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Start saving and planning now for summer vacays

Susan Ladika The coldest winter months are the time to start saving for your summer vacation. By planning now for a week exploring the sites of London and Paris, or trekking around Orlando’s theme parks, you can avoid racking up credit card debt on airline tickets and hotel rooms when warmer weather rolls around. While some travel [...]Show More Summary

Life’s more expensive for women … Here’s how I fight financial discrimination

Ingrid Case I’ve just purchased a new pair of men’s boots. I’m a woman, so I suppose that these boots are women’s boots now, because I own them. But they were designed for and marketed to men. I own a lot of men’s stuff: my winter coat, razor, deodorant, sun block, and running shoes, to name just [...]Show More Summary

New ways to make extra money

Julie D. Andrews Most of us would love to start the new year with a little more walking around money. Well, one of the few benefits of the financial crisis and recession is that it brought out the entrepreneurial spirit of throngs of Americans and the development of the sharing economy. Why not cash in on the wave [...]Show More Summary

‘Pay As Your Earn’ gets lots of attention, but it isn’t the best way for many of us to repay our student loans

Ingrid Case When I was a new college graduate, I owned $10,000 in federally subsidized student loans. I paid them off the boring way: I wrote a check every month. Then I took a bit of time off from my repayment schedule when I was unemployed. Eventually I wrote a bigger check and I was done. Since [...]Show More Summary

Don’t let your savings go to the dogs … 6 tips to save on pet care

Jodi Helmer You love Rover and Whiskers but the cost of treating your furry friends like family adds up. From vet bills and pet meds to gourmet kibble, pet owners are expected to spend a whopping $58.5 billion on their four-legged charges this year, according to the American Pet Products Association. “There are many ways to save [...]Show More Summary

Why I don’t bother with manufactured spending…Gaming credit card reward programs just isn’t worth it

Amy Fontinelle Do you envy colleagues and friends who vacation for free thanks to all of the credit card reward points and cash rebates they’ve earned from work-related travel? Travel that doesn’t cost them a dime? Well, the proponents of “manufactured spending” would have you believe that you can enjoy similar rewards even if you spend eight [...]Show More Summary

5 sibling discounts you simply have to ask for

Naomi Mannino How would you like to pay thousands less for the most common big ticket kids’ expenses? If you have two or more kids, you’ll be surprised how many places have existing policies for sibling discounts, which can slash 10% to 25% off the stated cost for one or more of your children, depending on the [...]Show More Summary

6 costly credit cards to avoid

Vanessa Richardson Sky-high interest rates. Ridiculous fees. Piddling rewards and modest perks. That’s what makes these credit cards stand out to me. Let’s spend a few minutes looking at some of the most disappointing deals currently being foisted on unsuspecting consumers and consider what a more reasonable card might offer. Least Bang for Your Buck: Visa Black [...]Show More Summary

Asking me to tip the maids at high-end hotels is a lousy plan to fight poverty among women

Jen A. Miller When you stay at a Marriott hotel this fall you’ll be asked to pay for more than just your room. The giant hotel chain wants you to start tipping its maids. Tip envelopes have been placed in 160,000 of its 700,000 guest rooms at Marriott, JW Marriott, Courtyard, Renaissance, Fairfield, TownePlace Suites and Springhill Suites [...]Show More Summary

My favorite no-fee credit cards provide lots of perks

Vanessa Richardson A credit card that offers cash rewards, a low interest rate and no annual fee? What’s the catch? There might not be one – you may just have scored a good deal. The best credit cards are the cheapest credit cards and annual fees are often the biggest out-of-pocket expense for consumers who never, or [...]Show More Summary

How to save money and avoid birthday party drama

Dawn Papandrea The school year’s well underway and the weekly birthday party invitations are pouring in. If you’ve got a couple of kids in school, with 20 to 30 children in each of their classes, the birthday party circuit can get very expensive, very quickly. If you don’t want to add a line item into your budget [...]Show More Summary

How to buy furniture you like without spending too much money

Jen A. Miller In February 2013, I moved back into my house. Yes, moved back in. I bought the place in 2007 and turned it into a rental property when I moved in with my then-boyfriend. The relationship went bust at about the time my tenants were moving out, so I decided to go back home, and used [...]Show More Summary

Why I’m no longer afraid to deposit checks by mobile phone

Jen A. Miller Your co-worker, your neighbor, the corner market owner. They all joined the modern world long ago. For awhile I was reluctant, but I too have gotten hip to the new age. Yes, I’ve started cashing checks through my smartphone I resisted the convenience for two big reasons. First, when the technology debuted, the time from [...]Show More Summary

A YouTube video taught me how to fix my oven, saving $1,000 in repair bills and boosting my confidence

Amy Fontinelle My old oven When my oven went out a few months ago, I put off dealing with the problem. The appliance looks about 30 years old, so I assumed it was beyond repair and that replacement parts wouldn’t be available. Because it’s a wall oven, not a freestanding range, my research revealed that it would [...]Show More Summary

With ticket prices taking off, here’s how to save on your holiday and winter air travel

Julie D. Andrews Feel like you’re paying ungodly amounts of dough for each plane ride you take lately? You’re not imagining (or exaggerating) the state of air travel. The price of the average round-trip airfare, with taxes, rose to $509 in the first six months of 2014, according to recent data from the Airlines Reporting Corporation. The cost [...]Show More Summary

How To Win McDonald’s Monopoly Game, 2014 Edition

Kathy OGorman Welcome to the 2014 edition of McDonald’s Monopoly game. The game has returned to its traditional schedule this year with a fall launch. The fast-food giant last year caught everyone off guard by launching the game two months early — in July. But fall just feels right for this game, doesn’t it? The 2014 game [...]Show More Summary

How to get the most mileage out of baby gear

Dawn Papandrea If you’ve ever shopped for baby stuff, you know that it’s very easy to see your paycheck disappear in a flash. So. Much. Stuff! Do babies really need all of these things, you might wonder? Probably not, but you ultimately buy everything anyway because you want your little ones to have every new high-tech bouncy [...]Show More Summary

Should you pay your child for good grades?

Naomi Mannino I’ve paid all three of my kids for good grades many different ways and times throughout their school years. But, I can’t say it ever resulted in better grades. Whether I offered pay for good grades never affected my son’s grades. In fact, now a senior in high school, he would always forgo the extra [...]Show More Summary

How to throw great, yet affordable, football parties

Dawn Papandrea A new season is here that has nothing to do with pumpkin-spiced everything – it’s football season. Every Saturday and Sunday (and Monday and Thursday nights, too) provide a great excuse to get together with friends and root for your team. Or some other team. Does it really matter? Of course your entertainment and recreation [...]Show More Summary

Smart ways to save money at school without ruining your college fun — or going hungry

Dawn Papandrea Don’t worry – this isn’t going to be one of those posts that tell you you’re a big boy/girl now, and have to stop being irresponsible with money. I won’t tell you to stop buying overpriced lattes, $11 nachos at midnight, or comfy college sweatshirts because those things are largely what college is all about. [...]Show More Summary

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