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Mortal Kombat X, Dead or Alive, And The Most Ridiculous Debate In Gaming

“Back in my day,” I say, as I sit rocking on my porch, staring off into the distance, “it was the violence in fighting games people would get riled up over.” Times have changed. Now there’s a weird new debate going on that centers not on blood, guts, and brutality, but the cup size of […]

Destiny’s Shotgun Fix Demonstrates One Of The Game’s Longest Running Problems

As Destiny sit and wait patiently for any hint of information regarding the upcoming House of Wolves DLC, Bungie is hard at work fixing all the existing problems with the game. One long-running issue is that one class of weapon has been utterly useless for much of the game, the shotgun. Though a staple in […]

‘World of Warcraft’ Looks To ‘EVE Online’ For New Subscription-Free Token Model

World of Warcraft has no reason to go free-to-play, as it’s defied all odds to live for well over a decade, and still has a stable of millions who are willing to pay a subscription fee to access the game. That does not mean, however, World of Warcraft is immune to change entirely, and a […]

Nielsen Poll Says Buyers Chose PS4 Over Xbox One Due To Resolution Differences

We normally think of Nielsen as the company who kills or spares TV shows using their famous ratings metrics, but the polling agency has many arms, and now one of them has reached into gaming. Nielsen is quite proud of their new gaming-focused survey, which among other things, aims to discover why exactly people bought PS4, Xbox […]

The Strangeness Of Reading ‘The Walking Dead’ Comics

I have three fears in life: failure, spiders, and spoilers. The first two are shared by many, but the third is something that haunts me especially as a pop culture critic. Everywhere I turn on the internet there’s the potential to be smacked in the face for a spoiler for a show I haven’t seen […]

‘House of Cards’ And Video Games: Product Placement Or Plot Point?

This past month, much fuss was made about an episode of Law and Order: SVU that focused on the #GamerGate movement in everything but name. Those in support of the movement viewed it as a “reefer madness” type endeavor meant to paint gamers as crazed lunatics, and even those in the opposing camp thought it […]

The World Is Nintendo’s (If Only They’d Take It)

Thirty years after the debut of the NES, still finds themselves as a leader in the video game industry. That’s an unprecedented position to be in, as all rivals have fallen to their might, and stranger still, Nintendo persists in being the “model” example of many of the best practices of the industry. DLC has […]

Evolve, The Order, And The ‘Impossible’ $40 Price Point

Two came out this month that couldn’t be more different from one another. One is Evolve, the 4v1 multiplayer shooter than has players hunting down a giant alien monster while the game barely even hints at a narrative. The Order is a cover shooter/quick-time-fest that is almost nothing but narrative, with no multiplayer mode in […]

‘Fable Legends’ Will Be Free-to-Play On Xbox One And PC

The most common complaint about Evolve, Turtle Rock’s recently released 4v1 multiplayer-only shooter, is that even if it’s a mechanically sound, good-looking game, it still feels like a free-to-play title. With new monsters, hunters and cosmetic skins for both for sale now and in the future, it seems perfectly tailored for F2P formatting, and yet it still has a […]

New Report Details How eSports Is An Effective Engagement And Marketing Tool

A few years ago when I attended the League of Legends World Championship, I was surprised to hear Riot saying that for as popular as the event was, their massive eSports division wasn’t actually profitable in and of itself. The cost of renting out arenas like USC Galen’s Center and LA’s Center (most recently, Korea’s […]

Arkham Knight’s ‘M’ Rating Shows That ‘Teen’ Games Are An Endangered Species

The ESRB has rated Batman: Arkham Knight ahead of its June release, and the result has surprised even the developer itself. After Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and even Arkham Origins all received “T for Teen” tatings, it seems Arkham Knight has gone a bit darker, and is now branded with an “M for Mature” for […]

‘GTA 5? Online Heists And PC Version Get Firm Release Dates At Last

It’s a little hard to believe that with GTA 5 originally released in September 2013, that we’re just now getting firm release dates for both online heists and the PC version of the game, but here we are. Rockstar has been heavily focused on getting the PS4/Xbox One remastered editions of the game out there, and […]

The PS4 And Xbox One Have An ‘Exclusive’ Problem

The disappointing release of The Order: 1886 has kicked off all sorts of debates and discussions about game length, review scores, ‘cinematic’ gameplay and quick-time events over the past few weeks. It’s a touchstone that can lead to a dissection of many things that ail the gaming industry at present, yet I find myself looking at […]

Blizzard’s ‘Diablo 3? Will Start Dabbling In Microtransactions Again

In an age of near-constant let-downs in the AAA games space, Diablo 3 is a model example of how a developer should react when their game falls flat on their face during its debut. At launch, Diablo 3 was borderline unplayable due to connection problems and an overreaching Auction House that made actual gameplay nearly […]

‘Destiny’ Inches Closer To Raid Matchmaking With New Update

If you’re still playing Destiny at this point, there are three major events you aspire to complete each week. The Heroic Strike, which showers you with Strange Coins used to buy Exotic items from Xur on weekends. The Nightfall Strike, an uber-version of the Heroic that will give you actual Exotic and Legendary items themselves a […]

100 Days After Release, Continued Mourning For ‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection’

I’m assuming that my own experience with Halo: The Master Chief Collection mirrored that of many other fans. Hardly able to believe the value of four remastered Halo games packaged together, complete with re-released multiplayer modes that defined my formative years, I raced to throw $60 at 343 Industries for The Master Chief Collection. After […]

‘The Order: 1886? Manages To Contain Every Single Kind Of Bad Quick-Time Event

Quick-time events have been something long-hated by the gaming public and press, and even developers seem to only put them in their games reluctantly, unsure of how else to portray  “cinematic” action or drama. And yet, some games do them better than others. The latest Tomb Raider handled action prompts pretty well, using them sparingly, but […]

Report Predicts 80 Million PS4s And 57 Million Xbox Ones Sold By 2019

’s strong start in this era of the video game console wars is going to sustain them for a long, long time, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics. By their count, the PS4 is set to continue outselling the Xbox One by about 40% through 2019, and persist in demolishing the Wii U, […]

‘The Order: 1886? Is A Beautiful, Failed Experiment In ‘Cinematic’ Gaming

Gamers will get to play The Order: 1886 for themselves tomorrow, but today the veil drops and the press are allowed to share their opinions about the game, myself included. Ready at Dawn has done an admirable job handing out review copies well in advance, and granting an embargo a full day ahead of launch, […]

Why Is Nintendo Wrong To Be Proud Of Their Metacritic Scores?

has struggled to come up with much good news during their investor briefings over the last few years, with their consoles routinely missing sales targets and the Wii U specifically now the slowest selling major system ever. But they do have one constant, shining beam of light, the quality of their. It’s such a […]

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