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TIME Magazine: Anti-Trump Tax March is like the Tea Party

TIME Magazine felt that the anti-Trump “Tax March,” which allegedly took place in about 200 cities country-wide, was like the Tea Party rallies in 2009. There was no comparison made to the recent anti-Trump “Women’s March on Washington,” which had some vulgar remarks from some of the speakers. The Tea Party is different from the […]

O’Reilly’s Days at Fox News May be Numbered

Is Fox News preparing for a future without Bill O’Reilly? If New York Magazine’s Gabe Sherman is correct, that could become a reality in the very near future. Sherman reports that while Rupert Murdoch is resisting attempts to fire O’Reilly, sons James and Lachlan have been arguing for just that after several women accused the longtime […]

Liberal Christians Join Anti-Trump Resistance

Inside the booklet, Catholics were also told to celebrate “Earth Day” on April 22, practice the “Small is Beautiful” philosophy, and take their cues from Native Americans who “believe in the Great Spirit.”

Liberal Media Praised New SCOTUS Justice Neil Gorsuch

Reuters and the New York Times gave praise to newly-confirmed Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, who made his voice heard in recent proceedings. That’s news, considering the liberal side of the political aisle protested the confirmation of Gorsuch in the first place.

Liberal Media Got the Kansas Special Election Wrong

The liberal media got the Kansas special election all wrong, said Real Clear Politics’ Sean Trende, in addition to Townhall’s Matt Vespa. Vespa pointed out that the Democrats have lost four straight special elections in blue states since 2016, including a Democratic House of Representatives seat that was held since 1972 in Louisiana. Trende pointed […]

Trump vs. the “Blood Brothers”

As Syrians and Russians picked up the pieces after the United States bombed a Syrian-Russian base, The New York Times (where I once worked) still had a front page headline about how the CIA and the FBI (John Brennan and James Comey) believed there were serious signs that the Russians were working hard to get Donald […]

Jake Tapper: Clinton’s Election Loss Excuses Lack Introspection [Video]

CNN’s Jake Tapper thinks Hillary Clinton is spending too much time blaming others for her stunning election loss, and not doing enough introspection as to why she lost: “There’s a whole list of reasons why she didn’t win. But she doesn’t seem to have done enough introspection…when it comes to––you know, Putin didn’t tell you […]

New York Times Bureau Chief Tweets out His Disapproval of Paper’s Hiring of Conservative Op-Ed Columnist

The New York Times surprised a lot of people last week when it announced that it had hired Wall Street Journal veteran Bret Stephens as the paper’s newest conservative columnist, and at least for one Times employee it was too much to take. That employee is the Times‘ Cairo bureau chief Declan Walsh, who tweeted out his […]

CNN, LA Times Glance Over Black Bloc Agitators’ Role in Violence, Disrupting Pro-Trump Rally

The Los Angeles Times covered the pro-Trump rally, scheduled in Berkeley, California, and pointed out that 21 people were arrested after fights broke out between Trump supporters and the anarchist ‘black bloc’ agitators who showed up at the rally to counter-protest. The Times article did not mention that it was the same ‘black bloc’ agitators […]

CNN Quoted Dan Rather Criticizing Media Coverage of Trump’s Use of Airstrikes

Dan Rather is somehow relevant today? The former CBS newsman criticized President Donald Trump for his use of bombs in Syria and Afghanistan to deal with terrorists. Rather said that dropping bombs “doesn’t make one presidential.” CNN’s article did not mention Rather’s past, where his report on George W. Bush and his time in the National […]

New York Times Muddied Satellite Data-Climate Change, Blamed Trump’s Budget

As The Daily Caller pointed out, the New York Times did not completely explain that the “data gaps” that scientists worry that will be cut under Trump. These gaps also occurred under the previous presidential administration. Why the omission, New York Times?

The Left Blamed California Drought on Climate Change

Despite the recent development of a limited end of California’s emergency drought order, leftists and liberals alike have blamed global warming and climate change on the ongoing drought in the state. However, as The Daily Caller pointed out, the state of California has had droughts over the course of its history (even going beyond European settlement): […]

I’m starting to get a sick feeling about what just happened in the White House…

There are some interesting things happening in the President Trump White House. Recently President Trump seemed to make comments about his “strategist” Steve Bannon. Anytime someone says “I like you, BUT” – well, the separation is coming. There have been dismissals, but it appears it’s no longer rumor and innuendo. There will be some who […]

British Role Confirmed in Trump Spying Scandal

The CIA under Obama’s CIA Director Brennan was involved in illegal surveillance, using those “truly awesome capabilities,” against political targets that should have been off-limits.

Associated Press: Trump Travel Expenses May Have Been Overestimated

President Trump is making his seventh presidential trip this weekend to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. That has Democrats and the liberal media complaining about the cost to taxpayers of these frequent trips, even though there is no official cost estimate at this time. According to the Associated Press, the most frequently cited number for each […]

Stephanopoulos: We Need to “Be Absolutely Accurate, Absolutely Factual”

During an anchor roundtable with The Hollywood Reporter, ABC’s Good Morning America and This Week anchor George Stephanopoulos emphasized the importance of being accurate and factual in reporting the news: “The most important thing we can do is to get things right. Be absolutely accurate, absolutely factual, because we know — we all know it — the […]

Whiners: Notre Dame Students Claimed They Feel Unsafe with Mike Pence’s Commencement Speech Invitation

Wait, so do the Notre Dame students want to hear President Donald Trump speak instead? Notre Dame decided not to extend the speech invitation to President Trump, breaking a tradition since President Dwight Eisenhower. Instead, the administration invited Vice President Mike Pence. Yet, some students at Notre Dame protested the decision to let Pence speak […]

Liberal Media Critical of Sean Spicer’s Chemical Weapons-Hitler-World War One Comment

The liberal media was unhappy about Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, making a point about how chemical weapons were outlawed after World War One. Spicer made the mistake of referring to Nazi Germany’s leader, Adolf Hitler, and how he never used chemical weapons on the battlefield. The liberal media pounced all over him for the […]

Free Speech Repressed? Another Conservative Speaker Canceled at Cal-Berkeley

The University of California-Berkeley made it difficult for the college’s College Republican chapter to keep their speaking engagement with Daniel Horowitz. First, the administration allegedly restricted their hotel room rental accommodations,...Show More Summary

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