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Be ready for insurers to ask your car what really happened in an accident

Russ Heaps The next time you file an accident claim don’t be surprised if your insurance company wants to download data from your car or truck to make sure you’re telling the truth. No one knows exactly how much auto-insurance fraud goes on, but experts peg the losses at up to $30 billion. That covers a wide [...]Show More Summary

Mobile finance apps have changed my spending…And I don’t even use them

Alissa Fleck Do you want to change your spending, saving and budgeting habits, but keep putting off downloading a financial app because that would make it all just too real? Well, I have found a solution to this problem — or at the very least, a step in the right direction. This solution is relatively stress-free and [...]Show More Summary

Whether you’re a novice saver or seasoned investor here’s how to make up to 3% on CDs this summer

Amy Fontinelle Interest rates are at record lows, but you’ve got to put your money somewhere. With most savings accounts paying a pathetic 0.10% APY CDs remain a better paying alternative. Believe it or not, you can earn as much as 3% on some local deals and up to 2.30% on nationally available certificates of deposit. There [...]Show More Summary

Are hamsters the cheapest, yet cutest, pets ever?

Jen A. Miller We shall now pause to consider one of the Internet’s most hotly debated financial topics: The relative worth of hamsters. Well, to be honest, we aren’t going to waste so much as a pixel on the curmudgeonly views of hamster haters. (What is wrong with some people?) But we will take a realistic, dollars-and-cents look [...]Show More Summary

Where to find the highest pay, lowest cost of living

Mitch Strohm We often hear people say things like, “I’d be able to save more, if I lived in a cheaper city.” But a lower cost of living usually means lower paying jobs, too. So here’s the question you should be asking yourself: Which cities have the best balance of high pay and low cost of living? [...]Show More Summary

Stop guessing about how much you’ll spend on gas

Mitch Strohm If you’re planning a summer road trip here’s a quick and easy way to see how much the gas will cost., the official government source for fuel economy information, recently released My Trip Calculator. It’s a nifty tool that provides the best route and estimates your fuel costs based on whatever you’ll be driving, [...]Show More Summary

How I earn credit card rewards responsibly

Kristin Wong The topic of maximizing credit-card rewards seems to be a popular one lately, especially in the world of personal finance blogging. Many of us use our credit cards to pay our bills and monthly expenses. We earn cash back and rake in the rewards. Some of us have even mastered the envious ability to churn [...]Show More Summary

Traveling abroad requires planning at home to avoid unexpected fees on credit card and cell phone bills

Jen A. Miller My big trip this year is a 10-day Italian vacation. I’m excited, but I’m also doing a lot of planning beyond where to get the best pizza and what shoes to bring. I’m making sure that I spend as little as possible on foreign transaction fees, current exchanges, and smartphone use so I’m not hit [...]Show More Summary

Manage your life like a CFO

Mitch Strohm If you want to save money, you’ve got to manage your life much like the chief financial officer runs the company where you work. J.D. Roth of the personal finance blog “Get Rich Slowly” just launched a course that can help you do just that. The course aims to help you eliminate debt, master your [...]Show More Summary

Turn tantalizing foreign cuisine into budget meals

Cliff O'Neill “Well, if I’m going to cook an authentic Argentinian meal, I’m going to have to buy grass-fed beef,” I said to myself. “But the spousal unit is totally going to kill me when he sees how much this meal cost.” It’s thoughts like that that almost derailed the personal challenge I had taken to to [...]Show More Summary

Can CDs be a good place for your emergency fund?

Darci Swisher If your emergency fund is sitting in a savings account that pays virtually nothing you might consider investing those dollars in a certificate of deposit. CDs are just as safe and you’ll earn a little more interest. The only caveat is that you’ll have to make sure you don’t get hit with stiff early withdrawal [...]Show More Summary

Do loyal customers really get treated better?

Kristin Wong Whether it’s through rewards programs or special invites, companies often tout an appreciation for customer loyalty. Yet, every few months, I find myself challenging my Internet service provider over a “promotional offer” that has expired, which means I’m paying more than new customers. It’s become a pretty standard call, and with a little negotiating, I [...]Show More Summary

Blindly chasing any and every job isn’t a smart way to launch your career…Here’s how to do better

Alissa Fleck I think we can all agree that time = money. But, when it comes to job hunting, that may not be the only equation worth considering. I’m in my mid-twenties, and since graduating college, I have always been told to apply for jobs, as many as I can, even those that seem far out of [...]Show More Summary

Boss ripping you off? Here’s what to do about it

Kristin Wong Earlier this year, beloved celebrity chef Mario Batali agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by his employees for $5.25 million. Their claim? Batali’s restaurants were allegedly confiscating tips from workers to increase profits. Maybe it comes as a surprise to you; maybe it doesn’t. But wage theft is a pretty common occurrence in the United [...]Show More Summary

Student raises $1,000 to take burrito skydiving

Kristin Wong A design student from Chicago recently launched a fairly ridiculous Kickstarter campaign: He wanted to buy a burrito and graph its “deliciousness.” With an original funding goal of $8, Noboru Bitoy has blown that target out of the water. As of this post, he’s raised a whopping $1,050, all based on this simple promise: “Just [...]Show More Summary

Always buy the biggest pizza…That’s why God created freezers…And big ziplock bags

Mitch Strohm We suspect you don’t really need another reason to buy a bigger pizza. But if you do, here’s a great one: You’ll get more pizza for your money if you go with the larger pie. Quoctrung Bui of Planet Money recently studied this after noticing something while eating lunch with an engineer. Though the engineer [...]Show More Summary

What can you do with a busted smart phone?

Alissa Fleck Well, that really depends on your phone’s make and model and how broken we’re talking. Let’s say you trip and drop your smart phone down a flight of stairs or accidentally fling it into a toilet and find that some critical function has been lost. It will no longer text or tweet, or has stopped [...]Show More Summary

9 real superfoods you can actually afford

Clark.Palmer There’s no getting around it: a healthy diet is more expensive than an unhealthy one. But that doesn’t mean your food choices should be limited to the dollar menu at your favorite fast food joint. Add some cheap superfoods to your diet and you’ll be making healthy choices that also fit within your grocery budget. [...]Show More Summary

Feel like it’s time to intervene in a friend’s finances? Read this first

Kristin Wong Sometimes, it’s hard not to be a money know-it-all. You witness a friend making terrible money decisions, and you just want to grab them by the collar and say, Dude. You’re doing it all wrong! Talking about money isn’t easy. It’s also not easy to see a friend become overwhelmed by their finances because of [...]Show More Summary

Why saving money is for idiots

Virgil.Texas These days it seems you can’t surf the Web without running into some self-proclaimed “finance guru” peddling easy, painless answers for complex money problems. These shysters are always going on about “saving money” and “planning for the future” while your bank account gets drained buying their expensive ebooks and PDFs. Well, you can throw their [...]Show More Summary

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