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Cellulosic Ethanol is Going Backwards

April was a record month for cellulosic ethanol production according to the EPA’s database that tracks this information, but that meant that at least 8 months into the learning curves for these plants actual production for that month was only about 6% of nameplate capacity. And now things are going backwards. read more

Economics of Installing Combined Heating and Power Systems

With states adopting programs to encourage energy users to install combined heating and power (CHP) systems, building owners and asset managers are asking themselves the bottom line question – how can CHP increase my operating income and asset value? read more

Four Demands for Paris

The call was very clear, here were “four demands” for Paris COP21 being presented to a group in London. But the surprise was the presenter; not a climate focussed NGO or an activist campaigning for change, but Fatih Birol, Chief Economist for the International Energy Agency. read more

Opening the Small Commercial Solar Market

While the solar market has been exploding over the past few years, the small commercial segment of the market, made up of locations like apartment buildings, office buildings, small businesses, factories, warehouses, and hospitals, has been extraordinarily slow to develop. read more

Laudato Si: The Moral Case for Energy Efficiency

Last week Pope Francis issued a sweeping new encyclical on the environment entitled “Laudato Si”. The encyclical runs 184-pages and covers a range of issues. Most noteworthy is its endorsement of the proposition that climate change is real and caused primarily by human activity. read more

The Post-Partisan Fallacy: Is the Republican Party Incapable of Addressing Climate Change?

After Pope Francis issued his strongly worded encyclical on climate change and the environment, many wondered how it would influence conservatives. It didn’t take long. “I don’t think we should politicize faith,” said Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush, who brushed off climate change as an inherently political issue. read more

The Grid is Getting Smarter, but are Customers Keeping Up?

Price signals are the key to altering actual customer behavior with regard to energy consumption, but something as simple as a smart meter alone may not be enough to advance many of the lofty goals promised by the smart grid or microgrids. read more

U.S. Crude Oil Production Growth Helps Gulf Coast Imports

In recent years, higher domestic production of light, tight crude oil has led to a reduction in crude oil imports. Certain types of crude oil have been affected more than others; for example, the increased economic availability of domestic light, tight crude oil has virtually eliminated Gulf Coast imports of light crude oil. read more

Not Your Grandparent's Grid: 6 Reasons Why Penetrations of Renewable Resources are Becoming Attainable

A number of recent publications hypothesize that there is a limit to the amount of renewable generation that can be integrated into the electric grid. These evaluations may not be looking at the whole picture; or at least not a current picture. read more

The First Energy Revolution: Tesla Energy Changes Everything

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk recently introduced Tesla Energy, a suite of stationary battery products designed to help wean the world off fossil fuels. While a battery introduction may not seem like a world-changing event to many, it actually heralds the beginning of the First Energy Revolution. read more

Carbon Reduction through Energy Efficiency Isn’t Just a One-Man Show

Though ambitious carbon emission reduction goals are not exactly anything new, over the course of this past year there have been some exciting developments in pushing the envelope on carbon standards at the national and local levels in the United States. read more

Pope Francis Highlights the Moral Imperative of Climate Action

Pope Francis brings a clear and powerful moral voice to a climate change debate too often clouded by competing ideologies. He reminds us of our responsibilities to the planet and to one another, and makes plain the stakes and the urgency of stronger action. read more

Investors Funnel $1.3 Billion Into the Advanced Nuclear Industry

If the venture capital hysteria around solar manufacturing were judged by the billions of dollars invested, it could be called a great success. But the long (and still growing) list of failed solar companies proves that a rush of investment doesn't tell the full story. read more

Enhancing the Role of Fuel Cells for Northeast Grid Resiliency

Severe weather over the last few years demonstrate that our aging infrastructure is increasingly vulnerable to outages and other disruptions. Intense storms, such as Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Irene, debilitated sections of the eastern seaboard and left many communities without power for extended periods of time. read more

India Boosts Its Solar Target to 100 Gigawatts by 2022

Climate Progress: India Just Upped Its Solar Target Five-FoldOn Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Indian Cabinet approved increasing the country’s solar target five times to a goal of reaching 100 gigawatts, up from 20 GW, by 2022. read more

Connecting CMOs, PPMs, and Joules

I have often been asked questions like how many cubic miles of CO2 do we produce when we burn a cubic mile of oil, and how many ppms does that represent. In this post, I will make some simplifying, yet reasonable, assumptions to provide answers to these and other questions. read more

EU Energy Briefing: All You Need to Know for June [VIDEO]

In this latest Brussels Briefing on Energy for viEUws - the European Union Policy Broadcaster, leading journalist Hughes Belin provides an overview of the latest European Union energy policy developments, including a review of the EU's efforts to reach renewable energy goals. read more

Not Your Grandad's Grid: 6 Reasons Why Penetrations of Renewable Resources are Becoming Attainable

A number of recent publications hypothesize that there is a limit to the amount of renewable generation that can be integrated into the electric grid. These evaluations may not be looking at the whole picture; or at least not a current picture. read more

Is the U.S. Investing Enough in Electricity Grid Reliability?

We had a 2-hour power outage at our house last week, together with 45,000 other customers in the East Bay. The lights flickered off just after 8PM and didn’t come back on until after 10PM. Nothing like going without something that you take for granted to make you realize just how valuable it is. read more

How the Transition to Renewable Energy Could Come

While I do not believe that a carbon tax is practical or feasible, I do believe the transition to renewable energy is practical, feasible and necessary. We need to address the problem of global warming and to do that we need to gradually replace fossil fuels with other forms of energy. read more

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