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Clean Break has re-emerged and moved to the Corporate Knights website….

5 months agoUtilities / Energy : Clean Break

As many of you know, I stopped posting on this particular blog site for a couple of years. I simply got too busy, and most most of my writing is now done at Corporate Knights, where I am currently editor-in-chief. But the spirit of Clean Break lives on at the Corporate Knights site, where you […]

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Ontario gov launches $50,000 contest, challenges app developers to put smart meter data to good use

Now that nearly 5 million Ontario homes and small businesses have smart meters, the province has access to a tsunami of energy usage data. The question now is what’s the best use of it? As part of efforts to open up this data store and make it available to third-party developers — part of the […]

Another major milestone for ZooShare Co-op: financial regulator has approved sale of community bond issue

I’ve written about ZooShare before, so I won’t get into too much background, except to say that it’s a local co-operative in Toronto that wants to turn poop from animals at the Toronto Zoo into biogas that will in turn be used to generate electricity. A very cool project. I am a volunteer director on […]

Canada’s geothermal power industry turns to the “crowd” in the absence of government funding for research

In a 2008 story about Canada being a laggard when it comes geothermal power production, I wrote that Canada is the only nation along the Pacific Ring of Fire to not have a commercial geothermal power plant up and running. “We’re one of the few countries with significant geothermal potential that’s not doing anything about it,” […]

General Fusion builds credibility on its ambitious path to demonstrate affordable fusion power for the masses

Corporate website design on its own doesn’t reveal much about a company except how much it’s willing to spend on marketing. However, the timing of website designs and redesigns can tell you quite a bit. For example, if a new company goes live from Day 1 on the Internet with a flashy, slick, clearly expensive […]

Tracking the transition to a low-carbon economy: $5.2 trillion invested since 2007, according to report

Ethical Media Markets calls itself an independent publisher of research reports and other information related to the emerging green economy, and every six months it comes out with an annual and mid-year update to its Green Transition Scoreboard. The scoreboard has been tracking private investments in the green economy globally since 2007. In its August […]

Let It Shine: The 6000-Year Story of Solar Energy

Has anyone read — or do you plan to read — this new book by John Perlin? I’m thinking of opening up this blog for guest book reviews. Let me know if this book or any other related to green energy is something you’d like to review.

Something to sneeze at: unbleached, 100 per cent recycled tissue latest sign of environmental progress in paper industry

I received a box of tissue in the mail last week, which would seem an odd thing to receive, but as someone who writes about “green” technology and product trends, I get a lot of unsolicited and strange stuff. This particular package came from Cascades, the Quebec paper products manufacturer. It was tissue that is […]

Further comment on manufactured controversy

Tom McConnell, host of a morning show at NewsTalk 610 in Toronto, asked me for comment on allegations coming from energy analyst Tom Adams, who will apparently be appearing on the show today. Below is my response to Mr. McConnell: Thank you for asking, Tom. Reaching out to me is a courtesy that Mr. Adams […]

Full disclosure: Why I was mentioned in Ontario government e-mails

On Monday I learned that my name was mentioned as part of an e-mail exchange between Alicia Johnston, who was director of communications for then-Ontario Energy Minister Brad Duguid, and Ben Chin, who at the time was vice-president of communications at the Ontario Power Authority. The 2010 e-mail exchange, which I wasn’t aware of, was […]

Clean Break posts to continue in September… taking the summer off

Hello all, Apologies for not posting here lately. As you’ve probably noticed, activity on this site has slowed down. There are a number of reasons. One is the cancellation of my Toronto Star clean technology and energy column in March. This column was the source for much of my original blog content. I’m not a [...]

Toronto City Council unanimously approves residential PACE pilot project for Toronto — It’s a go!

The headline speaks for itself. For context, see earlier post. Municipalities across Ontario will — should — be watching this pilot closely. It could become a template for deployment across Canadian municipalities once other provinces enable the approach through legislative amendments to municipal acts. Corporate Knights will be part of the push.

Toronto closer to launching Ontario’s first PACE pilot program this fall

Last November I reported that Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, who at the time was minister of municipal affairs and housing, approved changes to the province’s Municipal Act and City of Toronto Act, basically empowering all municipalities in Ontario to use a financing tool called a local improvement charge (LIC) to help property owners finance energy- and [...]

In major policy shift, government lets Ontario Power Generation bid for large renewable projects

It’s been eight days since Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli directed the province’s power authority to eliminate large renewable-energy projects from the feed-in-tariff program and design a competitive procurement process that will get the best deal for ratepayers. We knew this was coming, as Chiarelli said as much in a speech a couple weeks earlier. [...]

Climate-themed bond issues are showing strong year-over-year growth

Sean Kidney, the man of action behind the Climate Bonds Initiative, has just released the “2013 review of Bonds and Climate Change” report in collaboration with HSBC Climate Change Centre of Excellence. In a nutshell, the report highlights some encouraging trends: The total universe of bonds in the world now linked to climate themes amount [...]

Has North America hit “peak car”? The signs are there…

Navigant Consulting held Wednesday what I thought was a fascinating webinar on whether vehicle sales and use in North America have peaked — or are close to peaking. Dave Hurst, principal research analyst at Navigant, defined “peak cars” as a point of market saturation “characterized by an unprecedented deceleration in the growth of car ownership, [...]

Changes to Ontario’s green energy strategy make a whole of sense…

Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli announced on May 30 that there would be a few major changes to the way the province procures renewable energy. Here’s what the government is saying these days: The province will develop a competitive procurement process for renewable projects over 500 kilowatts, which will no longer qualify for a feed-in-tariff. [...]

Don Valley Parkway flooding a sign of Toronto’s declining green infrastructure?

I’m sitting at home watching the late-night local news and the biggest story of the hour is the flooding of Toronto’s Don Valley Parkway after a heavy downpour of rain the evening before. “We got a lot… in fact, a month’s worth,” the weather guy explains when asked how much rain came down in a [...]

55 “clean energy” projects get $82 million in federal funding… Great news, despite the calculated timing

The money that was set aside for clean energy initiatives in the federal Conservative government’s 2011 budget is finally beginning to trickle out, and while it’s a welcome boost for 55 project proponents — including 15 pre-commercial demonstration projects — the timing of this $82-million announcement is suspect. After all, Canada has been criticized for [...]

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