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The Fiscal Disarmament Of President Trump and the GOP

Big tax cuts and big new spending mean big deficits and will disarm Washington when the next recession comes.

The Senseless $15 Billion Tax Giveaway Buried In The Budget Deal

Congress may restore dozens of special-interest tax breaks as part of its massive budget deal. Giving away $15 billion to subsidize activity that has already occurred is a terrible idea.

Starving The Beast? The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act Seems To Be Feeding It

Despite the fervent wishes of some conservatives and the great fears of some liberals, the "starve-the-beast" theory of government is flawed. Tax cuts don't lead to spending reductions.

Full Text: President Trump’s State Of The Union Address

President Trump looks back on his first year in office and lays out his goals on immigration reform, infrastructure and health care.

The New Tax Law’s Really, Really Big Postcard

Supporters of the new tax law say you'll be able to file on a postcard. But the law appears to eliminate fewer than a half-dozen lines on the Form 1040 that now has 98 lines and boxes.

The Downmarketing Of Tax Shelters

The new tax bill is turning Americans into a nation of tax shelter hunters.

The IRS’ Private Debt Collection Program Once Again Looks Like A Failure

For the third time in recent years, Congress has required the IRS to turn some back taxes over to private firms for collections. An oversight report shows the agency has spent three times more on the program than the firms are collecting and remitting to the Treasury.

21 Million Taxpayers Will Stop Taking Charitable Deductions Under The New Tax Law

The new law is likely to reduce charitable giving by somewhere in the neighborhood of 5%. And those gifts will come from fewer--and richer--givers.

How The Tax Bill Got Smaller and Less Regressive

The new tax bill is a big tax cut for business and high-income households. But it is much smaller and less regressive than earlier versions.

The 2017 Lump Of Coal Award: Tax Cuts And Jobs Act Edition

TaxVox presents its annual award for the worst tax policy ideas of the year. There are a lot to choose from in the tax overhaul the Republicans just rushed through Congress, but one stands out as particularly egregious.

What The Tax Bill’s Curbs On The SALT Deduction Would Mean For Itemizers

By capping the state and local tax (SALT) deduction, the new tax bill will raise taxes by $36 billion in 2018 and shift 3.5 million households to the standard deduction.

Did The GOP Just Open The Door To A Carbon Tax In 2025?

Congress is about to pass a sweeping tax overhaul, but key elements of the bill all but guarantee that lawmakers will have to rewrite the tax code again in a few short years -- and find ways to raise revenue.

Congress Would Cut Taxes By An Average of $1,600 in 2018, Mostly BenefitThose Making $300,000-Plus

Most households would get a tax cut in 2018 under the new tax bill, but the highest income households would do best.

The Final Tax Bill Falls Far Short Of President Trump’s Campaign Promises

Congress is about to approve the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, but it falls far short of President Trump's promises.

The Senate’s Tax Bill Would Cut Taxes Three Times More For Business Owners Than Workers

The Senate version of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would cut taxes much more for business owners than for workers making the same income.

The Senate’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Would Do Little For Families with Children

The Senate version of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act provides minimal-and temporary-assistance to low- and moderate-income families with children. Since almost all of the individual provisions of the TCJA expire after 2025, many families with children would owe more under the TCJA than under current law.

Tax Cut And Jobs Act’s Phase-Ins, Phase-Outs And Sunsets Do Not Make A Pretty Picture

The Senate version of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is full of delayed effective dates, early repeals and phase-outs. It won't make the tax code any simpler.

7 Take-Aways From Senate’s Tax Cuts And Jobs Act

The Senate's tax bill is big and complicated. To understand it, just focus on seven key elements.

Despite Changes, Senate Tax Cut Still Mostly Benefits Business and High-Income Households

The Senate made lots of changes before it passed its version of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. But the bill looks the same as it did when it got the the floor: It is mostly a tax cut for businesses and high-income households, attached to a much smaller cut for low- and middle-income households

The Senate Finance Panel’s Tax Cut Would Generate Little Economic Growth

An analysis by the Tax Policy Center shows the Senate Finance Committee tax bill would generate little economic growth, nor would it come close to paying for itself.

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