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Weighing Aspirations, Trump Argues for Increased Defense Spending

The post-Cold War ‘military industrial complex’ isn’t applicable to today’s terrorist enemies During President Trump’s recent address to Congress, he said we must add $54 billion of spending to the defense budget in order to bolster the nation’s defense capabilities. Considering the $1 trillion in defense sequestration during the Obama years, this number may be […]

Media Fairness Caucus Newsletter – March 28, 2017

Read the March 28, 2017 issue (PDF) of the Media Fairness Caucus newsletter.

A Fake Bill to Promote Fake News

The answer is that RT didn’t become a problem for the liberals and the Democrats until they perceived that Moscow’s agents had deserted their cause, and that the Russian angle could be used for partisan political purposes against Republicans.

Fox News Rides Trump Interest to Top of Cable Ratings

Normally, in the year after a presidential election, interest in news wanes and ratings of the major cable news networks drop sharply as viewers return to pre-election viewing habits. That’s not the case this year as viewers have stayed tuned to Fox News, CNN and MSNBC in order to follow the ups and downs of the […]

Media Skeptical of Trump’s Reversal of Obama’s Coal and Climate Rules

The liberal media, hardly a fan of President Trump and his policies, criticized the administration for reversing anti-coal energy regulations and quoted skeptics, economists and environmentalists, who said that the move may not bring many jobs back to the coal industry. They did admit that Trump was fulfilling a campaign promise, so you have to […]

Women’s March Organizer: Participants were Selfish, Didn’t March for People of Color

One of the organizers of the anti-Trump Women’s March on Washington, Tamika Mallory, took issue with the alleged selfishness of those who marched in Washington, D.C. The University of Pennsylvania hosted Mallory recently, and the school newspaper quoted Mallory as saying the following: “They didn’t show up for Sandra Bland, they didn’t show up for Eric Garner,” […]

NBC News: DNC Chair Asked for Resignations of Entire Staff at ‘Embattled DNC’

Per NBC News and their DNC sources, this is routine for campaign organizations such as the Democratic National Committee. Under the new leadership of former Obama cabinet secretary Tom Perez, all DNC staffers will submit a letter of resignation and then be interviewed by DNC upper-level management to determine the future structure of the DNC. […]

Democrats Ask GAO to Investigate Security Costs of Trump’s Trips to Mar-a-Lago

Per CNN, the GAO will look at whether security vetted those at the Trump resort in Mar-a-Lago resort and other issues: The scope of the inquiry will include how classified information is protected at the private club, what type of security measures are taken to screen “individuals with access to Mar-a-Lago” and what measures are […]

CBS News: Change.Org Petition to Push Melania Trump to Move to the White House is Newsworthy

A petition is newsworthy? It’s entertaining, but to feature it on the CBS News homepage… sounds a bit too much, doesn’t it? The petition has at least 100,000 people who have signed it, which is to push for the First Lady Melania Trump to move from Trump Tower in New York City to the […]

Shocking? Utah Helps People Move Upward from Poverty

Megan McArdle at Bloomberg wanted to find out why the state of Utah happens to have the highest income mobility metric in the nation for the likelihood of moving from the lowest quintile of income to the richest: 10.8% (by comparison, Charlotte, North Carolina has the statistic of 4%). She mentioned how most of the legwork […]

Georgetown University and Radical Islamists: It’s a Family Affair

Georgetown University’s Qatar campus is set to host Sami Al-Arian for a lecture tonight in Doha. According to a news release from the school’s Middle Eastern Studies Student Association, Al-Arian is a “civil rights activist” who hopes to challenge students to “make it a better, and more equitable and peaceful world.” Those are charitable descriptions […]

When Ted Koppel Was a Serious Thinker

I remember the days when Ted Koppel, then with ABC News and host of “Nightline,” would cover serious matters and treat his conservative critics with respect.

Former Obama Press Secretary Josh Earnest Joins NBC News, MSNBC as Political Analyst

Josh Earnest, who served as White House Press Secretary for the last 2 1/2 years of Barack Obama’s presidency, has joined NBC News and MSNBC as a political analyst, according to an announcement from the networks on Monday. “With his wealth of experience and insight, Josh will be a great addition to our roster of […]

‘Trump Bump’: Oh, Now the Liberal Media Cares?

Since Donald Trump’s Election Night victory over Hillary Clinton, the stock market has seen a “Trump bump,” or stock prices going up ever since his election. The liberal media did not cover the “Trump bump” as much as other news, based on our research. This week, some liberal media headlines pointed out the stock market bump […]

CNN: Conservative Media is Fractured over Trump

CNN, hardly a source of neutral, fair or balanced news reporting and punditry, took a shot at the conservative media. Some of the news organizations named are LifeZette, Wall Street Journal, The Weekly Standard, but CNN saved most of its criticism for Fox News (a chief competitor and one that CNN has not come close […]

Liberal Media Continues Assault on North Carolina’s ‘Bathroom Bill’

The Associated Press released a report that projected significant economic costs to the state of North Carolina, as a result of the state passing House Bill 2, which the liberal media called the “bathroom bill.” The projections, albeit ten years in the future, are still only projections. The bill ensured that public bathroom access is […]

Ted Koppel Blamed Sean Hannity for Polarizing American Voters

Ted Koppel, who is not known to be a neutral journalist and is a part of the old guard, liberal legacy establishment media, criticized Fox News host Sean Hannity over how he runs his TV program. Specifically, Koppel blamed the likes of Hannity for increasing polarization among the American people by prioritizing ideology and opinion […]

Liberal Media Heralds ‘Fearless Girl’ Statue Sticking Around Longer

Apparently, the liberal media wants to focus on a statue of a young girl, standing across from the famous Wall Street bull. This is newsworthy? Here’s what the liberal media said: NBC News: ‘Fearless Girl’ statue will face off Wall Street bull for another year ABC News: NYC Mayor: ‘Fearless Girl’ statue can stay through […]

The UN’s Palestinian-Women Shakedown Racket

Another day, another anti-Israel resolution at the United Nations — this one dressed up in the faux trappings of an assist to Palestinian women. What this resolution really amounts to is one more reason for America to stop funding the UN. Lest that sound overwrought, let’s peer into the UN boudoir whence came this resolution, […]

CNN’s Stelter Criticizes Fox News for Covering Rockville Rape Case, While Ignoring Another Crime [Video]

CNN’s Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter criticized Fox News on Sunday for covering the case of an alleged rape in Rockville, MD committed by two illegal aliens, while ignoring another crime with Maryland ties. The other crime centered around an alleged white supremacist who drove to New York and attacked and killed a 66-year-old black […]

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