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Charting the 3 Weakest Stocks in the Dow Right Now

Yesterday I charted two strong financial Dow Jones stocks for you – Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. Today, let’s switch gears and highlight three weak – and getting weaker – stocks in downtrends for comparison. The three weakest (most dowtrending) names include one large retailer and two oil/energy companies. Let’s start with the weak retailer – Wal-Mart (WMT): First, [...]

A Breakdown and Level Planning for Bond Fund TLT

Bond prices are breaking down sharply this morning as yields spike. Let’s chart this logical movement, note key levels on which to focus, and add some context to today’s move. We’ll start with the Daily Chart of popular bond fund TLT: First, the TLT Exchange Traded Fund represents the longer-term US Treasury Bond Fund from iShares. A similar companion [...]

June 2 Live Class Training: 5 Steps to Find New Growth Stocks

Interested in finding the next big growth stock candidates to add to your portfolio? My colleague John Carter will show you his specific steps and more in tonight’s free classroom training: “The Five Step Checklist to Find the Next Hedge Fund Darlings” (tap to register and learn more) John will be sharing a formula for scanning and finding [...]

June 2 Reversal Spike Market Update and Daily Stock Scan

Were you eager for a bearish breakdown in the market today?  Bulls had other plans again! Despite everything, BULLS still rule this market and that’s the current reality – fighting it has been futile. Let’s take a look at the current picture and plan the next swing in the market: Buyers swooped in once again at a key [...]

Linked In LNKD Triggers Turbo Breakout Reversal

Linked-In (LNKD) just triggered a “Turbo Breakout” Impulse Buy set-up and we’re seeing additional upside action propel price higher. Let’s see the intraday breakout and power-surge, along with the Reversal Arc we’re seeing on the Daily Chart. Here’s the Intraday Arc Reversal – and Turbo Breakout – in Linked-In (LNKD): First, Linked-In just topped the idea list from [...]

What’s Next for Strong Financial Stocks JPM and GS

Leading Financial stocks JP Morgan (JPM) and Goldman Sachs (GS) topped the list of “Strong Dow Jones Stocks Getting Stronger” last night. Let’s do a quick update and plan what opportunities are in store for trading these big names. Goldman Sachs Daily Chart (GS): After the January sell-swing ended into the $172.50 level, buyers propelled the stock $25.00 [...]

Charting the Rollover in Transports vs Dow Jones

If you’ve been watching the Transports, you’re seeing a Rounded Reversal and bearish breakdown. However, you’re not seeing a similar picture in the Dow Jones Industrial Index. Let’s chart the arc and make some sense of what’s happening at the moment: I’m a big fan of “Rounded Reversals” or “Arc Trendlines” in price because they are clear patterns [...]

Strong Stock DISH Breaks Higher into Bull Zone

Dish Network (DISH) topped our “Bullish Intraday Trending” Stock Scan this morning. Let’s take a look at the bullish breakout – a reversal play – and what levels are most important for traders. Here’s Your Daily DISH: First, let’s start with the March to May downswing from $80.00 to $65.00 per share. This sell-swing ended mid-May with a lengthy [...]

New Month June 1 Stock Scan and Flat Market Update

Stocks continued a sideways range, though we’re just now seeing a potential bullish breakout. Let’s take a look at the current picture and plan the next swing in the market: Price initially continued the intraday downtrend (falling trendline channel) but reversed up off another positive divergence at the session low. From there, we saw a sharp rally take [...]

Range and Reversals Intraday GDP Market Update and Stock Scan May 29

Today’s session allowed for stable range trading with divergences into the reversal high and low.  It’s a great example so be sure to use it as a reference. Let’s take a look at the current picture and plan the next step: If you’re a fan of trading divergences and intraday reversals, today was the session for you! Note [...]

Corey’s “10 Tips for Trading Trend Days” Webinar Recording is Now Posted

We had so much fun and covered so much information in the “10 Tips for Trading Trend Days” webinar with Trader Kingdom! They’ve posted the archive and you can check it out, slow it down, take notes, take screenshots, and learn tips and tactics you can use right now. I love the slide they chose to emphasize [...]

A Pattern of Huge Rallies after Sharp Selloffs

As traders, one of our responsibilities is to spot patterns in the market and then exploit them as long as they keep occurring. After spotting a specific pattern, we use it to guide our trading decisions until the pattern fails and a new one emerges in its place. There’s a specific short-term pattern that’s been occurring after [...]

Two Trend Days in a Row? Join Me for a Live 10 Tips for Trading Trend Days Webinar Thursday!

Two Trend Days in a row?! Did you kill it profiting from the simple trading strategies for trading trend days? Even if you made stellar profits trading Tuesday’s down-trend day or today’s up trend day, you still can brush up on specific trading tips for future trend days like these. I’m very excited about a special upcoming [...]

May 27 Rally Up Market Update and Big Stock Scan

Resiliently, buyers thrust the market higher off support to trigger ANOTHER Trend Day so far. Be sure to reference yesterday’s post on the expected breakdown event. Next, take a look at how we built successful reversal trades from the expected rally as seen in this morning’s update. Let’s take a look at the current picture and plan the [...]

Three Suddenly Strong Stocks to Study

During recent stock scans, I came across three “Suddenly Strong” stocks I wanted to share with you. These stocks recently surged to the top of the scanning charts due to recent breakouts in strong uptrends. We’ll start with a familiar name, Netflix (NFLX): The main reason for this scan is to find strong uptrending stocks that recently enjoyed [...]

A Quick Lesson in Trading Reversals from Support with Divergences

One of my all-time favorite trade set-ups is the play into higher timeframe support with a clear lower timeframe positive divergence. Let’s unpack these terms, see it as it developed yesterday in the S&P 500, and apply this lesson to future opportunities to trade aggressive intraday reversals (the same logic would apply to any stock or [...]

Breakdown Stock Scan and Trend Day Market Update May 26

We’re finally seeing some action in the market after a flat, range-bound, divergent, false breakout event last week. Take a look at this morning’s post on the expected breakdown event. Let’s take a look at the current picture and plan the next step: Today’s session officially springs a Bull Trap which (hopefully) didn’t come as a surprise. Odds were [...]

Four Market Money Flow Update on Today’s Big Move

The US Stock Market sell-off isn’t the only big money flow event happening today. Gold similarly is collapsing, oil is falling while the US Dollar Index breaks higher into strength. Let’s step inside the market as we start the holiday week and pinpoint what’s happening: As I’ve been highlighting on the blog and to Members, this rally and [...]

Overdue Retracement Triggers in US Stock Market

We’ve been waiting for this moment as the market crept to new highs on massive divergences – odds were extremely high for exactly the sharp sell-off swing we’re seeing now. Let’s step inside the market as we start the holiday week and pinpoint what’s happening: As I’ve been highlighting on the blog and to Members, this rally [...]

Wednesday Webinar: Five Step Checklist for Finding the Next Hedge Fund Darling Stocks

This should be an interesting, can’t miss webinar! John Carter is providing for us a free webinar entitled “The Five Step Checklist to Find the Next Hedge Fund Darlings!” I’ve seen a preview of the webinar and I’m a big fan of my colleague John’s work so I’ll be attending this one as well! John will be sharing [...]

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