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Google and Facebook’s Nuclear-driven Data Centers

A Greenpeace initiative that’s actually kind of interesting is its drive to get large scale data centers – such as those run by Google, Facebook and Apple – to use more renewable energy to run them. They call it Clicking Clean. Greenpeace...Show More Summary

Nuclear Media Matters

IT’s way too early in the cycle to talk about the presidential candidates’ energy policy formulations – heck, we may not have the majority of them announced as candidates yet. Consider, then, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, one of those candidates who has not yet announced. Show More Summary

The QER, Nuclear Energy and Energy Infrastructure

Matt Wald The following is a guest post from Matt Wald, senior director of policy analysis and strategic planning at NEI.The Energy Department has posted the first installment of its Quadrennial Energy Review. Quite sensibly, the department...Show More Summary

Business Rallies for Carolina Jobs & Ex-Im Bank

Ted Jones The following is a guest post by Ted Jones, Director of International Supplier Relations for NEI.For several months now, we've been shining a spotlight on the dispute in Washington over the reauthorization of the U.S. Export-Import Bank. Show More Summary

NEA: A Discussion on Climate Change

The Nuclear Energy Assembly wrapped up this morning with a panel on nuclear energy and its worth as a low carbon dioxide emitting energy source. Low in this case means zero. That’s been true from the opening of Shippingport in the 50s and remains true. Show More Summary

Crane Highlights Energy Diversity, Markets & Trade in Nuclear Industry Keynote

Chris Crane Christopher Crane is president and CEO of Exelon Corporation, and chairman of the Nuclear Energy Institute. This morning he spoke at NEA 2015 where he offered remarks to the state of the nuclear industry and its future. Below is a summary of his remarks. Show More Summary

Building a Light Bridge to Nuclear Value

An op-ed in The Wall Street Journal a couple of weeks ago roused attention because it dinged the American nuclear energy industry as being oppressively overregulated – especially compared to Russia and China. I noted then that a focus on safety regulation risked obscuring the larger problem of the energy marketplace. Show More Summary

What Nuclear Plenitude Means Economically

Nuclear energy plants are financial boons in all kinds of ways – both directly, in terms of the people they hire and their contribution to the tax base; and indirectly, through their support of the supply chain and all the businesses that benefit from having a nuclear energy plant in their midst. Show More Summary

How Germany Turned Its Energy Policy Into Folly

In an article about the counterintuitive nature of closing nuclear facilities, this bit stuck out: Nuclear plants would likely be replaced by natural gas or (shudder) coal plants, which would drive up carbon dioxide emissions. It’s happening...Show More Summary

Why Should You Attend the 2015 Nuclear Energy Assembly?

Matt Wald The following is a guest post from Matt Wald, senior director of policy analysis and strategic planning at NEI. Matt joined us in April after 38 years at The New York Times.Anybody who is anybody, was anybody or will be anybody in the nuclear world is likely to turn up at the Nuclear Energy Assembly. Show More Summary

Do Environmental Sciences Programs Have a Bias Against Nuclear Energy?

What's on your reading list? Over the course of the history of this blog, I've often written posts slugged, "Another Environmentalist for Nuclear Energy." In recent years, I've gotten out of the habit, given that when you see prominent...Show More Summary

Investigating Terrestrial Energy's Molten Salt Reactor Design

Matt Wald Today, we welcome Matt Wald to NEI Nuclear Notes. Matt, who is senior director of policy analysis and strategic planning at NEI, joined us in April after 38 years at the New York Times.Around the world, most nuclear power reactors...Show More Summary

The Nuclear Imperative in Taiwan, Tennessee, and Nevada

At the Washington Post, editorial board writer Stephen Stromberg surveys the energy scene in Taiwan: Taiwan imports about 98 percent of its energy supplies, mostly the fossil fuels that keep its fluorescent streetscapes flashing and its many factories humming. Show More Summary

How the House is Revving Up Nuclear Momentum

In talking about the budget for the Department of Energy and particularly its Office of Nuclear Energy, we often zero in, logically enough, on the Appropriations Committees in the House and Senate. These are the committees that will ultimately determine what the budget will be. Show More Summary

What the Simpsons Gets Wrong About Nuclear Safety Culture

I love The Simpsons. The Simpsons cleverly, mercilessly, and democratically gore everyone's sacred cows. None are off-limits, including the professionals who comprise the commercial nuclear power industry. What we are not. From the avaricious...Show More Summary

Surrendering to Mao and Lenin on Nuclear Energy

This is startling: Lenin and Mao referenced in a pro-nuclear energy editorial: The ghosts of Lenin and Mao might well be smirking. Communist and authoritarian nations are moving to take global leadership in, and profit from, the commercial use of nuclear power, a technology made possible by the market-driven economies of the West. Show More Summary

What Americans for Prosperity Gets Wrong About the Ex Im Bank

Ted Jones The following is a guest post by Ted Jones, Director of International Supplier Relations for NEI.A spokesperson for Americans for Prosperity told The Hill last week that Congress should allow the U.S. Export-Import Bank to expire when its authorization ends in June. Show More Summary

NRDC Misfires on Nuclear in Illinois Energy Poll

We have to hand it to the Natural Resources Defense Council. Their recent poll tries as hard as it can, but it can’t quite hide the truth about Illinois energy and its relative cleanliness, the subject of the poll. It finds, quite reasonably, that people there are much in favor of clean energy, which NRDC is quite sure includes only renewables. Show More Summary

What the Ecomodernist Manifesto Says to Nuclear Energy Advocates

Timed for Earth day, The Breakthrough Institute released what it’s calling the Ecomodernist Manifesto, a tract that deserves attention because of the quality of its creators and because it suggests a way forward – or perhaps I should...Show More Summary

Turkey Point's Innovative Waste Water Cooling Plan

Artist's rendering of Turkey Point 6&7 Today and tomorrow, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission will hold a public meeting in Florida concerning adding two reactors to FP&L’s Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station. In this guest blog post,...Show More Summary

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