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8 Warnings To Congress On Business Tax Reform

America’s business tax system is needlessly complex and economically harmful. Meaningful reforms create winners and losers. And you likely hear more complaints from the latter than praise from the former. At the risk of adding to it, my testimony makes eight points about business tax reform.

A Plan To Radically Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit

Two Democratic lawmakers are leading the way to fundamentally restructure the EITC, shifting it from a program primarily aimed at helping low-income working families with children to a wage subsidy for even middle-income workers.

An Experiment: How Low Could Tax Rates Go If Congress Eliminated All Tax Expenditures?

Could President Trump and congressional Republicans cut tax rates as much as they say without adding to the deficit? They could in theory -- but only by axing every single individual tax break and nearly every business tax preferenc...

Tax Reform Is Hard: State And Local Tax Deduction As Case In Point

The itemized deduction for state and local taxes is often called a blue state tax break and is on the short list for revenue raisers. Repeal is great in theory, but influential high-income voters in both parties benefit from the tax break. It's an example of why revenue neutral tax reform is hard.

Increasing The Child Tax Credit For Young Children

President Trump and lawmakers such as Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) agree the child tax credit could be improved. New analysis from the Tax Policy Center shows one option: an additional $1,000 young child tax credit (YCTC) for children under age 5.

Trump Wraps Tax Legislation In Patriotism and Populism, But Offers Few Details

President Trump made a populist pitch for a tax bill today, but said very little about what he wanted it to include. The details, he suggested, would be up to Congress.

Caveat Emptor: Beware Of Fake Tax Reform

Beware of multiple gimmicks in the coming tax plan. All of them are aimed at making a tax cut look like it will lose less revenue than it really would.

Did The ACA Tax Kill Demand For Indoor Tanning? It’s Complicated.

Demand for indoor tanning has fallen sharply since the Affordable Care Act's tanning tax passed in 2010. But is the tax responsible?

Trump’s Zero-Sum Choice: A Wall Or A Tax Cut

In Phoenix, President Trump promised a border wall and a big tax cut. He won't get both and unless he decides which is really his priority he may not get either.

Good Question, President Trump: Should Online Platforms Collect Sales Tax For Third-Party Sellers?

Trump’s criticism of Amazon over Internet sales taxes may just be the result of his ongoing feud with CEO Jeff Bezos over the Washington Post's political coverage, but he's waded into a very interesting issue.

The 3-2-1 on economic growth: Hope for 3, plan for 2, pray it isn’t 1

When mainstream forecasters consult their crystal balls, they typically see real economic growth around 2 percent annually over the next decade. When President Trump looks in his glowing orb, he sees a happier answer: 3 percent. But could our economy really grow that fast?

A Tax Credit to Give Middle-Class Workers a Raise

The anxieties of the middle class won't be solved with small "poll tested" incremental policy ideas. Instead of the safe, boring "Better Deal," Democrats should propose to address the lingering failure of the market to pay many workers a decent wage.

The Deep Gulf Between Democrats And Republicans Over Tax Legislation

Senate Democrats have reached out to say they want to deal on a tax bill. Here are the vast gaps between the two sides on policy and process that would need to be bridged.

White House And Hill GOP Leaders Kill Border Tax, Disclose Few Other Tax Bill Details

In a joint statement today, top Trump aides and Hill GOP leaders killed the border adjustment tax but offer few other details on their big tax plan.

Yes, Killing The ACA’s Investment Tax Now Would Make The Next GOP Tax Bill Easier, Here’s Why

Cutting taxes in a health bill now will make it easier for Hill Republicans to cut more taxes later. Here's why.

The House Budget Panel’s Fiscal Plan Could Open The Door To A Big Tax Bill, If It Survives

Hours after the collapse of the Senate GOP’s health plan, Republicans began to move on, with the House Budget Committee releasing a draft budget resolution. The goal: To make that fiscal plan the vehicle for a major tax measure that could pass Congress with no Democratic votes.

Tax Cuts In McConnell’s Latest Health Plan Are Less Regressive

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's latest health bill keeps two Affordable Care Act taxes on high-income people. That makes the tax pieces of his plan less regressive than the original version.

A Tax Plan Consistent With Trump’s April Outline Could Cut Revenue By Up To $7.8 Trillion

A tax plan consistent with the outline presented by the Trump Administration in April could add as much as $7.8 trillion to the debt over the next decade, mostly benefit the highest income households.

The McConnell Health Plan Would Benefit High-Income Households, Hurt Those With Low Incomes

The Senate GOP leadership's health plan would benefit high-income households, hurt those with low-income, according to a new analysis by the Tax Policy Center and the Urban Institute's Health Policy Center.

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