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The 8 Biggest Mistakes Language Learner’s Make (And How to Fix Them!)

Get a fast pass, and avoid the mistakes I share in this article… Today I’m launching a new series of six language hacking guides to help people learn languages the fast way. The guides cover French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese and English. Show More Summary

Italian: Imperfect Tense Language Hacks

This is an extract from my new language hackers’ guide, Why Italian is Easy. Want to hack Italian so you can learn it fast? Find out more at the end of this post. Confused by the past tenses in Italian? There are two main ways to talk...Show More Summary

Why Chinese is Easy: The Smart Way to Learn Chinese Tones

Tones. A huge issue people have when learning Chinese is the fact that it’s a tonal language. Let’s start with the bad news. If you don’t get tones down well, it will be really hard for native Mandarin speakers to understand you. Now for the good news. Show More Summary

What’s it like to start learning a language?: Lauren’s 6 Week Update

I’ve now been studying Russian for 2 hours a day for 6 weeks. In some ways, I can’t believe it’s already been 6 weeks. In other ways, I can’t believe it’s only been 6 weeks! I’m so pleased that I’m able to actually communicate in myShow More Summary

How to Use a Memory Palace to Boost Your Vocabulary

The clever use of mnemonics is something I talk about a lot when I try to get beginner language learners into acquiring new words quickly. It’s vastly superior to the “rote learning” technique we tend to use in school. That’s why I’m...Show More Summary

Learn to Speak Persian: Your Complete Guide

Not to be one to neglect languages that don’t get so much exposure (regardless of number of speakers), I wanted to invite someone to give us a detailed overview of Persian, how to learn it, and why it’s easier than you think it is. Show More Summary

LOL International: Txt Spk Around the World

LOL was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2011. Even so, some of us struggle to understand text speak in our own language. The British Prime Minister David Cameron somehow believed LOL meant “lots of love”. Being fluent in a language is all about fitting in. Show More Summary

Learn Better Pronunciation While Speaking Your Native Language

I’ve written about what you can do if you are trying to practise a foreign language and the person you speak to wants to use English with you, and even what to do when they are really pushing it, but sometimes you can’t avoid havingShow More Summary

Lauren’s One Month Russian Update

How much of a new language can you learn in a month if you only study about 2 hours a day? It’s been a month since I started learning Russian, and I’m amazed at how quickly my brain and mentality have adapted to becoming a language learner. Show More Summary

How to Remember Difficult English Spellings

This article is an extract from my forthcoming guide, Why English is Easy. Sign up to my email list (at the end of this article), and you’ll be the first to know when the guide is launched. Do you struggle with English spelling? You’re not alone. Show More Summary

Why French Is Easy: How to Understand Spoken French

Learning French can be easy, fun, and fast. Though it took me a while to discover that. French was the third language I tried to learn, after Spanish and Italian. You would think that by the time I got to French, things would have been easy and I’d breeze through the language in no time. Show More Summary

HelloTalk App Review: Chat with Native Speakers on Your Smartphone

HelloTalk is a cool new language learning app that serves one purpose: it connects you directly with native speakers, and provides an interface to text and speak with them, all from your smartphone. There are websites out there thatShow More Summary

Essential Lessons from 2 Weeks of Fast, Intense Russian Learning

Two weeks into Lauren’s Russian in 3 Months mission, it’s time for her first update. She is on a mission to reach a conversational level of Russian by teaching herself, without any formal classes. In this article she’ll share the exact...Show More Summary

A Year Without Speaking English

I’m extremely proud to share this guest post by my friend Scott Young, who challenged himself to spend a year learning four new languages through total immersion along with his friend Vat. Their rule for the year: no English. Scott and...Show More Summary

“I’ll Do It Tomorrow” – Solving 3 Mindtraps that Make You Put Off Language Learning

You just spent a few hours studying your target language, and you’re feeling great. You’re feeling like you can do this. You’ve got a routine planned. You’ve got it all mapped out. But a day goes by. Then two days. And you haven’t gotten back to your language practice. Show More Summary

Bad Day? Try These 21 Crushing Curse Words in 6 Languages

This is an R-rated post. If you’d prefer something more family friendly about unusual words in other languages, you’ll likely enjoy our post on endearments from around the world. Rough day? There’s nothing like the satisfaction of throwing down a hearty swear word. Show More Summary

New Mission: Russian in 3 Months

As you might already know, my partner Lauren is learning Russian. But she’s been making slow progress. Why? I suspect it’s because something really important has been missing from her project… A deadline. That changes today. We’ve decided...Show More Summary

77 Weird and Romantic Names for the International Lover

Have you ever wanted to woo a lover with your prowess in languages? What better way than by giving them a very special name from another part of the world. Around the world and across languages, people express their love in different, imaginative and sometimes – to our English speaking minds – strange ways. Show More Summary

What English is Missing: 5 Features from Other Languages that ‘We’ Should Borrow

When it comes to expressing the world around us and communicating our thoughts to other people, language has a pretty tough task, and sometimes our words can be pretty flawed at getting the job done. But some languages use different tactics from others to solve communication problems. Show More Summary

Stories from India: Life at Palolem beach and the Taj

I just arrived in Melbourne, Australia after spending the last month and a half in India, and the last several months in Asia in general – mostly in more “rugged’ environments like Chiang Mai, Bali, and most recently Palolem beach in Goa. Show More Summary

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