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I Crawled My Way To The End Of Pokémon’s ‘Magikarp Jump’ And This Is What I Found

The end of Magikarp Jump is here, and this is what you'll find if you manage to make it through all six leagues.

’13 Reasons Why’ Is Somehow Not Leaving Behind Hannah Or Her Story In Season 2

According to new information about 13 Reasons Why season 2, both Hannah and her story will be back in some capacity.

Nintendo Announces A Surprise ‘Pokémon’ Direct For Tomorrow Ahead Of E3

Nintendo has just announced that there will be a Pokémon Direct presentation tomorrow, June 6th, at 10 AM ET. What's it about?

Making Sense Of Fear The Walking Dead’s Shocking, Bizarre Death Last Night

Last night’s double-feature episode of Fear the Walking Dead brought with it one shocking moment I’m certain almost no one saw coming.

‘Wonder Woman’ And Gal Gadot Have The One Thing The DCEU Has Been Missing

Wonder Woman is the first bonafide DCEU hit, and there's a pretty simple reason as to why that's the case.

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Has A Unique Chance To Surpass The Original This Season

Fear the Walking Dead remains a somewhat strange appendage to the original, a spin-off that runs essentially alongside the original show instead of carrying on its legacy once it’s over. But The Walking Dead has a rough season seven, and it might be time for Fear to step up.

Details Leak About Pokémon GO’s New ‘Fire and Ice’ Event

A new leak says that Pokemon GO's next event will start in ten days and be "Fire and Ice" themed, which raises questions about when Niantic's truly "big" summer events like Legendary spawns will actually begin.

Let’s Avoid Dragging ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 To 2019 Please

The plan for the last two seasons of Game of Thrones has already ruffled some feathers among fans, most of whom are not thrilled with the idea that seasons 7 and 8 will be dramatically shortened to just 7 and 6 episodes apiece. And now there's even worse potential news.

Watch ‘Hearthstone’ Pro Kripp Break The Game With A Long-Awaited Press Of A Button

It’s been one of the longest running gags in Hearthstone, the fact that Octavian “Kripparrian” Morosan refuses to press his disenchant button, which would dust thousands of cards and net him hundreds of thousands of dust. Last night, Kripp pressed the button.

‘Need for Speed Payback’ Looks Like ‘GTA’ Meets ‘Fast and Furious’

It’s time for the return of the lone remaining racing franchise I still care about, Need for Speed. The next game in the series will be Need for Speed Payback and uh, it looks pretty familiar.

‘Pokémon GO’ Is Ripping Off Its Sponsored PokéStops Charging Up To 50 Cents Per ‘Visit’

Pokemon GO's sponsored PokeStops are one of its biggest moneymakers, but charging businesses "per visit" seems like a rip-off given how stops actually work in the game.

A $250, 1TB PS4 Has Been Spotted In The Wild, But It’s Ugly As Hell

A new 1TB PS4 has been spotted in the wild for the low, low base price of only $250, what the 500 GB system usually costs. But there's a catch: it's gold, and it's ugly.

Nintendo Is Creating More Questions Than Answers About Switch Online And Virtual Console

Nintendo has confirmed the price and some of the features of its new online service for the Switch, but big questions remain about Virtual Console, voice chat and more.

The Placebo Effect Of PS4 Pro, As Demonstrated By ‘Prey’

Prey just got a support patch for PS4 Pro, which leads to the didn't have this all along? How much does the PS4 Pro really improve games, and what's just a placebo effect?

A Third Party’s Look At The Nintendo Switch’s Phone-Based Voice Chat Is A Technological Monstrosity

A new product from HORI, a third party manufacturer who has assembled a Splatoon-themed headset and connection system, may be our first real look at how voice chat will work on the Nintendo Switch running through a phone. And it's not pretty.

A Leak About Overwatch’s Next Hero Now Seems A Lot More Valid

A leak from a few days ago now seems a lot more valid now that Overwatch has rolled out its moon map, and we now may already know who the new mystery hero is, and what they can do.

The Painful Process Of Learning ‘Gwent’ After Ignoring It In ‘The Witcher 3’ For 150 Hours

My first game of Gwent in The Witcher 3 was also my last, and now I'm here to redeem myself by trying to learn how to play CD Projekt Red's standalone version of the game.

A Fourth Pokémon Game Is Heading To iOS And Android, And No, Not The One You Want

Nintendo is making a new mobile game called Pokéland, and it looks to be an adaptation of the often-overlooked Wii game, Pokémon Rumble.

The 20 Most Savage And/Or Hilarious Lines From ‘Injustice 2’

I swear I’m running out of topics to write about regarding Injustice 2, but there’s just one more I wanted to cover before I move on to DLC or whatever’s coming next: It’s a freaking hilarious game.

There’s No Way This ‘Cancel Far Cry 5’ Petition Is Actually Real

I woke up to my entire timeline sharing a petition called “Cancel Far Cry 5.” It’s a letter to Ubisoft telling them to kill or change the game, mostly rooted in their use of white American extremists as their villains. It is almost certainly fake.

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