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Activision Smokescreens ‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ Sales, Continuing A Trend

Between Skylanders, Destiny, Call of Duty and all of Blizzard’s games, it’s hard to find a more successful video game publisher than Activision. And yet, something has shifted within the company where it no longer appears confident enough to openly boast about the specific sales numbers of their most prominent franchises. Such is the case with […]

Eight Ways ‘Dragon Age’ Can Still Improve After ‘Inquisition’

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a hit, at least critically, as its share of the holiday gaming pie is yet to be determined given that we have to wait and see how well it actually sells. But if you read the reviews and play the game yourself these first few days, you’ll realize pretty quickly that […]

Telltale’s Leaked ‘Game of Thrones’ Screenshots Raise Some Questions

Telltale has been exceptionally stingy when it comes to releasing information/promotion for their upcoming Game of Thrones episodic series, which they maintain kicks off in December. We know it focuses on the Forresters, a woods-based clan that ends up caught in the fight between the Boltons and Stannis Baratheon in the north. We know you […]

‘Far Cry 4? Has A Brilliant Alternate Ending That Makes The Game Last 15 Minutes

I haven’t exactly been Ubisoft’s biggest cheerleader over the course of this past week, between Assassin’s Creed Unity’s launch issues, and a year’s worth of seemingly bad decisions from the company, but I have to give credit where it’s due. As Far Cry 4 launches tomorrow, those playing the game early have uncovered something that’s […]

A $40M Ad Budget Buys ‘Game of War: Fire Age’ Kate Upton

If you’ve been on the internet any time in the past few months, you can’t escape ads for Game of War: Fire Age. They’ve blanketed, and banner ad slots the world wide web over, promoting the self-described “F2P MMO,” whose title is an apparent word vomit amalgam of Game of Thrones, God of War, […]

Examining Jim Sterling’s Grand Experiment To Create Video Game Journalism Utopia

The topic of “ethics in game journalism” has become something of a meme after two months of GamerGate, but that doesn’t mean the industry doesn’t face these sorts of issues regardless of the existence of a hashtag-based movement. And now, one of the gaming press’s most recognizable faces is experimenting with a new way to […]

Ubisoft Responds (Inadequately) To ‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’ Embargo And Performance Issues

Ubisoft has said relatively little in the wake of the rather tumultuous launch of Assassin’s Creed Unity and Rogue, their AC double feature that spanned new and last-gen consoles. Unity has been the specific focus of criticism from fans and press alike, the game occasionally looking like a horror show of glitches, something the press […]

EA Access Allows Save-able Demo For ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Today

I’d sort of forgotten about EA Access, the Xbox One-only subscription service that allows play of old “in the vault” EA titles, and early access to upcoming games as well. Today marks the most significant use of the service to date, however, as EA is trying to do something that changes the concept of a […]

Congratulations Ubisoft, You’re The New EA

Yesterday, the dam broke for Ubisoft, and the gaming press and gaming public stopped fighting each other after two months of GamerGate warfare to turn toward a new common enemy. In fact, Ubisoft seems to have crossed so many lines with their recent Assassin’s Creed dual release, that critical disdain and public outrage over their […]

‘Assassin’s Creed’ Needs To Slow Down And Refocus, Or Risk Total Derailment

After a tumultuous launch day, the reviews are finally in and Assassin’s Creed Unity is…alright. The next-gen AC offering has received middling scores after a midday review embargo dropped, while its companion title, the last-gen Assassin’s Creed Rogue, offered no review copies, so everyone is still actively forming impressions as we speak, the games press […]

‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’ and ‘Rogue’ Reviews Won’t Be Seen Until After Launch

Today is the largest Assassin’s Creed launch day in history, with two fully-fledged games in the series debuting for both new-gen and last-gen systems. In order to make Unity a fully “next-gen” experience, Ubisoft tried to max out the current potential of the PS4 and Xbox One, while they crafted an entirely separate game for the […]

Are Video Games Becoming Too Focused On Multiplayer?

When we used to talk about how gaming was becoming more and more infused with multiplayer, it was a different conversation. A few years ago, this manifested itself in a much more specific and niche way, where traditionally single-player would add on a bonus multiplayer mode. That led us to series like Mass Effect, Uncharted, […]

How Shadow of Mordor’s Nemesis System Might Fare In Other Games

While Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Assassin’s Creed: Unity are the talk of the town right now, I want to flash back briefly to what is bound to be one of the best of the year, even after all this new competition is released ahead of the holiday: Shadow […]

Blizzard’s ‘Overwatch’ Is A Remnant Of ‘Project Titan’

Yesterday, Blizzard stunned the video game world by debuting their first new IP in 17 years. The game is Overwatch, a multiplayer shooter than blends elements of different genres and games, and perhaps is most similar to Fortress 2 from what we’ve seen so far But past the existence of the IP and game itself, the […]

Blizzard Debuts New IP ‘Overwatch’ At BlizzCon With A Beta In 2015

Blizzard shocked everyone this afternoon by announcing their first new IP in eons outside of their famed Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo trilogy. It’s called ‘Overwatch,’ and just debuted minutes ago early on at BlizzCon 2014. The game first debuted with a cinematic trailer, then was followed by a an actual gameplay vid, and then finally it […]

Liveblogging A Week With ‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection’

Today the embargo broke on Halo: The Master Chief Collection reviews, and surprise, banding together a bunch of great games for a massive HD remake is going to produce a hell of a package. This isn’t exactly a shock, but it does make the Master Chief Collection one of the must-have games of the fall, […]

PS4 And Xbox One Need A Serious Digital Downloading Overhaul

A few years ago, it seemed like a very real possibility that PS4 and Xbox One would indeed do what most gamers feared, and ditch physical discs for purely digital download-based consoles. famously pulled back from the brink first, announcing that the PS4 would continue to use discs as usual. This was in contrast to […]

The Rarest Weapon In ‘Destiny’ Belongs To A Single Person

We’ve spent the last two months extolling Destiny’s virtues, or critiquing the living hell out of it, so it’s about time there’s a story to come out of the game that’s simply downright heartwarming. Destiny is about the eternal quest for better and better loot, as players hunt for Legendary and Exotic armor and weapons that […]

‘Splatoon’ Single-Player Means Nintendo Is Birthing A New Uber-Franchise

held another Direct yesterday, this time one that had nothing to do with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, as the company does actually have other projects in the works, it wants to remind us. We heard about a huge number of upcoming projects, the highlights of which were Majora’s Mask for 3DS, Codename: STEAM […]

Why The Xbox One Should Change Your Mind With Its Latest Price Cut

has pulled the trigger on yet another price cut for the Xbox One, which although temporary and in the US only, is a very big deal for the console. Sales of the One have lagged behind PS4 since the system launched a year ago, and has made large strides to attempt to catch up since, […]

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