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This is an incredible honor.

My performance of Ready Player One has been named one of the ten best narrator and audiobook pairings of all time on Goodreads!  

nothing up my sleeve

I’ve loved magic since I was a little kid — In fact, I still have some of the magic-show-in-a-box sets that my aunt Val gave me when I was growing up — and I always wanted to be a member at the Magic Castle, but I couldn’t, because I wasn’t a real magician. Recently, though, … Continue reading nothing up my sleeve ?

there were errors

The entire purpose of this post is to get the error warning off the top of my blog. Apparently, this theme doesn’t like whatever was going on with the photo I posted yesterday.

I made this from a picture I took while we were on vacation in 2008.

I made this from a picture I took while we were on vacation in 2008. If you want to see it in all its 3072×2304 glory, you can click on the image. It is, like everything I publish, CC-BY-NC-SA.

begin transmission:

Lots of work to finish today before I have lots of work this week. I don’t feel particularly inspired to write a thing, so here’s a list of things that may be relevant to your interests: I’ve been making some Not A Radio Free Burritos. This may interest some of you. Wilco has a new … Continue reading begin transmission: ?

the unbearable lightness of sleeping

I wrote this on my Facebook thing yesterday: I’ve been trying to get myself on a sleep schedule that is consistent with the rest of humanity in my timezone. This isn’t easy, because my brain naturally wants to sleep between 2am and 10am, and has been that way pretty much my whole life. But in … Continue reading the unbearable lightness of sleeping ?

Today’s Conversations with Creators is Dedicated to Satoru Iwata

Today’s Conversations with Creators features a conversation with Naughty Dog, who you assuredly know brought us legendary games like Uncharted and The Last of Us (which as it turns out is in my top five games of all time). I’m particularly...Show More Summary

Take Care of Yourself

“Take care of yourselves, watch the people around you carefully, and cordon off the ones who are toxic, so that the universe can decontaminate them for you through exposure and death.” -Warren Ellis This is always very good advice (I’ve written some version of it myself at various times), but it’s especially poignant for me … Continue reading Take Care of Yourself ?

in my head

Today, I got to do something that is so amazing and unexpected, I can’t believe it was real … and I have to keep all the details of it a total secret for a very long time. That seems to be the story of my life these days. I’m not complaining, but everything I work … Continue reading in my head ?

please stand by

I need a break, so I’m on vacation, but if you want to see something new that I did, check out TV Crimes with Wil Wheaton and Mikey Neumann.

HopCon is coming!

It’s become an annual San Diego Comicon tradition: HopCon, at Stone Brewing’s Liberty Station. We release W00tstout, have a big old party, and tap a bunch of rare kegs and interesting casks for fans of great beer to enjoy … and the whole thing is a fundraiser for The Hero Initiative! This year, something special … Continue reading HopCon is coming! ?

Five gold and a party!

So this is happening… You can get yours at the DFTBA Records store.

chewin’ gum for something to do

Chapter 3 of Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana is online, like, RIGHT NOW. The Beer Baron and Keg-E bid farewell to the party after considerable celebration and revelry. In an attempt to learn more about their mysterious orb, the group heads to Nestora in search of Farkiah the Antiquarian. Show More Summary

The joy of reading RPG books

I came across this fantastic article at The Guardian about RPG books as, well, books (as opposed to game manuals). “By putting aside simple narrative storytelling and replacing it with detailed description, the RPG offers the total immersion in an imaginary world so valued by geek readers. Show More Summary


I’m terrible at mornings. As long as I can remember (and according to my mother, even when I was a baby) I was a nite owl who preferred to go to sleep at 2, and wake up at 10. For whatever reason, that’s the way I’m wired. When my kids were little and the whole … Continue reading Fore! ?

critical failure

For months, whenever I visit gaming sites I care about, someone is laying into me about Tabletop. Things like, “He doesn’t care about the fans” and “He took everyone’s money and didn’t spend it on the show” and “Nobody who is a real gamer takes this show seriously” or “I hate Tabletop because [thing someone … Continue reading critical failure ?

Titansgrave: Chapter Two

Here’s the second episode of Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana. Join Aankia (Hank Green), Kiliel (Alison Haislip), Lemley (Laura Bailey), and S’Lethkk (Yuri Lowenthal) in the second installment of Titansgrave: Ashes of Valkana. When we last saw our heroes, the beer had been saved and celebrations had ensued. Show More Summary

Tabletop, Kingdom Builder, and Screwing Up the Rules

There’s a new Tabletop today, with Paul Scheer, me, Yuri Lowenthal, and Tara Platt. We played a game called Kingdom Builder, and we had a lot of fun when we did it. We also completely screwed up the rules. For I think the 10th time this season. I am furious, I am embarrassed, and I … Continue reading Tabletop, Kingdom Builder, and Screwing Up the Rules ?

Games (still) Matter

I’ve been playing a lot of video games for work (I can’t say exactly what, but I should be able to pretty soon), so in addition to being late to the party on Journey, I’m also late to the party on God of War (I know. I know.). These games couldn’t be more different, but … Continue reading Games (still) Matter ?

TITANSGRAVE: The Old Chaotic Neutral

So I really loved that Leonard Balsera came up with some cool beer names for the Beer Baron in episode one of Titansgrave. It appears that the Internet agrees with me, and a lot of folks have asked me if we’re going to release a homebrew recipe for The Old Chaotic Neutral. I would love … Continue reading TITANSGRAVE: The Old Chaotic Neutral ?

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