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Media Assessment – George W. Bush Library Opens – Was Bush Worst 2-Term President Ever?

Recent public opinion polls show former President George W. Bush’s approval ratings improving with the American public. But is there a case to be made that Bush was the worst two-term President ever? Consider the following: Security. More American citizens were killed on US soil (9/11) than under any other president. Debt. Bush tax cuts [...]

Republicans Face A Communication problem with American Voters

The recent GOP autopsy was surprisingly candid about the faults of the Republican Campaign in 2012. Much attention was given to the weaknesses in communication, particularly coming from certain low-quality candidates. As the Republican Party grapples with HOW it communicates, it must also figure out WHAT it wants to communicate. Specifically, the GOP has policy [...]

Top Ten Worst Mitt Romney Political Messages That Made Him Lose The Election

Given how awful Mitt Romney’s messages were during this campaign, it’s amazing he came as close as he did in this election. Campaigns ultimately come down to who has the more compelling message to voters. Here is a distillation of the ten worst messages intentionally put out by the Romney Campaign (and I am mercifully [...]

Obama V Romney, Who Had Better Campaign Messages In 2012?

Both Obama and Romney have done a poor job of communicating a clear and concise message for their campaigns. If Reagan’s 1980 message was “I’ll cut your taxes, strengthen defense and get government off your back” and Clinton’s 1992 message was “I’ll fix the economy, give you health care and create change in Washington,” then [...]

Obama Wins the Third Presidential Debate 52-48 over Romney

Both men “won” their base voters of roughly 45%. Each man appeared intelligent, forceful, Presidential and on-message. Conservatives will be thoroughly convinced that Romney won, as will liberals be convinced that Obama won. That’s why I give each candidate 45 points to start with. So how would the remaining 10% of undecided voters view this [...]

Barack Obama Beat Mitt Romney in the 2nd Presidential Debate, 64-36

I judged the candidates in 5 areas, awarding 20 points in each category. Body Language: Obama 12 points, Romney 8 points. All of the Obama blunders from the first debate were gone. The poor eye contact and verbal tics were eliminated. Romney wasn’t bad, but he didn’t seem as comfortable as Obama. Emotion: Obama 13 [...]

Joe Biden Is Stronger Communicator in VP Debate

Unlike the first Presidential Debate, the Vice Presidential debate had two active, engage opponents who actually showed up. Conservatives who are fans of Paul Ryan should be happy that their man came across as intelligent, articulate, mature and on-message. However, Joe Biden wildly exceed expectations. Biden, who has previously been known for gaffes, was transformed [...]

Mitt Romney’s Secret “47%” video has set a new world record for the number of gaffes in one political speech

Many fair-minded observers have asked "what is the difference between Romney's 47% secret video gaffe and Obama's clinging to 'guns and religion' gaffe of 2008?" That's a fair question. First it's important to know what a gaffe is. There...Show More Summary

10 Rules for Olympic Athletes On Turning Gold Medals Into Real Gold

There are more than 10,000 athletes competing in the 2012 London Olympics. Most will go back to subsistence living or very low paying jobs after the games conclude. Only a handful will be able to parlay short-term athletic success into true long-term financial prosperity. Here are the secrets: 1. Don’t win bronze or silver. Advertisers [...]

101 Tax Return Questions Mitt Romney Must Answer Before This PR Nightmare Goes Away for Him

Mitt Romney has taken a public relations beating for the last two weeks regarding his decision to release only one year of his Federal Income taxes. Romney’s efforts so far at damage control and changing topics have been unsuccessful. Romney does have a temporary reprieve, given the suspension of campaigning due to the Colorado massacre [...]

35 Questions Mitt Romney Must Answer About Bain Capital Before The Issue Can Go Away

Mitt Romney conducted numerous TV and other media interviews yesterday in order to minimize the damage his campaign has received regarding discrepancies surrounding his tenure at Bain. During times of crisis it is often a smart strategy to give virtually unlimited access to the media in order to push out your message aggressively and satisfy [...]

Mayor Cory Booker Scores PR Coup

Mayor Cory Booker has been written off the national Democratic stage after his recent NBC Meet the Press/Bain Capital dust up with the Obama Campaign. Paul Krugman suggested that Booker’s career was finished, at least in terms of higher, national ambitions. But booker is a man of herculean energy and PR abilities. He has again, [...]

Growing CEO Pay Creates PR Problem for Corporate Governance

A new study for The Times reveals that the media pay for the top 200 CEOs is now $14.5 million. This is up 55 in the last year. While any one CEO may be well worth his/her raise, it is a growing political and PR problem for corporate America to be seen as rewarding those at the [...]

How To Build A Professional Broadcast TV Studio For Less Than $2,000

These days, you can build a professional looking and sounding TV studio for Internet video for less than $2000. The video below shows exactly how to do it. The links and info below list the vendors I use. (Please note I receive no compensation from any of these vendors and do not have any direct relationships with them). Cost of [...]

How Can Former Senator John Edwards Rehabilitate His Tarnished Image?

1. Go hide in a cave or a distant island for at least a year. the public needs some time and space to not hear or see anything about John Edwards. 2. Since Edwards is a wealthy man, he doesn’t have to worry about working for a living. he needs to spend his time doing [...]

Dick Clark Dies At 82. What Is His Legacy As A Communicator?

One of the true giants of broadcasting and a staple of everyone’s New Year Eve TV watching, Dick Clark, has died at the age of 82. What is his legacy as a communicator and broadcaster? He spent parts of 7 different decades in front of the camera but you do not remember him broadcaster, actor, [...]

Arby’s Makes Social Media Blunder

According to The Blaze Arby’s is guilty of blocking customers who criticize the fast food chain for dropping its advertising on the Rush Limbaugh Program. Show More Summary

Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn Caught In Messy Situation

When you are the head of any public institution or company you can not mix your personal life, romantic life, and business life unless you want to court trouble. Brian Dunn is learning this the hard way. An executive might be able to survive having an affair, they might even be able to survive playing [...]

George Zimmerman Makes PR Image Blunder in Court

George Zimmerman had his day in court and had the opportunity to make a positive first impression on the public. He has to prepare to win not only in court but also in the court of public opinion. Instead of coming to court clean shaven and putting his best foot forward he showed up with [...]

President Obama: I’m Not Trying To “Redistribute Wealth”

In a speech earlier this week, President Obama said the following: “”So these investments — in things like education and research and health care — they haven’t been made as some grand scheme to redistribute wealth from one group to another…this is not some socialist dream,” President Obama committed a classic communication blunder by repeating [...]

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