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‘The Walking Dead’ Creator Is Disappointed George RR Martin Let ‘Game of Thrones’ Spoil His Books

Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead, is expressing disappointment that George RR Martin, creator of Game of Thrones, is letting the show ruin plot points from his books. Is he right, or is Martin out of good options?

Jake Gyllenhaal And Ubisoft Are Turning ‘The Division’ Into A Movie

The Division is the latest video game property to be turned into a film, and Jake Gyllenhaal has boarded the project to produce and star. Will Ubisoft's new IP work well as a feature film?

Last Week’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Spawned Some Insane Bran Stark Theories

Game of Thrones aired a powerful episode last week, but it wasn't just sad, it has some enormous implications for Bran Stark and the series as a whole.

‘No Man’s Sky’ Should Be PlayStation VR’s Flagship Title

No one knows why exactly No Man's Sky has been delayed, but if Sony was smart, they would be working with Hello Games to ensure that the game is a flagship title for PlayStation VR.

Where Does ‘Overwatch’ Go From Here?

Overwatch has arrived to high praise from critics and fans alike, but where does the game go from here, now that it seems clear it's going to be a hit?

A Broken Embargo Reveals ‘Warcraft’ May Not Be Ending The Video Game Movie Curse

Early review for the Warcraft movie are in, and many of them are not positive. But some fans are pushing back, saying the film lived up to their expectations and more.

Why ‘Overwatch’ Hype Is Different Than All Other Hype

Overwatch has done something new IPs almost never do, assemble a huge fanbase before the game has even launched. Can it use that momentum to become a gaming powerhouse in short order?

Hopefully ‘Preacher’ Can Free AMC From Its ‘Walking Dead’ Ratings Prison

AMC will show the premiere of Preacher tonight after Fear the Walking Dead. The show is trying to be the channel's first original hit since The Walking Dead's debut in 2010.

Listen To Bethesda Talk About Fallout 4’s ‘Far Harbor,’ Their Largest DLC Ever

Fallout 4's next big DLC comes out tomorrow, Far Harbor. It's the largest add-on Bethesda has ever produced, and they talk about it in-depth in a new video.

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Shows Exactly Why ‘Batman V. Superman’ Failed

Captain America: Civil War is a smash hit, and while it shares a the same type of conflict as what we saw in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, it surpasses that film in every possible way.

Megan Fox Is The New Kate Upton As She Joins ‘Stormfall: Rise of Balur’

It's officially a trend now that famous actresses and models are lending their likeness to mobile games. First, there was Kate Upton in Game of War, now there's Megan Fox in Stormfall: Rise of Balur.

Wait, ‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ Might Be An Awesome Space Pirate Game?

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare may be playing second fiddle to the Modern Warfare remake, but new details make the campaign sound like it will help the game jump genres and become more like Mass Effect and Star Citizen.

Lessons Learned From The ‘Overwatch’ Beta After 100 Hours Played To Date

The beta for Overwatch opens up to everyone who has pre-ordered today, but here is a bit of advice from a player with 100 hours invested into the game already.

Why I’m Not Wild About C’Thun Invading The ‘Hearthstone’ Meta

Whispers of the Old Gods is breathing new life into Hearthstone, but C'Thun is changing the metagame in some pretty strange ways.

Last Night, HBO Go Finally Proved It’s Ready For Prime-Time

HBO Go finally seems like it's able to handle the immense amount of pressure of live Game of Thrones viewing, after years of poor performance on Sunday nights especially.

How Will ‘Game of Thrones’ Solve Its Jon Snow Problem As Season Six Begins?

Game of Thrones is returning to air, and is about to answer questions from the books that are now 5-10 years old at this point, including revealing the fate of Jon Snow.

Destiny’s Non-Existent ‘Hearthfire’ Expansion Comes To Life Through Concept Art

This brilliant environment art shows what a personalized space might look like in Destiny. It seems like the perfect kind of expansion for a content-light 2016.

Could Blizzard Rebuild ‘Project Titan’ If ‘Overwatch’ Succeeds?

Project Titan is officially dead, but it could be rebuilt through Overwatch if the game manages to become a success for Blizzard.

‘The Division’ Is Definitely Far More Broken Than ‘Destiny’ Ever Was After Launch

The Division is often compared to Destiny, especially as both games had rocky launches, but which one was actually worse? Here's a look back to Destiny's first few weeks.

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