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May 20 Melt Up Market Update and Big Bullish Stock Scan

The market was at risk for a “Melt Up” or “Collapse Higher” today and heated up toward a Melt Up Breakout. Let’s take a look at the current picture and plan the next step: Here’s a snippet from Friday evening’s Premium Member Strategy Report that forecast today’s rally: Thus we’ll officially label our DOMINANT thesis as the breakdown/retracement [...]

Still Planning a Breakout or Reversal in the SP500 Wedge

Is today the day price will break violently higher in a short-squeeze… or else fall back lower within the key price levels of the rising wedge pattern in the S&P 500? With no resolution yet, let’s update our charts and plan, plan, plan: Before jumping into today’s analysis, be sure to check out prior updates on the [...]

Strongest and Weakest Dow Jones Stocks on May 19 Volatile Session

Let’s dig a little deeper to find which stocks are participating with today’s spastic trend in money flow (or short-squeeze bearish stop-losses) and focus on the leading stocks (and avoid the laggards). The Grid below helps us pinpoint Dow Jones leaders and laggards for possible opportunities: The scan above is created with Trade-Ideas, a service I highly, [...]

Level Planning What’s Next for Crude Oil May 19

What’s happening to Crude Oil and what’s the next tradable swing in price? Let’s update our chart and highlight the key pivot point levels and new targets right now. We’ll start with the Daily Chart retracement in motion: I highlighted to Members last weekend the Negative Divergence as price formed reversal candles and was likely to move DOWN [...]

New John Carter Video on How to Find Stocks Before Hedge Funds Get In

I really found John Carter’s new video training interesting and learned a few facts I had never considered before. Hedge funds can propel a low-priced stock higher and John shares a few insights in a new video about what factors often precede these explosive price movements. Money rotates within the stock market and there are methods to [...]

Today’s Strongest and Weakest Dow Stocks Right Now May 18

With the market tilting toward the “Breakout” or “Melt-Up” outcome I highlighted in this morning’s post, let’s dig a little deeper to find which stocks are participating with the bullish money flow (or short-squeeze bearish stop-losses) and focus on the leading stocks (and avoid the laggards). Let’s view the chart below and take it step-by-step (and [...]

Breakout or Bull Trap? A Quick Plan for the SP500 and Dow Now

Right now we’re playing the “Will it really break out or is this just another Bull Trap?” game with our trades and analysis. Let’s step inside the market quickly to view what’s going on underneath the new price highs. Here’s this morning’s S&P 500 futures (@ES) intraday chart at the highs: We’re seeing the @ES Futures (e-mini S&P [...]

What We Thought was a Sideways Range was NOT What We Assumed

Quite simply, what we THOUGHT was a Sideways Range was NOT actually a Sideways Trading Range. What’s changed our thinking and what does it mean about the current state of the coiled stock market? Let’s take a look: First, let’s build off an assumption that we’re challenging. I’d multiple times recently assumed that the S&P 500 was “coiling” or [...]

What is Moving in the Market Today Update and Stock Scan May 15

What’s going on behind the scenes of the stock market today as a possible Bull Trap stuns (or perhaps doesn’t surprise) some traders with a failed breakout and range day? After yesterday’s big trend day session, price couldn’t continue the momentum today and a clear range evolved. Let’s take a look at the current picture plan what [...]

A Quick Way to Chart the Cycles in Volatility

There’s a quick and easy way to chart Volatility and assess whether we’re in a low or high volatility period and what’s likely to happen next in the cycle. Price alternates between periods of High Volatility to Low Volatility and it’s important to adjust your expectations and trading strategies as necessary. Let’s see one of the easiest [...]

Is This the Tradable Breakout in Gold?

Wednesday saw a huge impulse movement for Gold into a key target.  What happens if Gold breaks through the current key target resistance level? Let’s highlight our key levels and plan for the immediate future: A quick look at the Daily Chart shows a recent sideways consolidation between $1,180 and $1,220 where price is now. Note the Fibonacci [...]

Still on Breakout Watch for the SP500

2015 so far has given us two tight range consolidations in the S&P 500 and we’re potentially nearing the end of the second coil. We’re on “Breakout Watch” where “Any Day Now” we can see a possible breakout event. Let’s highlight our key levels and plan for the inevitable future breakout: Price alternates between two phases:  Range Contraction [...]

Revisited – Stepping Inside a Volume Divergence

What happens when price rallies into resistance with declining (diverging) volume? Let’s step inside this situation for clues on how volume can you anticipate a reversal… or at least suspected that ‘things aren’t quite right’ with price. Let’s step inside the Dow Jones Index on the 30 min chart: Price began a large momentum burst on October 28 [...]

Revisiting How to Trade a Simple Bull Flag

One of my favorite intraday patterns is the bull and bear flags. How do you identify and then trade these patterns? Let’s focus just on the bull flag for this post. Why do I like this pattern? It is relatively simple to identify, only uses price (no complex indicators), and the stop-loss along with profit target projections are clear. What [...]

Quick Insights on Volume and Open Interest

Traders frequently combine volume studies with price studies and indicators to gather a larger picture of where prices may be headed in the future. In the futures market, traders can utilize signals from Open Interest in combination with price and volume for and enhanced picture. Open interest for any futures contract, be it index, agricultural, metal, grains, [...]

CME Breaks into Open Air Buy Zone to Continue Strong Uptrend

CME Group (CME) offered traders a breakout buy opportunity as the strong uptrend continued. Shares now enter a “Green Zone” or “Open Air Pocket” which we can see on the Daily Chart. Let’s see the levels, opportunity, and targets available to traders now: The Daily Chart above highlights the $92.00 per share level as the 20/50 EMA Confluence [...]

Join Me Live Wednesday Morning for a Live Trading Challenge at the Money Show Las Vegas

I’m not quite sure what I got myself into but I eagerly accepted a challenge to trade live with Rob Hoffman at the Money Show Las Vegas. Rob and I are friends and colleagues and this will be a friendly competition where we’ll pull back the curtain to discuss our short-term and intraday trading strategies (reason [...]

Short Squeezed Bullish Surging Market Update and Big Stock Scan May 8

The trading range continued which meant that today’s session was another expected bullish surge up away from support (which began Wednesday afternoon) toward the prior high target of 2,120. Believe it or not, the market is doing exactly what it should be doing, at least according to classic analysis. Here’s where we were, where we are, and [...]

Triple US Stock Market Index Chart and Level Update

This morning’s Jobs Report was the catalyst that continued the rally off support as price challenged the underside of new all-time highs. Let’s take a “Triple Index” Perspective of the trend, consolidation, and key levels to highlight right now. We’ll start with the S&P 500: In January, price bounced back and forth between the 2,000 and 2,065 level [...]

Walmart WMT at Critical Support Pivot Planning

Wal-Mart is a component in the Dow Jones Index that is facing a critical support-test of a key level. In simplest terms, traders can enter at key pivot levels as it offers a low-risk opportunity to play a movement away from a key level. In this case, WMT faces a support-shelf test where a breakdown targets one [...]

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