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There Is Now No Chance George RR Martin’s Books Will Outrun HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’

Trying to get the bad news out of the way early on in the year, George RR Martin’s publisher for A Song of Ice and Fire, HarperCollins, has officially confirmed that no, 2015 would not see the release of The Winds of Winter, the long-awaited sixth book in the series. Even though they tried very hard […]

PewDiePie Calls Nintendo’s New YouTube Program ‘A Slap In The Face’

As I explained in detail yesterday, has come out with a rather odd new program meant to license their game footage to be used in “Let’s Play” style YouTube videos that are currently all the rage in the industry. Though the change is better than a blanket ban or swiping 100% of ad revenue on […]

Nintendo’s New Deal With YouTubers Is A Jungle Of Red Tape

There’s no better game maker around than Nintendo, but the company is struggling to keep up with the changing face of the video game landscape in other ways. Namely, in deciding how footage of their games is used and distributed online by fans and content creators. Nintendo upset YouTubers last year when videos featuring their […]

The Wii U Is Nintendo’s Slowest Selling Console Ever

2014 seemed like the year of the Wii U, with critics and fans falling over themselves to praise games like Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. and Bayonetta 2, and for good reason. But while the Wii U may boast a lot of quality first party software, the console is still far from the kind […]

Spotify Mercy Killing Sony’s Music Unlimited On PlayStation

Everyone questioned the effectiveness of  using their own music service for the PlayStation, ditching established players in the scene for their own product. Now, they’re rectifying that mistake with a new partnership with Spotify, which will effectively kill ’s Music Unlimited. Show More Summary

Anita Sarkeesian Planning Two New Video Series For 2015

In the wake of Feminist Frequency’s annual report that showed it raised over $440,000 in 2014, Anita Sarkeesian has announced that she’ll be expanding from her Tropes vs. Women in Video Games series into two new topics. While the original series will continue (and a new installment, Women as Reward, is on its way) the […]

‘Dying Light’ First Impressions (PS4): The Running Dead

Yesterday, there was a bit of an incident involving WB/Techland not getting out review copies of Dying Light out to members of the press. In my original post, I criticized them for making a big deal about not having a review embargo for the game ahead of launch, yet the solution to that was apparently […]

What Do The WWE Royal Rumble And Metal Gear Solid Have In Common?

It was meant to be a coronation this past weekend at WWE’s Royal Rumble. The eventual champion, Roman Reigns, slugged it out with over two dozen other wrestlers in the melee, and emerged the last man standing, giving himself a shot at the world title, up against Brock Lesnar at this year’s Wrestlemania. Reigns is […]

‘Dying Light’ Promises No Review Embargoes, Delivers No Review Copies [Updated]

[Update: Reports are coming in that review codes have now been issued to many members of the press. That leaves ~12 hours or so for reviewers to form opinions before launch, meaning that coverage either has to be first impressions pieces that will likely duplicate discussion of preview builds, or full reviews that have to be written […]

Could Microsoft’s HoloLens Be The Real Deal?

Shortly after Microsoft debuted Windows Holographic paired with the HoloLens Augmented Reality headset, upstaging Windows 10 at its own event, my cynicism meter shot up to 11. Not for no reason, mind you. As I explained in the piece I wrote that day shortly after the event wrapped, it feels important to be skeptical of […]

‘Destiny’ Is The First Game Ever To Need A Lore Patch

Destiny, the game with the $500M, ten-year plan, is meant to be an ongoing “experience” filled with plenty of patches, updates and expansions of new content. As we saw with the first DLC, The Dark Below, Destiny makes mighty fine attempts at adding new “stuff to do” gameplay-wise, whether that’s new loosely structured story missions, Strikes, […]

343 Still Trying To Fix ‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection’ Woes With New Beta Test

A beta test for a game that was released two months ago? Not quite, as the situation isn’t that ludicrous for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, but it is pretty bad. There is a beta beginning today for the game, but one that 343 might have been better off calling something else. The beta in […]

New ‘Pokkén Tournament’ Footage Shows Pokémon’s Coolest Evolution Yet

“Tekken meets Pokémon” may be a phrase most in the gaming industry never thought they’d hear, but with ‘Pokkén Tournament, the collaboration between Namco and The Pokémon Company, that’s exactly what we’re going to see in 2015. Right now, the fighting game is heading only to Japanese arcades, but there seem to be strong hints […]

‘Evolve’ Director Pushes Back Against DLC Criticism

Evolve seems like a perfectly good game whose upcoming release has been marred by a series of questionable decisions in terms of pricing and content structure. The game has come under fire by many who question everything from its $60 up front model, to its myriad of collectors editions and pre-order packages. Destructoid recently caught […]

Why ‘Elder Scrolls Online’ May Be A Hit On Consoles

News broke yesterday that The Elder Scrolls Online is losing its mandatory subscription model. This was expected by anyone who had watched the evolution of the MMO space over the past decade or so, and we at Forbes even had an office pool as to when this would happen. I wrongly predicted two months ago, […]

Xbox’s Kinect Reminds Us To Be Skeptical Of Microsoft’s Windows Holographic

closed out their lengthy Windows 10 press event today with the unveiling of Windows Holographic and the HoloLens, a device that may look like a VR headset to compete with the likes of Oculus and, but focuses on Augmented Reality (AR) instead. The demo video showed users projecting virtual TVs onto their walls, and designing […]

Windows 10?s Cortana: A Solution Without A Problem?

A large focus of Microsoft’s press event today other than high-concept holograms and Windows 10 itself was the personification of the OS, Cortana. We’ve seen the Halo-themed AI (complete with original voice actress Jen Taylor) on Windows phones for a while, but now its official, she’s going to be everywhere in Windows 10. That means […]

Watch Footage Of Cancelled ‘Saints Row’ Spin-Off In Action

Saints Row has gone some crazy places with its last few games and DLCs. The game essentially morphed into Crackdown with the superpowered Saints Row 4, and now channels Dante’s Inferno with new DLC pack, Gat Out of Hell. But it could have gone somewhere even more unusual a few years ago, and may have […]

‘Borderlands 2? And Its Pre-Sequel Are Coming To Xbox One And PS4

In this day and age you can’t turn around without tripping over a re-release or remaster of a last generation game for new consoles. I just finished reviewing Saints Row Re-Elected, which brought Saints Row 4 to next gen, and before that it’s been Grand Theft Auto 5, The Last of Us, Tomb Raider and […]

What ‘Destiny’ Gets Right And Wrong About Loot

I’m currently going through something of a Destiny resurgence, as I await the coming big releases of 2015. I’ve headed back into the game in an attempt to crawl somewhat closer to the level cap, and seeing if the game has evolved in meaningful ways since I’ve been away. In short, it hasn’t, but it […]

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