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How to Successfully Rebrand in 5 Easy Steps

Having the right branding is essential for any company or organization. Here are five easy steps to developing and launching your brand.

How To Get Real Buy-In For Your Idea

When it comes to gaining buy-in for your ideas, the way we go about it is generally wrong. If you want your idea to spread in your organization, try these steps to make it happen.

How To Change Your Employee’s Behavior

Managers must help their employees to change and grow, but change is hard to affect in others. If we take the wrong approach, it can backfire. Here are five ways to help drive successful change in your employees.

Four Ways To Challenge Employees To Reach Their Potential

Good managers try to find the balance of challenge and support to encourage their teams to grow and develop. Here are four ways to blend both to get higher performance from others.

The Do-Over: How To Correct A Bad First Impression

We know that first impressions matter, but what do you do when you bomb one? Here are five ways to correct a bad first impression.

Five Trends Driving Workplace Diversity In 2015

Often criticized in the past as well-intentioned but stagnant, corporate diversity departments at major organizations have never been so visible. With yesterday pledging a substantial sum to Code2040, a nonprofit fostering diversityShow More Summary

Seven Types Of Stories Every Leader Should Tell

Leaders know they should tell stories to engage and inspire -- but what kind and when? Use this guide to create your own simple list of leadership stories.

How to Build Credibility as a Young Entrepreneur

Any entrepreneur will tell you that startup life is not for the easily daunted. Rejection, product failures, and isolation are just a few of the tests that many entrepreneurs are put through on a routine basis. Add youth and inexperience to the list of things working against you—and you can see how a startup can […]

Four Ways To Be A Better Listener Today

For leaders, listening skills are critically important and, too often, underdeveloped. Here are four simple ways to improve the way you listen that encourage openness and clarity.

Why Working Mothers Still Aren’t Happy

New research shows that women are still falling short of their career goals -- and differing expectations between husbands and wives may be part of the issue.

Four Ways to Stop Saying “Um” And Other Filler Words

For most professionals, the use of words like “Uh,” “Um” and “So…” can easily get out of control if we’re not conscious of them. These innocent-seeming filler words aren’t an issue when they’re said once or twice in a meeting (in which case they can actually make a person seem more considered), it’s their repetitive […]

Four Benefits Of Aging Frances McDormand Would Love

We often associate aging with decline, but recent studies have shown that as we age we actually gain well-being, creativity, and consistency.

Connection: What We Really Want For Christmas (But Aren’t Getting)

Many people crave authentic connection in their relationships, but do all the wrong things to achieve it. As the holidays approach, here's what you can do to create greater meaning in your relationships.

Five Steps To Ace A Panel Presentation

Professionals are commonly asked to participate in panel discussions, yet most don't maximize the opportunity. Instead of just showing up, here are five ways to make your panel presentation engaging and memorable.

Body Language Rules To Help You Command A Room

If there’s one force that can either sabotage or propel your message, it’s your body. With it, we can signal that we own the stage or that we bring irreplaceable value and importance to a meeting. Conversely, we can communicate through our bodies that we’re not totally bought in to our ideas…or ourselves. With so […]

Six Ways To Avoid Death By PowerPoint

PowerPoint presentations are overused, and too often, boring. Here are six ideas for how to deliver a fantastic presentation without ever putting up a slide.

How To Seek Out And Win Awards (And Why It Matters)

Just last week, a Director at a well-regarded business school explained to me that she couldn’t get female business students to apply for the annual business plan competition.   Despite her encouragement and rallying, she just couldn’t convince more women to enter. As I considered her quandary, I couldn’t help but see this as a problem […]

Fresh Ways Speakers Can Boost Audience Participation

Everyone benefits from an interactive presentation -- speakers and audience members alike. Here are five fresh, unique ways to get, and keep, your audience talking.

How to Have A Thicker Skin for Negative Feedback

Everyone agrees that it’s a smart practice to ask for feedback. Don’t walk through life with blinders on. Show them that you’re proactive. Assume that you always have room to grow. But how do we actually get up the gumption to ask for criticism when deep down, we don’t want to hear the answer in any shape or [...]

When You Work Harder Than Everyone Else

Have a job where you aren't challenged or expected to work hard? Turns out, that can create even more dissatisfaction than overwork. Here's how to get the most out of an easy job, and prepare for the future.

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