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We’re Aswarm In Denial Of Service Attacks And It’s Getting Worse

3 years agoTechnology : Tradigital

Denial of service cyberattacks get few props for their novelty in a field that prizes novelty. Lately, though, they’ve been making up in volume for what they lack in originality. A denial of service (DoS) attack, or DDoS if it’s distributed as in originating from multiple computers, is an attempt to disrupt the operation of a [...]

Racing with Machines: Labor Force Innovation and the New Digital Frontier

4 years agoTechnology : Tradigital

In 1975, the fastest supercomputer cost approximately $5 million at the time and processed at the same speed of today’s $400 iPhone 4, according to a recent McKinsey report on digital technologies. Imagine telling someone in 1975, “In 35 years, you will have a device in your pocket that can call anyone on the planet, [...]

Modems, Romans and Net Neutrality: Two 21st Century Looks At An Old Problem

4 years agoTechnology : Tradigital

If you can identify the screech of a modem audibly exchanging data, it makes you something of an Internet old-timer. But to understand the current controversy about net neutrality, you need to go back further than the days of dial-up. Like to the 1960s, when the concept of a global computer network and key technologies [...]

Red Button Flaw Exposes Major Vulnerability In Millions of Smart TVs

4 years agoTechnology : Tradigital

It’s 9:30 p.m. on a Sunday in New York City. People in their apartments in the Inwood neighborhood of Manhattan have their air-conditioners blasting and don’t hear the slight whirr of the two drones hovering 35 stories in the air outside. They’re on the couch watch Family Guy, Duck Dynasty or the Good Wife on [...]

The Tech Sector Needs More Women; Here’s How You Can Make It Happen

4 years agoTechnology : Tradigital

By Juliet de Baubigny Despite years of widespread discussion and a number of high profile female leaders, most Silicon Valley technology companies remain boys’ clubs. Women remain sparsely represented at venture capital firms, in corporate...Show More Summary

The ComiXology Outrage

4 years agoTechnology : Tradigital

By Gerry Conway, co-creator of The Punisher, Man-Thing, Killer Croc, and many other popular (and not so popular) characters for Marvel and DC Comics. Post originally appeared April 27 on Reprinted with permission. And so, as we could have predicted, Amazon wrecks Comixology. What has it been, less than a month since Jeff Bezos [...]

Dropbox Extends Its Reach Into Business And Your Memories

4 years agoTechnology : Tradigital

File storage and synching service Dropbox announced several new apps and services today, along with an updated user count of 275 million, up from just over 200 million late last year. The fast-growing privately held San Francisco company, which added close to 500 employees since a year ago and has raised gobs of money lately, [...]

Former IBM CEO Sam Palmisano On The New Rules For Global Business Leaders

4 years agoTechnology : Tradigital

[brightcove videoID=3438176241001 playerID=2540257919001] Sam Palmisano had a great run as CEO of IBM from the start of 2003 to the end of 2011. The tech giant shifted investment into growth markets and dumped commodifying hardware (PCs) in favor of services, open-source software and a clever “smarter planet” marketing blanket for it all. Shares rose 125%. [...]

Online Shopping Is Now An Act Of Charity With GiveBackBox

4 years agoTechnology : Tradigital

File this one under brilliant ideas that come from homeless people. Monika Wiela was a rising marketing executive in Poland (she introduced the KitKat bar to the Poles) but decided to try the American Dream and moved to Chicago in 2006. She started her own business exporting shoes back to Poland and in 2012 opened a Web [...]

Why Weird Is The New Normal

4 years agoTechnology : Tradigital

Like all born entrepreneurs, Mike Lazerow likes people, especially weird people. If he had his way, a lot more people would stop being so normal. The founder of social-media marketing firm Buddy Media (which he sold a couple of years ago to for $785 million) believes there’s an especially mean trick being played on [...]

In Final Push For Obamacare Enrollment, It’s Michele’s Turn At Viral Video

4 years agoTechnology : Tradigital

Fresh on the heels of POTUS’ po-mo visit to Zack Galafianakis’s “Between Two Ferns,” the White House and creative agency Droga5 have launched a new online video campaign, “#YourMomCares,” featuring the First Lady and the moms of celebs such as Jonah Hill, Alicia Keys, Adam Levine and Jennifer Lopez, to get more kids covered. Open enrollment [...]

George Takei Takes On SXSW, LGBT Rights And…Broadway?

4 years agoTechnology : Tradigital

George Takei is one awesome dude. While most people his age think social media means reading the newspaper out loud, the 76-year-old Japanese-American actor who played Sulu on the original Star Trek has developed a canny high-low approach to sharing content, building a fan base of 6.5 million on Facebook. He and his husband Gary and their [...]

Jon Favreau On His New Movie ‘Chef’, Rules Out A Tinder-Fueled Swingers Remake

4 years agoTechnology : Tradigital

[brightcove videoID=3323406477001 playerID=2540257919001] Writer-actor-director Jon Favreau (Swingers, Elf, Iron Man and Iron Man 2) premiered his new movie Chef at this week’s SXSW festival in Austin, Tex., In between slinging Cubano sandwiches, Favreau gave us five minutes on his career and approach to filmmaking. The script for Chef came to him in a flash (he says he wrote [...]

Israeli President Shimon Peres Bites Back At Iranian President’s Address At Davos

4 years agoTechnology : Tradigital

Israeli President Shimon Peres responded immediately to the address an hour earlier by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at the World Economic Forum this morning in Davos, Switzerland. Rouhani’s address was full of conciliation, moderation and was described in a New York Times piece this morning as his “application to rejoin the international community.” “I strongly [...]

Davos Dispatch: Richard Branson and The B Team Make Business Case For Human Rights

4 years agoTechnology : Tradigital

FORBES caught up at Davos this week with billionaire Richard Branson, who has completely shifted from profit-seeking serial startup mode to non-stop philanthropy and social change. Branson now spends some 80% of his time on social causes and planet-healing work under the umbrella of Virgin Unite. Examples: His safari preserve in South Africa runs a [...]

Davos Dispatch: Tech Titans On Life-Changing Gadgets And NSA Reform

4 years agoTechnology : Tradigital

Tech titans took the stage on the first morning at the World Economic Forum for a panel focused on changes in the digital landscape: bandwidth, privacy, data and business transformation. The speakers were Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T; Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo; Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce; John Chambers, CEO of Cisco; and Gavin [...]

Download The All-New Forbes Magazine App

4 years agoTechnology : Tradigital

Capitalism has a cleaner look. With the 30 Under 30 issue (Jan 20, 2014), Forbes Magazine created an entirely new app experience. It’s got a cleaner look, bigger words and pictures, and more to clip and share. Working with our mobile developers at MAZ, we added what we think is a unique feature called Stream. [...]

Ford Motor Shows Off Its Latest Car Tech at CES

4 years agoTechnology : Tradigital

We had a chance to sit down with Ford’s chief technical officer Paul Mascarenas at the big CES technology trade show this week, where the U.S. car maker unveiled a few new ideas including a new solar-powered concept car, a Mustang bristling with driver-assist technology and some usability improvements and apps for its Sync infotainment [...]

Sony Unveils The First Portable 4K Camcorder For The Well-Heeled Masses

4 years agoTechnology : Tradigital

One of the more inescapable memes at CES this year is 4K (as it has been for a couple of years). Giant TV sets, laptops and streaming services are all peddling the term, a shorthand for ultra high definition video. 4K just means a screen that is 3840 pixels across with an aspect ratio of 16:9, giving [...]

Let’s Go For A Ride In Traffic With Audi’s Self-Driving Car [Video]

4 years agoTechnology : Tradigital

We were escorted out of the Cosmopolitan Hotel garage in Las Vegas by two Nevada state troopers, who followed our Audi A6 Avant all the way to Interstate 15. Traffic was moving pretty well, which is why we needed the troopers, because we were about to make our own traffic jam at CES to show [...]

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