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Gambia bans female circumcision

yesterdayNews : Daily Chart

FEMALE genital mutilation (FGM) is a surgical procedure—conducted for reasons of ritual and tradition—that ranges in severity from nicking the clitoris, to cutting off the citoris and labia entirely and sewing up the vaginal opening....Show More Summary

Global financial literacy

yesterdayNews : Daily Chart

SUPPOSE you put $100 in a savings account that earns 10% interest each year. After five years how much will you have? That was a question posed in a multiple-choice quiz (completed by 150,000 people in 144 countries) by Standard & Poor’s, a rating agency. Show More Summary

The state of the planet

2 days agoNews : Daily Chart

WITHIN days the world's leaders will flock to Paris for the latest round of UN climate talks. None will deny the consequences of the greenhouse effect on the Earth’s temperature, the role carbon dioxide plays therein or humanity’s part in adding to the level of that gas in the atmosphere over the past few centuries. Show More Summary

The Republican presidential candidates court evangelical voters

3 days agoNews : Daily Chart

FOR more than two decades evangelical Christians have held a mystical sway in the minds of Republican presidential candidates plotting a course through the primaries towards their party’s nomination. In recent years some of the dynamism in the conservative base has shifted towards the populist politics of the Tea Party. Show More Summary

Baltimore's spiking murder rate: Unsolved

3 days agoNews : Daily Chart

IT HAS been a bloody year in Baltimore, Maryland’s largest city. On November 14th the police department reported the city’s 300th homicide in 2015, a total not seen since 1999. The surge in killings in the majority-black city of roughly...Show More Summary

Pfizer and Allergan agree to a $160 billion merger

4 days agoNews : Daily Chart

Pfizer and Allergan, both pharmaceutical companies, have completed the largest medical merger in history, worth some $160 billion and creating a company with a combined stockmarket value would be in excess of $300 billion. Click here...Show More Summary

Health care spending: the longevity gap

5 days agoNews : Daily Chart

America’s big spending on health care doesn’t pay off OECD health-care spending: See chart here AMERICA remains the world’s most profligate spender on health care. In 2013 the United States spent two and a half times as much as the OECD average. Yet the average American dies 1.7 years earlier than the average OECD citizen. Read the full story here.

2015 Argentine presidential election second-round result

5 days agoNews : Daily Chart

Argentina: 2015 presidential election guide Election results 2015 – Runoff 2015 – First round 2011 2007 2003 Parties Front for Victory Cambiemos Sources: Elecciones Argentinas; The Economist...Continue reading

2015 Argentine presidential election second-round primer

last weekNews : Daily Chart

Argentina: 2015 presidential election guide Election results 2015 – First round 2011 2007 2003 Parties Front for Victory Cambiemos Sources: Elecciones Argentinas; The Economist...Continue reading

The global empathy gap between Paris and Beirut

last weekNews : Daily Chart

IN JUST two days last week, the terrorists of Islamic State (IS) murdered 166 civilians outside their home base of Syria and Iraq. The group claimed responsibility for two bomb blasts that killed 37 people in Beirut on November 12th....Show More Summary

The plague of global terrorism

last weekNews : Daily Chart

THE appalling attacks in Paris on November 13th are a brutal reminder of the danger of terrorism to the West, mainly from Jihadist groups such as Islamic State (IS). Yet terrorism is a threat everywhere. The day before the atrocities in Paris, two bomb blasts killed 37 people in Beirut. Show More Summary

Government data-requests to Facebook

last weekNews : Daily Chart

FACEBOOK recently issued its latest report on the number of requests it received from governments around the world for data about its users’ accounts in the first half of 2015. This is the social network’s fifth report since 2013 and shows the demand for such information is rising. Show More Summary

Terror attacks and arrests in Western Europe

last weekNews : Daily Chart

image|iid=99056|fid=183094|title=|alt=|caption=|use_original_size=|image_link=] FRANCE has proved particularly vulnerable to terrorism this year, bearing the brunt of attacks in western Europe. The carnage in Paris on Friday night, which...Show More Summary

Markedly more trigger-happy

2 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

Six actors have played James Bond, the iconic British spy, in 24 films. Some score better than others when it...Continue reading

A historic election result in Myanmar

2 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

MYANMAR is in the throes of change. The country's military junta, which has governed since independence from Britain in 1957, has slowly introduced political reform in recent years. In 2010 it released Aang San Suu Kyi, the leader of...Show More Summary

Data breaches

2 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

Data breaches The number of reported data breaches at organisations in America hit a record high of 783 in 2014. Since 2005 there have been more than 5,000 known incidents of this type, involving an estimated 675m individual records. Hacking into computers via the internet is the most common cause of personal-information theft.

China's life expectancy by province, and the country that matches it

2 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

A new study published in the Lancet for the first time offers a province-by-province breakdown of China’s health. Our map displays life expectancy at birth for each of the 33 provincial-level regions, matched with the country that is most similar by this measure. Read the full article.

A look at the Republican candidates ahead of the debate

2 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

THE Republican debate on November 10th promises to be lively. Ben Carson, a front-runner in the polls, has had an uncomfortable few days facing questions about the veracity of his life story, particularly whether he was offered a place at West Point military academy in 1969, as he has claimed. Show More Summary

James Bond film Spectre’s opening weekend in America

2 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

CRAIG, Daniel Craig. Nobody does it better when it comes to James Bond at the box office. “Spectre”, his latest film in the starring role, was released on November 6th in America and took an estimated $73m (£48m) in its opening weekend, making it the third-highest of the Bond franchise there (the top two also star Mr Craig). Show More Summary

European economy guide

3 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

Europe’s economies Currency Economy GDP per person Unemployment Youth unemployment Debt Public debt Budget balance Primary balance Growth Latest GDP change 2016 GDP forecast 2017 GDP forecast Source: The Economist

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