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Decades of non-stop price hikes make Disney vacations a stretch

Mitch Strohm Taking a family vacation to a Disney theme park was once an affordable escape. Sadly, that’s not the case anymore. The price of admittance into the Magic Kingdom has jumped up to $105 per person ($99 for kids ages 3 to 9) — a far cry from the $3.50 it cost to get in when [...]Show More Summary

Here’s where to stash your cash while waiting for the Fed to finally raise interest rates, probably this fall

Susan Ladika It has to happen sooner or later. After months of dithering, it appears the Federal Reserve will actually start to push interest rates higher, ending years of record low returns on bank accounts. While it could start as soon as July, the Fed seems more likely to initiate this epic change in policy in September [...]Show More Summary

Summer music festivals on the cheap…Or what passes for cheap in these days of inflated prices

Mitch Strohm When it comes to attending a music festival, cheap simply isn’t on the table anymore. These days it’s a matter of limiting cost. This April, for example, a three-day general admission pass to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival pass cost $375. Anyone who wanted a few perks had to pay $899 for a [...]Show More Summary

Skip the pricey car dealership … I fixed a keyless remote myself and so can you

Amy Fontinelle I refuse to go to a car dealership for any reason. I don’t shop for cars there and I don’t get maintenance or repairs done there. They have a reputation for charging much more than smaller auto shops. So when my car’s keyless entry remote stopped working, I wasn’t about to head to the dealership [...]Show More Summary

Those heavily promoted $10-a-month gym memberships are great … But will you ever go?

Jen A. Miller Health clubs have a brilliant business model that counts on members who sign-up with the best of intentions rarely, if ever, showing up. If everyone who belonged to a gym actually worked out on a regular basis there’d be chaos (for a deep dive into the economics of gyms, check out this Planet Money podcast.) [...]Show More Summary

How to get people to buy your junk … A guide to selling almost anything on Facebook groups

Dawn Papandrea A few months ago, when I was putting my recycling and bulk items out on garbage day, I happened to run into my neighbor who noticed that some old toys and baby gear were among the curbside casualties. She politely suggested that I was throwing good money away, and proceeded to tell me about a [...]Show More Summary

Americans are spending how much on weddings?! Here’s how we had a blast on a budget on our big day

Mitch Strohm Planning on getting hitched soon? Start saving. Mitch Strohm and Mandy Boyd on their wedding day The average cost of a wedding is now a hefty $31,213 (honeymoon not included), according to the 2014 Real Wedding Study from That’s up from $29,858 in 2013. As a guy — and finance writer — who just [...]Show More Summary

Wealth building choices of your richest neighbors

Nick DiUlio Here’s a little secret about building wealth. There is no secret. Ask pretty much any self-made millionaire and you’ll get pretty much the same advice. They’re where they are today because they made a few smart and surprisingly simple choices. Choice 1. Spend (way) less than you earn You’d be surprised at the modest lifestyles [...]Show More Summary

How to compare college finanical aid packages and pick the right school

Dawn Papandrea It’s that time of year, when teens and their families agonize over which college they will pay thousands of dollars to – or borrow thousands of dollars for — over the next four years. By now, acceptance letters and financial aid packages are in hand, so it’s just a matter of doing some side-by-side comparisons. [...]Show More Summary

When you want to travel determines when you’ll find the cheapest airline tickets

Mitch Strohm If you’re shopping for a great deal on a plane ticket, the best time to book depends on when you’ll be traveling. During off-peak season, on average, you’ll get the best prices on domestic fares 47 days before takeoff, according to a recent report from For summer travel – June to August – 76 [...]Show More Summary

The secrets to saving $1 million in your 401(k)

Mitch Strohm If you’re striving to save for retirement take some cues from the 401(k) millionaires over at Fidelity Investments. According to recent Fidelity data, 72,379 of its 13 million 401(k) accounts now have balances of over $1 million. That’s more than twice as many as in 2012. And while the average annual compensation for these individuals [...]Show More Summary

Cord-Cutter Alert: Cheap new app pushes cable TV one step closer to obsolescence

Mitch Strohm If you loathe cable TV (and who doesn’t?), there’s now another, cheaper alternative for all of you aspiring cord-cutters. Sling TV, a subsidiary of Dish Networks, is the newest streaming TV service on the block, and it seems to be a viable replacement for cable, especially if you only watch a handful of channels. The [...]Show More Summary

iPad baby seats are dubious devices

Naomi Mannino Every mom can attest to needing 10 minutes for a shower, to prepare dinner and sometimes even just to put down a colicky baby that has been crying nonstop. If you’ve seen the new iPad baby seats, from infant activity seats to toddler potty seats, featuring an attachment for an iPad complete with “developmentally appropriate [...]Show More Summary

It’s getting easier to do good by linking your spending to your favorite charity

Susan Ladika If you’re one of the 95% of Americans who donate to charity each year, your good will could stretch a little further if you spend your money wisely. You can now support everything from education to the environment through your credit or debit card, bank account or other payment method. Some options provide funds to [...]Show More Summary

Let’s save ourselves from costly ‘help’ like this

Jen A. Miller Beware of yet another start-up that’s out to take advantage of the self-employed and part-time workers trying to make a living from several jobs. Even is a new company launching later this year that promises to help smooth out the erratic income of those of us who don’t have a single, steady employer. They posit [...]Show More Summary

The Ultimate Layoff Survival Plan: How smart financial decisions now and later can help you through

Dawn Papandrea Most people don’t expect to be laid off, but for anyone who’s been through it (raising my hand!), it often comes when you’d least expect it. For me, it came on a Monday morning in the form of a sticky note from my immediate supervisor that said to meet her in the hallway. I knew [...]Show More Summary

Start saving and planning now for summer vacays

Susan Ladika The coldest winter months are the time to start saving for your summer vacation. By planning now for a week exploring the sites of London and Paris, or trekking around Orlando’s theme parks, you can avoid racking up credit card debt on airline tickets and hotel rooms when warmer weather rolls around. While some travel [...]Show More Summary

Life’s more expensive for women … Here’s how I fight financial discrimination

Ingrid Case I’ve just purchased a new pair of men’s boots. I’m a woman, so I suppose that these boots are women’s boots now, because I own them. But they were designed for and marketed to men. I own a lot of men’s stuff: my winter coat, razor, deodorant, sun block, and running shoes, to name just [...]Show More Summary

New ways to make extra money

Julie D. Andrews Most of us would love to start the new year with a little more walking around money. Well, one of the few benefits of the financial crisis and recession is that it brought out the entrepreneurial spirit of throngs of Americans and the development of the sharing economy. Why not cash in on the wave [...]Show More Summary

‘Pay As Your Earn’ gets lots of attention, but it isn’t the best way for many of us to repay our student loans

Ingrid Case When I was a new college graduate, I owned $10,000 in federally subsidized student loans. I paid them off the boring way: I wrote a check every month. Then I took a bit of time off from my repayment schedule when I was unemployed. Eventually I wrote a bigger check and I was done. Since [...]Show More Summary

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