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Paula Broadwell: How The Public Shaming Of ‘Other Women’ Ruins Lives

Petraeus "walks on water" and Broadwell's smeared as the lying, cheating vixen who entrapped him. Given the history of U.S. political scandals, whose reputation should we really be worried about?

New Evidence The Gender Achievement Gap Starts In Childhood

In looking at the career aspirations of U.S. professionals as children, it seems that the astounding lack of women in some of the world’s most powerful professions could be explained by their childhood dream jobs.

Birchbox And Brit Kits: Battle Of The DIY Box Sets

Now, now, they’re not entirely the same. One's a DIY-flavored kit from Birchbox, the Queens of the “box” model and the other a kit subscription from Brit+Co's Brit Morin, the Queen of DIY. But there must be something in the crafty twenty-something startup water.

Are Men The Latest Victims Of Media Misrepresentation?

Men don't feel like they're currently being well-represented by the media. Too many skirt-chasing, metrosexual jerks--and not enough well-rounded hard-working good guys.

Hukkster Founders Score $1 Million Seed Round Led By Winklevoss Twins

On Tuesday founders Katie Bell and Erica Finnegan announced a $1 million seed found of investment led by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, citing the twins’ high profile and deep pockets as key differentiators from other courting invest...

Can’t Code? What Every Entrepreneur Must Ask Before Hiring Technical Talent

"Ideas are a dime a dozen," says 20-year tech veteran Debbie Madden. "It's the technical team who can really make a successful company take off." It's no easy task, but these four questions will help you start the process of hiring technical talent.

Did America Just Elect Its First Woman President?

With a record number of women serving in the Senate a new question emerges: has the first female President of the United States already been elected?

Will The Millennial Vote Win The Election Or Just Stay Home?

With so much still riding on the Gen-Y vote, half of all Millennials say it doesn't matter who was elected this cycle because “Washington is broken," and almost three-quarters admitted to not being politically active. With that in mind, will they turn out in the much-needed droves at the polls today?

The Seven Meanest Girls At Work

Laura K. knew she had to get out. An older supervisor on her nursing team had been tormenting her for nearly six months and reporting the aggressive behavior had gotten her nowhere. “It was plain to see she was trying to get me fired,” she recalls. The nurse supervisor berated her performance and appearance in [...]

Latest Poll Shows Women’s Vote Will Deliver Obama Victory

Female voters in critical swing states favor Barack Obama over Mitt Romney in Tuesday’s presidential election by 16 points. As women comprise 52% of the electorate, Democrats are enthusiastic that these XX-votes will deliver the presidency.

Will Election 2012 Be The Next Year Of The Woman?

A record number of women candidates are running for political office this year—18 in the Senate and a staggering 141 in the House—and experts are anticipating the fresh faces of women to deliver a major impact to American politics.

Drybar: How One Woman And A Hair Dryer Became A $20 Million Operation

What's amazing is how a 37-year-old mother of two, has made a $20 million (sales) business out of nothing but hot air. Four years ago she was peddling her services from a 2001 Nissan Xterra. Today, with 23 salons in six states, drybar is styling the hair of more than 50,000 women every month.

Wes Craven’s Favorite Movie Monster

Hannibal Lecter showed me the level of sophistication that can be brought to a horror film. With a character like Lecter, who is articulate and intelligent, you can achieve the satanic level of scare-

The Global Gender Gap Is Closing, But The U.S. Is Still Failing Its Women

The global gender gap--in health, education, economic participation and political empowerment--is narrowing at a glacial pace. what nation is nowhere to be found in the top 20?

Is Television The Best Place For Women In Hollywood?

Nashville creator Callie Khouri says women in television aren't stigmatized for producing "chick-flicks," making it a much more embracing creative landscape than film. A look at the tidal wave of new female-centric programming to co...

The Five Most Critical Questions To Ask If You’re Fired

Your palms are sweating, your heart-rate is high, but your supervisor’s voice is even as she says the words no person ever wants to hear: “We’re going to have to let you go.” Once the air returns to the room, your mind starts swimming with questions—can I make my next mortgage payment? What’s wrong with [...]

The 15 Best Cities For Female Entrepreneurs

While women account for 46% of the workforce, when it comes to starting our own businesses, it’s not news that we’ve got a bit of a handicap. Women don’t just trail men in the number of businesses opened, but in all of the measurable stats: revenues (just 1.8% of female-led firms have revenues of over [...]

Majority Of Americans Would Rather Fire their Boss Than Get A Raise

So much for National Boss’s Day—if this is true, bosses should expect more subterfuge than baked goods in celebration.

Will Buffalo Wild Wings Fly In Dubai?

Flush with domestic success, Buffalo Wild Wings is determined to show the world that spicy chicken is as American as burgers and hot dogs.

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