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NBC Tweets Support for Oprah as ‘OUR Future President’

NBC chimed in on the Golden Globes last night with a tweet supporting Oprah Winfrey as “OUR Future President.” Nothing but respect for OUR future president. #GoldenGlobes — NBC (@nbc) January 8, 2018 The tweet came right after host Seth Meyers made reference to a potential Winfrey candidacy in his opening monologue: “In 2011, I […]

Media Dismisses Voter Fraud Claims, Cheers Investigation Anyway

President Trump announced Tuesday he had disbanded the voter fraud commission and moved its work to the Department of Homeland Security because of resistance from the states, he said. “Rather than engage in endless legal battles at taxpayer expense, today I signed an executive order to dissolve the Commission, and have asked the Department of Homeland […]

Mainstream Media Gathers Info in Hopes of Invoking 25th Amendment

Mainstream media has started to question President Trump’s mental health in hopes the 25th Amendment could be used to force him from office. The latest broadsides came from a book that claims the president is increasingly forgetful, repeats stories word-for-word, and frequently fails to recognize old friends, and a Politico report that a Yale psychiatrist […]

100+ Companies Giving Bonuses Thanks to GOP Tax Reform

The Republican tax reform bill would not lead to bonuses or benefits for their employees, according to The Atlantic. In the magazine’s piece last month on the myths about GOP tax reform efforts, the magazine said that companies won’t invest profits from tax cuts into their employees. Americans for Tax Reform sent a list to the […]

CNN Laments Lack of Heating in Baltimore Schools, Avoids Blaming School Admins, Unions

During this winter season’s bomb cyclone weather, during which the Southern and Northeastern United States have been hit by freezing and frigid weather conditions, news that Baltimore public school students are freezing in their classrooms hit social media. CNN ran an opinion piece on the controversy, written by a former Baltimore City elementary school teacher, […]

MSNBC Analyst: Trump’s ‘Nuclear Button’ Tweet Makes Him ‘Demented and Deranged’

On Wednesday, MSNBC national affairs analyst John Heilemann said that President Trump’s claim that the U.S. has a bigger “nuclear button” than North Korea makes him seem “demented and deranged.” Trump issued a tweet after North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un said he has a “nuclear button” on his desk in his New Year’s speech. “North […]

The Atlantic’s Prediction Companies Would Not Give Raises Thanks to GOP Tax Reform Falls Flat

The Atlantic, at the beginning of December 2017, published a piece that outlined the “7 myths of the GOP Tax Bill.” Among the seven alleged myths, The Atlantic reported that companies would not invest money in their workers by giving them a raise. However, since the tax reform bill was passed and signed into law, […]

Slate Writer: Manafort Lawsuit ‘Almost Certain to Fail’

Asked to slam his own work for a website known as Calling My Shot, Mark Joseph Stern wrote that his writing amounts to “overwrought, underdeveloped rants that veer schizophrenically between the irksome poles of grating outrage and glib mawkishness.” But Stern, less than two years out of law school, now covers gay issues and the […]

Media Panics Over Trump Tweet to North Korea

President Trump’s belief that strong foreign policy is the best way to secure America has scared the left and its allies in the mainstream media. When Trump set North Korean leader Kim Jong Un straight on who would win a battle between the two countries, the media dutifully freaked out. “North Korean Leader Kim Jong […]

NBC News’ Katy Tur Urges Caution on ‘Fire and Fury’ Book

NBC News correspondent Katy Tur, who was a frequent target of Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, urged caution about Michael Wolff’s controversial new book on the Trump White House. A note of caution on Fire and Fury — Katy Tur (@KatyTurNBC) January 3, 2018 This isn’t the first time Wolff has been […]

President Trump to Announce ‘Fake News Media’ Awards Monday

President Trump tweeted Tuesday that he will announce the winners of the “fake news media” awards on Monday afternoon. I will be announcing THE MOST DISHONEST & CORRUPT MEDIA AWARDS OF THE YEAR on Monday at 5:00 o’clock. Subjects will cover Dishonesty & Bad Reporting in various categories from the Fake News Media. Stay tuned! […]

HuffPo Blogger Claims GOP Senator Was ‘Prop’ at GOP Tax Reform Event

Sen. Tim Scott (R.-S.C.) is the first black U.S. Senator since 1897 and was a part of tax reform legislation efforts. However, that information was lost on a HuffPo contributor, who claimed the senator was a “prop” for the GOP at a tax reform event before the Christmas holiday. Scott was in the front row of […]

Washington Post May Have Omitted Past Investigations by Fusion GPS Firm

The Washington Post recently wrote a review of Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm that was behind the so-called “Trump dossier.” The dossier was compiled by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele and has since become the center of a congressional investigation due to its investigative tactics. In their review, the Post mentioned the dossier […]

WikiLeaks Pushes Damning Evidence About Collusion Between Clinton, NY Times

  The New York Times published a story Saturday headlined, “Republican Attacks on Mueller and F.B.I. Open New Rift in G.O.P.” That same day, WikiLeaks posted a late-night tweet saying not so fast, NY Times, Daily Wire reported. WikiLeaks revealed that a Times reporter exchanged emails with the State Department—which Hillary Clinton headed at the […]

WaPo: Here’s How to Make 2018 Candidates Squirm

With primary season soon to be upon us for the 2018 midterm elections, Jennifer Rubin, who writes the Right Turn blog for the Washington Post, offered a list of “How to make the candidates squirm in 2018.” Since the reported opinion comes from a conservative perspective, one might expect questions that put Democrats in uncomfortable positions. […]

Major Media Companies Change Tune on Trump in End-of-Year Pieces

It’s hard to know if it was just holiday cheer or an honest look at the facts, but two media organizations that have not always been fair to President Trump – Forbes and CNN – ended 2017 by publishing pieces unusually supportive of the president. Forbes started the year with a piece about the three […]

GOP Sen. Collins Unhappy with Alleged Sexist Criticism of Her Tax Reform Vote

Tax reform legislation has been passed in both chambers of Congress, in part due to the vote Sen. Susan Collins (R.-Maine). Collins, who was a media darling during the Obamacare “skinny repeal” vote in the summer, voted in favor of tax reform and tax cuts this week. She was heavily criticized by the media for her […]

GOP Sen. McConnell: I Care What WSJ Says, Not the NY Times Editorial Board

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R.-Ky.) made some remarks at an event held by news organization Axios and did not mince words about the New York Times editorial board. When asked about criticism from the media, McConnell said: “I care, for example, what people like Charles Krauthammer and George Will think about me, I care […]

NBC Makes List of ‘Strongmen’ Leaders Trump has ‘Befriended’

NBC News recently published a news article whose headline asserted that President Donald Trump has “befriended” strongmen leaders in 2017, but its own content casts doubt on the headline’s claim. In the article’s third sentence, the author reveals that the headline of the article is only conjecture: Some might call them strongmen. Some might call […]

MSNBC Host Compared Trump to Acting Like Mussolini, Franco and Hitler

Ali Velshi, who works for MSNBC and co-hosts a show with Stephanie Ruhle on the network, recently claimed that President Donald Trump is acting like past dictators in Europe. In speaking to presidential historian Michael Beschloss, Velshi said the following about President Trump: Donald Trump has threatened to ban an entire religion from entering the […]

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