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White House And Hill GOP Leaders Kill Border Tax, Disclose Few Other Tax Bill Details

In a joint statement today, top Trump aides and Hill GOP leaders killed the border adjustment tax but offer few other details on their big tax plan.

Yes, Killing The ACA’s Investment Tax Now Would Make The Next GOP Tax Bill Easier, Here’s Why

Cutting taxes in a health bill now will make it easier for Hill Republicans to cut more taxes later. Here's why.

The House Budget Panel’s Fiscal Plan Could Open The Door To A Big Tax Bill, If It Survives

Hours after the collapse of the Senate GOP’s health plan, Republicans began to move on, with the House Budget Committee releasing a draft budget resolution. The goal: To make that fiscal plan the vehicle for a major tax measure that could pass Congress with no Democratic votes.

Tax Cuts In McConnell’s Latest Health Plan Are Less Regressive

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's latest health bill keeps two Affordable Care Act taxes on high-income people. That makes the tax pieces of his plan less regressive than the original version.

A Tax Plan Consistent With Trump’s April Outline Could Cut Revenue By Up To $7.8 Trillion

A tax plan consistent with the outline presented by the Trump Administration in April could add as much as $7.8 trillion to the debt over the next decade, mostly benefit the highest income households.

The McConnell Health Plan Would Benefit High-Income Households, Hurt Those With Low Incomes

The Senate GOP leadership's health plan would benefit high-income households, hurt those with low-income, according to a new analysis by the Tax Policy Center and the Urban Institute's Health Policy Center.

House GOP Tax Plan Would Slow Economic Growth, Add Trillions To The Deficit

A new analysis buy the Tax Policy Center finds that the House Republican leadership's tax plan would slow economic growth and add trillions to the deficit.

If The GOP Must Cut Taxes As Part Of Its Health Plan, Why Not Help Middle-Income Households?

Congressional Republicans are aiming to cut about $1 trillion in spending from Medicaid, subsidies for private insurers, and other programs that benefit low- and moderate-income people. Why not target their accompanying tax cuts to those households instead of the rich?

Why The Senate Leadership’s Health Plan Loses Less Tax Revenue Than The House Version

The House health bill and the Senate leadership plan include mostly identical tax cuts. So why does the Senate bill cut taxes by $300 billion less?

The Senate Leadership’s Health Bill Is A Big Tax Cut, Especially For The Top One Percent

The Senate leadership's health bill would cut taxes by $700 billion, with most benefits going to the highest-income households.

The Senate Health Bill’s Tax Changes Look A Lot Like The House Version

The Senate GOP leadership has disclosed its secret health reform plan. The tax provisions look a lot like the House version: Big tax cuts that benefit mostly the rich.

Despite Ryan’s Call For “Transformational Tax Reform,” Core Issues Remain Unresolved

House Speaker Paul Ryan calls for a major tax bill this year, but provides few new details. He and the White House will have to address seven major issues before they can pass a bill.

The Day Tax Reform Died

House Ways & Means Chair Kevin Brady has signaled retreat on two issues critical to reform, drastically lowering the already slim odds that the House would come up with any substantive legislation.

Flake’s Alpaca Attack Misses The Real Problem With The Tax Code

Sen. Flake is generating buzz with an attack on alpaca tax shelters and other easily mocked special interest tax breaks, but by federal budget standards, it's loose change in the sofa cushions. It'd be better if Congress focused on these bigger problems with the tax code.

The Great Kansas Tax Cut Experiment Crashes And Burns

Just as President Trump is ramping up his push for a major tax cut, the Kansas legislature has repealed many the steep tax cuts introduced under Gov. Brownback that were seen as a model for Trump's fiscal agenda.

GOP Advocates Foreign Aid For Alternative Energy — And Trump Approves

House Resolution 244, the Omnibus Appropriations Bill that President Trump signed in May keeps the U.S. government open through September 30, 2017. It also provides record funding for low-carbon technologies in some of the world’s poorest nations.

Why Repealing The State And Local Tax Deduction Is So Hard

If they want to enact deep tax cuts and keep the fiscal ship afloat, the GOP needs some revenue-raising ideas. The politics of repealing one attractive target, the state and local tax deduction, show why it's rough sledding.

For Trump’s Budget To Make Sense, You Need A Can Opener

The Trump administration's claims about its 2018 spending proposal only hang together thanks to that hypothetical kitchen device, a big dose of supply side economics, and a black box the size of an aircraft hanger.

Who Would Benefit From A Tax Cut On Partnerships And Other Pass-Throughs?

President Trump would cut tax rates to 15% on partnerships and other pass-through businesses. Such a proposal could reduce revenue by up to $2 trillion and mostly benefit the highest-income 1% of households.

Caught Again By The AMT

Like many of the five million tax filers who must pay the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), I am trapped. I wrote a big check to the IRS last month, but that’s not what bothers me. I don’t like having to calculate my taxes twice with two sets of complex tax rules.

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