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I’m doing actual writing today, so here’s a picture of Marlowe.

While I was out for a run day before yesterday, I finally broke the story I’ve been wanting to write for ages. So now that the hard part is finished, […]

that kinda lux just ain’t for us

Anne and I went to Las Vegas on Sunday for our friends Matt and Doree’s wedding. We got dressed up like fancy adults, spent an evening with people we love, […]

stay awhile and listen

I’m hosting Blizzcon next month, so a big part of my preparation — my job, which is still kind of hard to believe — is to play as much Blizzard […]

Hello, world.

When I was a kid, I had an Atari 400. I spent hours sitting in front of that thing, copying programs from magazines and running the games I’d made from […]

got a photograph, picture of

I have a Canon 70D, and I love it. I’ve invested in some great lenses, including a 16-35 and 17-55 at 2.8, an 8mm fisheye, and a 60mm macro. It […]

a family photo, of sorts

When I bought my first house, I wasn’t entirely sure how to decorate it. I’d lived in apartments for years, and didn’t have much experience beyond posters from movies and […]

This is why I support a SAG-AFTRA strike authorization for video games — and it isn’t about money.

I’m getting yelled at by people on Twitter because I support my union (SAG-AFTRA)’s efforts to negotiate a better contract for voice performers like myself who perform in video games. […]

it pays my way and it corrodes my soul

I’m home from a vacation that I desperately needed, and in twenty minutes, I’m going straight to work on something that I love. It feels weird to not post stuff […]

A Guide To Being A Dog, by Seamus Wheaton, is now an actual book that you can own.

Poking my head up from my break to share this, because I think it’s awesome… Some of you  know that I and and I have a non-profit foundation that raises money for organizations like NAMI, Planned Parenthood, and others. This month, as we do every September, we’re doing a fundraiser for the Pasadena Humane Society. Show More Summary

ctrl + ] send brk

I’m taking a little bit of a break from everything, so here’s Marlowe to put a little awwwwww in your day.

stuff i like that you may like

From the most recent Radio Free Burrito’s show notes:   This show’s theme music is Blank Space, by Taylor Swift. The videos for Style and Wildest Dreams are so good. Tove Lo’s Queen of the Clouds is the first pop concept album I think I’ve ever heard. I did not expect to love the Mocking … Continue reading stuff i like that you may like ?

tears in rain

I walked out of the loading dock, through a cloud of rotting garbage, and into the alleyway behind the theater. A curtain of rain fell between me and my destination, a little over a block away. “Do you want to wait here, while I get you an umbrella?” Liz, the producer from Wizards of the … Continue reading tears in rain ?

a little more deep dreaming

I’ve been playing with Google’s Deep Dream a little bit. I like the way these two images turned out: This rose came from an original photograph I saw on Reddit. I like how it looks like a rose with maybe some pepper or something in it when you look at a small thumbnail, but when … Continue reading a little more deep dreaming ?

Another August 23rd

August 23rd is the official birthday of Wil Wheaton dot Net, which went live on this day way back in 2001, in all its ugly hand-coded glory. I didn’t know then that this blog would change my life, begin a new career for me as a writer, and eventually give me a second act in … Continue reading Another August 23rd ?

Tabletop Submission Criteria

While I was at GenCon meeting with game publishers, I learned that a longtime friend who I completely trusted to be a liaison between me (and Tabletop) and game publishers was abusing and betraying that trust in the worst way. AmongShow More Summary

Tiki Tilt

Anne likes Mai Tais, and I like making things — especially things that my wife likes — so I’ve been learning how to make tropical drinks from the golden age of the American Tiki restaurant. My guide to all of this has been Jeff “Beachbum” Berry, specifically his books Beachbum Berry Reloaded and Potions of … Continue reading Tiki Tilt ?

this is not how this week was supposed to go down

Me: I’m going to get some words down on this story I’ve been developing for months! My brain: Okay. Let’s do this. My body: Not so fast. I have to cough so much all of our muscles are going to hurt. Me: Okay. You done? My body: Not just yet. I also have to sort … Continue reading this is not how this week was supposed to go down ?

summer colds are the worst

Just in time for me to commit to spending my August working on my own projects and recovering from months and months of endless work, I seem to have come down with some sort of summer cold. Because of course I did. Anyway, I’ll complain about it for a day or two, and then I’ll … Continue reading summer colds are the worst ?

you must remember this

Earlier this year, I became completely hooked on the podcast Serial. I wasn’t alone, as it rocketed to the top of the charts in every podcast directory, and became A Thing for about three months. Ever since it ended, I’ve been looking for something to pick up where it left off, in terms of pacing, … Continue reading you must remember this ?

this needs a title but i can’t think of a title so it’s just an aside without a title

I feel like years and years of hard work has allowed me the privilege to take this time for my own work, say no to projects or things I don’t really want to do, and focus on getting excited and making things. So the plan has been toShow More Summary

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