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Report Predicts 80 Million PS4s And 57 Million Xbox Ones Sold By 2019

’s strong start in this era of the video game console wars is going to sustain them for a long, long time, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics. By their count, the PS4 is set to continue outselling the Xbox One by about 40% through 2019, and persist in demolishing the Wii U, […]

‘The Order: 1886? Is A Beautiful, Failed Experiment In ‘Cinematic’ Gaming

Gamers will get to play The Order: 1886 for themselves tomorrow, but today the veil drops and the press are allowed to share their opinions about the game, myself included. Ready at Dawn has done an admirable job handing out review copies well in advance, and granting an embargo a full day ahead of launch, […]

Why Is Nintendo Wrong To Be Proud Of Their Metacritic Scores?

has struggled to come up with much good news during their investor briefings over the last few years, with their consoles routinely missing sales targets and the Wii U specifically now the slowest selling major system ever. But they do have one constant, shining beam of light, the quality of their. It’s such a […]

Sony Reaffirms ‘The Last Guardian’ Is Not Dead

I’ve always found things like trademark or domain name registration to be poor indicators of which games are or are not being made, so it comes to no surprise that after a rumor that was purposefully abandoning The Last Guardian trademark, that they’ve come forward today to emphatically state the game still exists, and is far […]

The ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Movie Has A Release Date, Casts Marion Cotillard

The upcoming Assassin’s Creed movie has been slowly gathering steam for a good long while now, but as of today, Ubisoft has announced that the film has officially begun production, and has a release date to boot, December 21, 2016. Ubisoft has an unprecedented level of influence over the film for a video game studio, […]

‘The Order: 1886? Developer Makes A Flawed Argument About Game Length

Now that Evolve has launched last week, the other major console release of the month is The Order: 1886, the PS4 exclusive developed by Ready at Dawn and SCE Santa Monica, who between them have been responsible for PlayStation’s famed God of War series over the years. Naturally, it wouldn’t be a major game release […]

‘Destiny’ Brings In ‘Guild Wars 2? Writer As New ‘Loremaster’

It may be a slow process, but Bungie has shown an ability to adapt to fan concerns about Destiny with updates to the game. These days, Legendary Engrams don’t turn into Rare items anymore, and as of this week, they’ve added a way to check faction reputation in the inventory screen. There are still a […]

Apple Promotes Strange New Game Type In iOS App Store, ‘Pay Once And Play’

is using their position as a leader in mobile to promote a new kind of game that has the potential to take the scene by storm. has employed their much coveted “Featured” section in the iOS app store to showcase games in a category they call “Pay Once and Play,” which includes a host of […]

SEGA Reveals ‘Sonic Boom’ Is The Worst-Selling Sonic Game Ever

I recently finished reading Blake J. Harris’s book, Console Wars, a fascinating account of the early ‘90s hardware/software race between and SEGA. It’s far and away one of the best non-fiction books I’ve ever read, and one of the best bits is seeing SEGA try and develop a new character to rival the universal appeal […]

The Case For ‘Evolve’ As A Single-Player Game

Week one of Evolve continues in full-force, and for a game that has a concept so firmly rooted in online multiplayer, I’m surprised to find myself playing, more often than not, by myself. We all know the “perfect” way to play a game like Evolve, getting three other friends on headsets together to take down […]

‘Evolve’ Only Has One Problem, But It’s The Core Concept Of The Game

Evolve is a game that gets almost everything right. After spending time with the alpha, beta and now final retail release of the game, I’m now confident in making that statement. Talking about the game itself has to be a separate conversation from 2K’s pre-order/DLC ideas, which has been the main focus of press surrounding […]

EA Indicates ‘Titanfall 2? Will Come To PS4, Not Just Xbox One

It’s been whispered since before the original Titanfall even came out for Xbox One and PC, that a future sequel would ditch the “anything but PS4” release policy and expand to ’s system as well in later installments. EA and Respawn were very clear that their deal with extended only to the first game in […]

Will Bethesda Announce ‘Fallout 4? At Their First Ever E3 Event?

Bethesda made a short, but significant announcement today, a mere 80 words on their blog. Despite the length of the post, what they said was completely unprecedented: Bethesda will have an E3 press event for the first time ever. Major software companies like Ubisoft and EA have had E3 press events for years, and obviously hardware […]

‘Evolve’ Reviews Will Have To Continue Evolving Over Time

It’s a weird market these days for video game reviews, and that’s probably best exemplified by the release of Evolve tomorrow. Right now, a smattering of sites have early reviews up, a mix of big and small outlets. Some have scores, some are simply “in progress” and some have both. Polygon, for instance, scored the […]

‘Arrow’ Actor Admits He Could Become Green Lantern, But Should He?

David Ramsey, Arrow’s John Diggle, has revealed there are serious discussions going on among the show’s producers about whether or not his character could potentially morph into John Stewart, one of the more famous incarnations of DC’s Green Lantern. In a interview with Ramsey, the actor tries to play coy and doesn’t say anything […]

Every Reason Why Nintendo’s ‘Legend of Zelda’ Netflix Show Is A Bad Idea

Yesterday, the Journal brought us word that was planning to partner with to make a live-action Legend of Zelda series. It quickly became the most buzzed about topic in the industry, with a million snarky jokes a minute flying off of keyboards, most of which involved fantasy Tingle casting. Whether or not the rumor pans […]

Netflix May Be Making A Live-Action ‘Legend of Zelda’ Show With Nintendo

When said last year that they were going to be a little more loose with their character IPs in regards to branding opportunities, I thought we’d seen that manifest itself mainly with Mario Kart Mercedes DLC and the like. But this? This is a whole different level. According to The Journal, is partnering with to make a […]

Nintendo Updates Their Bad YouTube Policies By Making Them Worse

made an attempt to get with the times last month by instituting new YouTube policies regarding the monetization of their videos. Though their new stipulations were a step up from “we’re taking all your money,” which is what had been doing previously with monetized videos using their games, the new policies still rubbed YouTubers the […]

How ‘Destiny’ Could Reach Its Potential Through Microtransactions

During Activision’s earnings call yesterday, the company revealed that there are 16 million registered accounts across all platforms on Bungie’s Destiny, and those who are still around have an average play time of three hours a day. We don’t know how many active there are, but those numbers are fairly significant regardless, and despite a […]

Katy Perry Getting Mobile Game From ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’ Studio

In the wake of her much-discussed Super Bowl halftime show, where a dancing shark stole much of her thunder, has landed her own game from Glu, the developer behind the insanely successful : Hollywood. announced the recently-inked deal today, but details remain scarce about what the actual project will look like. They do promise, however, that […]

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