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What Will Happen When ‘The Walking Dead’ Meets ‘Payday’?

Last week I wrote a piece detailing how I believe The Walking Dead needs a bigger, better video game presence, given the series’ reach in print and on TV. While Telltale’s TWD story games are fantastic in their own right, I don’t think the existence of outrageously terrible The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct means that […]

‘Cities: Skylines’ Succeeds Where EA’s ‘SimCity’ Failed

EA saddened everyone this month when they killed the part of that was still working on the SimCity franchise, adding to a long list of developers they’d purchased and executed over the years. Though there’s a certain irony in the fact that the very same month, a game came out that was more or less […]

‘Destiny’ Wins BAFTA For Best Game Of 2014

It may have landed on a few “Best of 2014” lists, and probably an equal number of “Worst Games of 2014” lists, but now Destiny has earned itself its highest honor yet. It’s been named the “Best Game of the Year” at the UK’s BAFTA Games Awards. As the US searches for our Oscars-equivalent video game […]

How Many Seasons Of ‘Game of Thrones’ Can We Realistically Expect From HBO?

One battle is over. HBO’s Game of Thrones is no longer under any pretense that it can stall itself to wait for George RR Martin’s new books to be released. Martin’s publisher has hinted that they do not expect the sixth book in the series to be out this year, but even if it was, […]

With PS4?s ‘Uncharted 4? Delayed, An Opportunity Arises For The Xbox One

Generally speaking, both the press and video game fans can agree on one thing: We all don’t really mind game delays. In this day and age of games being released in various states of brokenness, if a game, even one we’re dying to play, decides it needs more time, we’re more than happy to allow […]

All ‘Titanfall’ DLC Goes Free On Xbox One, 360 And PC

It’s hard to believe that EA/Respawn’s Titanfall only came out a year ago, but here we are, on the game’s first birthday. To celebrate, Respawn is doing something rather cool. They’re giving away all the content of the game’s three DLCs for free to both Xbox and PC. That includes the “Expedition,” “Frontier’s Edge,” […]

‘Powers’ Is A Good Show, But PlayStation Is A Terrible Distribution Platform

I’ve been skeptical about PlayStation’s original series ‘Powers’ from the beginning. Though the comic source material looked interesting, a superhero stripped of his powers works as a specialized police officer to try and catch supervillains, I was worried about how it would work in practice. The casting seemed odd, with many actors only vaguely resembling […]

AMC Greenlights ‘The Walking Dead’ Spin-Off For Two Seasons, Releases First Images

With Better Call Saul proving to AMC that spin-offs of their most popular shows can be solid on their own, the channel is showing a bit of good faith for the upcoming Walking Dead spin-off, having just greenlit two seasons of the show before it airs this summer. Saul got the same treatment, and with a string […]

Fans Rally For A Remastered ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2?

Between the Xbox One and PS4, this console generation brought with it a wave a game remakes the likes of which the industry has never seen before. We’ve had new titles like The Last of Us and GTA V remastered for the current generation, and collections like Halo: The Master Chief collection go all the way […]

‘Battlefield: Hardline’ Will Continue PS4 And Xbox One Resolution Disparity

Despite the PS4 and Xbox One being out for over a year now, today we’re seeing a flashback to the launch of both consoles in 2013. Visceral has revealed that in order to make it to 60 FPS, the nearly required framerate threshold for shooters, the games will be 900p/720p for PS4 and Xbox One respectively. […]

‘The Walking Dead’ Deserves Another Stab At A Shooter Game

The Walking Dead continues to mutate into arguably the biggest “event” viewing phenomenon on TV with record ratings and segmented half-seasons that span a good portion of the year. The Walking Dead TV universe will soon expand with a spin-off show from AMC, so we’ll probably have zombies on that channel for 80% of the […]

The Solitude of ‘Skyrim’ Remains The Remedy For An Overly-Connected Age

The first thing I did when I got my new gaming PC set up was to use Internet Explorer to download Google Chrome. The second? I downloaded Steam and installed Skyrim straight away. I did it as a test of sorts. I’d never played Skyrim on PC before, because my past computers have always been […]

The PS4 and Xbox One Have Nothing To Fear From $500-$5,000 Steam Machines

For the first time, Valve has come out with a detailed listing page for its partner-made Steam Machines. To date, promotion for the various boxes has been murky at best, and this is really the first opportunity fans have to see all their “home PC console” offerings in one place. The result? It’s a highly […]

Why Is Valve Obsessed With Hardware When It Makes The Best Software In The World?

At GDC this year, Valve has one again proved to be a perplexing force in the industry. Rather than showcasing any long awaited new games, they joined the herd and unveiled that they too were entering the VR space with their Vive headset that they’re making in partnership with. The Vive now joins ’s […]

‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection’ May Finally Be Fixed With 343?s New Patch

November 11th. That’s when Halo: The Master Chief Collection officially launched in 2014. Today is March 5th, and the game may finally, finally work as intended. 343 debuted a long-awaited new patch yesterday aiming to fix the endless amount of issues that have plagued the game’s multiplayer. Now, 24 hours in, it seems like for […]

‘Wolfenstein: The Old Blood’ Coming In May 2015

Few expected much out of 2014’s Wolfenstein installment, the series now a long way from when it was an iconic shooter franchise. But surprisingly, Wolfenstein: The New Order used old-school appeal combined with new-gen tech to become one of the best games of the year. It was a touchstone for how innovation can be overrated, and […]

Mortal Kombat X, Dead or Alive, And The Most Ridiculous Debate In Gaming

“Back in my day,” I say, as I sit rocking on my porch, staring off into the distance, “it was the violence in fighting games people would get riled up over.” Times have changed. Now there’s a weird new debate going on that centers not on blood, guts, and brutality, but the cup size of […]

Destiny’s Shotgun Fix Demonstrates One Of The Game’s Longest Running Problems

As Destiny sit and wait patiently for any hint of information regarding the upcoming House of Wolves DLC, Bungie is hard at work fixing all the existing problems with the game. One long-running issue is that one class of weapon has been utterly useless for much of the game, the shotgun. Though a staple in […]

‘World of Warcraft’ Looks To ‘EVE Online’ For New Subscription-Free Token Model

World of Warcraft has no reason to go free-to-play, as it’s defied all odds to live for well over a decade, and still has a stable of millions who are willing to pay a subscription fee to access the game. That does not mean, however, World of Warcraft is immune to change entirely, and a […]

Nielsen Poll Says Buyers Chose PS4 Over Xbox One Due To Resolution Differences

We normally think of Nielsen as the company who kills or spares TV shows using their famous ratings metrics, but the polling agency has many arms, and now one of them has reached into gaming. Nielsen is quite proud of their new gaming-focused survey, which among other things, aims to discover why exactly people bought PS4, Xbox […]

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