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What ‘Destiny’ Needs To Learn From ‘Diablo 3? About Loot

As you may have heard, Destiny rolled out a big patch yesterday. Well, a small patch that did a few big things in terms of loot. It solved the game’s since-launch problem of the smarmy Cryptarch, a vendor who would “decrypt” your random item engrams, and often reveal gear or weapons of a worse quality [...]

‘Shadow of Mordor’ Succeeds Because It Makes Death Matter

Shadow of Mordor is an average game that ascends dangerously close to greatness because of a single mechanic. It’s not a very common notion, given that most games are a sum of their parts, but Mordor is in a unique situation where one aspect of it shines brighter than nearly everything else in the game. [...]

‘Shadow of Mordor’ And The Benefits Of Being Underhyped

Today may mark the official kick-off of “big fall games that aren’t Destiny” season, with the release of Warner Bros.’ Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. The game has already surprised many critics, and in turn, surprised many fans who found the reviews that went up after a very early pre-launch embargo to be largely full of [...]

Destiny’s Lost Story Reveals A Very Different Game Prior To Launch

A couple weeks ago, I posted about a recurring fan theory that had the potential to turn the story of Destiny on its head, changing it from the unquestionably worst aspect of the game into something rather excellent. The idea was that there was a twist hidden under the surface of the narrative, that the [...]

Hacker Group Lizard Squad Takes Down Destiny, Call of Duty, FIFA And More

It’s been over a full month since hacker collective ‘Lizard Squad’ rose to notoriety for taking down PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and other gaming servers, but above all else attracting the FBI’s attention for tweeting out a bomb threat to a executive’s American Airlines flight, which grounded the plane and launched a nationwide hunt for [...]

Sony Finally Shutting Down PlayStation Home On PS3

Sony is killing one of its weirder experiments throughout its console history, PS3?s PlayStation Home. Yesterday Sony announced that new content would cease for PS Home in November, while the servers would officially be taken down December 3rd. “PlayStation Home has been serving the PS3 community since December 2008,” they say. “During that time, tens [...]

Where Does ‘Destiny’ Go From Here?

It seems Destiny-mania might be winding down just a bit, as we’re about to head into fall release season where a number of huge titles are going to start dropping left and right. The embargoes for both Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Shadow of Mordor broke last night, and both appear to be fantastic [...]

150 Games ‘For Everything But Wii U’ Highlights Nintendo’s Third Party Problem

It’s well known that Wii U is getting by almost solely on its first-party hits, with multiplatform AAA titles slowly fading away from the system altogether. Though the Wii U retained at least a few of these titles initially, now series like Assassin’s Creed, Madden and Call of Duty won’t appear on the system at [...]

Blizzard Cancels Project Titan, Its Eternally Mysterious Next-Gen MMO

In an announcement that seems both simultaneously massive and expected, Blizzard has confirmed they are cancelling their long-awaited, seldom spoken-of next-gen MMO, forever known as its codename, Project Titan. The news comes via a Polygon interview with Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime, who said that after seven years in development, the project just never came together. [...]

Destiny’s ‘Loot Cave’ Showcases Bungie’s Lingering Endgame Problems

The games media has seemed to have recently just discovered the famed “loot cave” in Destiny, a way to get in the game that’s been around for quite a while, but has quickly become far and away the game’s most popular avenue to acquire items. In short, it’s the definition of shooting fish in a [...]

Microsoft Delays Xbox One’s Launch In China

has waited until practically the last possible minute to delay the launch of the Xbox One in China, originally slated to be released this Tuesday, September 23rd. Now they’re saying it will be out in the country before the end of the year, though they’re rather unclear about the reasons behind the delay. “At Xbox, [...]

ISIS Uses ‘GTA 5? In New Teen Recruitment Video

Terrorist group ISIS has combined brutality with social media acumen to become one of the most feared and reviled organizations on earth in recent months, publicly releasing videos of beheadings of American and British hostages in addition to broadcasting other unspeakable acts of violence. Their latest isn’t that horrific or extreme, but it is bizarre. [...]

In Defense of Destiny: What Bungie Got Right

Destiny is without question going to be the most talked-about game of the year, for good or ill. The reviews are mixed among fans and critics alike, yet both groups seem to have a common problem, they can’t stop playing. That’s certainly true for me, and I’m almost embarrassed with how much I’ve played the [...]

California County Offers Tempting ‘Violent Video Games For Ice Cream’ Exchange

Gun buybacks are commonplace all around the country as concerned citizens and government officials try to get weapons off the street by offering cash for them. Now, the same principle is being applied to items that supposedly make childhood dangerous, toy guns and violent. The District Attorney of Marin County in California is partnering [...]

‘Destiny’ May Have A Brilliant, Twisted Story Hidden Far From View

There are many good and bad things about Bungie’s new MMO- shooter Destiny, but one aspect that most would place firmly in the “bad” column is its story. As in, it barely has one. Through 25+ story missions, the game throws in a few cutscenes and has your AI give you a couple of history [...]

Super Smash Bros. 3DS Sells A Million Copies Opening Weekend In Japan

Destiny may be all the rage right now in the West, but overseas, Japan has a new obsession. This past weekend was the debut of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, and as expected, the game sold at an exceptionally brisk pace. The handheld version of the game moved 1M copies its opening week in Japan. [...]

Five Essential Fixes For ‘Destiny’

Destiny’s official “endgame” content launches today in the form of a high-level, friends-only raid that takes players through the harrowing Vault of Glass. Hopefully it will alleviate some of the criticism that the game is repetitive, and provide fresh content that isn’t purely a retread of old ground and old enemies. It’s also time to [...]

Super Smash Bros. Wii U Gets One More Controller Option, The 3DS

There are a few rumors flying around right now regarding Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. The first is a November 21st release date according to a promotional pre-order card from a retailer. The second seems a bit more solid, the reveal that players will be able to use their 3DS as a controller for [...]

What Have We Learned From Titanfall, Watch Dogs, And Destiny?

The reviews are in and Destiny appears to be something of a disappointment for fans and critics alike. The game has received rather low review scores from many major outlets, 6 out of 10s and the like, and its all-important Metacritic rating is hovering at a troubling 75. Past that, it’s a strange situation as [...]

‘Destiny’ Isn’t Too Small, It’s Just Too Empty

Right around the time of the beta, there was a lot of fuss being made that Destiny seemed like it wasn’t shaping up to be as “epic” in scope as many believed. Some fans had visions in their head of a whole galaxy full of planets to explore, and instead they were told they’d have [...]

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