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10 Simple Games and Exercises to Practise Your Vietnamese Skills

In the summer of 2015, a Vietnamese production company asked me if I would be the main character on a new TV show. My own TV show? This was a dream come true! The show’s name is “Funny English Class”, or “L?p Ti?ng Anh Vui V?". It’s show aimed at children ages 4-8. Show More Summary

91 of the Best Movies and TV Shows from Around the World

Foreign language movies are a fantastic way to learn a language. They’re not just entertaining, but they expose you to authentic usage of your target language, help you with listening practice, and give you an inside view of anotherShow More Summary

10 Good Reasons to Learn French

When I was thirteen years old, I finally graduated from the “kids’” table at my family outings. This was a huge deal to me. I was so excited for the privilege of sitting next to my cool, older cousins at dinner. Things were going great, until one night when it came time to order dessert. Show More Summary

How to Create an Abundance Mindset in Your Language Learning

Are you stuck with your language learning (or in life) and can’t see a way forward? What if I told you that the solution you need is already there if only you’re brave and open enough to reach out for it? What if I told you that there’s no such thing as being stuck or not good enough? Well, that’s what I’m about to tell you. Show More Summary

How to Stop Being Shy (and Start Learning a Language)

If you’re anything like me - incredibly shy - then I’d make a firm bet that most of the language learning advice you’ve read online sets off at least mild anxiety. How many times have you heard this when you run a Google search for how...Show More Summary

How to Get a Dream Job Overseas Using Your Language Skills

“If you want the job it’s yours.” I couldn’t believe it. After teaching English for a few years in China I’d been offered a job as a cultural liaison. I’d be working at an international design and manufacturing company in China, using...Show More Summary

German Games and Exercises: 8 Fun & Simple Ways to Practise Your German Skills

A big mistake new language learners make is sticking to one method of study. You may feel you need to go out and buy the most expensive textbook or online course and focus your attention only on that. Restrict yourself to one learning method, and you run the risk of getting bored. Show More Summary

How to Organise a Working Holiday Abroad (Have Fun, Learn a Language, Get Paid)

Want to travel more, work from anywhere, and live your dream lifestyle? Check out the Paradise Pack for an incredible 90% discount on over $2,500 of resources to help you do just that. After studying French for over a decade, I still couldn’t speak it. I started studying French when I was eight years old. Show More Summary

The Productive Language Learner: How I Transformed my Phone into a Productivity Diva

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by everything that needs addressing in your life, day after day? If your answer is a resounding YES, then let me tell you – I empathise! Between work commitments, money managing, keeping your health in order and an ever-demanding social calendar, it can be difficult to achieve some sense of balance. Show More Summary

5 Reasons to “Fail Fast, Fail Often” in Your Language Learning

When you look back over your life, what stands out? I’m guessing it’s your achievements. Those small (and big!) successes that lead us to the bigger triumphs. Here’s the rub: by focusing on success, we gloss over our failures. Aren’t those important, too? I think failure is really important. Show More Summary

How I Learned Spanish in 4 Months (Without Leaving India)

India doesn't have a foreign-language culture. This is at odds with the fact that most Indians are trilingual, if not polyglots. The reason for this paradox is simple: India has over 50 languages of its own and most Indians rarely feel...Show More Summary

The 4 Stages of Language Learning (And What to Do at Each Stage)

I was reading through a Spanish novel recently when all of sudden it dawned on me. I had read three pages in a row without having to look up a word. Years earlier, reading in my target language was the most painful exercise I could imagine. Show More Summary

How Yoga Can Make You a Better Language Learner

I took a friend of mine to my yoga studio last week. When we walked out of the classroom, I asked him what he thought of the class. He could barely talk. “That was the hardest thing I’ve done in the last year.” I shrugged my shoulders. Show More Summary

Thai Practice: 10 Simple Games and Exercises to Improve your Thai Skills

Thailand’s a favourite destination for vacations and world travellers. So it’s little wonder that that language is proving popular too. The jump in popularity of Thai as a foreign language has led to an explosion of fun games and exercise...Show More Summary

Why Most Indians Can Speak Multiple Languages Like a Dream

Picture India in your mind’s eye and you will mostly likely see the following: Lots of colour. Narrow lanes. Unimaginable traffic. Spicy food. Thousands of cuisines. Seven-star hotels. Slums next to them. Religious processions. Stunningly beautiful temples. Show More Summary

8 Spanish TV Commercials (Great for Spanish Learners)

Getting bored with learning how to speak Spanish? Variety is the spice of life. And if you’re getting bored with Spanish, variety is the key to smashing that boredom and keeping Spanish fresh. Study Spanish with the same textbook (or...Show More Summary

16 Free Online Italian Language Lessons

Think learning how speak Italian means breaking the bank? Think again. The internet is teeming with Italian language lessons that cost nothing. The only problem? Some of these no cost resources are good-quality, but others, not so much. Not to worry. Show More Summary

The Modern Guide to Language Learning

Greetings, dear friend! I do hope this letter finds you well. Last time we met, you expressed an interest in learning a language. I agree that this would be of benefit to any man willing to broaden his cultural horizons. You shared with me your fears and concerns. Show More Summary

How to Use Tinder as a Language Learning Tool

I used Tinder for two years, before I met my boyfriend. As a shiftworker, I worked odd hours and thought the app would be a good way to meet people - in my hometown of Sydney, Australia and as an expat in both Doha, Qatar and London,...Show More Summary

10 German Songs to Help You Learn German Faster

German is one of the first languages I ever learnt (at school in Ireland and later in Berlin). It remains one of my favourite languages. That said, I remember well how frustrating German could be. How I had to wrap my head around German...Show More Summary

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