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orbital operations

My friend and mentor, Warren Ellis, is an award-winning writer, and incredible human. I am grateful and incredibly lucky to have him in my life. Warren’s been writing and sending […]

The March Reboot Check-In That Happened In April

I had this epiphany at the beginning of September: This thing that I’m doing? This series of choices I make every day? It isn’t working. I don’t like the way […]

Flash Friday

Flash Fiction, that is, you filthy animals. This is another one from my dumb Tumblr thing, based on another neat work of sci-fi art I reblogged. Jace looked up from […]

Life is too short to be Voldemort

My talk to Miami University went very well, and there were way more adults (like, old people like me adults, not college-aged adults) than I expected. Turns out I was […]

I’m not terrified to speak to a bunch of college students. You’re terrified to speak to a bunch of college students.

I’m in Ohio for 24ish hours, because I’m giving a talk at Miami University later today. I’ve given talks at conventions over the years, and some of them have even […]

Remake Culture is the Worst (except when it isn’t)

I posted a thing on my dumb Tumblr thing about how awful the Stallone Judge Dredd movie was, and a lot of people asked me if I’d seen the 2012 […]

fun with writing prompts

I’ve started doing this thing on my dumb Tumblr thing where I take a picture from one of the blogs I follow, and use it to inspire a little bit […]

I do not have time to be sick, so of course I am.

It was Thursday night, and I was at a gathering of nerds that I host with Bill Prady and Felicia Day. A lot of my favorite people were there (that’s […]

demons worry when the wizard is near

Still tired, and the pollen plus wind minus humidity has given me a headache that refuses to go away … but I’m better than I was. If you’re one of […]

so distorted and thin

I have a really great life. I don’t struggle to pay my bills, I get to do what I love for my job, I have an amazing wife who is […]

Fuck Daylight Saving Time

I fucking hate Daylight Saving Time. I know that it’s just an hour, but it really fucks up my brain. I already have a tough time sleeping, and something about […]

Did you know I have a podcast?

There must be, like, fives of people out there who would want to listen to this podcast that I occasionally do, and I they don’t even know it exists! Well, […]

worth one thousand words

This kid who sat next to me though much of elementary school (thanks, alphabetization!) could draw anything. He could look at something, pick up a pencil, and recreate it on […]

The February Reboot Check-in That Happened in March

I’m really not good at titles, you guys. So it’s time to check in on my life reboot, and see how I’m doing. As I did last time, I’ll grave […]

Launch A Thousand Ships

One more thing: Guest writer Will Hindmarch didn’t take the opportunity to share this post last week, while Wil Wheaton was on a boat, but here it is now, revised and shared […]

reach the beach

We had five minutes to get back to the ship, and we were at least ten minutes away. I began making plans to spend at least one night in St. […]

the machine can dream

Because of my headphones, I can’t hear the sound my feet make when they hit the pavement, but my brain imagines a thumping sound that I can feel as it […]

I am no longer on a boat (despite what my inner ear thinks).

One of the primary reasons I got a waterproof point-n-shoot camera was so I could do stupid stuff like this: Before I write anything here at all, I need to […]

An Episode Guide for TIME LORD, Season 1, Starring Wil Wheaton

Please welcome Will Hindmarch back to WWdN! He’s sharing this special guest post with us while Wil Wheaton is at sea. This is a thank-you note to Wil Wheaton for sharing […]

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