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USA Today: Tax Law Won’t Help Single Renter Who Earns $1M a Year

The media narrative attempted to railroad tax reform legislation, which ended up getting passed last week and signed into law by President Donald Trump. For example, USA Today tweeted out how a single (unmarried) individual who rents and earns up to $1 million will see a tax increase by the next time tax season comes […]

See How Media’s 2017 Trump Predictions Played Out

Looking back at some of the attempts to predict Donald Trump’s presidency – many issued about this time last year – those that predicted the president would fulfill his campaign promises have been on the mark, and those that imagined great existential calamities were not. John Crudele of the New York Post predicted Trump would try […]

NY Times Fumbles Trump Quotes

The New York Times, citing only anonymous sources, accused President Trump of saying Haitians “all have AIDS” and Nigerians live in “huts,” and several attendees at the meeting then went on the record to say the accusations were false. According to The Times’ report, the president was furious after seeing a report of how many […]

Spending Christmas as Presidents: Trump vs. Obama, Bush

President Donald Trump is unconventional, compared to previous presidents. News outlets ran stories comparing how President Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, spent his Christmas, to President Trump. The Obamas spent Christmases in Hawaii, where Obama called home (in addition to Chicago, Illinois). Show More Summary

Facebook Drops ‘Disputed’ Tag Option for Potentially Fake News After it Backfires

Facebook announced it will remove the “disputed” tag it implemented earlier this to alert readers of potentially false stories in an effort to combat the spread of fake news on the site after they realized the effort completely backfired. The social media giant said that the placing the tag on inaccurate stories may have actually […]

Merry Christmas from Ronald Reagan

President Ronald Reagan’s Christmas address on December 23, 1981.

3 Reasons Pelosi is Wrong About Tax Bill Being the ‘Worst Bill’ Ever

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic minority leader in the House of Representatives, told the press that the now-passed tax reform bill was the “worst bill in history.” Pelosi may have forgotten worse bills in American history, ranging from slavery provisions and other laws passed by Congress. We name three worse laws as a reference for […]

Washington Post Calls Tax Plan a Win for the ‘Entitled and Irresponsible’

The Washington Post blasted the tax reform plan championed by President Trump, calling it a “win for the wealthy, entitled and irresponsible” in an editorial on Wednesday. To be sure, there will be some unmitigated winners. The bill is a victory for wealthy heirs, who will no longer have to pay estate taxes on inheritance worth up […]

Washington Post Awards ‘Serial Exaggerator’ Trump in Fact Checker List

The Washington Post Fact Checker released its list of the biggest Pinocchios of the year this week, and President Trump broke his own record with six of the biggest Pinocchios. He had five in 2016. The umpire gave a hint at how this might have happened in his introduction to the list. “Usually, this is an […]

Attempt to Defend WaPo Columnist For Bias Falls Flat

Jennifer Rubin, who bills herself as the Washington Post’s conservative political blogger, was taken to task by Charles Cooke of the National Review, for taking any position to oppose President Trump, even if it means a 180 from previously expressed positions. Rubin was defended by David Frum of the Atlantic, whose main argument — which seemed […]

Media Praises Today Host Savannah Guthrie for ‘Fantasy World’ Question

The use of the word “grilled” is synonymous with asking politicians biased questions, at least for Today host Savannah Guthrie. Guthrie was interviewing House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), a key architect of tax reform legislation, and used a quote on tax reform from former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. She then asked the following […]

NY Times Suggests Feeling Sorry for the IRS

Patricia Cohen of the New York Times penned an article lamenting the workload amount that falls on Internal Revenue Service employees due to their shirking workforce and budget. The article’s headline was, “Have You Ever Felt Sorry for the I.R.S.? Now Might Be the Time.” The piece also blamed Congress, which has made cuts to […]

Media Overlooks Immigration Numbers Surging to Obama-Era Levels

In the first months of the year, American immigration officials saw low numbers of illegal immigrants coming across the U.S.-Mexico border, leaving media outlets to speculate whether President Donald Trump’s immigration rhetoric and political position influenced decisions to not immigrate to the States at that time. The federal government figures for November 2017 showed a […]

Democrats, Media Pushed Unsubstantiated Dossier to Try to Take Trump Down

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into allegations of collusion between President Trump’s campaign and Russia has so far produced two indictments and two more guilty pleas. But the investigation that has cost American taxpayers millions of dollars already with millions more to come might not even have begun if not for the so-called Russian dossier […]

Media Struggles to Argue Against Economy Under Trump

Are tax cuts losing their power to woo voters? Is overall prosperity? Mainstream media sure seems to think so recently. It is becoming increasingly hard to argue the Trump administration is failing to manage the economy. The stock market has climbed above 25,000 for the first time ever and has gained more in value this […]

MSNBC: Rumors about Trump Firing Mueller Reminds Me of King George III, Revolutionary War

The crisis leading up to the Revolutionary War and end of King George III’s rule over the American colonies is eerily similar to today’s crisis surrounding former FBI director Robert Mueller and his Russian collusion probe, according to MSNBC guest contributor Malcolm Nance. Nance made the following comments: “The last time we had a crisis […]

NY Times Highlights NY Subway Bomb Suspect’s ‘Mysterious Act of Mercy’

A week after a suicide bomber detonated an explosive in New York City and injured four people, the New York Times ran a piece highlighting his charity work in Bangladesh. The story, which ran on the front page Tuesday headlined “Subway Bomb Suspect’s Mysterious Act of Mercy,” reported that a few weeks before the attack, […]

WaPo Columnist Will Change Any View to Oppose Trump

If you’re waiting for Jennifer Rubin to say something positive about this most conservative president since Ronald Reagan, you may be waiting a long time. Rubin writes a blog in the Washington Post called “The Right Turn,” which is promoted as a conservative take on the news. But as Charles Cooke wrote in a piece […]

WaPo Dismayed Its Barrage of Negative Tax Bill Articles Isn’t Working

Republicans expect to pass by the end of this week the first overhaul of the tax code in 30 years, and mainstream media can’t stand the idea of a legislative victory for President Trump. The Washington Post has published multiple pieces per day trashing the plan, presenting it as “hugely unpopular with the public,” “the result […]

CNN Offended by Sarah Sanders’ ‘Hugely Offensive Allegation’ Media Purposely Makes Mistakes

CNN’s Chris Cillizza wrote an analysis bashing White House press secretary Sarah Sanders and her “hugely offensive allegation” against media outlets such as his employer, CNN. During a televised White House press conference last week, Sanders criticized mainstream media for making major reporting mistakes that tried to paint her boss, Trump, in a negative light: […]

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