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The Immigration Threat Hollywood Just Doesn’t Get

Two incidents, occurring almost eight decades and thousands of miles apart, provide us with an important lesson about the challenging times in which we live. In the early morning hours of March 17, 1938, bespectacled Soviet economist Nikolai Kondratiev, 46, was marched in front of a firing squad near Moscow and shot. The unimposing Kondratiev […]

It’s Time to Impeach the Judges

She endorsed him, and he paid respects at her funeral, but it appears that President Donald Trump hasn’t read Phyllis Schlafly’s book, The Supremacists: The Tyranny of Judges and How to Stop It.

Is the NAACP Deciding Their Policy on Charter Schools?

The Los Angeles Times highlighted how the NAACP created a task force to look into policy formation by the organization regarding charter schools. This move hints that the NAACP may oppose charter schools, but time will tell. Photo by USACE Buffalo

Museum Shuts Down Actor’s Anti-Trump Display after it created Safety Issues

From the LA Times: Shia LaBeouf’s anti-Trump protest piece has been shut down because it created an unexpectedly volatile situation and serious public safety hazards, museum officials said Friday. The embattled actor’s HEWILLNOTDIVIDE.US...Show More Summary

Ethics Concerns Raised after Kellyanne Conway Suggested Viewers to Buy Ivanka Trump’s Merchandise

The controversy occurred when Kellyanne Conway, a counselor to President Donald Trump, said on-air that people should buy Ivanka Trump’s merchandise. The suggestion came after Nordstrom said it would drop Ivanka Trump’s merchandise from their stores, but it could violate ethics laws as government officials should not endorse buying merchandise.

Mocking Obama? Syria’s Assad welcomes US Troops into Syria to Fight ‘Terrorists’

In an interview with Yahoo, Syria’s leader Bashar Assad said that American troops are welcome in Syria if the American government agrees to fight “terrorists.” It begs the question, is this remark mocking President Obama’s failed ‘red-line’ on Syria’s civil war?

9th Circuit Court Ruled against Trump’s Executive Order

A good take by Dan McLaughlin at National Review on why the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the Trump administration.

LA Times: 1 Million Illegal Immigrants Live in LA, or Nearly 10% of Total Illegal Immigrant Population

Illegal immigration is out of control, isn’t it? Los Angeles has the second-most number of illegal immigrants living in the area and is behind New York City (1,150,000). The thing is, this analysis comes from the Los Angeles Times; hardly a neutral or right-wing outlet.

Study finds 92% of Anti-Fascist Protesters in Germany Live with their Parents

From Heat Street: The study was carried out with data from Germany, and published in the German tabloid BILD – so results may vary compared to other Western activists. Nonetheless – the findings ring true: 84% are male 72% are aged 18-29 90% are single 34% are unemployed

Anti-Trump Protesters Block Road, Force EMTs to Do Procedure in Ambulance

From Townhall: EMTs in Connecticut were forced to do a procedure on a “critically ill” patient in an ambulance after anti-Trump protestors blocked part of the highway and clogged up traffic. Between 100 and 200 people blocked the Interstate-95 Northbound Exit 47 Ramp (RT34 Westbound) in New Haven on Saturday afternoon. They were protesting President Trump’s executive […]

Obamacare is Still Failing, Liberal Media

From Guy Benson at Townhall on the bad numbers related to Obamacare: When President Trump and Congressional Republicans make the case that Obamacare must be uprooted and replaced, they often note that the law is already falling apart and harming people. They’re right. Despite some recent polling reflecting less than half the country’s ‘status quo bias’ against […]

Dear Media: Australia’s Refugees aren’t America’s Problem

From The Federalist: Even sharing the burden of refugee resettlement makes some sense when you consider that many Near Eastern refugees cannot get themselves to the United States and are packed into teeming camps in nearby Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. Those countries are poorer than ours and lack the capacity to house millions of newly […]

The Bias Buzz Podcast- DeVos Confirmed, Immigration Policy, Political Super Bowl Commercials, Elizabeth Warren Rebuked [Video]

Episode 58.  This week Brian and I discuss the historic vote by Vice President Mike Pence to confirm Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary, the latest in the battle over Trump’s immigration executive order, the politicization of Super Bowl commercials, Elizabeth Warren gets rebuked by the Senate and much more. Please SUBSCRIBE on iTunes SoundCloud audio […]

Kryptonite For Teachers’ Unions

The most contentious confirmation of Trump’s cabinet nominees was for the relatively innocuous Secretary of Education. Why? National Review columnist Kevin Williamson suggests it’s because the Democrat Party power is the lowest since...Show More Summary

Trump’s Court Battle in Perspective

The media have also continued a double standard in their coverage of presidential executive power.

Dan Rather Launches “News and Guts” Facebook Page to Combat Fake News

Former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather has launched a new Facebook page to ferret out real news from what he considers to be the fake news that has proliferated since the election: Please join me on an exciting new endeavor. I love news. I always have and can confidently say I always will. Journalism, […]

Trump’s Immigration Pause and the Media Backlash

The mainstream media continue their misleading reporting about President Donald Trump’s executive order, which calls for temporarily limiting immigration into the United States from seven countries, and a review of refugee policy.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Assails Fake News [Video]

MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough assailed the proliferation of fake news and said that journalists need to do their job if they are serious about putting a stop to it. Scarborough cited an article in The Federalist listing 16 fake news stories that the media have published or broadcast since Trump won the election: “We’ve […]

Trump Tells U.S. Military He has Their Back, Will Fight Radical Islam

From Townhall on Trump’s recent remarks to CENTCOM: The bulk of Trump’s remarks focused on efforts to defeat radical Islamic terror, in addition to reiteration of his stance that NATO allies must allocate proper funds for their defense. “We face a vicious enemy that has no respect for human life…No enemy stands a chance against […]

ESPN’s Sage Steele was Right to Call Out Airport Protesters

From The Federalist: In a subsequent Facebook post, Steele called out black intolerance of black non-conformists, especially on political and social issues, and correctly noted that the prevalence of racism among black people is something the Left gives black people a free pass for, instead of calling them out on it the same way they would […]

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