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Feminist Laments ‘Wonder Woman’ Movie and Lack of ‘Ra-Ra’ Feminism

In an op-ed at CNN, a writer lamented about the fictitious and oft-debunked ‘gender pay gap’ myth in Hollywood (Hollywood, of all places, where stars make millions of dollars far above what the average American would ever make) and how the movie ‘Wonder Woman’ falls short of highlighting the wonders of (radical) feminism. Blame men, […]

Linda Sarsour and the progressive zeitgeist

In US academic tradition, university administrators choose commencement speakers they believe embody the zeitgeist of their institutions and as such, will be able to inspire graduating students to take that spirit with them into the world outside. In this context, it makes perfect sense that Ayman El-Mohandes, dean of the Graduate School of Public Health […]

With Global Warming Treaty Ditched, Could Iran Deal Be Next?

The media remain outraged over President Donald Trump’s decision last week to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, a boondoggle which would have cost the U.S. an estimated $3 trillion and 6.5 million industrial-sector American jobs by 2040 with no actual effect on the climate.

The Bias Buzz Podcast- London Terror Attacks, Bill Maher Uses the “N” Word, Megyn Kelly’s Putin Interview, Libs Go Crazy Over Paris Climate Accord Withdrawal and More

Episode 75.  This week we cover the most recent terror attacks in London, the upcoming British election, Megyn Kelly’s interview with Putin, liberal reaction to Paris Climate withdrawal and more. Please SUBSCRIBE on iTunes. SoundCloud audio is below

Megyn Kelly Falls Flat in NBC Debut

Megyn Kelly may have been a ratings powerhouse at Fox News, but without the support of her loyal conservative audience, her new show on NBC, Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly, limped into third place in total viewers, finishing behind a rerun of 60 Minutes. Kelly and 60 Minutes—which finished second—both lost out to Jimmy Kimmel Live Game […]

Convicted Disrupt J20 Organizer Still Willing to do “Whatever it takes” to Stop Trump Agenda [Video]

Paul “Luke” Kuhn a member of D.C. Antifa and one of the Disrupt J20 organizers who planned on shutting down the Deploraball with Butyric acid was spotted Saturday at the March For Truth, a rally organized in part by Linda Sarsour who has connections with Hamas and has attended events with Palestinian terrorists. Kuhn was […]

Liberal Media Mischaracterizes Portland Stabber as Trump Supporter

On May 26th Jeremy Joseph Christian was accused of screaming anti-Muslim comments at two young girls. He then stabbed three men as they tried to calm him down. Two of them later died. The media was quick to report on this story and give it national attention. The story was spun as Christian being a […]

One-Percenter Bernie Sanders? He Collected $858,000 in Book Royalties

So much for being a man of the people, as a socialist populist politician? Heat Street reported that Bernie Sanders collected $858,000 in book royalties for his book on the 2016 election. What is the threshold for being a so-called “one-percenter”? Over $300,000 in earnings, as the Free Beacon noted.

Michael Bloomberg Promised $15 Million to Fund United Nations Arm for Paris Climate Agreement

Michael Bloomberg’s philanthropic organization, Bloomberg Philanthropies, said it will pull together $15 million to help fund the United Nations’ arm that oversees the Paris climate change agreement. Bloomberg is the former liberal New York City mayor, an anti-NRA and anti-gun rights advocate, and now will spend his own money to fund climate change management at […]

The Irony of June 4th…

It was called the date that shall live in infamy: December 7, 1941. It was a day when war came to the United States, when the naval forces of Imperial Japan attacked the U.S. Pacific Fleet on a Sunday morning at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Early on there were setbacks for the United States in […]

Progressive Congressman Defends Father’s Soviet Ties

The exchange, captured on tape, followed questions about his father’s involvement in arranging conferences with Soviet officials during the Cold War, for the purpose of undermining then-President Ronald Reagan’s anti-communist polic...

CNN Misspells “Chief” In Segment Critical on Trump Tweeting Covfefe

On Anderson Cooper 360, Wednesday during a segment that was heavily critical of President Trump’s tweet of Covfefe, CNN chief political analyst Gloria Borger had her title misspelled as “Cheif” Borger had this to say about President Trump “Imagine him home alone at the White House, it’s at midnight, and he’s tweeting about his negative press […]

New York Times Public Editor Takes Parting Shot at Establishment Media

The New York Times public editor Liz Spayd took a parting shot at the establishment media just days after the paper announced it was eliminating her position. The Times created the position in the aftermath of the Jayson Blair scandal. But apparently publisher Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. feels that an in-house watchdog is no longer necessary, […]

Kathy Griffin Claimed Trump is ‘Trying to Ruin My Life’

Kathy Griffin, the comedian who is in hot water over a photo she took, blamed President Donald Trump in her press conference on Friday. She claimed that the president was “trying to ruin my life” and that he “broke” her spirits for him criticizing her photograph. What was the controversy about? She took a photo where […]

Unhinged Liberal Media? New York Magazine Calls Koch Brothers ‘Far Right Cranks’

Apparently, the liberals at the New York Magazine do not hold the Koch brothers (Charles and David Koch, libertarian philanthropists) in high regard like most of the Left. In a recent article blasting President Donald Trump for exiting the Paris climate accords, the magazine said the following: But the GOP’s biggest Big Energy investors were […]

Keeping Faith With Tiananmen

It’s 28 years since the Tiananmen uprising, in which China’s people peacefully took away control of their huge capital from China’s ruling Communist party, and asked for liberty, democracy, justice. And it was 28 years ago today — on June 4, 1989 –that the Communist Party of China took back control, sending in the People’s […]

Media Agrees Kathy Griffin Crossed the Line…Even On the Left

On Tuesday TMZ posted a photo shoot of comedian Kathy Griffin holding a decapitated head of President Trump ISIS style. According to TMZ “Kathy Griffin wants Donald Trump’s head … but she wants it bloody and detached from his body.” The backlash from this was quick. Republicans and Democrats alike condemned Griffin’s photoshoot. CNN has […]

CNN Panel Puzzled by Hillary Clinton Blaming DNC for Election Loss [Video]

Hillary Clinton’s election-excuses tour fell flat with a media panel on Thursday on CNN, moderated by John King. Clinton listed a litany of excuses during a question and answer session on Wednesday at Recode’s Code Conference as to why she lost the election to Donald Trump. King started things off by asking the panel what purpose […]

Admiral James “Ace” Lyons (Ret.) Addresses Rolling Thunder on Memorial Day Weekend [Video]

Lyons also reflected upon rampant corruption in the Obama administration, particularly by former Secretary of State and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Dear Mr. President: Don’t Fall into the Trap

An  Open Letter As I stated in my op-ed of 17 May, after China played the North Korea nuclear card, your criticism of the Obama administration’s failure to take stronger actions against China’s illegal actions in the South China Sea were spot on! However, instead of following through with your proposed much tougher actions, your […]

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