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Yahoo’s TV Dreams Are A Real Head-Scratcher

These are strange days we’re living in, when every actor in Hollywood wants to be an angel investor in startups, and every tech company feels like it needs to be making Hollywood-style entertainment.   and are all ramping up their TV programming efforts., whose previous original video offerings have mostly consisted of short-form content, is [...]

What Silicon Valley Thought About ‘Silicon Valley’

After months of anticipation, the geek lords of Silicon Valley finally got the HBO premiere they’ve been waiting for last night: “Game of Thrones,” season four. Kidding! Of course I’m talking about the debut of “Silicon Valley,” the new Mike Judge comedy about a gaggle of charisma-deficient programmers who stumble on a billion-dollar algorithm that [...]

Evernote’s Phil Libin On The Secret To Building A Hundred-Year Startup

If you want to create something that will outlive you, plant an oak tree. Build a suspension bridge. Write an epic poem, maybe. What you shouldn’t do, probably, is start a tech company. In an industry where a billion-dollar businesses come and go with the regularity of new iPhone models, founding one of your own [...]

Mozilla, Silicon Valley Orthodoxy And The Rise Of The PCEO

In the tech industry, talent is king. If you’re a hotshot engineer with the right resume, you can name practically any perk you can think of — deskside massages, gourmet sushi, ski weekends in Tahoe, a ball pit — and chances are some company or other will offer it to you. Now there’s a new status [...]

OkCupid Lifts Firefox Ban After Getting A Lift From It

Willingness to make sacrifices for your principles is all well and good, but when you can take a moral stand and reap a material gain — well, that’s pretty nice, too. That’s what happened to OkCupid in the days since it started asking users to boycott Firefox, the browser made by Mozilla, which just appointed [...]

Lyft Raises $250 Million Series D To Fight The Car Wars

Get ready to see a lot more cars wearing pink mustaches. Lyft, the San Francisco-based ride-sharing service, has raised $250 million in a massive Series D funding round, CEO John Zimmer announced Wednesday on the company’s blog. Participating in the round were existing backers Andreessen Horowitz, Founders Fund and Mayfield as well as newcomers Coatue, [...]

OK Cupid Takes A Stand For Gay Rights, And Against Firefox

The appointment of Proposition 8 supporter Brendan Eich as CEO of Mozilla has provoked howls of dissent within the company’s ranks and on its board of directors. Now the broader tech community has begun to weigh in, starting with OK Cupid. Users of the IAC-owned dating site who access it through Mozilla’s Firefox browser have [...]

Facebook’s Drone Plans Sound Hilariously Ominous

One of the world’s richest men is developing lasers so accurate, they can hit a target the size of a dime from 10 miles away. He’s drone airplanes that will be deployed in unregulated airspace, outside the reach of governments, and giant space satellites that will harvest the energy of the sun. His purpose? To [...]

Instagram Is Already Bigger Than Twitter On Smartphones

This week, dropped the tidbit that Instagram has more than 200 million users, double the user base it had when acquired the photo-sharing service two years ago. With 241 monthly active users worldwide, Twitter still enjoys a modest lead. But in the U.S., on smartphones — the medium through which both services were built to [...]

Feeling Antisocial? Try Split, The App That Helps You Avoid People

The premise of location-based social services like Foursquare, Highlight, Social Radar and Tinder is that we’d all be better off if our phones could help us to have more real-world encounters. But is that necessarily true? There are all sorts of times when the last thing you want is to find yourself face-to-face with certain [...]

Move Over, Glass: With Oculus Acquisition, Facebook Out-Googles Google

There’s not much the founders of disdain more than timid thinking. “Companies are doing the same incremental things they were doing 50 years ago,” CEO said at the TED conference just last week. “That’s not what we need. Especially in technology, we need revolutionary change, not incremental change.” Today, for once, looks pretty darn incremental, [...]

Quora’s First Verified User Is President Barack Obama

Whatever else he’s remembered for, will go down in history as the American president who most  expanded the definition of what constitutes a venue for presidential influence. Sure, played sax on “Arsenio Hall.” But he never appeared on “Between Two Ferns” or did an AMA on Reddit. Today, President Obama adds another one to the [...]

Twitter And YouTube Defy Foreign Censorship As Bloomberg Bows To It

It’s an axiom of economic liberalism that liberty is good for business. Nations that respect freedom of speech, freedom of association, free trade and so on will enjoy a competitive advantage over those that don’t. Flourishing free countries will amass wealth that makes them attractive markets for companies, which shun their poor and politically retrograde [...]

Could Google Glass Make Football Safer? Chris Kluwe Thinks So

Reducing the frequency and severity of injuries, particularly concussions, is priority No. 1 for the NFL right now. Punter Chris Kluwe, who in his playing days was never hesitant to say what he thought the league ought to be doing differently, thinks he might have a solution. At the TED conference in Vancouver this week, [...]

At TED, NSA’s Deputy Director Says ‘President Madison Would’ve Been Proud’

You can’t spell “PRIVACY” without “PR,” and it’s the latter, not the former, that the National Administration has handled poorly, according to its deputy director, Richard Ledgett. Speaking via video link at the conference in Vancouver — two days after the agency’s arch-nemesis, Edward Snowden, did the same — Ledgett acknowledged that the NSA deserves [...]

At TED, Google’s Larry Page Says NSA Spying Threatens Democracy

chairman may be “pretty sure” that Google is keeping its users’ data safe from government snooping, but for CEO, that’s small consolation. In an on-stage Q&A at the conference in Vancouver, Page said he considers the NSA’s far-reaching data collection regime a threat to democracy and an obstacle to technological innovation. “For me, it’s [...]

At TED, Bill Gates Talks About Spending Warren Buffett’s Billions

There are two philanthropy partnerships that dwarf all others when it comes to sheer dollar impact, and makes up one-half of each. At the conference in Vancouver, one of those partnerships, the one comprising Gates and his wife Melinda, talked about the other one, the one he shares with. Gates and Buffett are the [...]

Lyft Lowers Rates For Rides During Low-Demand Times

Call it “lull pricing.” Lyft is taking away one of the chief complaints wielded by surge pricing’s many critics by using the logic behind it to make some rides less expensive for a change. The ride-sharing service calls its new feature Happy Hour. From Lyft’s blog: Here’s how it works. During slower times on the road, [...]

AltSchool Raises $33M To Build The Classroom Of The Future

Think about how much smarter and more responsive the websites you use every day have gotten over the last 20 years. What if the science of educating children improved at a similar rate? AltSchool founder Max Ventilla thinks it could, and now he has $33 million to test out his belief thanks to a massive [...]

Quoting Tweets Is Fine, But Twitter Would Rather Not Say So

Is Twitter like a crowded cafe where anyone might overhear your private conversation but repeating it would be bad manners? Or is it more like a ham radio, where the whole point is you never know who might be listening in? pundits and social media theorists were groping for metaphors last week in a debate [...]

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