Friday? Simple. Show More Summary

Amazing New Michael Jackson Video Aug 2014

Long live the King of Pop. The shots of MJ dancing and singing are mainly from his Keep it in the Closet video done back in 1992. The new song A Place with No Name is Jackson's reworking of America's 1972 hit "A Horse with No Name" and...Show More Summary

Trending your HashTag: How To

In search of page hits, we present this dumb story. Thanks you, of course you have a Geek that did a story on this for us to link to. How to get your Hastag, that is #Hastag trending. Just follow these steps for Twitter success. HOW...Show More Summary

Why e-cigarette play Vapor Corp Shares are Down

Down she goes. Vapor Corp (VPCO) just reported Q2 2014 results and it was not good enough for Wall Street. As a result VPCO shares have shed 1/4 of their value in a heartbeat. VPCO shares have lost 25% or $1, now trading around $3.15 and even feel below the $3 line today to $2.91. Show More Summary

Vapor is replacing Smoke: How to cash in on the Trend

The Future is Now. Smoking could be a thing of the past - many Americans are turning to Ecigs or "Vaporizers" that appear to be about 1% as dangerous as smoking. Personally, I quite smoking and switched to Vaping in February of 2014....Show More Summary

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