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If Xbox One Doesn’t Gain Ground On PS4 This Fall, It Never Will

  We’ve still got another month before the annual software slugfest begins in earnest this fall, but already it’s shaping up to be a very significant season for this console generation. In fact, from now until the end of 2015 is the Xbox One’s best chance to gain ground on the PS4 that we’ve seen […]

‘Game of Thrones’ Has ‘Dead’ Characters Assembling To Film Season Six

This year, Game of Thrones managed to outdo itself by having a season five finale where a huge collection of major characters were killed off, including arguably one of the show’s leads. If you’re behind on the show, this is not the article for you, and turn away now, for there be spoilers ahead. Ready? Okay. […]

Can ‘Starcraft’ Regain Relevance With ‘Legacy of the Void’?

  This morning, I cashed in my code for the new Prologue missions for Starcraft’s Legacy of the Void expansion. It contains three missions that task Dark Templar Zeratul with delaying a world-ending threat long enough to warn his fleet about the danger. It was a quaint little hour with two base-building missions and one scaled […]

Xbox One And PS4 Got An HD Remaster No One Even Noticed

It’s customary for a last-gen game to announce its HD new-gen remaster with fanfare, trumpets, a choir of angels, etc, but it seems that Activision is realizing that perhaps that’s all growing a bit stale. As such, they’ve quietly released a new PS4 and Xbox One remaster of one of their past sandbox series. The […]

Riot Suspends ‘League of Legends’ Ranked Games In The Wake Of Massive Recall Bug

The biggest game in the world has an equally large problem. Riot has been forced to shut down the entire main mode of League of Legends, ranked play, as a game-breaking bug has been discovered in the wake of a new patch. It took a few days to be unearthed since patch 5.13, and originally […]

‘Dead Island 2? Plunges Into Development Hell As Deep Silver Drops Developer

  Often times you’ll see turnover on a game before it’s released as certain key figures may depart for creative differences or simply because their job is done. Less often will you see a publisher replace an entire developer working on a game, but that’s just what’s happened with Dead Island 2. Deep Silver has […]

Ernest Cline’s ‘Armada’ Drowns in Video Game And Sci-Fi Nostalgia

  For a long while now, I’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of Armada, a book by Ernest Cline whose breakout novel, Ready Player One, remains one of my favorite sci-fi tales. His first book was a timely, fantastic peek into what a VR-consumed society could look like, and though the text was littered with […]

It’s Idiotic and Archaic For Comic Con Not To Be Streamed Like E3

  Last week, thousands of fans crammed into Hall H at San Diego Comic Con to see footage from DC’s upcoming Suicide Squad movie. Naturally, with everyone in the room having a camera in their pocket, at least one of the thousands recorded that footage and put it on the internet. What followed was a […]

Which Developer Can Redeem Superman After A String Of Terrible Games?

  Superman is getting some wind back in his sails after an admittedly excellent new Batman V. Superman trailer debuted at Comic Con this past week. Though Man of Steel was the spark that set a thousand fanboy fires over its many missteps, there are few who aren’t excited to see him return and take […]

After A Weekend With ‘Destiny’ LFG, The Game’s Matchmaking Issue Is Clear

This weekend there was a perfect storm of events that led me to a situation I rarely find myself in. With no wife around, and no friends in town, I had quite literally nothing to do for two days other than try and be productive by reading, writing, or working out. Naturally, I played Destiny. […]

YouTube’s ‘PewDiePie’ Made $7.4M Last Year, Raised $1M for Charity

  Another year, another mind-boggling mountain of money for the most famous, most popular YouTuber in the world, Sweden’s Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg. According to Swedish newspaper Expressen, the 24 year-old brought in $7.4 million in revenue in 2014 from his YouTube production company. Last year, he made headlines with a $4M haul. The reason for […]

‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 3? Is Definitely Heading Back To The Future

I’m going to take a moment to blow my own horn by recapping that on Wednesday I wrote a lengthy piece detailing why it was inevitable that the next Call of Duty installment in 2015 was going to be Black Ops 3, rather than some other sub-franchise like World at War 2. Less than 24 […]

Nintendo Asks ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Fans Who They Want To See As DLC

There’s a lot to unpack from ’s thank-god-it-wasn’t-an-elaborate-April-Fools-joke Direct yesterday, but a good chunk of it was devoted to DLC for last year’s hits, Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8. Most notably, Mario Kart 8 is getting a Captain-Falcon-would-approve, hyper-fast 200cc mode which, judging by the trailer, turns the game from challenging to insane, […]

The Internet Has Murdered April Fool’s Day

As I sit here staring at my screen, trying to bring myself to write yet another round-up of all the “zany” April Fool’s Day stories in the gaming industry, I just can’t do it. I hate April 1st, and I hate it more than ever since I became a journalist. Perhaps that’s misguided, as today […]

How Make ‘Bloodborne’ Feel Slightly Less Impossible

I’ve nervously recommended Bloodborne to a lot of readers over the past week or so, ones who were worried that their lack of history with Souls games would prevent them from enjoying it. Given that I was in the same boat, and now nearly 40 hours later, it’s one of the best games I’ve played […]

How Much Has ‘Destiny’ Been Held Back By Xbox 360 And PS3?

This past weekend, Bungie announced that they were adding in a popular feature that Destiny fans have been requesting practically since launch, larger vault sizes for item storage. Even though a relatively small percentage of players have full or almost full vaults, Bungie realizes it’s still one of the most sought-after additions to the game, […]

Why ‘The Walking Dead’ And ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Should Never Meet

This week, Robert Kirkman took to Twitter to officially announce the name of the new Walking Dead spin-off, previously only known as “Colbat” or “The Walking Dead: LA.” The show will be called “Fear the Walking Dead,” and it will debut this summer with a six episode mini-season, followed by a full length one in […]

Nintendo Announces The Wii U’s ‘Legend of Zelda’ Won’t Be Seen In 2015

Fans were hopeful that would deliver on their stated goal of releasing the Wii U’s definitive Legend of Zelda game at the end of 2015, but many were secretly (or openly) skeptical they could actually pull it off. Today, the naysayers were proven right as producer Eiji Aonuma took to to announce that hitting the […]

Five Ways ‘Bloodborne’ Could Still Be Improved

I thought eventually I’d hit a wall and give up completely, but at the end of my first week with Bloodborne, here I am, still playing. I’m currently lost in a forest, desperately trying to figure out how to beat a particularly nasty trio of flame-spewing bosses, and still loving the game as much as […]

‘Call of Duty’ Championship Looks To Crown New Kings This Weekend

“I’m pretty sick and tired of getting third.” Matt “NaDeSHoT” Haag is arguably the most recognizable eSports athlete in the world. He has a million Twitter followers, 1.7 million YouTube subscribers and reportedly an annual income of over $1M, a combination of revenue from gameplay streaming, recorded video, sponsorships and tournament winnings. But he has […]

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