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1st Real Drive With Tesla Autopilot (Including A Few Warning Shots)

I first experienced Tesla Autopilot last year, as I wrote in my Tesla Model X review. It was certainly cool and interesting, and a bit nerve-racking. But that was a short test drive on a California highway — not real use. Well, a few...Show More Summary

Life With The Chevy Bolt — The First 1,200 Miles

Kyle Field did a great job reviewing the Bolt, what I thought I'd do here is share some views on why we leased it and also give our hands-on impressions over the last 1,200 miles Life With The Chevy Bolt — The First 1,200 Miles was originally...Show More Summary

Top Misconceptions of Non-EV Drivers (CleanTechnica EV Report)

One of the unique aspects of driving an electric car is talking to people about the new tech, and as EV drivers quickly find out, there are a handful of common misconceptions about this “new” tech Top Misconceptions of Non-EV Drivers...Show More Summary

28–40% of EV Drivers Have Solar Panels (CleanTechnica EV Report)

Previous surveys — including our initial EV driver survey — have found a strong link between driving electric cars and having home solar panels. Yet again, in our 2017 EV driver report, a very large portion of our respondents had home...Show More Summary

The Kiwano K01 Electric Unicycle Shrinks The Last Mile To One Wheel

I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for all things quirky and out of the ordinary. Although we brushed upon electric unicycles in the past, and cover them from time to time, the Kiwano K01 electric unicycle certainly fits the bill when it comes...Show More Summary

When Will Your Tesla Model 3 Be Delivered? Ben Sullins May Know.

Ben Sullins of Teslanomics has created an app he says will help you tell when to expect delivery of your Tesla Model 3. It's very lighthearted and totally unscientific -- but fun! When Will Your Tesla Model 3 Be Delivered? Ben Sullins May Know. Show More Summary

2020 Tokyo Olympics Plan For Self-Driving Cars

The 2020 Olympics are around the corner and the Tokyo Olympics organizers plan to service the crowds and athletes with driverless cab service — full robot, no driver at all 2020 Tokyo Olympics Plan For Self-Driving Cars was originally published on CleanTechnica. To read more from CleanTechnica, join over 50,000 other subscribers: Google+ | Email | Facebook | RSS | Twitter.

Trump Administration May Remove Rule Forcing Electric Vehicles To Emit Noise At Low Speeds, + Rear-View Mirror Requirements

The Trump Administration's ongoing push to review and possibly undo various regulations may lead to the undoing of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) rule that requires electrified vehicles to emit a warning sound...Show More Summary

Electric Big Phat Scooter Offers Versatility & Oomph

Riding fat wheels on electric bicycles and scooters can be a thrill if the electric motor is up to the job. We've covered two dual-motor electric bikes (e-bikes) so far that were silly fun to maneuver in corners — the EVO Big Bud PRO from Emotion and the MOAR foldable fat tire e-bike. Show More Summary

The Beam Interview Series, Edition 38: Martin Baart Of Ecoligo

This week, Anne-Sophie Garrigou, journalist at The Beam, interviewed Martin Baart, co-founder with Markus Schwaninger of ecoligo, a solar utility that provides low cost electricity to businesses and industries in emerging markets The...Show More Summary

Optimus Ride Approved To Begin “Highly Automated” Self-Driving Vehicle Testing

The MIT self-driving vehicle tech spinoff Optimus Ride has been granted approval to begin testing "highly automated" vehicles in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The approval was granted by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation...Show More Summary

Utah’s Park City Transit Deploys 6 All-Electric Proterra Buses With Battery Leasing

Utah's Park City Transit recently deployed 6 all-electric Proterra Catalyst FC+ buses, which will be used to serve transit riders in the ski resort communities in Park City and Summit County, according to recent reports Utah’s Park City...Show More Summary

Nissan Teases Refreshed Leaf Again (Video)

The refreshed Nissan Leaf EV has been teased yet again, with another glimpse from the company of what we can expect when the rapidly approaching launch of the new Leaf arrives in a few months Nissan Teases Refreshed Leaf Again (Video)...Show More Summary

Hyper Chariot Aims To Go Faster, Further, & Cheaper Than Hyperloop

The concept of low- to no-pressure travel through tubes has been around for a few hundred years, but it's clearly facing a revival of inspiration lately. It continues to capture imaginations as a promising future mode of transport, but...Show More Summary

Investing In The Future

Investing is sort of always kind of supposed to be about the future, right? The challenge that has faced many an investor is that the future can be hard to predict. As it turns out, that leads much of the investment community to look...Show More Summary

Cleantech Fun In Berlin — June 27

We're now announcing the plan for June 27, which involves some social networking, good food, and an EV charging walking tour that involves a "scathing critique" of EV charging stations, cleantech communications, and branding. Here'sShow More Summary

How To Land One Of Tesla’s Coveted Intern Spots

Those of us who only dimly remember our college days may have an outdated view of what it means to be an intern. Days of tedious trips to the copy machine for no pay? Not in today’s Silicon Valley. According to the web site Glassdoor,...Show More Summary

Book Preview: The Tesla Revolution — Why Big Oil Has Lost The Energy War

Everybody seems to be piling on the poor oil barons these days. Just as Tony Seba’s latest paper predicting the doom of the industry is making the rounds, a new book explains their predicament from an even more Tesla-centric perspective Book...Show More Summary

Rise Up Board Game Is A Creative Tool For Activism & People Power

A new board game from the folks who created Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives, aims to be not only a fun strategic game to play, but to also act as "a creative tool to inspire conversations about activism in our own communities." Rise...Show More Summary

NEXTracker Reaches 1 Gigawatt Solar Tracker Sales Milestone In India

The world’s leading solar power tracker company, NEXTracker, has achieved a major milestone in one of the world’s fastest growing solar power markets. NEXTracker Reaches 1 Gigawatt Solar Tracker Sales Milestone In India was originally published on CleanTechnica. To read more from CleanTechnica, join over 50,000 other subscribers: Google+ | Email | Facebook | RSS | Twitter.

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