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Are Medical Grade Devices The Next Generation Of Wearables?

19 hours agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

Fitbit Inc. has a market cap of $3.67 billionand leadsthe consumer wearable fitnessmonitoring industry. In addition to the Garmin Forerunner 235, TomTom Spark and Polar M400, there are a number of wearables that measure your heart-rate and map that to your fitness level. But these consumer devices are not medical [...]

Tech Women Triumph: A Stunning Breakthrough For The Internet, And Why Being Yourself Equals Success

19 hours agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

In our monthly news roundup we look at the women who say that being true to yourself is paramount at work, and speak to those who have created stunning tech breakthroughs.

Failed Food Alchemy From Facebook: Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce

21 hours agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

One thing that Julia Child and I have in common is our love of butter.“With enough butter, anything is good," she's quoted as saying, and I couldn’t agree more. Imagine my dismay, then, when a recipe for Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce popped up in my Facebook news feed.

In An Era Of Unlimited Photos What Are We Really Capturing About The World?

21 hours agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

Our modern image-saturated world offers us more memories than ever before, but what are they of and will we remember them?

Activision Has All But Confirmed Next 'Call Of Duty' Setting And 'Modern Warfare' Remaster

21 hours agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

Easter eggs and not-so-subtle tweets have all but confirmed the details of 'Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare' and a 'Modern Warfare' remaster.

Madden 17: How To Make It a Better eSports Game

21 hours agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

VideoHow can EA Sports make Madden 17 an eSports title that's on par with the world's top-tier competitive games? As previous articles have touched on; is it even possible to create an optimal eSports title within a one-year development window? Madden has perhaps the most untapped potential of any game as an [...]

Why Do We Trust GPS More Than We Trust Ourselves?

21 hours agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

Why do we trust billions of dollars of military satellites over the intuition of our own tiny brains?

Ask Ethan: Can We Use Quantum Entanglement To Communicate Faster-Than-Light?

21 hours agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

On one hand, nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. But the collapse of a quantum wavefunction happens instantaneously. What can we learn from that?

Poof, High-Tech Mirror In New Cadillac CT6 Makes Obstructions Disappear

21 hours agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

NEW YORK -- Just in time for picking up the kids from college, here’s a high-tech device that will make all that cargo in the back seat disappear, not to mention your kids. Not really disappear, but it sure looks that way in a new rear-view system from auto mirror supplier [...]

Samsung's Massive New Sensor Won't Challenge The iPhone 7

21 hours agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

Rumour has it that Samsung could be developing a smartphone camera with massive 1/1.7inch type sensor and an equally mind-boggling f/1.4 lens, but don’t expect it to appear in the forthcoming Galaxy Note 6 as it battles with the anticipated iPhone 7 Pro. The Galaxy Note 5 Camera: Samsung Has Big [...]

Apple @ Risk - When the Innovation Engine Sputters, Buy, Buy & Buy Some More

21 hours agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

Apple is at a crossroads. Its innovation engine is sputtering. Sales of its core products are falling. Major investors are worried; some are dumping the stock. Apple should embrace and declare – for the first time – acquisition as its primary innovation strategy. It should also hedge its innovation bets with [...]

What Executive Decision-Makers Want From Data: Emotion

21 hours agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

Charts and tables might not motivate and executive to change a product design, but emotional stories can.

Auto Night Vision Is Much Improved But The Price Is Still Eye Watering

21 hours agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

NEW YORK -- The latest generation of Night Vision from Swedish auto safety-system supplier Autoliv can detect and highlight large animals such as deer, a big real-life improvement over earlier systems, which could pick up pedestrians but not animals. Another big improvement, at least potentially: the company is also working to [...]

Sony To Put A Camera On Your Eyeball

21 hours agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

You probably think cameras couldn’t get much more convenient than the one built into your smartphone, but Sony has just submitted a patent application for a camera small enough to fit within a contact lens worn directly on the human eyeball. It’s actually not the first time we’ve seen a contact [...]

Six Incredible Glow-In-The-Dark Sea Creatures

22 hours agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

Six of the flashiest bioluminescent sea creatures in the ocean

Crytek's 'The Climb' Review: VR Rock Climbing Power Fantasy

22 hours agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

With The Climb, Crytek has taken a throwaway traversal mechanic from games like Uncharted and masterfully turned that into its own compelling and complete VR experience.

How To Use Twitter For Customer Service

22 hours agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

It’s not uncommon for customers to turn to social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others to post their stories, both good and bad. Some companies have done a formidable job of monitoring the comments on these channels, because they recognize the benefit of responding in a timely manner.

Research Links Heavy Facebook And Social Media Usage To Depression

Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File) Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine recently conducted a study about the effects of social media habits on the moods of users. The research determined that the more time young adults use social media, the more likely they [...]

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