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The 2017 Daily chart advent calendar

last weekNews : Daily Chart

WELCOME to the Daily chart advent calendar. We have crunched the numbers behind every Daily chart published in 2017 and have created a ranking based on page views, time on page, Facebook interactions and number of comments.

The music industry should be dreaming of a white Christmas

2 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

FOR many countries across the world December 1st marks the beginning of the Christmas season. Decorations are retrieved from attics; trees are felled; frantic gift-buying begins; and festive music rings out. Christmas pop songs are a genre in their own right, and a money-spinner at that.

Bitcoin hits $11,000

2 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

ALTHOUGH it may defy all reason, it should surprise no one that the price of bitcoin, a cryptocurrency, has just passed $11,000. Bitcoin’s ascent has been dizzying: four days ago it was worth less than $9,000 and a year ago it was worth less than $800.

America’s flat-earth movement appears to be growing

2 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

IT IS a stunt worthy of Evel Knievel. This week, if all goes to plan, “Mad” Mike Hughes, a Californian, will launch himself 1,800 feet (550 metres) into the sky in a homemade steam-powered rocket made of scrap metal. As well as providing entertainment, Mr Hughes wants to prove a point.

Parents now spend twice as much time with their children as 50 years ago

2 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

PARENTS these days spend a lot more time with their offspring, or at least middle-class parents do. One analysis of 11 rich countries estimates that the average mother spent 54 minutes a day caring for children in 1965 but 104 minutes in 2012.

Doctors judge female surgeons more harshly when patients die

2 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

GENDER bias can be hard to measure, especially when it comes in subtle forms. A recently published working paper by Heather Sarsons of Harvard University provides an unusually clear example. It shows that, with all other factors held constant, the gender of surgeons influences how likely doctors are to refer patients to them.

Measuring the effects of partisanship on pie-eating

3 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

THANKSGIVING is supposed to be a time for families to gather together, forget their differences and feast on turkey and pumpkin pie. The American Automobile Association expects 51m people to travel at least 50 miles to do so.

Wealth inequality has been increasing for millennia

3 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

THE one-percenters are now gobbling up more of the pie in America—that much is well known. This trend, though disconcerting, is not unique to the modern era.

Germany’s coalition talks have broken down

3 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

AT THE start of this year some pundits lamented the decline of American leadership by bestowing the title of “leader of the free world” on Angela Merkel. Following the failure of coalition talks this week, it remains to be seen how much longer she will remain the leader of Germany.

Marriage longevity in Britain is nearly back to 1970s levels

3 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

ON NOVEMBER 20th Queen Elizabeth II, the British monarch, celebrates her 70th wedding anniversary to Prince Philip. The queen is no stranger to milestones of longevity.

Over-friendly, or sexual harassment? It depends partly on whom you ask

3 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

HARVEY WEINSTEIN was the tip of a very large iceberg. In the month since allegations of sexual assault against the prominent film producer became public, a series of powerful men have been accused of sexual assault and harassment of co-workers.

The Trump tax cuts fall far short of Ronald Reagan’s reforms

3 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

IN THE annals of modern American economic policymaking, among the most revered pieces of legislation is the Tax Reform Act of 1986.

Republicans believe that America is now more respected under Donald Trump

3 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

ONE YEAR after the election of Donald Trump, does the world respect America more, or less? A recent survey by the Pew Research Centre, a think-tank, finds that Americans’ responses to this seemingly empirical question differ greatly across party lines.

Britain may be through the worst of its bout of inflation

4 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

SINCE November 2015 the pound has depreciated by over 15% against other currencies, mainly because of worries caused by last year’s Brexit referendum. As the cost of imports has risen, inflation has jumped. Figures released on November 14th showed that in October consumer-price inflation was 3%, the joint-highest level since 2012.

A 7.3-magnitude earthquake on the Iran-Iraq border leaves hundreds dead

last monthNews : Daily Chart

AS EARTHQUAKES go, it was far from the world’s strongest, with a magnitude of 7.3. Nonetheless, it was the deadliest quake so far in 2017, killing about 400 people and injuring 7,000. A further 70,000 are reported to be homeless.

Donald Trump is crushing it on Twitter

last monthNews : Daily Chart

ONE year after Donald Trump’s surprise victory in America’s presidential election of 2016, objective indicators of his job performance are poor. His approval rating of 37% is lower than that of any other commander-in-chief nine months into a term since the advent of modern polling.

What porn and listings sites can tell us about Britain’s gay population

last monthNews : Daily Chart

HALF a century after Britain’s Parliament passed the Sexual Offences Act of 1967, which partially decriminalised homosexual acts, gay life is flourishing more than ever.

In much of sub-Saharan Africa, mobile phones are more common than access to electricity

last monthNews : Daily Chart

A DECADE after mobile phones began to spread in Africa, they have become commonplace even in the continent’s poorest countries. In 2016 two-fifths of people in sub-Saharan Africa had mobile phones. Their rapid spread has beaten all sorts of odds. In most African countries, less than half the population has access to electricity.

Where is life in old age both longer and healthier?

last monthNews : Daily Chart

“IN THE end, it is not the years in your life that count. It is the life in your years,” goes the saying. Many people fear that a trade-off between the two is inevitable: they may live to a very old age, but their final years may be spent in wretched health.

A mass shooting at a church in Texas has left at least 26 dead

last monthNews : Daily Chart

ON SUNDAY, November 5th, shortly after the start of morning service, a gunman opened fire at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. At least 26 people died, and around 20 more were injured.

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