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worst. theme. ever.

I really hate this theme, but I broke Twenty Fourteen when I upgraded WordPress, and I don’t have time to fix it at the moment. So, for now at least, enjoy the ugly.

from w00tstock 1.0

We’re doing a lot of organizing, here at Castle Wheaton, and I came across this document, which is going into an archive of work-related things that are important to me, cleverly called “Wil’s Presidential Library”. This is the intro I wrote for one of the very first w00tstocks that we did here in Los Angeles: […]

there were loose threads…

Nearly ten years ago, when I was struggling to get any kind of meaningful on-camera work, and it looked like my once-promising acting career was going to be traded in for a writing career, I got a call to audition for a show called Wired Science. It was the kind of show that, today, would […]

some random bullshit

I’m having a moderately better day than I was yesterday. I’m not entirely back to my normal self, but the crushing, suffocating, relentless pressure around my chest seems to have relaxed quite a bit, which is nice. I have a few things to share today, so here we go: Congratulations to my dear friend and […]

I could call out when the going gets tough

Today is, by every objective measure, a good day. I was privileged to speak via the Internet with a group of college students across the country about leadership qualities, and even though I was mostly terrified (talking to young people makes me feel old faster than anything else), I thought I mostly did not suck. […]

ceci n’est pas une blog

This isn’t one of those posts about not posting, except that it kind of is. A couple of nights ago, Anne and I were sitting on the couch, Seamus between us, watching Modern Family. A fire in our fireplace warmed our living room, and both of our cats, who were stretched out in front of […]

the adventures of non-judgmental ninja

Last night, I was texting with a friend, and my phone’s autocorrect tried to change “non-judgmental” into “ninja”. I told Twitter that I felt pretty bad about not letting it make the change. Then I got a stupid idea to create a character called the non-judgmental ninja, and this happened: Yes, I spelled “non-judgmental” wrong […]

it’s little me, in a pair of commercials from the 80s!

r/ObscureMedia is one of my very favorite subreddits, and while I was looking at it today (as a tiny puppy we’re fostering slept on my lap), I saw this Star Wars figure commercial that Redditor RidleyScottTowels posted. I commented that I’d done a Star Wars figure commercial when I was a kid, and holy shit […]

upon us all, a little rain must fall

It’s finally raining in Los Angeles, the first real and meaningful rain we’ve had this year. Our local news will be wall to wall with breathless coverage of STORMWATCH!!!! or whatever they’re calling it this time, the roads will be even more congested by incompetent drivers than usual, and no matter how much rain falls […]

world of wootcrap and a new shirt.woot

Today, I’m playing in World of Wootcrap. I’m on team Santa Sedition. Here’s a link to the livestream, which is pretty silly: Also, I did a new shirt.woot shirt with my friend Joel Watson, the Tabletop Owlbears: And, because it’s a magical day, woot is also offering everything I’ve done with them, in a big […]

Forbidden Desert, on Tabletop

This week on Tabletop, Alan Tudyk, Jon Heder, and Felicia Day join me for a cooperative game that’s devilishly hard, Forbidden Desert! A couple of notes for you all, before I get back to preparing for this afternoon’s bacchanal, starting with a comment on r/boardgames, with my reply: > You move the tiles according to […]

this post has no title

Yesterday, I went up to our new Geek and Sundry offices, and watched the current cuts of three Tabletop episodes, so I could offer notes and suggestions to our editors as they take hours of raw footage and turn it into the show. I was reminded, again, how much our show is actually made in […]

Tabletop’s RPG Show

This is one of those “write it now so I can refer to it later” posts, because this is a FAQ. A Redditor asked: Still excited about the RPG show, any idea when we’ll be hearing any news on that front? I responded: We’re in preproduction right now. I’ve designed the fundamental pillars of the […]

for my fellow pibble owners…

We have officially reached that time of year where it’s cool enough at night for my dogs to activate “DAD WE NEED TO SLEEP UNDER THE COVERS OKAY” mode.

Tokaido Gag Reel and Nerdist News

Our gag reel for Tokaido is out: And I visited Jessica Chobot at the new and awesome studios that we now share with Nerdist, to do a silly Best Worst segment for Nerdist news: I give great thumbnail face, you guys.

Be careful — I almost got fooled by malware

I’ve been around long enough to recognize malware when I see it, and I still take lots of precautions to ensure that something doesn’t sneak by (I use OpenDNS, Web of Trust, NoScript, and Ghostery, for example) but a few moments ago, I was almost tricked by a malware site, and if it could happen […]

Sticky post: Quarterly

Quarterly is a pretty neat idea: a little box of stuff will be curated by a person you choose, and four times a year (quarterly – get it?) a new box will show up in your mailbox. You can get stuff from awesome people like Bill Nye, Timothy Ferris, and Book Riot. Last week, Quarterly […]

I know that I can be broken.

I’m recording an audiobook today and tomorrow, in a small studio up in the valley where I work fairly regularly. Everyone there knows me, and it’s comforting and sort of grounding to go to work in a familiar place, even though I’m working on entirely different books whenever I’m there. Today, I finished the first […]

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