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Where Donald Trump lost the debate

55 minutes agoNews : Daily Chart

THE microphone had been tampered with. The moderator, a registered Republican, was horribly unfair. So went Donald Trump’s dismissal of his poor performance against Hillary Clinton at the first presidential debate on September 26th.Show More Summary

What explains today’s falling interest rates?

23 hours agoNews : Daily Chart

SOMETHING is amiss in global bond markets. This month, Sanofi, a French drugmaker, and Henkel, a German manufacturer of detergent, both issued bonds with a negative yield. Investors will make a guaranteed cash loss if they hold the assets to maturity. Show More Summary

Crime in America’s big cities is almost universally falling

2 days agoNews : Daily Chart

DURING the presidential debate on September 26th Donald Trump, the bombastic Republican nominee, was asked by the moderator how he might heal the divide between African-American communities and the police. “We need law and order”, he...Show More Summary

A record audience is expected to watch tonight’s presidential debate

3 days agoNews : Daily Chart

SOME 100m people are expected to tune in to the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump tonight, according to industry analysts. That would make it the most watched presidential slugfest to date. Such spectacles have always drawn huge numbers of viewers. Show More Summary

What is the alt-right?

3 days agoNews : Daily Chart

UNTIL August this year, the alt- (short for alternative) right did not matter much. Two things happened to change that. First, Donald Trump appointed Steve Bannon, a former executive-chairman of Breitbart, as CEO of his campaign. Breitbart is a website that has published stories praising the alt-right. Show More Summary

Defying prejudice, Islam’s mystical, musical strain appeals to New Yorkers

3 days agoNews : Daily Chart

Every Thursday night, the music of a tanbour, a long-necked stringed instrument, resounds across the wooden floors of a Manhattan room, wrapped with warm Persian rugs. Barefoot men and women create circles and sway to the cadence of the melody. Show More Summary

Jeremy Corbyn is re-elected with an increased mandate

3 days agoNews : Daily Chart

OWEN SMITH was never the front-runner in Labour’s leadership contest. But moderates in the party hoped that he would at least begin the process of clipping away at the mighty mandate, 59% of vote, that accrued to Jeremy Corbyn last year. Show More Summary

Lessons from the debates of the past

3 days agoNews : Daily Chart

EXPLAINING Ronald Reagan’s landslide victory over Jimmy Carter The Economist’s issue dated November 8th, 1980 singled out a few big factors. These included a mood of economic “misery”, public angst about American hostages held in Iran...Show More Summary

Early voting may decrease turnout

3 days agoNews : Daily Chart

THERE are just 46 days to go before the most divisive presidential election in living memory draws to a close. With polls showing a tightening race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump ahead of their first presidential debate on September 26th, questions about voter turnout loom large. Show More Summary

American flyers have paid billions to check in luggage. Could they have put their money to better use?

3 days agoNews : Daily Chart

SOME frequent travellers have the sense that all the money they have spent on airline baggage fees down the years could have been put to a better use. So allow Gulliver to suggest one: buying an airline. Thrillist has crunched the numbers...Show More Summary

Why Francophone Canada is so post-Catholic a place

3 days agoNews : Daily Chart

The bishops of Quebec, the Canadian province which for centuries was the greatest bastion of French Catholic piety outside the motherland, have just published a booklet. It urges students of the faith to ponder the examples of six pioneering figures, four female and two male. Show More Summary

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the unlikely muses

3 days agoNews : Daily Chart

TWO weeks ago, David Gleeson and Mary Mihelic travelled to Jacumba Hot Springs, California to install a section of Donald Trump’s wall along the Mexican border. Using ropes, ladders and shoes that they found nearby, they created a poignant piece inspired by the presidential candidate’s controversial immigration plan. Show More Summary

How Mauricio Macri is trying to rehabilitate Argentina’s economy

3 days agoNews : Daily Chart

FOR most of 2015 few gave Mauricio Macri much chance of becoming Argentina’s president. The pro-business mayor of Buenos Aires lagged in the polls behind Daniel Scioli, the candidate favoured by Argentina’s outgoing president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Show More Summary

How violence in North Carolina could help Donald Trump

3 days agoNews : Daily Chart

WHEN Hillary Clinton was eight percentage points up on Donald Trump last month, it seemed nothing, except perhaps a major national security or law-and-order emergency, which generally helps Republicans, or a health scare for Mrs Clinton, could make the race competitive. Show More Summary

Remembering the Swinging, Sit-In Sixties

3 days agoNews : Daily Chart

IN 1968, the Beatles recorded “Revolution”, an explicitly political song expressing disillusionment with how the decade’s protests had become violent. The revolutionary verve of the 1960s—its utopian impulses based on peace and love, on civil, gender and sexual rights—had by 1968 spurred militant factions. Show More Summary

The Rio Paralympics were successful, but the disability classifications are not

3 days agoNews : Daily Chart

ANYONE who tuned into the 2016 Paralympic games, which were held in Rio de Janeiro in the fortnight leading up to September 18th, would agree that this year’s edition has been a success. In the days before the opening ceremony, it seemed more likely that the event would be a flop. Show More Summary

How Britain’s post-referendum economy is faring

3 days agoNews : Daily Chart

SINCE it voted to leave the European Union in late June, Britain’s economy has not imploded. The FTSE 250, its main domestically focused stock index, is above its pre-referendum level. The pound, after a few torrid days of trading immediately after the vote, has stabilised. Show More Summary

What is the point of the Liberal Democrats?

3 days agoNews : Daily Chart

THE title of this post is the question that—more than ever before—I find myself asking following the Liberal Democrats’ just-finished gathering in Brighton. It was my fourth Lib Dem conference. My first, also in Brighton, was in 2012. Show More Summary

The rise of drug resistance

6 days agoNews : Daily Chart

ON SEPTEMBER 21 st in New York all 193 UN member states agreed to tackle the growing resistance of microbes to antibiotics. Drug-resistant infections now kill more than 700,000 people a year. On current trends, that number may reach 10m by 2050. Show More Summary

Divergence between the popular vote and the electoral college

last weekNews : Daily Chart

HILLARY CLINTON’S solid lead in the polls has evaporated, with national-polling averages putting her just one or two percentage points ahead of Donald Trump. This has changed the tone in reporting from measuring up the White House curtains...Show More Summary

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