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Five Essential Fixes For ‘Destiny’

Destiny’s official “endgame” content launches today in the form of a high-level, friends-only raid that takes players through the harrowing Vault of Glass. Hopefully it will alleviate some of the criticism that the game is repetitive, and provide fresh content that isn’t purely a retread of old ground and old enemies. It’s also time to [...]

Super Smash Bros. Wii U Gets One More Controller Option, The 3DS

There are a few rumors flying around right now regarding Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. The first is a November 21st release date according to a promotional pre-order card from a retailer. The second seems a bit more solid, the reveal that players will be able to use their 3DS as a controller for [...]

What Have We Learned From Titanfall, Watch Dogs, And Destiny?

The reviews are in and Destiny appears to be something of a disappointment for fans and critics alike. The game has received rather low review scores from many major outlets, 6 out of 10s and the like, and its all-important Metacritic rating is hovering at a troubling 75. Past that, it’s a strange situation as [...]

‘Destiny’ Isn’t Too Small, It’s Just Too Empty

Right around the time of the beta, there was a lot of fuss being made that Destiny seemed like it wasn’t shaping up to be as “epic” in scope as many believed. Some fans had visions in their head of a whole galaxy full of planets to explore, and instead they were told they’d have [...]

Life After The Level Cap In ‘Destiny’

The past few days have been a blur of gunfire, alien screams and endless, nonsense sci-fi jargon, but at last I’ve reached the soft level cap in Destiny at 20. It’s where all the best gear and hardest missions are locked away, and after you hit the marker, a different phase of the game begins. [...]

The Pointless Pursuit Of An ‘Objective’ Video Game Press

As I expected, following the release of Destiny, #GamerGate seems to have died down a bit, or at least lost its edge. This will absolutely not be the last time games journalists clash with the public, but for now my feed is filled with complaints about invisible Fallen enemies in Destiny, not endless debates about [...]

Lessons Learned From 50 Hours Of ‘Destiny’ To Date

Destiny is out today at last, and while servers appear to be functional at the moment, it’s anyone’s guess what will happen when everyone gets home from school or work this afternoon. Until then, I’m going to get as much play time in as I’m able, but first I wanted to write a quick piece [...]

Live Blog: ‘Destiny’ Day One Gameplay

The floodgates have been opened and Destiny is now playable for…media members across the land. While the general public still has to wait 24 hours until launch, the press finally has the chance to boot up their review copies and start playing the game finally not in an “alpha” or “beta” phase. Bungie has requested [...]

ESPN Boss Declares eSports ‘Not A Sport’

Though the sports and video gaming communities see far more overlap than they used to, there’s still that ever present “nerd vs. jock” rivalry that still rears up from time to time, even as the landscape of society has changed. That’s what happened this week when president John Skipper was asked about Amazon’s recent Twitch [...]

Bungie Letting ‘Destiny’ Players Upgrade From Last-Gen To Next-Gen For Free

We’re at a strange time in the console space, where tens of millions of players own last generation systems like the Xbox 360 or PS3, but are slowly migrating over to Xbox One or PS4. With Bungie’s Destiny about to launch across all four platforms, they’ve realized some complications may crop up. Given that we’re [...]

Riot Rebooting ‘League of Legends’ Lore Through ‘Various Mediums’

It may be the most popular game in the world, but League of Legends still sometimes struggles to find its identity, particularly as it searches for a grand story to tell about its enormous roster of champions. League of Legends has always had lore to some extent, and originally told a tale about godlike entities [...]

New Live-Action ‘Destiny’ Trailer Channels ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

Bungie has released yet another new trailer for Destiny, this one following the increasingly popular trend of animated getting live-action TV spots. Titles like Halo and Call of Duty have used such trailers to great effect in the past, and with Destiny’s massive $500M series budget, it’s clear they weren’t going to not carve out [...]

‘The Sims 4? Punishes Pirates By Pixelating The Entire Game

The Sims 4 has debuted to muted fanfare this past week, mainly due to a lack of early review copies and much grumbling about the game rolling back more than a few features found in earlier games. But so far there at least haven’t been any SimCity-level disasters, and it remains to be seen how [...]

‘Destiny’ Fans Taking Friends-Only Raid Matchmaking Into Their Own Hands

One of Destiny’s more controversial policies ahead of release is that its 6-man raids, which feature the toughest content and dole out the best loot in the game, will not allow for randomized matchmaking. Instead, Bungie wants players only to take them on with five other friends, as the level of coordination needed to complete [...]

Nintendo Says Star Fox, Zelda And More Coming In 2015

has just unveiled a new schedule of sorts for the Wii U, one with twenty new games spanning 2014 and 2015, but only one solid release date between them. Hyrule Warriors, with its (hopefully) firm September 26th premiere kicks off the parade that ends 2014 with a holiday release of Super Smash Bros. Many have [...]

PS4 Update Adding Themes To The Dashboard

PS4 dashboards are about to get a lot more customizable. has just announced that the PS4 will follow in the footsteps of the Vita by adding custom themes to the console’s Dashboard. The reveal showcased a few animated themes featuring Japanese PlayStation characters Toro and Kuro. Switching through the menus changes the background where the [...]

Why ‘Saints Row’ Needs To Start Over

Yesterday, after much fanfare, Volition debuted a new trailer for Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, a cross-generation expansion for Saint’s Row 4 starring Johnny Gat who partners with Kinzie to march into hell to rescue “The Boss” from the clutches of Satan himself. It’s a funny concept, and the trailer is filled with Saints [...]

Nintendo Debuts New 3DS Named ‘New 3DS’

used a Japanese Direct this morning (which many hoped would contain a Super Smash Bros. Wii U release date) to announce a new version of its 3DS handheld. The news has surprised many, and so have the details about what the 3DS revamp actually contains. The new pair of 3DS models appear to be literally [...]

Why It’s A Good Thing You Can’t Trade Items In Bungie’s ‘Destiny’

Destiny seems consistently caught between its shooter identity and its MMO DNA, as the two don’t often meet in gaming. The one thing that can be said for the game is that it seems to be consistently inconsistent when it comes to picking a side. Raids are heavily skewed toward traditional MMOs, with Bungie saying [...]

Watch The Insanity Of A Counter-Strike Player Being ‘SWAT-ed’ Live On Stream

Pranks aren’t what they used to be. Some crank calls, some bags of flaming excrement left on a doorstep. Those are the gags that come to mind when thinking about kids and teens messing with one another in the past. But in the internet age and in the gaming scene, things have escalated dramatically in [...]

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