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Xbox One’s Important ‘Sea of Thieves’ Closed Beta Kicks Off Today

Today marks the beginning of the Sea of Thieves closed beta, a significant moment for the Xbox One as it may turn out that the game is the console’s biggest exclusive of the year,

Here’s Who You Should Be Hunting In Pokémon GO’s Newest Gen 3 Wave

There are now 23 Gen 3 Pokemon in Pokemon GO, but there are certain ones that you should definitely be hunting more than most.

Xbox One’s Supercharged Game Pass Should Start Worrying Sony And Nintendo

Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass is getting so good that it should start worrying Sony and Nintendo.

Remembering ‘The Dark Below,’ Destiny’s Actual Worst DLC To Date

Destiny 2's Curse of Osiris was a letdown, but let's not forget the original disappointing Destiny DLC, The Dark Below.

A John Cena ‘Duke Nukem’ Movie Is Destined To Be Either Terrible Or Awesome

John Cena is being courted to star in a Duke Nukem movie which could either be an amazing or horrible idea, depending on how it's handled.

‘Pokémon GO’ Announces Its Second Community Day And New Exclusive Pokémon

Niantic could have waited a while before announcing when the second Community Day would be in Pokémon GO, but they’ve decided to give us all a month’s notice about round two.

‘Open House’ Is What Happens When Netflix Gives Up Any Semblance Of Quality Control

Netflix has produced one of the worst horror movies ever made with Open House. Avoid at all costs.

‘Monster Hunter World’ Directors Explain Why It’s Not Coming To Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunter World is coming to PS4 and Xbox One soon, but there are no plans to bring it to Nintendo Switch. Why?

Destiny’s Biggest Content Creators Change Gears As The Sequel Struggles

“Destiny 2 just isn’t the type of game that needs the content that I make right now. When every weapon is more or less the same thing, do you really need me to tell you that, multiple times per week?”

The Top Seven Reasons You Should Lose All Hope ‘The Walking Dead’ Will Save That Character

Fans still believe that the most recent death on The Walking Dead may be a fake-out, but here's the evidence as to why that's almost certainly not the case.

Three Predictions For This Year’s Mystery ‘Call of Duty’ Game

The next Call of Duty is nigh, but we know nothing about it yet. What's on deck for 2018? Here are a few initial predictions.

Pokémon GO’s Community Day Is A Good Idea With A Few Obvious Problems

Pokemon GO's Community Day is a good idea that needs some work to realize its potential.

After Replaying ‘Destiny 1,’ Here Are 10 Things I Don’t Miss At All

Players have fond memories of Destiny 1, but there are some ways Destiny 2 has definitely improved the game we might be forgetting.

The Nintendo Switch Has Likely Outsold The Wii U In Just 10 Months

Nintendo predicted this would happen, and it seems likely it may be a reality: The Switch has almost certainly outsold the entire four year lifespan of the Wii U in its first year.

Rian Johnson Finally Addresses The Last Jedi’s Missing Knights Of Ren

The Knights of Ren were missing from The Last Jedi, but Rian Johnson has a good explanation.

I’m Worried About ‘Destiny 2,’ But I’m More Worried About Bungie

Destiny 2 has problems yes, but so does Bungie between fan demands and their deal with Activision.

Jon Bernthal Addresses Whether Shane Could Show Up On ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

Jon Bernthal recently was asked about whether or not Shane could show up on Fear the Walking Dead because of its disjointed timelines.

It Sure Feels Like Microsoft’s New Xbox One Mantra Is ‘Be PlayStation’

Microsoft has done well with the Xbox One to a certain extent, but it's been the odd man out as of late. That may be changing with a shift to a more Sony-like philosophy.

The iPhone X Is Making It Harder To Catch Legendaries In ‘Pokémon GO’

The iPhone X may be the latest and greatest device from Apple, with its pretty, button-less screen and its newfound speed and power. But for Pokémon GO players, the phone is something of a headache.

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