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Even CNN Criticized Democrats’ Jeering of Republicans after ObamaCare Repeal Vote

The Democratic congressional representatives mocked and jeered their Republican colleagues in Congress yesterday, after the final vote was tallied to repeal Obamacare via the American Health Care Act (AHCA). What did they do? They sang some of the lyrics to the song, “Goodbye,” and waved good-bye to their colleagues, insinuating that the Republicans sealed their […]

NBC News: Doctor said ObamaCare Repeal Creates ‘Life or Death’ Conflict

A lot of fear-mongering by the Left from the likes of NBC News. Did they forget that the Affordable Care Act/ObamaCare canceled Americans’ health insurance plans, raised their annual premiums and led to, in some cases, worse health insurance coverage and options? Yes, they did forget because none of that was mentioned in the NBC News […]

Biased Source: CNN Cited Liberal Think Tank in Article on Why ObamaCare Repeal is Bad

The Center for American Progress is a left-wing, liberal and progressive think tank which houses allies of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama. Yet, CNN felt it was wise to cite their anti-ObamaCare repeal research. How is CAP a neutral source in the fight over the future of ObamaCare? CNN entitled […]

Liberal Media Ecstatic at Photo of Steve Bannon’s Whiteboard Checklist

Steve Bannon, the much-criticized confidant of President Donald Trump, took a photo with a religious leader and the leader tweeted out the photo. However, the interesting part was that his whiteboard checklist was included in the background of the photo. The liberal media pounced on the whiteboard checklist and tried to dissect Bannon’s checklist and […]

Who are CNN’s Early Leaders for Democratic 2020 Candidates?

According to CNN Editor-at-large Chris Cilizza (formerly of the Washington Post), the top three candidates for the Democratic Party heading into 2020 presidential elections are Joe Biden (who recently told an audience that he won’t be running), Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. But, there are nineteen other potential candidates for the party, in Cilizza’s estimation. […]

Small Canadian Town is Unhappy over Illegal Immigrants Coming to Canada

President Donald Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigrants is having a ripple effect in Canada, reported NBC News. In the small town of Emerson, Manitoba, more than 300 illegal immigrants have made their way across the U.S.-Canada border. The town’s population is 678 people and their mayor is not a fan of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s […]

It’s time for me to talk about 2018…

Fortes Fortuna Juvat…Fortune Favors the Bold. There are many variations of this Latin proverb, but this specific one appears on the gates of Honor Hill at Ft. Benning Georgia, where US Army Infantrymen receive the venerable “cross rifles” insignia. The U.S. infantry has two simple words as its motto: “Follow Me.” Those words have true […]

Trump Protester Harassed, Assaulted, and Arrested at Climate March

This incident appears to be another case of left-wing political violence allowed, and even sanctioned, by a local police department.

The Bias Buzz Podcast- May Day Protests, CNN Rejects Trump Campaign Ad, Hillary’s Blame Game, Obamacare Repeal Stalls and More

Episode 70.  This week we discuss May Day protests turning violent, how Trump has made the White House Correspondents Dinner irrelevant, CNN’s rejection of Trump campaign ad boosts views, the GOP’s repeated Obamacare repeal failures, North Korea, French election and more. Please SUBSCRIBE on iTunes. SoundCloud audio is below:

FBI Director James Comey: Hillary Clinton Sent Emails to Anthony Weiner’s Unsecured Computer

Considering that the FBI director, James Comey, previously mentioned that the FBI was looking at the Weiner-Clinton computer connection, this bit of news about Clinton sending Weiner classified information via e-mail should not come as a surprise. But, it is big news, considering Clinton is still griping about how Comey cost her the White House. […]

CNN Editor: Hillary Clinton’s Complaints about 2016 Only Help Trump

Chris Cilizza, formerly of the Washington Post, made an astute point: Hillary Clinton’s continued moaning, griping and bitterness from losing to Donald Trump only galvanizes and motivates Trump and his supporters: Despite the activism on the left that has surged in the wake of Trump’s election, the country, viewed broadly, doesn’t have an overwhelming urge […]

Hillary Clinton Won’t Let It Go: Said She’s Now ‘a Part of the Resistance’

Hillary Clinton, in her most recent appearance in public, told the New York audience at the Women for Women International conference the following: “I’m now back to being an activist citizen and part of the resistance” Sounds like a losing presidential candidate is still a sore loser over how she blew a golden opportunity to […]

Editing Controversy? Bill Nye Clip on Gender may have been Deleted

The Federalist’s Daniel Payne has a point: Did Bill Nye or Netflix edit out a segment on gender identity in one of his episodes? On Netflix’s collection of episodes of “Bill Nye,” the 23rd episode, entitled “Probability,” is identical to that which originally aired in 1996—except that the segment on sex and chromosomes has been […]

Heritage Foundation, Conservative Think Tank, Ousts President Jim DeMint

Ousting Jim DeMint was an unexpected move from the conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation, which was an important policy think tank for President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. Jim DeMint, former South Carolina U.S. Senator, has been ousted as president of the think tank in the last year of his contract. Former Heritage president […]

Comey Sticks to His Claim That Hillary Lacked Criminal Intent

Though the evidence that she knew what she was doing when she mishandled classified information is clear. In his testimony today before the Senate Judiciary Committee (on which I’ll have more to say in an upcoming column), FBI director James Comey has stuck by his claim that declining to bring charges against Hillary Clinton for […]

The Biggest Loser, Newspaper Reporter Ranked as Worst Job in America for Third Year in a Row

For the third year in a row, and fourth out of the last five, being a newspaper reporter ranks as the worst job in America. The Jobs Rated Report has been compiled by CareerCast since 1988, and ranks 200 U.S. jobs based on a wide range of criteria that includes income, outlook, environmental factors, stress and […]

The Final Truth about the “Trump Dossier,” Part Three

In addition to Comey, who took the bait, we have evidence that Obama’s CIA director John Brennan was involved in spreading the allegations...

Hillary Clinton Still Gripes about Losing Election to Trump

Hillary Clinton, at an event in New York City, blamed FBI director James Comey for his letter about her e-mails. She said that if the election were on October 27, she would be president. She did take some blame for losing to Donald Trump, with some of her shortcomings and miscalculations being highlighted in a […]

Bill Maher Called Liz Warren ‘Pocahontas’ to Her Face

Bill Maher, host of HBO’s Real Time, did not hold back with Democratic U.S. Senator Elizabeth “Liz” Warren when she appeared on his show this past week. President Trump called Warren “Pocahontas” because Warren once claimed she was part-Native American, and Maher used same nickname when Warren tried to rebut one of his statements on why she […]

Joe Biden 2020 is a Non-Starter

The Democratic Party does not have a deep political bench for the 2020 presidential election, as the recent remarks by former vice president Joe Biden showed. Biden said he will not run in 2020 at a recent event, which makes sense because he will be 77 years old.

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