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Blindly chasing any and every job isn’t a smart way to launch your career…Here’s how to do better

Alissa Fleck I think we can all agree that time = money. But, when it comes to job hunting, that may not be the only equation worth considering. I’m in my mid-twenties, and since graduating college, I have always been told to apply for jobs, as many as I can, even those that seem far out of [...]Show More Summary

Boss ripping you off? Here’s what to do about it

Kristin Wong Earlier this year, beloved celebrity chef Mario Batali agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by his employees for $5.25 million. Their claim? Batali’s restaurants were allegedly confiscating tips from workers to increase profits. Maybe it comes as a surprise to you; maybe it doesn’t. But wage theft is a pretty common occurrence in the United [...]Show More Summary

Student raises $1,000 to take burrito skydiving

Kristin Wong A design student from Chicago recently launched a fairly ridiculous Kickstarter campaign: He wanted to buy a burrito and graph its “deliciousness.” With an original funding goal of $8, Noboru Bitoy has blown that target out of the water. As of this post, he’s raised a whopping $1,050, all based on this simple promise: “Just [...]Show More Summary

Always buy the biggest pizza…That’s why God created freezers…And big ziplock bags

Mitch Strohm We suspect you don’t really need another reason to buy a bigger pizza. But if you do, here’s a great one: You’ll get more pizza for your money if you go with the larger pie. Quoctrung Bui of Planet Money recently studied this after noticing something while eating lunch with an engineer. Though the engineer [...]Show More Summary

What can you do with a busted smart phone?

Alissa Fleck Well, that really depends on your phone’s make and model and how broken we’re talking. Let’s say you trip and drop your smart phone down a flight of stairs or accidentally fling it into a toilet and find that some critical function has been lost. It will no longer text or tweet, or has stopped [...]Show More Summary

9 real superfoods you can actually afford

Clark.Palmer There’s no getting around it: a healthy diet is more expensive than an unhealthy one. But that doesn’t mean your food choices should be limited to the dollar menu at your favorite fast food joint. Add some cheap superfoods to your diet and you’ll be making healthy choices that also fit within your grocery budget. [...]Show More Summary

Feel like it’s time to intervene in a friend’s finances? Read this first

Kristin Wong Sometimes, it’s hard not to be a money know-it-all. You witness a friend making terrible money decisions, and you just want to grab them by the collar and say, Dude. You’re doing it all wrong! Talking about money isn’t easy. It’s also not easy to see a friend become overwhelmed by their finances because of [...]Show More Summary

Why saving money is for idiots

Virgil.Texas These days it seems you can’t surf the Web without running into some self-proclaimed “finance guru” peddling easy, painless answers for complex money problems. These shysters are always going on about “saving money” and “planning for the future” while your bank account gets drained buying their expensive ebooks and PDFs. Well, you can throw their [...]Show More Summary

Pros and cons of the new myRA

Claes Bell The best thing about the awkwardly named “myRA” (indistinguishable from “Myra” for Google’s algorithms, which is fun) recently unveiled by President Barack Obama is that it may be a sign Washington is seriously worried about our retirement. They should be. We’re in the middle of a long-term transition from a defined benefit retirement system, where [...]Show More Summary

Can saving cyclically help you put away more?

Kristin Wong You probably have lofty goals and high hopes for your financial future. Forget about them. New research suggests that, when it comes to saving, a cyclical mindset trumps linear, goal-oriented thinking. People tend to save more money when they think about the present instead of the future, researchers found. “When people focus on the present, [...]Show More Summary

Is finding love online easier if you’re rich?

Claes Bell It’s fair to say America is obsessed with “gold diggers.” From Anna Nicole Smith to Kevin Federline to whoever Kanye was rapping about on his triple-platinum single, we have a long tradition of assuming that having enough money attracts members of the opposite sex like, well, miners to the Yukon. But does having money really [...]Show More Summary

Most try to avoid it, but for some, debt can be a real turn-on

John Egan Debt is a depressing subject for lots of us. And it’s no wonder: Total U.S consumer debt in the U.S. exceeds $3 trillion — that’s trillion, not million or billion. But while it’s a major downer for most people, there is a subculture of people that find debt — well, exciting. For these folks, you [...]Show More Summary

Valentine’s Day Cheapskate Contest

Michele Berman It’s almost that time. With all that pink and red displayed in every store and jewelry commercials on heavy rotation on every channel, anyone with a significant other can feel their wallets cringing in fear at the approach of Valentine’s Day. So what is it this year? Chocolates? Flowers? A teddy bear with a heart? [...]Show More Summary

‘Multilevel marketing’ schemes like Herbalife, Amway and Juice Plus are bullshit and here’s why

Claes Bell You probably know someone (or multiple people if you’re particularly unlucky) who has tried to sell you so-called “multilevel marketing” products such as Herbalife, Amway, Juice Plus, Avon, Mona Vie or Arbonne. If you’re even more unlucky, they’ve tried to recruit you to sell the product, too, waxing poetic about the amazing quality of the [...]Show More Summary

5 money lessons from ‘Full House’

Alana.Modlin The catchy theme song, the red front door, the music that hinted you were about to learn an important life lesson … “Full House” fans remember it all. Here are five money lessons you may not realize the TGIF classic taught you that could have your wallet saying “You got it dude!” 1. Being careless [...]Show More Summary

Can you really heat a room for 15 cents a day worth of tea lights?

Alissa Fleck There’s a video making the rounds on social media about a “hack” for home heating that seems like it should be huge news to cheapskates the world over, especially given the hellacious polar vortex that’s covered much of the United States in snow and ice this winter. In the video, which was actually published in [...]Show More Summary

5 Chinese New Year traditions for attracting wealth

Kristin Wong Sun nin fai lok!  On Friday, China rang in the New Year. It’s officially the Year of the Horse. Across many cultures, a new year represents the possibility of building wealth, health and prosperity. While the Western world makes New Year’s resolutions, Eastern tradition is focused on what most Westerners would call, well, crazy superstition. [...]Show More Summary

Twitter account dedicated to people who post debit card pics is depressingly busy

Claes Bell If you’re ever feeling the need to take a picture of your debit card and post it on social media just … don’t. It doesn’t take that much information to make fraudulent purchases online with a debit card account, or clone a physical copy of a debit card, and giving all those potentially listening in [...]Show More Summary

Michaels offers handy DIY solutions for customers exposed in possible data breach

Claes Bell Another week, another retailer announcing a possible data breach that could compromise customer data and expose them to the risk of financial fraud. A few weeks ago, it was Target, then Neiman Marcus (who, like Target, is offering free identity theft protection for a year). This time, the retailer in question is Michaels, which is [...]Show More Summary

Concierge medicine provides options ahead of Obamacare deadline

Claes Bell There are just over 2 months to go until the March 31 deadline to sign up for health insurance under Obamacare, and not everyone is sold on purchasing the kind of comprehensive and often pricey plans offered in the insurance exchanges set up under the law. One alternative that may hold some appeal, especially for [...]Show More Summary

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