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Feb 3 Big Reversal Update and Bullish Stock Scan

After a lengthy positive divergence into support developed yesterday, buyers (unwilling to let the stock market fall even a tiny bit beneath 2,000) extended the gain and broke stocks higher to continue the wider consolidation pattern. We’ll start with the ongoing intraday downtrend the S&P 500 and highlight our trending stocks: For a broader discussion on this [...]

Detailing Deflation: A Flyby of 8 Declining Commodity Charts

You’ve probably heard the increased discussion about “Deflation” in the global economy, but what does that mean? Let’s take a quick fly-by view of 8 Commodity Charts and see what’s going on and how to put this in context. We’ll start with four commodities hit worst by declining prices: A Deflationary Environment is marked (in simplest terms) by [...]

Feb 2 VSpike Market Update and Trending Stock Scan

Stocks continued their sell-swing, yet we’re seeing a similar intervention or V-Spike Pattern that played out last Thursday. We’ll start with the ongoing intraday downtrend the S&P 500 and highlight our trending stocks: For a broader discussion on this ongoing and important pattern, see my update post “Plotting the Current Range and Future Breakout for the S&P [...]

Amazon AMZN Bullish Surge from Big Divergence on Support

Amazon’s (AMZN) solidly earnings beat expectations yesterday, resulting in a breakout and stock surge higher. However, a bullish reversal pattern – coming off a critical support level – preceded this breakout and gives us a great chance once again to study this important reversal pattern. Let’s chart the pattern and then identify current price levels to watch [...]

Quick Lessons from Divergences and Reversals in MannKind MNKD

A reader asked me to take a look at MannKind (MNKD) and I wanted to highlight a couple of important lessons from the stock and what levels are important at the moment. Let’s learn a quick lesson about momentum divergences and trend reversals from this stock. Let’s take this chart one step at a time. We’re seeing a [...]

Jan 29 Reversal Update and Trending Stock Scan

After the Fed Day Wednesday, stocks simply traded down to the lower support of the rising trendline and today rallied up logically from the key level. We’ll start with the ongoing triangle in the S&P 500 which helped us trade today so far: For a broader discussion on this ongoing and important pattern, see my update post [...]

Surging Prices and Obvious Trend in US Treasuries TLT

It’s no longer a “stealth” movement but a blatant, obvious development that Bond/Treasury prices have surged in the last few months and continue persistent uptrends thanks to bullish money flow. Take a moment to review the prior two updates: “Are You Seeing this Stealth Move in Bond Prices?!” and “Four Strong Trends Kicking Off 2015” With those in mind, [...]

Fed Day Market Update and Stock Scan Jan 28

With the Federal Reserve’s announcement just behind us, let’s update our levels in the aftermath and highlight our top trending stock opportunities of the day (some from earnings announcements). We’ll start with the ongoing triangle in the S&P 500: For a broader discussion on this ongoing and important pattern, see my update post “Plotting the Current Range [...]

Caterpillar CAT Shatters Support: Updating New Trading Levels

Caterpillar (CAT) shares shattered support at the $85.00 per share level on an earnings miss this morning. Wall Street consensus estimated a gain of $1.55 per share yet the actual reported earnings were $1.35 per share. Traders subsequently punished the stock with a downside gap and break of a trendline and key support level. Here’s the Daily Chart, [...]

Plotting the Current Range and Planning the Future SP500 Breakout

What goes up must come down, and in the market, what goes sideways must break out. We’re currently charting a wide range pattern but soon, we’ll need to shift gears for a breakout event, so let’s plan both of these events and be ready to jump in when the market tells us it’s safe to do [...]

Jan 26 Recovery Market Update and Trending Stock Scan

Stocks stalled after surging from the QE intervention announcement in Europe. However, today’s session saw a sharp recovery and we’ll begin our update with the bigger picture chart. Here’s the intraday S&P 500 and levels to watch for planning: Thursday’s session saw a straight-up rally as expected from the announcement that the ECB would intervene with a 1 [...]

Support, A Breakout, and Missing Out in Netflix NFLX

If you didn’t catch Netflix (NFLX) off the critical support level, and now the breakout event, have you missed the boat on profiting from this rally? Let’s take a look at the chart, key levels, and yes the upside targets to play for from here. We’ll start with the Daily Chart: Price gapped lower in October, pushing back [...]

Jan 22 Euro QE Market Update and Stock Scan

Like the expected knee-jerk reaction, stocks rallied on news that the European Central Bank will engage in a Quantitative Easing program similar to that in the United States (three rounds). With the expected bullish outcome occurring, our job is to go with the money flow as stocks rally while being cautious of any sign of a [...]

Jan 21 Intraday Update and Big Trend Stock Scan

What levels are important in the market right now and which stocks are the top trending candidates of the day? We’ll start our update and stock scan with our S&P 500 level chart: Our key focal point will be the converging trendlines – namely the horizontal line near 2,027 and the rising lower trendline intersecting 2,023. The S&P [...]

Eight Top Intraday Trending Stocks for Jan 20

Which stocks topped our algorithmic list of strongest (and weakest) intraday trending stocks today? Let’s take a look – plus we have a bonus after-market gap (surge) for two of these stocks. Here’s our top intraday up-trenders: Jumping straight to the point, our top trenders of the day include Netflix (NFLX) and Cree (CREE), both of which made [...]

Four Strong Trends Kicking off 2015

As 2015 continues, we’re seeing persistent trends develop across key markets. Let’s take a look at one obvious trend, one stealthy trend, and two common trends we should be watching. All traders are likely aware of the “commodity crash” or collapse in Crude Oil prices. The collapse was widely reported and frequently traded – whether calling the failed [...]

Jan 16 Stock Scan and Reversal Market Update

After yesterday’s Swiss Franc surprise (see the “Aftermath Update” post from this morning), the US S&P not only stabilized but is showing signs of a bullish short-term reversal. We’ll start our update and stock scan with our S&P 500 level chart: Mainly, we’re focusing our attention right now on the 2,010 level for a possible breakout and [...]

Documenting the Damage on the Swiss Franc Fallout

I wanted to highlight the ‘damage’ or intense price movement on select FOREX pairs because – probably – we’ll never see another overnight move like this in our lifetimes. The Swiss Central Bank shocked the markets with a “Black Swan” announcement that they will no longer intervene to stabilize their currency against the Euro. For a great, [...]

Trade Planning off the 2000 Key Level in the SP500

It’s time once again to plan our intraday and swing trades off the key inflection (pivot) level 2,000 in the S&P 500. “Will it hold or will it break?” What happens next on the movement away from 2,000 will define our bullish or bearish strategies. Here’s a pure price chart to highlight this level and how price has [...]

Jan 14 Selling Market Update and Trending Stock Scan

We have yet another sell session in motion, let’s take a moment to highlight key levels, read breadth, and find opportunities in the top trending stocks for the day. We’ll start as usual with our S&P 500 level chart: Ultimately, price is doing exactly what it should be doing, at least in terms of breaking out of [...]

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