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Self-driving cars need plenty of eyes on the road

2 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

AUTONOMOUS cars perceive the world through a combination of sensors including cameras, radar and LIDAR—a radar-like technique that uses invisible pulses of light to create a high-resolution 3D map of the surrounding area. The three complement each other.

The Pentagon spends $370m a year training American teens

2 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

ON FEBRUARY 14th Nikolas Cruz shot 17 people dead at a high school in Parkland, Florida. As information trickled out about the 19-year-old in the following days, one of the most surprising revelations was that he had received marksmanship training from a Pentagon-funded education programme.

The hidden cost of congestion

2 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

THEY call it “road rage” for a reason: few modern experiences are more exasperating than being trapped in a traffic jam. A new report published by INRIX, a transport-data company, finds that congestion inflicts high economic costs as well as emotional ones.

Mass shootings in America are just the tip of a tragic toll

2 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

MASS shootings are guaranteed to command international attention. After 17 people were killed at a high school in Parkland, Florida on February 14th, American politicians and media outlets have resumed the age-old debate about how to prevent such massacres.

China’s north-eastern provinces are underperforming

2 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

MAO ZEDONG called China’s three north-eastern provinces—Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning—the country’s “eldest son”. In the Chinese tradition the family’s future rests on that child’s shoulders. This one seems to be failing in his duties. Three unusual features account for some of the region’s problems.

American attitudes towards gun control

3 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

ANOTHER month, another mass shooting in America. Since 2014 there have been 54 incidents in which a gunman has killed four or more people, leaving a total of 456 people dead, according to a tally of shootings kept by the Gun Violence Archive.

Billions are living in corrupt countries according to Transparency International

3 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

At least 6bn people around the world live in corrupt countries, according to Transparency International’s (TI) latest ranking of perceptions of corruption in the public sector. Based on surveys with analysts and business folk, TI found 69% of countries scored less than 50 (100 being “very clean”) in its index for 2017.

Infant deaths remain common in the developing world

3 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

IN 2016 around 1m newborn babies took their last breath on the same day as their first. A further 1.6m didn’t survive a month, and 2.6m more were stillborn—half of whom were alive at the start of labour.

Are alpha males worse investors?

3 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

PROFESSIONAL investors are often portrayed in popular culture as aggressive, hyper-competitive alpha males: think Gordon Gekko in the 1987 film “Wall Street”, or the “Big Swinging Dicks” in Michael Lewis’s “Liar’s Poker”.

Winter races are less popular than summer ones, but more exciting

3 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

THE WINTER Olympics have always been dwarfed by their older summer counterparts. This year’s games, which opened in Pyeongchang on February 9th, are no exception.

China’s tech industry is catching up with Silicon Valley

4 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

THE technology industry is the crowning glory of America’s economy. It supports 7m well-paid jobs at home, and allows America to set standards globally. Silicon Valley generates almost $200bn of profits from abroad each year, several times the benefit that America gets from having the world’s reserve currency.

The glass-ceiling index

last monthNews : Daily Chart

“PRESS for progress” is the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day on March 8th. As our sixth glass-ceiling index shows, disparity between countries remains wide. But women have made some progress towards equality in the workplace in the past year. The index ranks the best and worst countries to be a working woman.

Americans overestimate social mobility in their country

last monthNews : Daily Chart

HOW likely is someone to move up the economic ladder? A new study by Alberto Alesina, Stefanie Stantcheva and Edoardo Teso of Harvard University compares perceptions of social mobility in five countries—America, Britain, France, Italy and Sweden—against actual levels.

Diesel-powered cars are on their way out

last monthNews : Daily Chart

DIESEL-powered cars appeal to European drivers for their fuel efficiency and power. Carmakers like them because they emit less carbon dioxide than similar petrol engines do, making it easier to comply with stiff regulations.

After Brexit, which trade deals should negotiators prioritise?

last monthNews : Daily Chart

BREXITEERS dream of freedom from the European Union’s shackles, imagining plucky British negotiators forging new trade deals with America, China and India. Reality dictates a different set of priorities. Britain already has around 40 free-trade agreements through its membership of the EU. None will survive Brexit automatically.

The Economist house-price indices

last monthNews : Daily Chart

FINANCIAL media focus most of their attention on stocks and bonds, but the world’s biggest asset class is actually residential property. With an estimated value of about $200trn, homes are collectively worth about three times as much as all publicly traded stocks.

Germany prepares for another grand coalition

last monthNews : Daily Chart

“GRAND coalitions”, Willy Brandt apocryphally opined, “have the feel of perverse sex acts”. Such broad alliances, he thought, are unnatural and best avoided. And post-war Germans did largely avoid them: until 2005, they only had one. Since 2005, however, they have had two, and may soon have another.

Rising oil prices are making more extraction methods viable

last monthNews : Daily Chart

GLOBAL oil markets have historically been prone to epic cycles of boom and bust. Because it generally takes years for a fresh exploration project to yield its first barrels, producers tend to over-invest when prices are high, only to see the value of their output crash once a large number of new fields begin operation.

Three landings and a take-off

last monthNews : Daily Chart

NOT since July 2011, when the space shuttle Atlantis took to the skies for the last time, has Cape Canaveral seen such excitement.

When the prices are too damn high

last monthNews : Daily Chart

MUCH ink has been spilt in recent years on news articles about Venezuela’s increasingly dire economic situation. Perhaps even more ink has been needed to sate the country’s ever-growing appetite for freshly printed banknotes.

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