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For Trump’s Budget To Make Sense, You Need A Can Opener

The Trump administration's claims about its 2018 spending proposal only hang together thanks to that hypothetical kitchen device, a big dose of supply side economics, and a black box the size of an aircraft hanger.

Who Would Benefit From A Tax Cut On Partnerships And Other Pass-Throughs?

President Trump would cut tax rates to 15% on partnerships and other pass-through businesses. Such a proposal could reduce revenue by up to $2 trillion and mostly benefit the highest-income 1% of households.

Caught Again By The AMT

Like many of the five million tax filers who must pay the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), I am trapped. I wrote a big check to the IRS last month, but that’s not what bothers me. I don’t like having to calculate my taxes twice with two sets of complex tax rules.

Trump Didn’t Disclose His Preferred Tax Brackets. Here’s Why It Matters

President Trump proposed three new tax rates, but he didn't say who would pay each of those rates. It matters, a lot.

Don’t Forget The Tax Cuts In The House Health Bill

Everyone is focusing on what the House health plan means for insurance. But the net effect of its tax provisions would be a tax increase for the lowest-income households averaging $10 in 2022 and an average tax cut of $207,000 for the top 0.1 percent.

What Would A Refundable Child Care Credit Mean?

Trump's child care proposal during the campaign would deliver 70 percent of benefits to families with income of at least $100,000. Making the child and dependent care tax credit (CDCTC) refundable would be a step in the direction, but would not create tax-benefit parity with high-income families.

Back To The Future: Why The U.S. Needs A Light Turboprop Attack Aircraft

Throwback. Backwards. Illogical. That's how some describe an emerging Air Force initiative to field light attack aircraft. Powered by a turboprop engine, and looking remarkably like their forebears from World War II, the concept nonetheless promises to meet an urgent need that jet fighters cannot.

What Team Trump Didn’t Tell Us About His Tax Plan

President Trump's one-page tax outline raises more questions than it answers.

Trump’s Tax Plan: We’ve Seen This Before, And It Doesn’t Make Any More Sense Now

The president did a masterful job creating a sense of drama, ordering his staff to get a plan done by today, The result appears to be mostly a cut-and-paste job of his last campaign proposal onto White House stationary. The plan would add trillions in debt, and it's likely DOA in Congress.

Cracking Down On Tax Credits Won’t Pay For A Border Wall

Attorney General Jeff Sessions suggested a southern border wall could be paid for by reducing erroneously issued tax credits to “mostly Mexicans.” He's wrong. The credits in question are not being issued improperly; there is no evidence that Mexicans are recipients of the erroneous credits.

A 15-Percent Corporate Tax Rate Could Create An Enormous Tax Shelter

President Trump’s tax reform announcement tomorrow reportedly will include a 20 percentage point cut in the top corporate income tax rate— from 35 percent to 15 percent. It could be part of a thoughtful reform, but, by itself, it would create a gigantic loophole for high-income individuals.

If The Government Shuts Down, Your Tax Refund May Be Shut Down As Well

If the government shuts down, IRS employees will likely be furloughed, which by one estimate could freeze roughly $8 billion in refunds owed to 2.5 million families, some of whom may be depending on the money to pay bills or fund big purchases.

The Public Does Not Seem To Be Clamoring For A Tax Cut

New polls show that most Americans are relatively satisfied with their federal income taxes. What will that mean for a 2017 tax bill?

President Trump’s Ever-Evolving Views On International Taxes

Donald Trump's views on taxing cross-border transactions are ever-evolving. His most recent comments add to the confusion.

Is The Public Ready To Get On Board Tax Reform? Not So Much.

Will the public ever get engaged in the 2017 tax debate? Nope, at least if they follow past history.

What’s Happened To The ACA Penalty Tax?

With less than two weeks to go before Americans must file their 2016 federal income tax returns, those who didn’t have required health insurance coverage last year have a decision to make: Do they report their lack of coverage and pay a penalty or ignore the law and blow off the tax.

The White House’s (Very Brief) Flirtation With A Market-Based Solution To Climate Change

The White House briefly considered a carbon tax to go along with its repeal of climate change regulations. Too bad it backed off, it might have been a good idea.

The GOP’s Internal Battle Over Tax Credits Versus Tax Deductions

Republicans are fighting among themselves over tax credits versus tax deductions. But how are they different?

Does Learning About Taxes Change People’s Views About Tax Fairness?

A new study finds that people's attitudes about taxes change when they learn new information about law. It even changes their view about whether their own taxes are fair.

No, Tax Reform Is Not Going To Be Easier Than Replacing ObamaCare

White House aides are saying tax reform will be easier than remaking health care. Hah. There's a good reason why a major rewrite of the tax code has not happened for more than three decades. And here are eight more as to why true tax reform will be an even tougher climb now.

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