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Stuck In A Career Rut? Four Ways To Break Out

t various stages of your career, you will get stuck. You feel like you have topped out at your job. You hear No from a dream employer or to your request of your existing employer. You hear Yes and try something new, it doesn’t go as well as expected, and you need to bounce back. Here are four “doors” to try for breaking out of a career rut.

Five Reasons Why Being a Pleaser is Holding You Back

Have you ever been tempted to ignore your agenda in order to keep harmony? Maybe you behaved cooperatively to avoid unwanted attention or being the dissenter on a matter.  Perhaps you dodged using your voice because the potential damage to a relationship was just too great. Whether you engage in these slights to yourself a little [...]

Build A High-Performing Team In 30 Minutes

All leaders want stellar teams, but most find that goal hard to attain. Here's a quick, easy way to get your team to start thinking and acting like a high-performing group.

Four Ways To Assert To Yourself When You’re Dismissed

Have you ever sat in a meeting and felt ignored or utterly unimportant? Perhaps you offered up an idea that someone else seized upon. Maybe you inserted yourself into the conversation but no one gave you their eye contact or their attention. Whether you’re the youngest in the room or the one from a department [...]

How Important Is Your First Impression Really?

We're taught that we only get once chance to make a first impression. But how important are they really? And how do we get a do-over when we make a bad one? Here's what the research says.

Five Reasons Women Should Get MBAs

What’s so wrong with an MBA?  Over the recent years, article after article has explained why the degree is a waste of money and time. The thinking goes, networking with your friends and reading a few books is an easy substitute. What’s more, the article authors note that if you do get your degree, you [...]

The Secret Confidence Booster We All Have

We all possess a secret confidence boosting power: the ability to detach from the outcome and accept what happens. Here's how to tap into it.

Four Ways To Help Emerging Women Self-Promote

Three months into my speaking career, I was elated to secure a speaking gig at a top conference for professional women. I would be addressing my largest audience to date (350 people) and presenting on a topic I’m especially passionate about: how women can negotiate confidently and more often. In short, I was terrified! Thankfully I [...]

Five Things To Check Before You Start Your Own Business

It's easier than ever to start a business, but not so easy to run one. Here are five items to check for yourself before you hang out your shingle.

Five Alternatives To Saying “I Don’t Know”

Nothing can fluster even the most unflappable professional like being asked a question to which they don’t know the answer. Appearing incompetent or uninformed is one thing, but what makes this scenario even worse is when you’re asked the ‘impossible question’ in a group setting. Maybe it’s a group you know well—or maybe it’s a group you’re [...]

Catching Fire On Kickstarter: Eight Insider Tips For Crowd-Funding Success

Back in the day, if you were looking to start a business or creative project, you had to hit up Uncle Bob or the local bank for the first round of funding. Today, though, you can take it to the crowds to get funding for your vision. And Kickstarter, a platform for financing everything from [...]

How to Make Your Mark When You Enter A Team

For most of us, working on projects and deliverables by ourselves is becoming increasingly scarce. We are constantly joining existing teams, forming new ones or otherwise meeting in groups. In fact, studies of managers and knowledge workers reveal that they spend between 25%-80% of their time in meetings, suggesting that “teamwork” is a primary vehicle for the [...]

How To Get Your Confidence Back

We all lose confidence sometimes and have setbacks. Here are five steps you can take to start building your confidence back up.

No-Excuse Leadership Lessons from a Marines Captain

How anyone can lead from the front -- lessons from a U.S. Marines Captain

5 Questions To Help You Define Your Leadership Brand

If you ask someone to describe a person with a compelling brand, they will often struggle initially to explain exactly why that person is so effective. Maybe this is because everything that we do, say, and embody at work creates the brand for which we become known. For some, this is just too heady a [...]

Why You’re Losing Ambition As You Age

If you feel less concerned about getting promoted as you get older, you're not alone. Studies show that as we age, we become less ambitious -- but overall happier.

Why Complaining Is Killing Your Reputation At Work

In one of my first jobs out of school, at a tender 25 years old, I found myself at a firm with no career ladder and a particularly demoralizing, tyrannical boss. Every morning that I walked from my house to that job, I was wretchedly miserable. My one glimmer of happiness was a smart, funny [...]

Why You May Be Terrible At Giving Feedback

Giving positive feedback can be hard enough, not to mention letting someone know what they're doing wrong. Here are five reasons why your feedback approach may not be working.

Six Ways to Stop Overanalyzing & Become More Decisive

Have you ever watched a co-worker over-contemplate and protract a basic decision?  It doesn’t inspire confidence, does it?  If anything, appearing indecisive tends to make us doubt a person.  We may assume our peer is trying to play it safe and protect themselves from risk at any cost.  We may think they lack the grit [...]

Five Communication Traits That Turn People Off

We all fall victim to expressing ourselves in ways that alienate the very people we're trying to impress. Here are five annoying communication traits to avoid.

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