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Nest Hackers Will Offer Tool To Keep The Google-Owned Company From Getting Users’ Data

A group of researchers find a security flaw that lets them hack Nest, but they think the security flaw could be used to create better privacy from Nest's corporate data collection.

The Violent Opt-out: The Neo-Luddites Attacking Drones And Google Glass

The original Luddites were worried the machines would take their jobs; the Neo-Luddites fear the machines will steal their privacy.

It Is Idiotic To Hand Out Your Twitter Password To Prove Passwords Are Dead

What happened after a Wall Street Journal writer handed his Twitter password out? The obvious: a lot of people tried to use it.

Are Child Sex-Robots Inevitable?

Robots aren't people and could be used to satisfy deviant sexual desires, but what are the legal and ethical ramifications?

After The Freak-Out Over Facebook’s Emotion Manipulation Study, What Happens Now?

Will there actually be any consequences for Facebook or changes to how consumer research happens?

10 Other Facebook Experiments On Users, Rated On A Highly-Scientific WTF Scale

The emotion contagion study is part of a history of sociological studies run at Facebook that date back to 2008.

Ex-Facebook Data Scientist: Every Facebook User Is Part Of An Experiment At Some Point

Andrew Ledvina, who used to be a data scientist at Facebook, inartfully defends the company's infamous emotion manipulation study.

In The NSA Archive: 800 Pages Of Doomed Lovers’ Emails, Facebook Messages

In which Washington Post reporters read the embarrassing emails and messages hoarded by the NSA and leaked by Edward Snowden.

Venture Capitalist Tim Draper Who Bought All The Silk Road Bitcoin Won’t Say How Much He Paid

Venture capitalist Tim Draper has been talking up Bitcoin for months now. On Friday, he beat out all of the other bidders on 30,000 Silk Road Bitcoin auctioned off by Federal Marshals.

Google Makes Every Person Search In Europe Look Censored

Every person in the world looks like he or she has something to hide when you search for them in a European version of Google.

Sheryl Sandberg Apologizes For Facebook Emotion Manipulation Study… Kind Of

Facebook is not sorry for doing the emotion contagion study. It is sorry that everyone is upset about the fact that it purposely made some users upset a few years ago.

Meet Del Harvey, Twitter’s Troll Patrol

Del Harvey wades through the darkest content on Twitter to decide what's legitimate free expression and what's abuse that gets the ax.

Facebook Is Not As Careless Now As It Was In 2012

Facebook has grown up. The emotion manipulation study is a legacy scandal.

Facebook Added ‘Research’ To User Agreement 4 Months After Emotion Manipulation Study

Facebook didn't actually have permission to do "research" on people when it ran its controversial emotional manipulation study.

Facebook Doesn’t Understand The Fuss About Its Emotion Manipulation Study

In manipulating the emotional tone of users' News Feeds to see how it affected their moods, Facebook researchers shifted the platform from a fishbowl into a petri dish, and it's why people are flipping out about it.

Facebook Manipulated 689,003 Users’ Emotions For Science

Facebook's data scientists manipulated the News Feeds of 689,003 users, filling them with either positive posts or negative posts or posts devoid of sentiment in order to see how it affected their moods.

Facebook Calls Foul On New York D.A.’s Secret Seizure Of 381 Disabled Retirees’ Photos, Likes, Private Messages

Facebook which usually gets grief for reducing the state of privacy in the world has been silently fighting in a New York court for the last year to try to protect it.

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