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What does a car insurance company do with my premium?

Like most companies, insurance companies don’t just let your money sit around gathering dust. What exactly your insurance company does with your premium will vary, but overall, most insurance companies invest the money. For example, according to SNL Financial, in 2010 insurance companies invested 66 percent of their money in bonds and 17 percent were [...]

What do drivers license vision tests look for?

Whenever you get a driver’s license, and usually when renewing one, you need to pass a vision test. It may seem routine, and is, but it is also very important. An eye test will evaluate the following things: • Acuity – how clearly you see • Peripheral vision – how far you can see to [...]

How are car insurance policyholders in California affected by distracted driving?

Distracted driving, like any other criminal activity, affects car insurance policyholders by increasing their premiums. Distracted driving is the cause of 80 percent of crashes according to a study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. This is the indirect effect it has. The direct affect is that [...]

What do driver license vision tests look for?

Whenever you get a driver’s license, and usually when renewing one, you need to pass a vision test. It may seem routine, and is, but it is also very important. An eye test will evaluate the following things: • Acuity – how clearly you see • Peripheral vision – how far you can see to [...]

Is it ok to remove the pedals from my moped?

While this is going to vary somewhat from state to state, in general the answer to this question is a resounding no. Part of what defines a moped in many states is the fact that it has pedals. Without them the classification of your vehicle changes. Often it changes to a motorcycle. This means that [...]

What are some myths about seat belts?

These days most people accept that seat belts are a good thing and that they protect people. However, there are still the occasional holdouts. Some myths that circulate about seat belts are: • They trap you in the car – wearing a seatbelt helps individuals stay conscious in an accident. It’s harder to get out [...]

What happens if I’m driving in North Carolina with an expired car registration?

Well, for starters, it is illegal to drive with an expired vehicle registration. Law enforcement officials can see that your tags have expired and if they pull you over you’re looking at a pricey ticket. The one good thing is that it doesn’t add anything to your insurance or driving record. Now if your car [...]

What documents does Alabama accept as proof of residency?

As a part of the process to gear up for the REAL ID requirements, many states are requiring that individuals submit proof of residency. This ensures that individuals getting a license actually live in the state. However, Alabama does not currently have a residency requirement on their driver’s licenses. Instead, they still use the old [...]

Is my car insurance affected if someone else crashes my car?

A car crash is never a good thing, especially when you’re looking at your car insurance. The answer to this question is going to depend on the situation. Did you loan out your car? If so, then you are responsible for what happened as far as your insurance is concerned. In some states, they go [...]

Who is not allowed to get a driver’s license in Wyoming?

Wyoming restricts certain individuals from getting a driver’s license. Most of the time, this is to conform to generally accepted laws throughout the U.S. or to ensure the safety of other motorists. The following individuals cannot get a driver’s license in Wyoming: • Anyone under the age of 16 • An individual whose license is [...]

Does my car insurance cover car fires?

That’s really going to depend on what kind of coverage you have. If you only have your state required minimum coverage, then the answer is very likely no. Most state minimums only require that you have liability coverage, which only helps the other person. You would need to have comprehensive insurance in case of fire [...]

At what age can I get a learner’s permit in Washington, D.C.?

Individuals that are seeking a driver’s license in Washington D.C. and are under the age of 21 must go through the Graduated Driver License (GDL) program. This program breaks up the licensing process for those neophyte drivers. The first step is to get the learner’s permit. In order to qualify for a learner’s permit, you [...]

What is a Farm Husbandry Permit in Nebraska?

A Farm Husbandry Permit is a special license that allows a person to operate minitrucks and farm husbandry equipment. Nebraska defines them as: • Minitruck – A vehicle with: o An engine of 1000 cc or less o 67 inches or less in width o A dry weight of 4,200 lbs or less o Travels [...]

Can my insurance company determine if I’m at-fault for an accident even if I didn’t get a ticket from the police?

It sounds like the police may have decided that the accident may have decided that it wasn’t your fault and chose not to ticket you for anything. However, your insurance company can certainly come to a different conclusion once they get all the information. Even an accident where you weren’t at fault could increase your [...]

What is the penalty for a fourth DUI in Vermont?

Many states stop developing different penalties for DUIs after three, but Vermont goes up to four. A fourth DUI in Vermont is considered a felony. A conviction of a fourth DUI could have a tremendous affect on your future. You could be facing the following penalties: • Fine – up to $5,000 • Surcharges – [...]

Who is not eligible for a driver’s license in Mississippi?

You are ineligible for a driver’s license in Mississippi if you: • Have not reached the age of 16 years and six months and have not held an intermediate license for at least six months without certain convictions • Have a suspended or revoked license • Have been adjudged insane • Are a habitual drunkard [...]

What can I do about long lines at the DMV?

What you can do about the lines in the DMV is going to depend on your state. If you live in a state like California, you can schedule an appointment ahead of time. That way you avoid the lines and make your trip much more pleasant. If your state doesn’t allow appointments, you can check [...]

How many points can I get on my driver license in Massachusetts before it is suspended?

Massachusetts is a bit of an oddball among states when it comes to a point system. It does have a point system like most states, but unlike most states, the point system is almost exclusively used to penalize you financially. When it comes to suspending your license, Massachusetts is going to be more interested in [...]

What happens if I refuse a breathalyzer test in Oklahoma?

It may sound tempting to refuse a breathalyzer test in order to avoid a drunken driving conviction. However, the penalties for refusal are also very stiff. Oklahoma can penalize you for refusal because they have an “implied consent” law, which means you consented to take a chemical test when you got your driver’s license. Refusal [...]

What type of car insurance do I need in Louisiana?

When driving in Louisiana, you need to be able to prove that you have sufficient financial responsibility. The most common way to show financial responsibility is to acquire auto insurance. Fortunately, you can get the minimum coverage in Louisiana by only purchasing liability coverage. You need to have the following amounts, at least: • Bodily [...]

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