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Indie tokusatsu film Strega's crowdfunding campaign is ready to rock

At long last, Bueno and his crew have started their Indiegogo campaign to gather the remaining funds to finish Strega, the sequel to the R-rated toku comedy movie Gun Caliber. So far, the gang did a good job at presenting people with the important details, along with being transparent about the project. Show More Summary

Mystic Cosmic Patrol is a Super Sentai parody series by Ninja Turtles' Writer

A month ago, I was having a conversation with someone about how Saban's tendency to attack mediums with Super Sentai references could come to an end if more tokusatsu titles (original or Americanized adaptations) aired on North American TV and/or major streaming platforms. Show More Summary

This T-shirt lets you hug your waifu in public

At one point in time, Japanator Writer Red Veron attempted the sacred ritual to make anime real. Of course, the whole thing didn't go as planned and we were forced to accept the truth. Luckily, someone decided to create a shirt that'll...Show More Summary

Loot Anime: Action Comedy - Japanator Unboxing

Great heroes on epic journeys always evoke the imagery of serious and skilled people always doing the right thing. Though that sounds a bit boring, adventures can still be fun and even have some laughs so this month's Loot Anime is all about just that: Action Comedy. Show More Summary

Learn about Japan's secret elevator codes

When I'm given a choice between using an elevator or walking up the stairs, I tend to go with the latter. Even though the former lets you relax while you reach the next floor, my movement skills tend to help me reach my destination faster. Speaking...Show More Summary

Japan's shrimp ice cream sounds like an intriguing summer treat

To this day, seafood is one of the meat groups that hasn't disappointed me. As the people of Niigata Prefecture's Uonuma invent the Nanban Shrimp soft serve to attract more tourists, I'm willing to see if I can maintain this statement. Aside from having two shrimps, the vanilla soft serve is topped with miso powder and a Senbei rice cracker. Show More Summary

Kamen Rider 555 and Zyuohger Actor turns August 10 into Zyuoh Bird Day

I may have missed the actual day on this one, but I love seeing people coming up with new ways for their fans to enjoy the stuff they're involved in. Speaking of which, Kohei Murakami (Kamen Rider 555's Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, Dobutsu...Show More Summary

Impressions: Love and Lies

Love and Lies is set in an alternate reality where Japan has figured out a way to stop their socioeconomic issue of declining birth rates. How, you ask? They forbade love. In this new system, your marriage partner is picked by the government...Show More Summary

The new Kino's Journey features its star riding off into the sunset

You know a title is gonna look good when it features the name "Beautiful World." In this case, we get to see the first trailer for the new Kino's Journey anime, Kino's Journey - The Beautiful World- The Animation, shows off its warm visuals. While I would've preferred a sequel to the original series, I'm still glad to see the remake's nicer look. Show More Summary

Tony Hawk and Japan Crate team up to kickflip Japanese snacks to your door

Surprising collaborations seem to be nothing new these days but the surprising part never ceases to do so when it does happen. This time it's the legendary pro skater Tony Hawk teaming up with subscription snack service Japan Crate.Show More Summary

Satisfy your craving for puppet action with a Thunderbolt Fantasy side story

The original Thunderbolt Fantasy came off as a wonderful surprise for me since I didn't expect an action puppet show to become one of my favorite series of 2016. As we wait for its second season to premiere, the people at Pili, Nitroplus...Show More Summary

Garage Hero's Strega continues to look like a bloody good time

When Garage Hero first revealed Gun Caliber's sequel, Strega, I was on board with seeing Soma Kusanagi's story continue. As the team continues to work hard on the film, we're treated to a trailer where the main "heroes" lay waste to their targets. One of the things I love about the team is how their action and campy tone continue to feel exciting. Show More Summary

Japanator Unboxing: Tokyo Treat - June 2017

[TokyoTreat provided a Premium box and the reviewer has an affiliate partnership with TokyoTreat] TokyoTreat once again provides us with some snackage and sweets to satisfy our cravings for some Japanese treats. This time, we're checking out the June 2017 Premium box to sample the kind of products TokyoTreat features in their service. Show More Summary

Densha Otoko's Writer joins Kamen Rider Build's staff

Man. It's been a while since I heard about Densha Otoko/Train Man. My only knowledge about the series is its connection to a likely true story about an otaku hooking up with a girl he saved during a train ride. Thanks to a few people...Show More Summary

San Antonio is getting a Power Rangers convention

For those who don't reside in the West Coast, it can be a challenge to attend Power Morphicon. Speaking of Power Rangers-related events, San Antonio is about to join the legion of areas with toku-themed conventions. The nice part about...Show More Summary

At long last, Keijo is now an actual sport

You know an event is big when an anime and manga series inspires people to turn a fictional activity into a real thing. In this case, a group of Keijo!!!!!!!! fans from Portugal decide to turn the title's signature sport into an actual...Show More Summary

Shout! Factory grabs Power Rangers Lost Galaxy's source material

For a good while, my body has adapted to the underworld's sub-zero temperatures. During Comic-Con '17, Shout! Factory confirms this climate change as they reveal their plans to release Seiju Sentai Gingaman, the show that was adapted...Show More Summary

One Piece is getting a live-action TV series for some reason

Eiichiro Oda's One Piece is arguably the most popular anime series in Japan, so with how much anime has garnered interest in the West it was only a matter of time before some Western company wanted to try their hands at a live-action version. Show More Summary

The next Kamen Rider gives off a nice W vibe

When a show decides to recycle a previous idea, it can either be a good or bad thing. In the worst case, it could lead to the team running out of ideas. In terms of reused concepts, Kamen Rider Build, the show that'll replace Ex-Aid,...Show More Summary

Persona and RWBY characters to be in New BlazBlue Arc System works game

This weekend is the weekend of fighting games, with the annual Evolution fighitng game tournament in Las Vegas, and wouldn't you know it good guy Arc System Works just announced a new crossover fighting game featuring characters from very different franchises. Show More Summary

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