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Huffington Post Offered Defense of Liz Warren’s Gender Pay Gap

The Huffington Post, a liberal media outlet, took issue with the Washington Free Beacon’s report that liberal U.S. Senator Elizabeth “Liz” Warren paid her female staffers less than male staffers. Why? The Free Beacon is accused of allegedly using incomplete data. The thing is, the Free Beacon was transparent on which data they were using […]

Islam vs. Christianity in Childbirths: Trends Indicate More Muslim Babies Born in Next 20 Years

It appears that in the next twenty years, babies born to Muslim parents will outpace those born to Christian parents, which goes along with recent trends and predictions: The study confirms previous research predicting that Muslims will be the fastest-growing religious group during the next few decades. In recent years, more babies have been born to […]

The political dilution of the Trump administration

I hope President Trump has not forgotten who elected him and why. Here is a hint – people inside-the-Beltway did not elect you, Mr. President, and it wasn’t to maintain the status quo. In fact, despite what you might be hearing, Mr. President, the views of Stephen Bannon are probably closer to those of the […]

The Bias Buzz Podcast: Gorsuch, the Nuclear Option, Susan Rice, Syria, Russia and More

Episode 66. This week we tackle the Gorsuch confirmation vote and the inevitability of the Republicans exercising the nuclear option, the Syrian gas attack, the Russian investigation, Susan Rice, Elizabeth Warren and pay inequality and more. Please SUBSCRIBE on iTunes. SoundCloud audio is below:

Another Dan Rather Scandal 

So how did Rather get his hands on his photo, especially when he failed to graduate back in 1954?

Why isn’t the Liberal Media Jumping on Susan Rice Changing Her Statement?

Mollie Hemingway, senior editor at The Federalist, made a great point about Susan Rice and the “unmasking” controversy and how Susan Rice changed her initial statement on her involvement: Yesterday, in a damage control interview with prominent Democratic journalist Andrea Mitchell, Rice admitted her unmasking efforts and said they were routine. Show More Summary

Susan Rice’s ‘Unmasking’ was Legal, but Another Obama Era Scandal

Andrew McCarthy, a columnist for National Review, outlined the reasons why Susan Rice had legal basis for her “unmasking” of Trump campaign and transition officials while at the National Security Agency (NSA). Yet, the implications of this scandal is that it could be yet another abuse-of-power scandal under the Obama administration: If the new reporting […]

So Much Media Confusion on Susan Rice and ‘Unmasking’ Controversy

A former analyst for the National Security Agency (NSA) goes into detail on why the Susan Rice “unmasking” controversy is being misreported by all sides and outlines why Susan Rice is unpopular in the intelligence community. It’s worth a read, since the author goes into “signals intelligence” (known as SIGINT) and the details of collecting […]

NRA Released Video Detailing the Legal Challenges to the Second Amendment

NRA released a new video, “Gun Rights on Trial,” and details the issues surrounding the gun rights vs. gun control debate in the legal fields, with comments by Dana Loesch, National Review’s Charles Cooke, Townhall columnist Kurt Schlichter, and others. The video speaks about the D.C. v. Heller decision, along with a discussion of how […]

Countering North Korea’s nukes

The time might be right for an ‘Asian NATO’ There is no question about North Korea’s drive to achieve intercontinental ballistic missile capability. The objective is clear: to be capable of launching a pre-emptive nuclear attack against the United States. Of course, with Pyongyang’s multiple ballistic missile launches into the Sea of Japan, it was not only […]

Latest Obama-Rice Scandal Comes into Focus

After the articles appeared this week citing Rice’s role, she went to the friendly confines of an interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell.

ESPN Issues New Political and Election Guidelines to Employees

ESPN, which has seen its ratings drop as its on-air talent has drifted into politics, issued new political and election guidelines to employees, recommending that they tie any political comments to sports whenever possible. There are different guidelines for staffers working on news reports and those providing commentary for the network. Show More Summary

Liberal Newspapers Agree: Democrats, Don’t Toss the Filibuster for the Nuclear Option

It’s interesting that the editorial boards for the Washington Post, Boston Globe and Chicago Tribune are not siding with the Democratic Party on holding fast on a Senate filibuster on the confirmation of Trump Supreme Court nominee Donald Trump. Instead, they are urging the Democrats to not filibuster over Gorsuch and to save political ammunition […]

Liberal Media’s Mixed Coverage of Susan Rice-“Unmasking” Allegations

So far, a lot is not known whether former Obama national security advisor Susan Rice “unmasked” (i.e. identify) members of Donald Trump’s team in intelligence reports. But, all we ask at Accuracy in Media is that the issues are covered fairly and equally. That is not the case with the liberal media. CNN only covered […]

CNN Ran One Article on Susan Rice on Homepage after “Unmasking” Controversy Emerged

CNN apparently wants to distance itself from the controversy surrounding former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice. Rice is embroiled in controversy over her request to “unmask” (i.e. identify” members of the Trump campaign in intelligence surveillance. One would assume this would be newsworthy and on the homepage of the CNN website last night, but […]

CNN Glanced Over Susan Rice ‘Unmasking’ Allegations, but Published 6 Pieces on Trump, Border Wall

Apparently, the priorities at CNN are on the border wall proposed by President Trump, not the current controversy swirling around former Obama national security advisor Susan Rice. Rice is accused of “unmasking” Trump allies in U.S. intelligence reports, which she has denied. CNN published one video on the allegations and controversy on their homepage last […]

How Senate Dems Went Anti-Israel

On March 23, 2017, Senators had a simple choice to make. On one side was J Street; an anti-Israel pressure group that had hosted BDS activists and opposed Israel’s right to defend itself. On the other was Ambassador David Friedman, the first pro-Israel nominee in decades. And the choice was made. Every Democrat chose to […]

Will Gorsuch Fool Us Again?

Gorsuch has not ruled on an abortion case, but told the Senate during his confirmation hearings that the Court ruling is “the law of the land,” and “I accept the law of the land.”

Washington Post Editorial Board: Democrats Anger Clouding Their Judgment on Gorsuch

The Washington Post editorial board criticized Senate Democrats for attempting to block the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court because of their anger over the failed Merrick Garland nomination last year. The editorialShow More Summary

Lost in Liberal Media Headlines: Democrats Killed the Filibuster under Harry Reid’s ‘Nuclear Option

Too often, the liberal media blames the conservatives and the GOP for destroying the country and causing trouble. This time, the liberal media avoids pointing blame at the Democratic Party over the use of the so-called “nuclear option,” where the Senate can throw aside the filibuster in favor of a simple majority vote. Who is […]

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