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Contrary to What You Hear from Ivanka Trump, Most Women in Their Late Sixties Don't Want to Work

A NYT article discussed a plan being pushed by Ivanka Trump and several Republicans in the Senate which would allow for new mothers to take up to twelve weeks of paid family leave. This would be paid for by delaying their Social Security...Show More Summary

Robert Samuelson Is Worried About Inflation, Yet Again

As the saying goes, writing for Washington Post means never having to say you're sorry. Hence the paper never apologized for saying NAFTA had caused Mexico's GDP to quadruple when the true growth was just 84.2 percent. And Robert Samuelson...Show More Summary

How Does the Washington Post Know that Trump's Plan "Aims" to Pump $1.5 Trillion Into Infrastructure Projects?

This is an assertion in a major Post article on infrastructure, but it doesn't fit with the evidence. Trump is actually only proposing to put up $200 billion (0.09 percent of GDP) over the next decade towards his infrastructure initiative. The rest is supposed to come from state and local governments and private investors. Show More Summary

How to Fix Facebook's Phony Feed Problem: It's Fun and Easy

It seems that bad guys (Russians and others) are using Facebook to spread all sorts of nonsense under false identities. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO and very rich person, tells us that he is very concerned about the problem but doesn't know exactly what to do. Show More Summary

Republicans Don't Want to Waste Money on Arts and Humanities that Could Pay for Donald Trump's Golf Trips

Donald Trump is proposing to eliminate the National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities, as noted in a NYT column today. Each agency received just under $150 million in the 2017 budget, an amount that is equal to just under 0.004 percent of total spending. Show More Summary

Trump's 3 Percent GDP Growth: Is It Crazy?

In an NYT Upshot column, Neil Irwin correctly points out that the Trump administration is very optimistic about GDP growth, it then adds that it shouldn't be. Irwin is certainly right about the optimistic part but should be more cautious...Show More Summary

Charles Lane and the Washington Post Continue Attack on Unions: Disturbed to Discover the Importance of Precedent in Court Decisions

The Washington Post has long had a hostile attitude toward unions, which it expresses in both its opinion and news sections. (As an example of the latter, this front page article complaining about high pensions for public sector workers...Show More Summary

Health Care Costs May Not Rise As Much as Projected

The Washington Post reported on new health care spending projections from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) which show spending rising to almost 20 percent of GDP by 2026 compared to 17.9 percent in 2016. It is worth noting that these projections have consistently overstated cost growth. Show More Summary

Trump Administration Plans to Make Hundreds of Billions of Improper Payments

That's what careful readers of the administration's budget must assume. After all, the budget tells us that we should expect savings of $59 billion in 2028 from reducing "improper payments Government-wide" (Table S-2). However we build up to these large annual savings very gradually. Show More Summary

How Does the Washington Post Know That the White House "Believes" Trump Plan for Food Stamps Would Improve Food Quality?

Hey, I thought it was just a way to give a middle finger to low income people for getting government aid, but the Washington Post tells readers that the plan to provide baskets of food in place of the current cash-like system where we...Show More Summary

NYT Denounces Congress's "Free-Spending Ways" In News Article

Most newspapers tried to reserve such editorializing for the opinion pages, but a NYT article on the Trump budget told readers: "Yet for all of the talk of fiscal restraint, Mr. Trump’s budget also amounted to an institutional surrender to the free-spending ways of Capitol Hill, which Mr. Show More Summary

Cuomo and New York State Take the Lead in Fighting Back Against Republican Tax Plan

One of the major changes in the Republican tax plan that became law at the end of last year was a limit of $10,000 on the deduction for state and local income taxes. This was explicitly designed as an attack on liberal states like California...Show More Summary

One Way to Protect Democracy Is to Stop Pushing Policies that Redistribute Income Upward

That one is apparently not on the agenda, at least according to Amanda Taub's NYT "the interpreter" piece. The piece notes the declining support for center right and center left parties in most western democracies. While it notes that...Show More Summary

Fred Hiatt and His Friends' Push for Austerity Did Far More Damage to the Country than Projected Budget Deficits Ever Could

The Washington Post's editorial page is notorious for refusing to own up to its mistakes. In true Trumpian spirit, the paper still has not corrected an editorial touting the success of NAFTA which absurdly claimed Mexico's GDP had more than quadrupled between 1987 and 2007. Show More Summary

E.J. Dionne Says Life Is Tough on the Moderate Left

I know and respect E.J. Dionne, but I'm afraid I have to get out a heaping dump truck full of ridicule for his whining about the "agony of the moderate left." Yeah, times can be difficult for these politicians. After all, when theirShow More Summary

NYT Reports on Business Person Running for Democratic Presidential Nomination Who Agrees with Republican Growth Projections

The article discusses the agenda of Andrew Yang, a New York based businessperson, whose political agenda is centered on dealing with mass job displacement due to robots and artificial intelligence. Such mass displacement implies rapid...Show More Summary

The Peter Peterson Gang and the Shameless Deficit Hawks

It is more than a bit painful to see the media all turn to the Peter Peterson financed Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB) as the experts on budget deficits right now. We can argue over whether the Republicans are pushing...Show More Summary

The Simple Way to Lower Drug Prices: Stop Having the Government Make them Expensive with Patent Monopolies

It's always important to remember that the problem of high drug prices is almost entirely a government created problem in the form of patent monopolies. In the absence of these monopolies, almost all drugs would be cheap. In many cases...Show More Summary

NYT Misleads Readers: "Ballooning Deficits" Do Not Add Urgency to Republican Efforts to Cut Medicaid and Other Programs

The NYT should have its presses washed out with soap. In an article about plans to impose work requirements for Medicaid it told readers: "The ballooning deficits created by the budget deal that President Trump signed into law Friday...Show More Summary

More on the Budget Deal: Suppose the Washington Post Cared About Informing Readers

Here are a few small changes from the article in today's Post ("Massive infusion of spending ends era of restraint for federal agencies, Pentagon) telling readers how the new budget deal would increase the budget deficit. "The deal signed...Show More Summary

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