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Lessons Learned From The ‘Overwatch’ Beta After 100 Hours Played To Date

The beta for Overwatch opens up to everyone who has pre-ordered today, but here is a bit of advice from a player with 100 hours invested into the game already.

Why I’m Not Wild About C’Thun Invading The ‘Hearthstone’ Meta

Whispers of the Old Gods is breathing new life into Hearthstone, but C'Thun is changing the metagame in some pretty strange ways.

Last Night, HBO Go Finally Proved It’s Ready For Prime-Time

HBO Go finally seems like it's able to handle the immense amount of pressure of live Game of Thrones viewing, after years of poor performance on Sunday nights especially.

How Will ‘Game of Thrones’ Solve Its Jon Snow Problem As Season Six Begins?

Game of Thrones is returning to air, and is about to answer questions from the books that are now 5-10 years old at this point, including revealing the fate of Jon Snow.

Destiny’s Non-Existent ‘Hearthfire’ Expansion Comes To Life Through Concept Art

This brilliant environment art shows what a personalized space might look like in Destiny. It seems like the perfect kind of expansion for a content-light 2016.

Could Blizzard Rebuild ‘Project Titan’ If ‘Overwatch’ Succeeds?

Project Titan is officially dead, but it could be rebuilt through Overwatch if the game manages to become a success for Blizzard.

‘The Division’ Is Definitely Far More Broken Than ‘Destiny’ Ever Was After Launch

The Division is often compared to Destiny, especially as both games had rocky launches, but which one was actually worse? Here's a look back to Destiny's first few weeks.

‘Hearthstone’ Is Nerfing An Enormous Number Of Classic Cards To Pave The Way For The Future

Blizzard just announced a series of huge, sweeping changes to specific Hearthstone cards, probably the biggest blanket nerf the game has ever seen. They’re doing so because next week, the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion debuts, and with it, Hearthstone is changing at its core.

The Epic Tale Of How ‘Diablo 3’ Stopped Being Terrible Has New Relevance Today

Diablo 3 has lessons to impart on a new crop of loot-based games like Destiny and The Division. Understanding how that game overcame failure is an invaluable lesson to other developers.

‘Star Fox Zero’ Is What Happens When Wii U Gamepad Integration Goes Wrong

Star Fox Zero may end up being one of the Wii U’s swan songs, if the NX really does come out this fall, and the new Legend of Zelda goes cross-platform. Unfortunately, it’s also the game that best demonstrates why the Wii U’s central gimmick, the gamepad, doesn’t work, even when Nintendo has at long last tried to heavily integrate it into one of their big titles.

What To Make Of DOOM’s Divisive Multiplayer Beta

The DOOM multiplayer has divided a lot of players who thing it's either too nostalgic, or not nostalgic enough.

Why Does Sony’s ‘NEO’ PS4.5 Feel Like It’s Just Trying To Sell 4K TVs?

  Last night, Giant Bomb broke a pretty big story, a detailed report claiming to know the exact specs of ’s as-of-yet unannounced PS4.5, sometimes known as PS4K. In this industry, rumors fly around frequently, but Giant Bomb is a widely respected outlet, and the reporter, Austin Walker, a widely respected journalist, so it seems justified […]

‘The Division’ Is Starting To Self-Destruct Because Of Gamebreaking Bugs And Exploits

  Something strange is going on with The Division, Ubisoft’s loot-shooter megahit that has dominated 2016 so far. As time goes on, the game has grown from a pretty competent and fun shooter to something that is quickly unraveling due to a series of crippling bugs and fun-destroying exploits. And it seems like developer Ubisoft […]

GTA Online’s $500M In Microtransactions Could Mean A Very Different ‘GTA 6’

It’s hard to understate just how ridiculous of a success Grand Theft Auto 5 has been for Rockstar. There’s the obvious tally, the 60+ million copies of the game sold, but what’s been unexpectedly impressive is how Rockstar bred a perfect golden goose in the form of GTA Online.

‘Battleborn’ PC Beta Impressions: A Handsome Jack Of All Trades

  It’s been an exceptionally busy week for gaming, but I wanted to make sure I finally checked out Battelborn ahead of its May 3rd launch. I didn’t get around to the PS4 beta, which has been running for quite some time, but now that it came to PC, I was really out of excuses. […]

There Is Absolutely No Avoiding ‘Console Wars’ Between Oculus Rift, Vive and PSVR

We were never going to be able to avoid fanboy camps forming around the various VR platforms. That's just how consumer culture works.

The Best Way To Prepare For Destiny And The Division’s April Updates? Don’t.

You may want to try and max out your Destiny and Division characters ahead of those games' updates, but you should not waste your time, due to coming changes to loot and leveling in each title.

It’s A ‘Destiny’ vs. ‘The Division’ vs. ‘Fallout 4’ vs. ‘Dark Souls 3’ Battle Royale On April 12th

Four huge games, Destiny, The Division, Fallout 4 and Dark Souls 3, are all competing for your attention on April 12th. Which will you choose?

Is ‘Arrow’ Crying Wolf About Yet Another Major Character Death?

Last night, Arrow attempted to shock fans with another major character death, and yet, these days it’s hard to know when exactly to take the show seriously, and when to sit around and wait for a resurrection.

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