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‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ As Game Of The Year Is Like ‘Crash’ Winning The Oscar

Every major gaming outlet recently wrapped up the year with a top ten or so list of best, ultimately culminating in a coveted Game of the Year award. The game running away with the most high honors? That would be Bioware’s Dragon Age: Inquisition, the high fantasy epic which aimed to reverse ill-feelings fans […]

Sony’s Zombie Survival Game ‘H1Z1? Debuts With Unusual Microtransactions

In the wake of hugely successful Steam games from small developers in the zombie survival genre, Sony has tried their own spin on the “Day Z” model with “H1Z1.” And continuing with Stream tradition, the Sony Online Entertainment title has debuted on Early Access, where players can opt to jump into a beta for a fee, which is […]

How Long Can Sony’s PS4 Afford To Remain $400?

announced yesterday that the holiday price cut of the Xbox One to $350 down from $400 would now be permanent going forward. This is pretty expected, given that it would have been odd to follow up two consecutive months of better-than- sales with a price hike to kill that momentum. Even if it was a […]

‘WWE Immortals’ Review: When Wrestling Meets ‘Mortal Kombat’

I’m  not sure there’s ever been a phrase that’s immediately piqued my curiosity more than “A WWE Game designed by the Mortal Kombat team.” NetherRealm has done something pretty interesting with WWE Immortals, conceptually, if not mechanically. The collaboration between the MK studio and the WWE has brought us a free-to-play mobile title loaded with […]

The Paradox of ‘Evolve,’ The $60 Free-To-Play Game

Ahead of its February launch, 2K’s 4v1 co-op shooter Evolve is running into something of a wall. While it’s giving players a fair taste of what they can expect from the game through various alpha and beta events, marketing for the game is starting to become exhausting. Yesterday, 2K/Turtle Rock sent out a release detailing […]

Disasters In Branding: The ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Mobile Game

I wasn’t planning on “Disasters in Branding” becoming a regular column in the wake of ill-conceived Destiny video, but given that we’re in a similar situation with what appears to be a very unfortunate journey by the Sons of Anarchy franchise into the world of gaming, it seems appropriate to bring the moniker back. Orpheus […]

What You’ll Find When You Dive Back Into ‘Destiny’

My backlog of 2014 games I have yet to catch up on is huge. I need to sink some time into GOTY contender Bayonetta 2. I have to play some smaller titles I missed like Divinity: Original Sin, and Jason Evangelho has me curious about Elite: Dangerous. And I have “only” 40 hours sunk into […]

How ‘SMITE’ Could Be A Sleeper Hit On Xbox One

Today is the World Championship for SMITE, a MOBA with less name recognition than DOTA 2 or League of Legends, but one that has assembled itself quite a competitive scene all the same. The prize pool for the first ever championship is $2.5M. Not near DOTA’s insane $11M prize haul for The, but surprisingly more than […]

‘Evolve’ Lets Xbox One Players Skip Grinding With $60 Pre-Purchase

Lately pre-order bonuses and console-exclusive content have frustrated many gaming fans who feel like they’re getting the short end of the stick when it comes to new releases, unless they pledge their loyalty to an unreleased game months ahead of time. But today with 2K’s upcoming shooter Evolve, we have a console exclusive, pre-purchase bonus […]

Microsoft Hints At The Return Of Avatars On Xbox One

first debuted its Rare-created Avatars on the Xbox 360 in 2008, but with the arrival of the Xbox One in 2013, the customizable characters didn’t make the transition to the new console generation. That may be about to change. According to a pair of job postings on the site (via Eurogamer), a few good people […]

Second US College Now Offering ‘League of Legends’ Scholarship

Robert Morris University made headlines around the world when it became the first university to consider video game League of Legends a varsity sport, and in turn offer scholarships to pro players. Now, a second college has followed suit, the University of Pikeville in Kentucky, a small liberal arts school which will offer a similar program, as […]

Nintendo’s Wii U ‘Star Fox’ Will Be Playable At E3 2015

It seemed as if was slowly backing away from E3 after two straight years of skipping traditional on-stage press conferences, but last year their singular, constant livestream and playable area, the “Treehouse,” became one of the highlights of the show. And now, isn’t afraid of telling us what  some of the highlights of their 2015 […]

Ubisoft Wants To Know If The Next ‘Far Cry’ Should Have Cowboys, Vampires Or Dinosaurs

Now that Ubisoft has scored a hat-trick the past three years with Far Cry 3, 4 and Blood Dragon in between them, it’s clear the series is the latest franchise to ascend to unequivocal triple A status. By Ubisoft standards, that means more games, more frequently, and they’re already looking toward their adventure, asking fans […]

Attempting To Understand How On Earth Sony Has Sold 18.5M PS4s

Sony just released its latest set of hard numbers for sales of the PS4, and those looking for signs of a slowdown won’t find it here. After reporting 10 million consoles sold to consumers in August 2014, Sony’s new figures have them selling 18.5 million PS4s. And yes, that’s still sold to consumers, not shipped […]

Steam Reaches New Record Of 8.5M Concurrent Online Users

The most popular PC gaming service in existence has set yet another record this holiday season, this time breaking their all-time record with over 8.5M users online concurrently. It isn’t the first time Steam has broken 8M this year, but January 4th appears to be the highest number yet, with 8,511,856 players online during the Sunday night […]

Sony Reveals ‘PlayStation Now’ Monthly Subscription Model At Last

PlayStation Now always seemed like a good idea, executed poorly. The concept of granting the PS4 backwards compatibility through new-age game streaming was cool (as was playing games without a console altogether, using some devices), but a clunky pay-per-view model with wildly varying prices across different games and rental periods made the entire thing something […]

Microsoft Opens Up More CPU Power On Xbox One

A recent hack has unearthed the 2014 Xbox One software development kit, giving us an insight into a mystery we’ve seen grow over the past few months. Why are certain games now performing a bit better on Xbox One, sometimes even more so than PS4? In the mess that was Assassin’s Creed Unity, for example, […]

Leaked ‘Destiny’ Plans Show Massive ‘Comet’ Expansion In Fall 2015

A new image is making the rounds, reportedly showing the next year or so of Destiny content plans. We all knew that Activision/Bungie’s 10 year, $500M experiment was going to keep pumping out new content to keep engaged, but we didn’t know what form that would take in the long run. Now, we just might. […]

Nintendo Won 2014, But The Wii U’s Fundamental Problem Remains

As I expected, I played a lot of video games over the holidays with family and friends around, and also as expected, I played most of them on the Wii U. While I’ve played games like Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. previously, this was the first time I really got to experience them in […]

Do Not Pre-Order ‘Halo 5: Guardians’ 9+ Months Early

343 and are caught in a bit of a bind as of late, desperate to move on from the launch disaster of Halo: The Master Chief Collection (which is still ongoing, in part, as the multiplayer had rarely felt stable). That means turning everyone’s attention to a different ring of the circus, the upcoming Halo […]

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