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NYT Reporter Hit With Sexual Assault Allegations

Glenn Thrush, the New York Times writer who became a political punchline during the 2016 campaign for his ethical reporting lapses, has been accused of sexual harassment. Thrush, who moved to the Times from Politico in December, was accused of trading on a mentor relationship with younger female colleagues to push for sexual contact, Vox […]

The Atlantic: Trump Voters Have One Thing In Common

You may not be aware of it, but if you voted for Donald Trump for president it is because you are a racist.  That’s the upshot of a 10,000-word essay in The Atlantic by Adam Serwer, a senior editor. It is positively Kafka-esque. If you don’t think you are a racist, that only proves you […]

Hillary Clinton Critical of Fox News, Ignores Other Networks’ Biases

Hillary Clinton, at a commemorative event held by the Clinton Foundation to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Bill Clinton’s election as U.S. President, criticized Fox News for its bias. In her remarks, she said that if Fox News existed by Bill Clinton’s first term, he would not have had a shot at the presidency due […]

Newsweek Compares Charles Manson to Donald Trump

President Trump can’t be blamed for Charles Manson’s crimes or death, so Newsweek took a new tack, writing an article that said Manson lured his supporters through the same techniques the president uses to attract his. Manson, who died Monday morning in prison in California, where he has been since 1969 for orchestrating the brutal […]

CNN’s Brian Stelter Injects Race Into Trump-Ball UCLA Basketball Issue

CNN’s Brian Stelter took issue with President Trump’s latest tweet about the UCLA basketball players — Cody Riley, LiAngelo Ball and Jalen Hill, who were arrested in China for shoplifting and, thanks to Trump, were recently released. When the players returned home, they thanked Trump for his assistance in their return. “To President Trump and the […]

Media Pushes Narrative That Violence is Only Happening on the Right — And Because of Trump

Rand Paul got beaten up in his yard by his Democrat neighbor. He was blindsided while sitting on his riding lawnmower and sustained six broken ribs and a pleural effusion in the attack. This was President Trump’s fault. Franz Kafka said so. New Yorker columnist Jeffrey Frank said the story starts in 1980 when Thomas […]

Report: Coverage of Trump’s First 60 Days Far More Negative than Predecessors

On the day Donald Trump became president, the Washington Post ran a cartoon by Tom Toles in which Toles gave Trump what Herblock, the liberal Post cartoonist for the 40 years before Toles, had given Richard Nixon – a clean shave. All that had come before was forgiven, the cartoonist was saying. Every president started […]

After Criticizing Trump On Election Results, Clinton Continues to Question Legitimacy

Hillary Clinton tweeted her support for accepting legitimate democratic election results on Oct. 24, 2016, and criticized then-presidential candidate Donald Trump, saying that Trump’s lack of endorsement on respecting election results...Show More Summary

Seventh-Grader Forced to Change ‘Fake News’ T-Shirt Before CNN Tour

A seventh-grade student in Georgia was forced to change out of a “Fake News” T-shirt before going a class trip to tour CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta. The shirt had the letters FNN emblazoned on the front with the words “Fake News Network” below in a style similar to CNN’s lettering. The student Jaxon Jester ordered the shirt […]

CNN’s Begala Disputes Claims Bill Clinton Got Away With Sexual Harassment

CNN contributor and former adviser to Bill Clinton adviser Paul Begala disputed that Clinton was treated lightly by the feminist community and the media over his alleged sexual assaults and harassment. Jake Tapper started the conversation by mentioning recent New York Times opinion pieces that said maybe they weren’t harsh enough on Clinton at the […]

CNN: Fox News’ Shepard Smith ‘Dismantled’ Uranium One Story

CNN claimed, in a video post, that Fox News host Shepard Smith dismantled his colleagues’ insistence on investigating the Uranium One story. The post’s text read as follows: After weeks of Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson pushing for an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s involvement on the Uranium One deal, their Fox News colleague Shepard Smith dismantled […]

Glamour Honors ‘Women of the Year’ — But No Conservatives

Glamour, a magazine that discusses fashion and other pop culture issues, recently heralded its top candidates to receive the 2017 ‘Women of the Year’ award. However, not a single conservative woman was on the list: By now, conservative women are used to women’s magazines ignoring their historic accomplishments. Being the first female to run a […]

Media Uneven in Roy Moore, Al Franken Coverage

As some called for Al Franken to resign in the wake of a woman accusing him of sexual harassment, the mainstream media has constructed a double standard with regard to such charges. CNN’s Brooke Baldwin said, “I realize that this was years and years ago, this story, and he was a private citizen at the […]

NY Times Pushes Case for No Tax Cuts At All

Not everyone is crazy about the current tax reform proposals before Congress. Some want more pro-growth measures. Others want it benefits geared more toward middle- and low-income people. But a piece in the New York Times argues Congress should not pursue tax cuts at all. If anything, the piece calls for even higher taxes … […]

Media Ignores Warren’s Claim that Democratic Party’s Leader is ‘Grassroots’

In an interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters asked Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.-Mass.) to identify the leader of the Democratic Party. Warren’s response, which was not picked up by the media’s home webpages (ranging from ABC News, CBS News, CNN to NBC News), was “the grassroots.” “I mean, you can either […]

News Websites Adopt ‘Trust Indicators’ to Combat Fake News

In an effort to combat the proliferation of fake news, news websites including Facebook and Google have agreed to abide by a set of “trust indicators” as set forth by The Trust Project that they hope will restore their credibility as news providers. The eight core indicators are: Best Practices: What Are Your Standards? Who funds the […]

Shepard Smith Goes Against the Grain on Fox — But Did He Succeed?

Mainstream media lauded Fox News host Shepard Smith for what one commentator called “a methodical annihilation of his own network’s coverage of the story.” But a closer look at Smith’s claims reveals he has trouble sticking to the facts. “The accusation is predicated on the charge that Secretary Clinton approved the sale,” Smith said on […]

The Economist: Trump Can’t Take Credit for Economy Boost

Multiple measures show that America’s economy is humming again, but according to The Economist, President Trump had little to do with any of it. “Has Mr. Trump delivered on his promise to revive American manufacturing, mining and the like?” the story asks. “A more probable explanation is that he came to office just as America began […]

NY Times Columnist: I Now Believe Broaddrick’s Claims Against Bill Clinton

The New York Times ran an opinion piece headlined, “I Believe Juanita,” referring to Juanita Broaddrick, who accused Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting her. Columnist Michelle Goldberg began the piece railing against “right-wing” conspiracists...Show More Summary

HuffPost, Daily Beast Columns Knock Potential 2020 Biden Run

Joe Biden’s hints he may consider a run for president in 2020 are going over like lead balloons for columnists at the both HuffPost and Daily Beast. In her column headlined “Joe Biden 2020 Is a Terrible Idea in a Post-Weinstein America,” HuffPost Washington bureau chief Amanda Terkel writes that “Biden is the wrong guy […]

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