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It’s Unclear What Pokémon GO’s Exclusive Mewtwo Raids Are Actually Adding To The Game

Pokémon GO continues its beta test of exclusive raid passes, and now they’re coming to more countries and non-sponsored PokeStops. But what are they adding to the game, really?

‘Assassin’s Creed Origins’ Will Have A Completely Combat-Free ‘Discovery’ Mode

I have taken hundreds of thousands of virtual lives in video games over the years, thousands in the Assassin’s Creed series alone, as the name implies. But for Assassin’s Creed Origins, Ubisoft is doing something pretty cool that involves steering clear of the game’s trademark murder and mayhem.

SNES Classic Edition Review: Hardware Annoyances Meet Software Perfection

The SNES Classic easily boasts the best retro games line-up of all time, but Nintendo failed to learn some other important lessons from the NES Classic last time around.

The Mysterious Ataribox Will Cost Between $250-300 And Launch In Spring 2018

The Ataribox, the new home console from Atari that hopes to marry the concept of a micro-console and a fully-fledged current gen competitor, now has a potential price and release date.

Destiny 2’s Faction Rally Is Surprisingly Fun And Possibly Broken

Today marks the launch of Destiny 2’s Faction Rally, a new in-game event that is rewarding to the point of possibly being broken.

Will ‘NBA 2K18’ Or ‘Shadow Of War’ Be A Breaking Point For Microtransactions?

There have been two storms brewing in the past few weeks, both centered around the same topic: microtransactions in games. Will Shadow of War or NBA 2K18 be a breaking point for the issue?

There’s One Major Problem With Pokémon GO’s Egg-Based Equinox Event

Pokemon GO's Equinox Event is pretty great, other than the fact that the special 2 km eggs are way harder to find than they need to be.

Ranking The 10 Best Legendary Weapons In ‘Destiny 2’ (So Far)

There are a ton of new legendaries in Destiny 2, but which are the best weapons in the game right now? Here's a ranking order.

CBS Badly Misplayed Their Hand By Making ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ A Paid Streaming Exclusive

I was excited to watch Star Trek: Discovery last night, CBS’s return to a “true” Star Trek show in the age of JJ Abrams blockbusters. But while I did like the show, the process of watching it was a total disaster.

This ‘Walking Dead’ Poster Shows Why I Like ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ More

This image demonstrates why The Walking Dead is wearing me out, while Fear the Walking Dead still manages to feel fresh.

Boy Did I Not Deserve My Flawless ‘Destiny 2’ Trials Of The Nine Run

Flawless. It’s the single most elusive word in the Destiny lexicon, one indicating either an immense amount of PvP skill, luck or something else entirely.

Here’s Everything That Can Hatch From Pokémon GO’s Special Equinox Event Eggs

Niantic previewed a few Pokémon that would be popping up in the special Pokemon GO Equinox Event eggs, but the community has banded together to grab data from all corners of the globe to try and get something close to a full roster of what’s in these eggs.

A Supposed Mercy Nerf In ‘Overwatch’ Has Boosted Her Pick Rate To Nearly 100%

Since new changes went live in Overwatch's patch 1.15, Mercy’s supposed nerf has clearly been demonstrated to be a buff instead, making her total revives and pick rate increase dramatically.

Good Luck Convincing Sony That PS4 Should Ever Crossplay With Xbox One

Fortnite just proved that PS4-Xbox One crossplay should be relatively simple for all parties, but it's going to take a lot of work to convince Sony to get on board for any game.

Destiny 2’s Endgame Takes A Strange Turn Post-270 Power

Destiny 2 has a new endgame progression system, but significant changes from the original make things feel a lot different, and it's tough to know what the long term picture of the game will look like.

Niantic Needs A ‘Pokémon GO’ Halloween Event That’s Creative And Fun And Not About Raids

It may seem strange to start talking about a potential Pokémon GO Halloween event in the middle of September, but that does seem like the first time we’re likely to see the game return to its style of “holiday” based events, something the game has now abandoned almost entirely for months now.

‘Battleborn’ Officially Goes On Life Support As Gearbox Turns Toward ‘Borderlands 3’

The saga of Battleborn appears to be drawing to a close, as after almost a year and a half, Gearbox appears to be willing to let the game fade gently into the good night. But Borderlands 3 is coming.

Xur Needs Something New To Do In ‘Destiny 2’

Xur is back in Destiny 2, but the game's totally reworked economy practically seems ready to put him out of a job. How can Xur remain relevant in Destiny 2 going forward?

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