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The Best Way To Prepare For Destiny And The Division’s April Updates? Don’t.

You may want to try and max out your Destiny and Division characters ahead of those games' updates, but you should not waste your time, due to coming changes to loot and leveling in each title.

It’s A ‘Destiny’ vs. ‘The Division’ vs. ‘Fallout 4’ vs. ‘Dark Souls 3’ Battle Royale On April 12th

Four huge games, Destiny, The Division, Fallout 4 and Dark Souls 3, are all competing for your attention on April 12th. Which will you choose?

Is ‘Arrow’ Crying Wolf About Yet Another Major Character Death?

Last night, Arrow attempted to shock fans with another major character death, and yet, these days it’s hard to know when exactly to take the show seriously, and when to sit around and wait for a resurrection.

Blizzard Patches In Brilliant Tracer Pose Compromise, New Skins To ‘Overwatch’

Last night, Blizzard dropped a pretty big new patch into the Overwatch beta, one that adds in a few requested features, and takes one very specific, controversial thing away.

‘The Walking Dead’ Finale Ruined Negan’s Debut With Its Worst Cliffhanger To Date

In its season six finale last night, The Walking Dead made a huge mistake it's never going to be able to take back.

The World’s Best ‘Clash Royale’ Player Has Spent $12K On The Game, And For Good Reason

The top Clash Royale player has spent an insane amount of money on the game, but there's actually a very smart reason he's done so.

Batman V Superman’s Best Fight Owes A Lot To The ‘Arkham’ Games

  While Zack Snyder and Batman V. Superman are currently being lambasted by critics (and now, some audiences), it’s easy to acknowledge there are a few things Snyder gets right in this movie, and most of his movies. One of them, is fight sequences. It’s easy to still remember the incredible death of The Comedian […]

No Path Forward For An ‘Upgraded’ PS4 And Xbox One Makes Much Sense

Sony and Microsoft seem like they're going to be releasing upgraded versions of the PS4 and Xbox One at some point in the near future. Yet, little about the idea seems like it's going to work out well for consumers.

‘The Division’ Has Not Convinced Me Losing Loot And Progress Is Fun

The Division is a great game in many ways, but it's signature mode, the Dark Zone, can be an unpleasant experience for all the wrong reasons. Is losing loot and experience worth it for the sake of being "high stakes"?

The Unexpected Sadness of Destiny’s (Temporary) Death

Destiny is more dead than it's ever been, and that has sort of shattered the spell the game had cast over players in year one. Where does it go from here?

Yes, Great Games Can Be Crafted By Fan Complaints And Responsive Devs

  It’s that time of the launch cycle, where many players of The Division are beating the “regular” part of the game, and slamming into the endgame, an area which seems like it needs some improvements going forward. So improvements are suggested, on forums, on subreddits, in @replies on. But the very notion that fans […]

Fallout 4’s First DLC Trailer Is Rather Fantastic

Fallout 4 has released the trailer for its first DLC pack, "Automatron," which focuses on building and battling robots. It looks exactly as cool as it sounds.

Would ‘The Walking Dead’ Dare To Kill Carol, The Immortal?

Robert Kirkman has previously said that he would never kill Carol, but The Walking Dead has recently put her and Maggie in danger. Would the show actually dare to kill her off?

Microsoft Needs To Clarify Its Increasingly Confusing Xbox Plan

Last week, Xbox head Phil Spencer made headlines by announcing what appeared to be a major shift for the Xbox brand, and really the entire industry. In his comments at the Xbox Spring Showcase, he talked about how the concept of 6-7 year console generations was outdated, and how he envisions a different sort of future.

There Is No ‘The Division’ Review Embargo Because There Are No Review Copies

  Ubisoft is charting an…interesting course forward with the way The Division will be covered by the games press at launch. It’s been unclear when review copies and codes would arrive, and now it’s become apparent that they simply won’t. Fans asking when the review embargo is for the game now have their answer. There […]

If Xbox One Becomes Immortal, Where Does That Leave PS4?

  Yesterday, news broke that had a plan to effectively eliminate the concept of console generations for its Xbox brand altogether. By separating out hardware and software, developing games on the Universal Windows Platform, that allows to create games for any device, PC or console, and to make all their games permanently backward compatible going […]

‘The Walking Dead’ Debuts New Michonne Game To Eerie, Unexpected Silence

It’s been a weird couple years for Telltale. After bursting onto the mainstream scene with The Walking Dead’s first story-based episodic game, racking up multiple GOTY nominations and wins, Telltale exploded. Soon, every big property...Show More Summary

Microsoft Has A Plan To Kill Console Generations And Make The Xbox One Live Forever

Microsoft, it seems, is on the brink of killing the concept of a “console generation.” That may sound a bit hyperbolic, but judging by Phil Spencer’s recent comments at the Xbox Spring Showcase, it is anything but.

Discovering The Missing ‘Destiny’ Subclass Through Science

Destiny's subclasses are based on three of the forces that bind the universe together. But the fourth and final force may eventually be introduced into the game, to make the concept complete. What would that look like?

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