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One-Punch Man Doomfist Has Quickly Become The Most Hated Character In ‘Overwatch’

Overwatch has a new overpowered scourge, and his name is Doomfist. The arch-villain was introduced into the main game after beta testing this past week, and is living up to his reputation as being stupidly strong and hated by all.

‘Rainbow Six Siege’ Hitting 20M Players Is Astonishing In The Current Shooter Market

Ubisoft has found great success with the Tom Clancy brand as of late with The Division setting sales records for a new IP and Ghost Recon Wildlands overperforming expectations. But there’s no better example of a game exceeding its potential than what we’ve seen with Rainbow Six Siege.

This Week Is Blizzard’s Test Of ‘Generosity’ In ‘Hearthstone’ Packs And ‘Overwatch’ Loot Boxes

This week, Overwatch's Summer Games event and Hearthstone's Knights of the Frozen Thrones expansion will put Blizzard's "generous" new loot philosophy to the test.

You Can Help Prove A ‘Pokémon GO’ Raid Urban Legend True Or False

Legend has it that it's impossible to catch a Pokemon GO raid boss on the last ball, which would be a pretty huge bug in the game. Can you prove it wrong?

‘Game of Thrones’ Episode 4 Leaks Online, But The HBO Hack Isn’t To Blame

This week's episode of Game of Thrones, The Spoils of War, has leaked online, but amazingly the HBO hack has nothing to do with it.

Here’s What To Expect From Future Raid-Based ‘Pokémon GO’ Special Events

Raids are already insanely valuable in Pokemon GO, but future events should make them even more rewarding with special bonuses.

The One Thing I Wish ‘Destiny 2’ Would Steal From ‘Warframe’

Warframe, the F2P loot-shooter, has a few lessons to teach Destiny, and one of them has to do with a very particular type of weapon.

Destiny 2’s 4-Player PvP Content Is An Odd Match With 3-Player PvE Fireteams

'Destiny 2' is drastically changing PvP to be only 4v4 teams in every mode. It's a strange match with the 3-player teams that are core to the PvE experience. Someone's getting cut.

Netflix’s ‘Ozark’ Chases After ‘Breaking Bad,’ But Never Catches It

Netflix's Ozark channels Breaking Bad and Justified, but is it as good as either?

PS4’s ‘Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy’ Has Crushed My Wife’s Spirit

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is a good test case about whether a game is hard due to good difficulty scaling, or poor controls. My experience playing the game with my non-gaming wife says it's the latter.

There Are Two Key Features Pokémon GO’s Raids Are Missing

Pokemon GO's raids may be fun, but finding groups for them often isn't. Here are two key features that Niantic needs to implement (or re-implement) to make raids better.

2018 Is Too Soon For Sony’s PlayStation 5

The PS4 is aging, having debuted in 2013, and that analysts have been predicting a PlayStation 5 announcement in 2018. That seems too soon for a few reasons.

Overwatch’s Summer Games Are Returning And Making Amends For Last Year

Blizzard has announced the return of Summer Games in Overwatch, which marks the first recurring event in the game’s history. And things are changing, due to the fact that it's a repeat event.

Robert Kirkman Says The Walking Dead Trailer’s Time Jump Is Supposed To Mess With Comic Fans

Robert Kirkman knows fans are confused about the apparent time jump in The Walking Dead season 8 trailer, but he implies that all may not be as it seems...

Switch Battery Problems? Here’s Nintendo’s Hilariously Convoluted Seven Hour Fix

The Nintendo Switch has had some annoying battery issues since launch, and Nintendo finally has a fix for fans. It's....complicated, and will require a lot of effort on your part.

How To Beat Moltres, Pokémon GO’s Easiest Legendary Raid By Far

Moltres, the fire-type phoenix, may not be the most coveted Legendary in Pokémon history, but the good news for Pokémon GO players is that the bird should prove to be one of the easiest Legendaries to defeat and possibly catch in the game.

As ‘Game of Thrones’ Fans Hoped Or Feared, Jon Snow And Daenerys Targaryen Have Chemistry

On Game of Thrones, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen finally met, and there were some sparks, if you stopped to look closely. Will the show actually have them get together, or are happy endings impossible in Westeros?

Raids Are Starting To Break ‘Pokémon GO’ Over Time

Raids may have brought fresh life to Pokemon GO, but at what cost? There's almost no point to nearly any other activity in the game ever since raids arrived, and especially since they've been amplified with Legendaries.

‘Game of Thrones’ Is Starting To Suffer Without George RR Martin’s Writing

Game of Thrones is an ever-entertaining show, but it's starting to really lack the one thing that brought it to life in the first place, George RR Martin's writing in A Song of Ice and Fire.

‘LawBreakers’ Is The Breather You Need From ‘Overwatch’

Boss Key's LawBreakers is what Quake Champions was trying to be and a nice solution to Overwatch burnout.

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