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10 Notorious Tax Cheats: Pete Rose, Baseball Player

This year, Pete Rose applied again to have his lifetime ban on baseball lifted. Rose, who still holds multiple records in the sport, was banned from baseball after allegations he bet on baseball. A short time later, Rose answered allegations of another sort: that he cheated on his taxes.

5 Secrets To Wooing And Serving Millennial Customers -- All 80 Million Of Them

Listen up: Here are five key things you need to know about what the millennial generation of consumers is looking for in terms of customer service and customer experience that. Getting a grasp on this information is crucial because the millennial generation of customers is about to take your businesses by [...]


The response to my initial commentary on the drought problem in California was met with questions regarding my concerns for the impact on the agricultural sector.  According to comments then by Governor Brown, Ag had already been paying its fair share and would largely go unaffected.  His later comments were [...]

Can I Make Money Following My Passion?

Should Art, a rising young banker, take an entrepreneurial leap or stick with the job he hates? What would you advise him to do?

More Than 120 ER Visits Linked To Synthetic Marijuana In NYC Over Past Week

According to the Health Department in New York City, over 120 persons made trips to the emergency department over the past week as a result of adverse effects or reactions after using synthetic marijuana. Synthetic marijuana--an herbal product sprayed with powerful and sometimes unknown chemicals--was officially banned and labeled a Schedule [...]

Don't Work For An Empty Suit, and Don't Be One

What is an empty suit? Liz Ryan explains -- and explains why you don't want one for a boss!

Quentin Lance Is Ruining 'Arrow'

Spoilers through Season 3 of 'Arrow' follow. Instead of doing a normal review/recap of this past week's episode of Arrow, I'd like to comment on what I think the show's biggest problem is at the moment. This is a television program I've really come to love, with a cast of characters I think [...]

Game of Thrones Economics: Why Doesn't Westeros Have A Central Bank?

In Game of Thrones, the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros have no central bank. Why is this? And would one even be possible given the political economy of the known world? This post will address these question. As a disclaimer, my knowledge of the show is based on reading the first two books [...]

Take A Break From Your To Do List

Your To Do list is a fantastic guide to life on the ground. What happens when you look up from your To Do list to get altitude on your career?

You Can Now Easily Transfer Your Playlists From One Music Streaming Service To Another

Streaming is quickly becoming the way that most people consume music, and for many it’s easy to get into the bigger services. They are easy to learn, and there is more music on every platform than any one person could ever listen to. While each service has their own positives [...]

This Week's 'Best' Trailer Debut Wasn't 'Batman V Superman' Or 'Star Wars'

There is something to be said for the element of surprise. I made the choice to pass on the Unfriended press screening last week because my wife wanted to see it and it was just more advantageous for everyone to just get a babysitter for a Thursday night showing at my local [...]

Nicole Kidman Is Not Alone: When Celebrities Sell Airline Seats

Nicole Kidman pitching Etihad Airways is just the latest in a line of stars who have pitched for airlines, including Kevin Spacey, Kobe Bryant, Leo Messi, James Gandolfini, Peter Sellers and Judd Hirsch.

New Research Says There Are 6 'Types' Of Obese Person. Why This Is And Isn't True.

A new study finds that obese people fall into one of 6 groups. But there's more to it than this.

Verizon Breaks The TV Bundle

After years and years of consumers clamoring for ala carte access to their favorite channels,  the walls are starting to come down. Be careful what you wish for - because choice might turn out to have a daunting number of variables. This week Verizon did the once unthinkable and broke its bundle.  Not [...]

Five Good Reasons To Walk Out Of A Job Interview

You don't have to stay in a job interview if the atmosphere is oppressive or if you can tell you don't want the job. Here are five good reasons to run!

We've Forgiven Alex Rodriguez, So Why Not Pete Rose And Lance Armstrong?

This is an era of second chances in sports highlighted by Alex Rodriguez, Johnny Manziel, Adrian Peterson and Jameis Winston. Noticeably absent are Pete Rose and Lance Armstrong, who is rumored to be trying for reinstatement after his lifetime ban from cycling in 2012.

Friday Box Office: 'Paul Blart 2' Trumps 'Unfriended,' 'Child 44' Bombs

This will be strictly concerning new releases, as there are quite a few this weekend. There are five films that opened on at least 500 screens, as well as one one expansion title (The Woman In Gold) that added 500 screens this weekend. So it's going to be a little crazy [...]

Meet Stephen Curry: The NBA's Most Appealing, Aspirational And Influential Star

Curry’s aspirational score ranks seventh out of 3,652 celebrities in the database of research firm Repucom.

Friday Box Office: 'Furious 7' Surpasses $1 Billion Worldwide, 'Ex Machina' Expands

This will be strictly holdover Friday box office news. It's a pretty slow news day. As reported yesterday with much fanfare, Furious 7 crossed the $1 billion mark in just 17 days of worldwide box office play, faster than any other movie in history. The Paul Walker/Vin Diesel sequel earned another $8.3 million [...]

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