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The 5-second rule of language learning

Feelings play a much bigger role in language learning than they’re given credit for. This isn’t something that’s often talked about, so let me clear the air and say it straight up: Whether you succeed (or fail) at learning a new language...Show More Summary

Old English Writing: A History of the Old English Alphabet

Can you read Old English writing? Here's a sample: Nu scylun hergan hefaenricaes uard metudæs maecti end his modgidanc uerc uuldurfadur sue he uundra gihuaes eci dryctin or astelidæ Those are the first few lines of Cædmon's Hymn, a 7th-Century poem generally considered to be the oldest surviving work of English literature. Show More Summary

French Exercises Online: 12+ Exercises to Improve Your French Language Skills

French is one of the most popular languages to learn. So there are plenty of French exercises online. In fact, the Internet is practically bursting with courses, lessons and exercises for improving your French. There are so many, that...Show More Summary

30 Ways to Start a German Conversation

You’ve decided you want to learn German and you’re going to start speaking from day one. This is great news! The next question is, how do you start a German conversation? If you studied language while at school, chances are that your learning consisted of reading page after page from a textbook. Show More Summary

Teach Me German: A Step-by-Step Guide to Your First Month Learning German

You’ve decided you want to learn German. Sehr gut! With its absurdly long words and unusual grammar structure, learning German can seem a daunting task. I disagree. I believe German is a good choice for a foreign language for many reasons. Show More Summary

How Learning a Language Helped Me Overcome Postpartum Depression

People told me how to prepare for pregnancy and childbirth—what supplements to take, what foods to avoid, what exercises to do, how to breathe during delivery, and so forth. But nobody talked to me about what can come after having aShow More Summary

Christmas Food Traditions Around the World

When it comes to the winter holidays, food traditions are an important part the celebrations in countries around the world, even if the foods are different from country to country. (Likewise, Santa is different too, depending on where you live). You might indulge in mince pies, or perhaps ham is more your style. Show More Summary

Learn a Language By Reading: 5 Easy-to-Follow Steps

Are you tired of learning a new language’s vocabulary from boring lists and sentence structure from dry grammar books? Do you want to get that excitement and interest you had when you first wanted to learn that foreign language back? The...Show More Summary

Study Spanish: 10 Methods to Learn Fluent Spanish

"What’s the best method to study Spanish?" Spanish was the first language I learned to a conversational level, so I get this question a lot. People often want a magic bullet - what's the one best method or technique to get the Spanish...Show More Summary

Less Commonly Taught Languages: How to Find Resources

Finding online resources and courses for less commonly taught languages can be tricky - I know from experience. A couple of years ago, I developed an interest in the music of the Baltics. Then, in the summer of 2016, I was awarded a Fulbright grant to study the music of Latvia. Show More Summary

LingQ Review: An Honest, In-Depth Review of the LingQ Language Learning Tool

What is LingQ and how does it work? In this LingQ review I’ll give my honest opinion of LingQ, and we’ll look at how you can use LingQ to learn a language. What is LingQ? LingQ (pronounced "link") is a language learning website created by Steve Kaufmann that provides a wealth of audio and written content. Show More Summary

Spanish Accent Marks: The Ultimate Guide

Spanish accents can be confusing - and I'm not just talking about the way they pronounce things in Chile. What about the written accent marks that go above Spanish letters? In Spanish, accent marks are important. More often than not,...Show More Summary

Spanish Numbers: How to Count from 1 – 1,000+ in Spanish

Would you like to know about Spanish numbers, and how to count from 1-100 in Spanish? In this article I share everything you need to know about Spanish numbers. I cover what the Spanish numbers are, shortcuts for how to learn them, and some bonus stuff like their etymologies. Spanish Numbers from 0-100 Let's start with the basics. Show More Summary

23 Fun German Interjections: from Ätsch to Igitt!

How can you express happiness in German? What is the right replacement for ‘damn’ when you’re speaking German? How can you say ‘ouch’ like a German would? The answer is to use German interjections. Learning a new language is always a challenge: you have to keep in mind so many new rules and words. Show More Summary

New Course: The Language Gym from Fluent in 3 Months

I'm excited to launch my new course, The Language Gym. It's been a long time in the making! I’ll share more about what’s inside this new course below, but first I wanted to say how I created The Language Gym. How I Created The Language...Show More Summary

Black Friday Mega-Deals for Language Learners!

Welcome to the the home of Black Friday deals for language learners. This year is our biggest ever -- we’ve got deals of up to 99% off for 40+ languages. Here are the best of the best deals on excellent language-learning resources worthy...Show More Summary

Messed Up Learning Spanish… and Now I Speak Chinese

“I’ll never learn Chinese. Spanish was hard enough for me and that’s an easy language. Learning Chinese would be impossible.” I felt defeated by my attempts to learn Spanish. I had just come home to Michigan after three years of living in Latin America. Show More Summary

What are the Most Spoken Languages in the World?

What are the most spoken languages in the world? This question isn't as simple as it may seem. There are a few complications that make it hard to give a precise answer: First of all, what do you mean by spoken? Do you want to rank languages...Show More Summary

German for Kids: 12 Helpful Online Resources to Teach Your Children German

Kids absorb new languages like a sponge. But how easy is it to teach your child German? And what are some good German resources to help? Here’s something good to know: An early start with languages can bring with it many benefits and...Show More Summary

10 Ways to Use YouTube as a Language Learning Tool

YouTube is an amazing tool for learning languages. That’s one of the reasons I have my own YouTube channel. In fact, I started posting videos on YouTube before I started this blog. Some of the videos were even in other languages! There’s only one problem with YouTube…there’s just so much there! The amount of content on YouTube is mind-boggling. Show More Summary

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