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New York Times Spread False Narrative in Op-Ed, Apologized Later

The New York Times blamed the shooting of former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords on Sarah Palin and an affiliated PAC in an op-ed this week, equating that with the shooting of Representative Steve Scalise by a liberal, Bernie Sanders-supporting gunman. The paper later issued a correction to the story, saying that their Palin-Giffords connection was unproven. […]

Huh? Hillary Clinton Compared Self to Wonder Woman

Huh? Hillary Clinton recently compared herself to the superhero Wonder Woman at an event for gender equality in Hollywood. She said that saving the world from international disaster is “right up my alley.” Is that a fair comparison?

CNN and Facts Don’t Mix in Story about Guns, GOP Baseball Practice Shooting

CNN, in a story about the Alexandria, Virginia shooting attack on Republican congressmen, said that an assault rifle was recovered at the scene of the attack. As The Federalist said: CNN falsely reported early Thursday morning that the rifle used by the Alexandria shooter, an SKS chambered in 7.62×39, was “a Chinese-made AK variant.” This […]

Send Leakers to Jail

Washington’s blabocracy is endangering our national security. The next time President Donald J. Trump thinks about national-security leakers, he should shout this four-letter word: “Jail!” Washington has become riddled with leaks. They far exceed gossip whispered to journalists to hamper political rivals. Show More Summary

MSNBC’s Ratings Lead to Blood

We have his Facebook posts devoted to liberal causes like global warming, “likes” of various far-left groups like the SPLC, and an addiction to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show...

Liberal Website Accuses Kellyanne Conway of Spreading False Rumors About Congressional Shooting

The liberal website “”—which bills itself as real and satire—accused presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway of spreading false rumors about the shooting that took place in Alexandria, Va. on Wednesday, critically injuring Rep. Show More Summary

The Disconnect in the Search for Russia-Gate

if you follow the facts, and look at the real sources of wrongdoing, it becomes clear that the current Mueller investigation is completely on the wrong track.

Fake New Protest at Washington Post

Last week over a dozen Trump supporters gathered in front of the Washington Post headquarters in Washington, D.C. to express their outrage over the mainstream news outlets use of fake news. The event was organized by Right Wing News, Main Street Patriots, and Americans for the Trump Agenda.  The organizers described the event online as […]

Firm Claimed that Trump is Hurting Tourism in America

ForwardKeys, a firm that tracks global tourism trends via airline bookings, claimed that there has been a decrease in bookings due to Trump’s rhetoric. They said that there has been a 3.5% drop off in airline bookings from 2016 to 2017, when comparing the months of June through August. Is Trump’s rhetoric to blame? CNN […]

Obama Criticized Trump’s Isolationism, Pushed for Income Redistribution in Canada Speech

While in Canada, speaking to the Montreal Chamber of Commerce, former President Barack Obama criticized his successor, President Donald Trump, on a variety of issues. NBC News reported that Obama criticized Trump’s populist rhetoric and the turn toward isolationism. Yet, Obama said that people tend to turn toward isolationism due to economic uncertainty and warned […]

Bias Buzz Podcast- Gunman Opens Fire on GOP Congressmen, Jeff Sessions Testimony, Soft Brexit Ahead After British Election? and More

Episode 76. This week we discuss the left-wing gunman who opened fire on GOP congressmen practicing for the annual congressional baseball game and seriously injuring Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), Jeff Sessions testimony, the British election and it’s effect on Brexit, Megyn Kelly’s controversial interview with Alex Jones and more. Show More Summary

Trump’s Middle East doctrine

A key objective is the isolation of Iran President Trump’s historic visit last month to Saudi Arabia, where he met with the heads of more than 50 mostly Sunni heads of state, dramatically marked the end of eight years of Barack Obama’s appeasement of Iran. It signaled to all the Muslim leaders that the United States as […]

Actor Mark Ruffalo Promotes Petition Calling on MSNBC, NBC News to Stop Hiring White Conservatives

Actor Mark Ruffalo tweeted out a link to a petition calling on executives at NBC News and MSNBC to stop their white conservative hiring spree, which it claims has come at the expense of black and brown liberals. Sign the petition: Tell @MSNBC @NBCNews to stop the white conservative hiring spree via @CREDOMobile #p2 […]

NBC News has a Trump Tracker to Track Visits to Trump’s Properties

It appears that the liberal mainstream media, such as the likes of NBC News, will continue to harp on the narrative that Trump golfs too much at his own properties, without covering much of Obama’s many trips to the golf course. Such hypocrisy.

CNN: Why is Obama’s Relationship with Trump a Strained One?

CNN wrote a piece that appears to lack common political sense, wondering why the relationship between President Trump and former President Barack Obama is a strained one. Why would President Trump ask advice of his predecessor, Barack Obama? Trump ran against Obama’s policies and railed against Obama’s executive overreach and treatment of the coal industry, […]

Media BLACKOUT: The one thing NO ONE is reporting about the anti-Islam protests this weekend

It’s a question we’ve posed on these pages often: can the progressive socialist left be trusted to safeguard America, and its system of governance? Our own Matt Palumbo has written an exceptional exegesis called “A Paradoxical Alliance,” An Anglo-American Analysis of the Left’s Love Affair with Islam” and his literary endeavor could not be any […]

Chris Gaubatz on CAIR, the “Red-Green Axis” and Banning Muslim Immigration

After feigning conversion to Islam at Northern Virginia’s Dar Al-Hijrah mosque and spending several weeks learning how to live as a “Sharia-compliant Muslim,” Chris Gaubatz spent six months working undercover as an intern with the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). During an interview on “The Alex Nitzberg Show,” he explained that CAIR holds seminars […]

Megyn and Alex: Birds of a Feather

The Megyn Kelly-Alex Jones show, scheduled for Father’s Day, says everything you need to know about the sharp decline of the media in America. An overpaid interviewer for NBC News is sitting down with a pro-Russian agent of influence who masquerades as a conservative and exploits human tragedies in order to sell vitamin supplements and […]

Huge Omission: Washington Post Piece on Pulse Nightclub Attack Didn’t Mention ISIS, Terrorism

How did a piece at the Washington Post, meant to pay homage to the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting/terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida, omit the most important detail? The piece did not mention Islamic State, a radical Islamist terrorist group in the Middle East, and how the perpetrator of the terrorist attack at the […]

D.C., after a Petition reached City Hall, Designated ‘Trans Pride’ Crosswalks

In a press release sent via e-mail, the District of Columbia installed ‘Trans Pride’ crosswalks in the city after a petition to do so gathered 12,000 signatures: D.C. Installs Rainbow, Trans Pride Crosswalks to Honor LGBTQ CommunityShow More Summary

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