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Foreign to Familiar: How to “Language Proof” Your Immediate Environment

Sometimes, when you’re surrounded by a new language it can overwhelm your capacity to pick up new things. It’s almost too much newness, and you just draw a line. Everything from the toothpaste to the billboards to the TV is filled by...Show More Summary

Conversation Exchange: How an Online Language Buddy Took Me from Fear of Speaking to Confident Conversations

This is my story of how I found an online language buddy for a conversation exchange, which took me from feeling terrified of speaking a new language to having real conversations in that language. My heart was pounding when I received...Show More Summary

Is “Learning from Mistakes” Really a Thing? Here’s What the Science Says…

“Did I really just say that?” That’s the question I was asking myself as I was chatting to my future Italian mother-in-law over dinner. I had meant to say è palese, “it’s obvious”, but I actually said è palloso, which means “it’s effing...Show More Summary

35 Free Online Korean Language Classes and Resources

Learning Korean doesn’t have to empty your pockets. But it can be tricky to find the right resources that work for you on a budget. There are countless resources online that teach you Korean. The only problem is how do you know which...Show More Summary

16 Free Online Portuguese Language Classes

Are you learning Portuguese, and you want to find the best free online Portuguese language lessons? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve searched far and wide to find a variety of quality, fun, and free resources to boost your Portuguese...Show More Summary

How to Find a Language Exchange Partner

What is a language exchange partner - and what’s the best way to find one? In this article, I’ll answer both these questions to help you understand what language exchanges can do for you, where to find language exchange partners, and...Show More Summary

Fluent in 3 Months: All Language Missions

So you'd like to see my Fluent in 3 Months language missions? You've come to the right place! I set up Fluent in 3 Months to share language hacking tips and to tell the real, gritty stories of how language hacking works for me. For over...Show More Summary

The Amazing Moment Speaking German Finally Clicked [Mission Complete!]

I never thought I’d make it. Yet here I am, one month later, at the end of my One Month Without English language mission. It’s a day that felt so far away but at the same time came around so quickly. I know the question you’re dyingShow More Summary

16 Must-Know Words and Phrases For Any Language

What are the basic phrases you need to know when travelling? Often, native English speakers believe that everyone speaks English. So when they travel, they don’t bother learning the language of the place they’re visiting. After all, it’s fine to get by in English, right? Well, maybe. Show More Summary

Cultural Immersion: How Learning 20 Basic Phrases Transformed My Travel Experience

For ages I’ve recognised, at least in theory, that learning even just a small handful sentences in a new language can take you a long way on a holiday, and give you a unique experience of cultural immersion. I really enjoyed readingShow More Summary

Learning a Third Language: An In-Depth Guide

I know lots of people who speak their second language at a very good level, and yet hesitate to jump into learning a third language. Why is this? Well, some people are perfectly happy stopping at one foreign language. That was their goal, and they reached it. Show More Summary

Assimil Review: An Honest Look at the Assimil Language Learning System

Assimil is a dialogue based learning course popular amongst language learners. This is clearly illustrated by the 4+ star reviews on Amazon for the majority of the available courses. Assimil has a range of courses available in a variety of languages, but is geared primarily towards French speakers. Show More Summary

Nerves, Tears and a Breakthrough: 2 Weeks Without Speaking English [Mission Update]

What’s it really like giving up your mother tongue? If you’ve read my last update you’ll know that I gave up speaking English for 30 days to focus on only speaking German. My goal was to reach the B2 level by the time the Cologne Carnival came around. As I write this, I’m in the midst of that challenge. Show More Summary

Sentence Stretchers: An Easy Way to Sound More Fluent in Your Target Language

Most beginner language learners I know are keen to pick up new vocabulary, so they’re ready for real conversations in their new language. And it’s true that learning a wide variety of vocabulary is essential to having conversations about...Show More Summary

International Greetings: How to Say “Hello” in 29 Languages

What’s the first word you learn in any language? “Hello”, of course! “Hello” is the way you’ll meet new people, make new friends, and start conversations. Even if you’re not aiming for fluency in a language, just learning this one little...Show More Summary

CEFR Levels: What They Are, Why They Matter, and How to Test Yourself

CEFR levels: what are they? And do they matter? In the language-learning community, we often hear other learners throw around certain terms when they’re talking about their level in a language. “I speak German at a B1 level” or “I’mShow More Summary

New Mission: One Month Without English!

Have you ever reached a plateau in your language learning that you just couldn’t break through? I did. It didn’t matter how many German lessons I took. How many Skype calls I made. Or, how many grammar books I read. I just couldn’t get...Show More Summary

12 Fun Grammar Games to Help You Learn a Language

Grammar. To many people, the word is almost synonymous with "boredom". Does that make "grammar games" a contradiction? I'm going to say not. More on that in a moment. True, the average grammar book is more useful as a cure for insomnia...Show More Summary

German Noun Genders: Hacks to Learn them Faster

Learning German? You’re going to notice one major difference between English and German grammar right away: German noun genders. All German nouns are one of three genders: masculine, feminine or neutral. For someone who is just starting...Show More Summary

Review: The Michel Thomas Method for Language Learning

The Michel Thomas Method is a popular approach in language learning, with a range of language courses available for beginners. British newspaper The Times has called the Michel Thomas Method “The nearest thing to painless learning.”Show More Summary

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