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When Did the Republican Tax Plan Ever Focus on the Middle Class?

A Washington Post article on the Republican tax proposals being considered by Congress implies that they are sharp departure from the plans Donald Trump put forward in the campaign in the benefits it provides to the rich. The headline...Show More Summary

Food Stamps Cost 1.8 Percent of the Federal Budget

This would have been useful information to include in an article on various proposals to alter the program. While the article does helpfully point out the limited size of benefits to the typical recipient, it reports the total cost as...Show More Summary

Washington Post Tells Readers Republicans Believe Tax Cuts Will Make Rich Donors Happy

Of course the Washington Post would never make such an assertion, even if there is good reason to think that it is true. Instead an article on Friday's jobs report told readers: "President Trump and Republicans on Capitol Hill have said...Show More Summary

Mr. Big Wants to Hire Workers, but Doesn't Want to Pay the Market Wage

The NYT article on the November jobs report notes the fact that the rate of wage growth does not appear to be appear accelerating. To explain why it presents the views of Michael Big, a general contractor in the Chicago area. The piece tells readers that Mr. Show More Summary

The Reagan Boom, Kind of Like the Ford-Carter Boom

A Morning Edition segment on the Republican tax cut plan made comparisons to the Reagan tax cuts and referred to the "boom" that occurred following the tax cuts. While the economy did grow rapidly in the years from 1983 to 1986, the main reason was the severity of the 1981–82 recession. Show More Summary

The Washington Post’s NAFTA Fantasy: 10 Years Later

Making mistakes is part of life. Serious people own up to them and correct themselves. Unfortunately, when it comes to NAFTA, this is not the practice of the Washington Post. Ten years ago today, December 7, 2007, a Washington Post editorial attacked the three leading contenders for the Democratic nomination over their pledge to renegotiate NAFTA. Show More Summary

Yes, Robert Samuelson Says It's Time to Cut Social Security and Medicare

Now that we seem on the edge of giving lots more tax dollars to Donald Trump and his rich friends, the deficit hawks feel newly empowered and have Social Security and Medicare clearly in their sights. Robert Samuelson is on the job,Show More Summary

"Universal" Doesn't Mean the Same Thing to Ross Douthat as the Rest of Us

Ross Douthat goes over what he sees as the good and the bad in the Republican tax plans in his column today. He notes the ending of the mandate that people buy health care insurance in the Senate version of the bill and then says: "In...Show More Summary

Having An Acting Director at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Was a Choice, Not an Accident

The NYT has an article discussing the ways in which Mick Mulvaney is changing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in his capacity as acting director. There is one item on which it is somewhat misleading. The piece indicates that...Show More Summary

Donald Trump Puts Coal Mining Jobs in West Virginia at Risk by Downsizing National Monuments in West

That could have been the headline, at least if the New York Times article reporting on the action is accurate. The NYT told readers that when Clinton first created the Grand Staircase National Monument in 1996: "When Mr. Clinton formed...Show More Summary

Because Robert Samuelson Doesn't Understand Budget Deficits, He Thinks Other are Equally Confused

Robert Samuelson used his column today to say he doesn't understand budget deficits. This is hardly a surprise to regular readers of his column. But he bizarrely argues that because he is confused, everyone else is also. Samuelson tells...Show More Summary

Is There Any Reason to Think Republicans Believe their Tax Plan Will Pay for Itself?

Sure Republicans say this, but did we think that they would say that they expect their tax plan to increase the debt by $1.5 trillion, but rich people need tax cuts? Given their endless tirades about deficits under President Obama, Republicans...Show More Summary

Can We Cut the Crap on the Debt from the Tax Bill Hurting Our Kids?

The Republican tax bill is an abomination. It gives hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks over the next decade to the country's richest people. The Trump family alone stands to pocket more than $1 billion from the reduction in...Show More Summary

McKinsey Global Institute Agrees With Trump Administration on Growth

One of the issues that has been raised in the debate over tax cuts is how fast the economy can grow. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is projecting growth averaging just 1.9 percent annually over the next decade. This is based on...Show More Summary

Mind Reading on Tax Policy at the Washington Post

When the Washington Post advertises for reporters do they include "mind reading skills" as a necessary qualification? They gave us yet another example of these skills in an article discussing Republican efforts to craft a tax bill that...Show More Summary

Republicans Proposed Trigger Mechanism in Tax Bill Would Make Recessions More Severe

The Republicans had planned to include a trigger mechanism in their tax plan, which would have automatically raised taxes in the event of budget deficits that exceeded targets. This is classically bad economic policy. It means that if growth slows and the economy falls into a recession, the government would be raising taxes. Show More Summary

Jeb Hensarling Has Never Heard of George W. Bush and Bill Clinton and Neither Has NPR

On Morning Edition yesterday, Representative Jeb Hensarling, the chair of the House Financial Services Committee, was interviewed by David Greene. At one point Greene asked him about the Republican tax cut proposal. After blaming President...Show More Summary

Washington Post Gets Story on GDP Growth Seriously Wrong

The Washington Post proudly told readers that the economy had reached potential GDP in the third quarter of 2017 and therefore future GDP growth will have to be far slower than in the recent past, averaging just 1.8 percent over the next decade. Show More Summary

If Cutting Taxes is "What Makes a Republican a Republican," Why Are They Raising Them on So Many Middle Income Families?

The New York Times discussed the prospects for the Republican tax bill, comparing the difference in Republican attitudes towards the tax bill and the efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. In its effort to explain this difference,...Show More Summary

WaPo Gets It Seriously Wrong: Ron Johnson Does NOT Want Pass-Through Corporations to Be Treated Like Other Corporations

In the bizarre world of Washington economics, where patent monopolies are "free trade" and projections of Social Security shortfalls decades in the future are a "crisis," it's perhaps not surprising to see reality turned on its head in the debate over the Republican tax bill. Show More Summary

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