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Which cities are the toughest to observe Ramadan in?

6 hours agoNews : Daily Chart

IN ARABIC, Ramadan means “the hot month”, from the root ramida, meaning “scorched”. The holy month of fasting—when devout Muslims abstain from food, drink and sex in daylight hours—was a physical trial for the first Muslims living in the sweltering Arabian peninsula 1,400 years ago. Since then, Islam has gone global.

A spat over language erupts at the World Bank

8 hours agoNews : Daily Chart

A WAR of words has flared up at the World Bank. Paul Romer, its new chief economist, has been stripped of control of the research division. An internal memo claimed that the change was to bring the operations department and research arm closer together.

Fox News’s once-unquestioned dominance of cable news looks increasingly tenuous

yesterdayNews : Daily Chart

GLENN BECK and Bill O’Reilly did not miss the chance to gloat. Fox News Channel, the television presenters’ former employer, has lost its grip as America’s most-watched cable-news channel.

Fox News relinquishes its long-held title as the king of cable news

2 days agoNews : Daily Chart

GLENN BECK and Bill O’Reilly did not miss the chance to gloat. Fox News Channel, the television presenters’ former employer, has lost its grip as America’s most-watched cable-news channel.

Don’t write off populists just yet

2 days agoNews : Daily Chart

THIS year has not been nearly as kind to populists as 2016 was. Marine Le Pen lost the run-off in the French presidential election by a fat margin, and support for the UK Independence Party, a Eurosceptic outfit, is expected to collapse in Britain?s upcoming general election.

Donald Trump releases his full budget proposal

3 days agoNews : Daily Chart

ONE way Donald Trump distinguished himself from a crowded Republican primary field was by promising to maintain spending on the federal government’s “entitlement” programmes in healthcare and pensions.

America’s car market has stalled

4 days agoNews : Daily Chart

ON MAY 22nd the Ford Motor Company, America’s second-largest carmaker, announced it had dismissed its boss, Mark Fields. James Hackett, the head of the carmaker’s autonomous-vehicles unit, will now take the wheel.

What to expect in Iran’s presidential election today

last weekNews : Daily Chart

SINCE the Islamic revolution of 1979, Iran has been a curious mixture of theocracy and democracy. Every four years, it goes through a great bout of electioneering to choose a new president among candidates pre-selected by a group of clerics.

Our general election poll tracker

last weekNews : Daily Chart

The Economist's poll tracker comprises an overall rolling average from several polls and a breakdown of the headline figure by three different variables (sex, age and social grade).

Mapping the manifestos

last weekNews : Daily Chart

FOR once, British voters can hardly complain that the parties are all the same. Jeremy Corbyn has taken Labour far to the left with a plan to re-nationalise industries and spend billions on public services, including free university education. Theresa May's Conservatives are focused on executing a hard Brexit.

Think wine connoisseurship is nonsense? Blind-tasting data suggest otherwise

last weekNews : Daily Chart

“WINE tasting is bullshit”, proclaimed Robbie Gonzalez of the i09 blog a few years ago. Citing a series of academic studies, he argued—in rather more colourful language than their authors’—that there was no substance to the assessments of a wine?s quality made by wine “experts”, or their overblown language.

An index suggests the world is more stable than the news suggests

last weekNews : Daily Chart

2016 was a dismal year for liberal internationalism. Britain voted to leave the European Union; Donald Trump was elected as America’s president and the grip of authoritarians tightened in China, Russia and Turkey.

Ransomware attacks were on the rise, even before the latest episode

last weekNews : Daily Chart

THE internet is wonderfully useful. The autodidact no longer needs a library. The film aficionado can live without a cinema. But life is easier for the extortionist as well, who can rob hundreds of thousands of people at once while still in pyjamas.

Even Britain’s youngsters have a cynical view of the EU

2 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

FEW variables predict the British public’s views on Europe better than age. In the Brexit referendum last year, a mere 36% of 18- to 24-year-olds voted to leave the European Union, compared with 82% of those over 55.

Theresa May has older voters to thank for her mammoth polling lead

2 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

BRITAIN’S general election is just four weeks away, and the campaign is proving to be one of the least suspenseful in modern memory. With about a 20-percentage-point lead in the polls, the Conservative Party is all but guaranteed to maintain its majority; the only debate revolves around just how large it will be.

Tracking James Comey’s downfall

2 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

ON MAY 9th Donald Trump sacked James Comey, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Mr Comey was caught unawares: his termination letter was delivered to his office while he was travelling, and he reportedly thought it was a prank when informed of the news.

Apocalyptic fiction and the Doomsday Clock

2 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

THE apocalypse is fertile ground for writers. From the popular fiction of John Wyndham and Stephen King to the work of Pulitzer- and Booker-prize winners like Cormac McCarthy and Margaret Atwood, the apocalypse and its aftermath have been reimagined in various ways. The Doomsday Clock is another touchstone of apocalyptic fear.

Where Emmanuel Macron’s support came from

2 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

POLLS had never suggested that Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s far-right National Front party, stood much of a chance of becoming the country’s next president.

Who best protects megafauna?

3 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

WHICH countries have the best wildlife-conservation records? That was the question posed by a group of biologists led by Peter Lindsey of the University of Pretoria, in South Africa.

America’s food-truck industry is growing rapidly despite roadblocks

3 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

IT WAS in 2008 that an out-of-work chef named Roy Choi began selling $2 Korean barbecue tacos from a roaming kitchen on wheels, tweeting to customers as he drove through the streets of Los Angeles. Mr Choi’s gourmet food truck has since inspired a reality-TV programme and a hit Hollywood film, and helped jumpstart a $1.2bn industry.

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