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And The Award for Worst Columnist In America Goes To …

Most political junkies have a list in their heads of the best op-ed columnists in the business. But who are the worst? According to Jonathan Chait, who has cranked out his share of op-ed columns for the Los Angeles Times, The American Prospect and the New Republic, it’s Ed Rogers. “For reasons I have never […]

Pew: Democrats, Republicans Sharply Divided on Media’s Impact

A new Pew Research Center poll shows the divide between Democrats and Republicans over the impact of the media on the country grew significantly in the last year. On the Democratic side, 44 percent say the news media has a positive effect on the country, and 46 percent say it’s negative. That’s a significant change […]

NBC News Interviewed Obama’s CIA Director, who Continues Criticism of Trump

John Brennan, former CIA director under Barack Obama, continues his barrage of criticism of the current President of the United States, Donald Trump. Trump is dismantling much of Obama’s legacy, which may be a reason behind Brennan’s partisan rhetoric against him. NBC’s “Meet the Press” interviewed Brennan, who criticized Trump’s handling of Russia and Russian […]

CNN Wonders Why Sexism Exists in (Liberal) Silicon Valley

Unfortunately, sexism is allegedly alive and well in Silicon Valley, which is far from a conservative or moderate political atmosphere. CNN did a piece on how sexism is prevalent in the start-up industry in northern California, but neglected to mention that the area is politically liberal and progressive. More often than not, left-leaning activists claim […]

After Nobel Prize Winner’s Death, Liberal Media Not a Fan of Using ‘Communist’ to Describe Chinese Government

Liu Xiaobo, a Nobel Peace Prize winner for his efforts to promote democracy in Communist China, died at age 61 due to multiple organ failure from cancer. He was the second Nobel laureate to die in prison since 1938, when pacifist Carl von Ossietzky died protesting the Nazi Germany regime. He was imprisoned by the […]

CBS, BBC Join Forces

CBS News and BBC News are teaming up with a new “editorial and newsgathering relationship” that will “significantly enhance the global reporting capabilities of both organizations,” the networks said in a joint statement Thursday. The networks have worked together before – notably during World War II when Edward R. Murrow of CBS broadcast many of his […]

Led By Tucker Carlson, Fox News Remains Top Cable News Network

Despite the departure of Bill O’Reilly amid accusations of sexual harassment, Fox News managed to finish No. 1 in primetime for the second quarter of the year. Fox News fended off a strong challenge from the resurgent MSNBC, thanks to a relatively strong performance by Tucker Carlson who replaced O’Reilly in April. Even though Carlson […]

CNN Calls Christian Legal Group ‘Anti-Gay’ for Religious Liberty Stances

CNN used the LGBT media narrative to blast Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Christian legal group Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). The labels often used by the Left and liberal media portray Christians and Christian organizations as anti-transgender, or as in this case, ‘anti-gay’ for following their religious convictions. Why is the Left upset at […]

Scientists Admit Antarctic Ice Shelf Break Cannot be Directly Linked to Climate Change

The Larsen C ice shelf, a part of the ice continent Antarctica, broke away from the continent and sent alarm bells among climate change-supporting scientists. However, they admitted there is no direct evidence or link of the ice shelf break to climate change, or as scientists used to call ‘global warming.’ So much for media […]

This is News? MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Declared He’s Left the GOP

Joe Scarborough, a host of the MSNBC morning TV show, “Morning Joe”, officially declared that he’s left the Republican Party on late-night television. The irony is that his show was a conduit of how Donald Trump became the next President of the United States with their initial praise of then-candidate Trump.

The Washington Post’s Routine on ‘Scandal Days’

It is becoming formulaic. Some news event happens that lefties hope finally will destroy Donald Trump, and the high dudgeon, pearl clutching hysterics begin. The Washington Post has developed something of a standing layout for Scandal Days. At the top is a lead story with a headline that gets the judge, jury and verdict part […]

Bias Buzz Podcast- Donald Trump Jr’s Emails, Obamacare Repeal and Replace, Ivanka’s ‘Too Girlie Dress,’ and More

Episode 80. In this episode we cover the brouhaha surrounding Donald Trump Jr.’s emails, Ivanka Trump at the G-20 and did she wear a dress that was “too girlie,” the GOP’s struggles to repeal and replace Obamacare, Indiegogo campaign for “anti-fascist” gym stalls and more. Please SUBSCRIBE on iTunes. SoundCloud audio is below.  

Hillary Clinton Shows Her ‘Nasty Woman’ Side

Liberal media couldn’t get enough of Hillary Clinton after she tweeted her support for Samantha Bee’s “Nasty Woman”  T-shirt with proceeds benefiting Planned Parenthood. Support Samantha Bee & Planned Parenthood & buy a Nasty Woman t-shirt! More Summary

Surprise! MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Leaves Republican Party [Video]

How soon they forget. On the evening of the New Hampshire primary in 2016, Donald Trump thanked Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinksi for believing in his quest for the presidency. “You guys have been supporters. And I really appreciate it. And not necessarily supporters, but at least believers,” Trump told the duo. Now Scarborough is […]

CNN Runs Article from Former Obama Official that Criticized Trump on Handling Russia, Putin

Jen Psaki, a former Obama State Department spokeswoman and former White House communications director, wrote an op-ed for CNN that criticized President Donald Trump. Her piece was entitled, “Putin set a trap and Trump fell into it” and claimed that Trump was “played” by the Russians and Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin. In the piece, Psaki […]

Baton Rouge Police Officer, Injured in Anti-Police Ambush, Sues Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is being sued by an unnamed plaintiff, who was one of the police officers gravely injured in an anti-police ambush in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The defendants of the lawsuit are Black Lives Matter leaders such as DeRay McKesson. The lawsuit claimed that McKesson and other Black Lives Matter leaders incited violence through […]

Matt Patrick, Icon of Conservative Radio, Dies of Cancer at 58

Longtime conservative radio host Matt Patrick has died of cancer at the age of 58.  Patrick, who most recently hosted a morning show on KTRH-AM in Houston, died Sunday from esophageal cancer. Patrick was diagnosed with the disease in September 2015, according to the Houston Chronicle.  On July 5, just days before his death, Patrick […]

CNN: Obama Left Behind a Strong Economy for Trump

This is the liberal media’s new narrative: President Barack Obama left a strong economy behind for President Donald Trump to enjoy. At least, that’s what a CNN Money article said: By contrast, Obama handed Trump an economy that was close to what economists consider full employment. The unemployment rate on Inauguration Day was 4.8%, and […]

Vice President Mike Pence, in Visit to NASA, has Fun with ‘Do Not Touch’ Sign

Vice President Mike Pence visited the Kennedy Space Center, run by NASA, in Florida this last week and spoke on America and the space program. However, in a funny piece of news, the vice president touched an object that had a sign that said, “Do Not Touch.” The vice president jokingly tweeted that U.S. Senator […]

Unhinged? Former Clinton Manager John Podesta Tweeted President Trump is a ‘Whack Job’

John Podesta, a longtime Clinton family ally and political surrogate, blasted President Donald Trump on Twitter as a “whack job.” Why? President Trump tweeted that other world leaders were talking about how the DNC (and by extension, Podesta and the Clinton campaign) refused FBI help on being hacked. Podesta also tweeted that President Trump should […]

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