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‘Suicide Squad’ Doesn’t Work Because It Screws Up 11 Of Its 13 Total Characters

Suicide Squad is yet another missed opportunity for WB and the DCEU, and once again the problem has to do with the film's overcrowding. There are nearly a dozen major characters crammed into Suicide Squad, but only two of them are well-performed or well-used.

You Should Give The Upgraded And Addicting ‘Fallout Shelter’ Another Shot On PC

You may not have played Fallout Shelter in quite a while, but the new PC version of the game is a lot of fun, and you may want to give it another look. Read about what's been added to the game since launch.

Why ‘Destiny’ Lives On, But ‘The Division’ May Not

The Division and Destiny have been bitter rivals for a while now, but only one of them seems to be winning the long-term war to keep players engaged with new content.

I Tried ‘Pokémon GO’ Compass ‘Nearby’ Tracking, And This Is What I Found

Rumor has it there's a precise way to track Pokemon in Pokemon GO using the game's compass and gyroscope. But does it actually work? We put it to the test.

How ‘Pokémon GO’ Has Impacted My Life In The Last Week

Pokemon GO has done the impossible, it's brought the entire world together and is starting to change the lives of many of its players. Here's one such story.

Nintendo Once Believed That It Would Sell 100 Million Wii Us

Nintendo once believed that it would automatically replicate the success of the Wii by selling 100 million Wii U units. They were incorrect.

Has ‘The Division’ Proved Me Wrong About Destiny’s Endgame Matchmaking?

Has The Division proven that imperfect matchmaking is better than Destiny's philosophy of almost no endgame matchmaking at all? Or have they demonstrated that Bungie may have been right all along?

AMC’s ‘Preacher’ Feels Like It’s On A Long, Slow Road To Nowhere

AMC's Preacher has been picked up for season two, but it can be hard to comprehend its first few episodes so far, which may explain a relative lack of buzz.

Are We Really Supposed To Believe The Nintendo NX Is Coming Out In Nine Months?

Nintendo is still not talking about the NX, six months into 2016, and nine months away from its alleged launch. They claim they're keeping their tech a secret, but fans are growing anxious to hear about the console.

Five Essential Fixes For The Division’s New ‘Underground’ DLC

The Division has debuted new DLC content, Underground, but there are a few things that need to be fixed before it can fully live up to its potential.

Eight Video Games To Play If You’re Missing ‘Game of Thrones’

Game of Thrones is off the air for almost an entire year. Here are eight video games that can help fill the void in the meantime.

‘The Division’ Underground DLC Review: The Dark Below

The Division has released its first paid DLC pack, Underground. In it, players can generate their own levels and challenges in the style of Diablo 3's Rifts. How does Underground compare to the base game and previous free updates?

Can DLC Be A GOTY Contender? In The Witcher 3’s Case, Yes

The WItcher 3's DLC sets the standard for the entire industry. For a low cost, packs like Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine offer more content than many entire $60 games.

What’s Worse, The Division’s PlayStation-Last DLC, Or Destiny’s PlayStation-Only Content?

The Division is releasing its Underground DLC today, but only for Xbox and PC, leaving the majority of its playerbase on PS4 out for the next month. Destiny does something similar with its Sony-exclusive content, and both types of deals make each game worse for everyone.

After An Insane ‘Game of Thrones’ Finale, Absolutely Nothing Can Stop Daenerys Targaryen Now

Last night's Game of Thrones racked up an insanely high bodycount, and changed the landscape of Westeros forever. It's hard to know what, if anything, will be able to stop Daenerys Targaryen's invasion now.

PS4 And Xbox ‘Overwatch’ Fans Rejoice, A Torbjörn Nerf Is Officially Coming

Blizzard is stepping in to give Torbjörn a big nerf on Xbox One and PS4. The hero's auto-aiming turret has caused mayhem on consoles where player aim is less precise, but a hit to its damage should set things back in alignment.

Here Is Every Single New Item In Fallout 4’s Contraptions DLC

Fallout 4 has new DLC coming, and this time, you can get weapon and armor racks, statues, posters, forges and more in the new 'Contraption' pack. Here is every single item you'll find in the new DLC.

Why ‘Game of Thrones’ Should Let Ramsay Bolton Survive The ‘Battle of the Bastards’

Game of Thrones is giving us the Jon Snow vs. Ramsay Bolton fight we've longed for, but there's a reason to let the villain live past the end of this battle.

This New, Brazen ‘Overwatch’ Clone Will Make You Laugh, Cry

Overwatch's success has spawned a number of imitators, but now at least one outright clone that's a F2P game for mobile devices.

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