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In America, who you are is what you eat

16 hours agoNews : Daily Chart

WHAT is soppressata? Google searches for the Italian meat surged last week, thanks to a column by David Brooks in the New York Times in which he recounted an awkward lunch at an upscale delicatessen with “a friend with only a high-school degree”.

The last gasp

yesterdayNews : Daily Chart

EVERY two years the World Health Organisation (WHO) takes stock of the efforts of governments around the globe to curb smoking. The latest report, published today, shows that only a single country, Turkey, has implemented to the fullest degree all of the measures recommended by the WHO.

How a country?s perceived openness affects its clout abroad

2 days agoNews : Daily Chart

JOSEPH NYE, an American political scientist, first coined the term “soft power” in 1990. It describes the ability to coax and persuade others, rather than coerce them. For countries, it is a way to spread influence subtly without the use of armies, sanctions or other forceful techniques.

America’s gap between black and white infants’ mortality has stopped narrowing

2 days agoNews : Daily Chart

BLACK babies born in America are more than twice as likely as white ones to die before their first birthdays. A large racial gap has been present for as long as statistics have been kept.

A key White House post remains unfilled: First Pet

3 days agoNews : Daily Chart

DONALD TRUMP has broken the mould of the American presidency in almost every major category. He is the country’s oldest commander-in-chief, its richest and the only one in history without any governmental or military experience. He is one of just two presidents since 1888 to win an election without winning the popular vote.

Theresa May celebrates one lonely year in Downing Street

6 days agoNews : Daily Chart

A COUPLE of months ago Theresa May was settling in for what looked like being a long stay in 10 Downing Street. These days the speculation is about whether she can last the summer.

The Big Mac index

last weekNews : Daily Chart

THE Big Mac index is a lighthearted guide to whether currencies are at their “correct” level. It is based on the theory of purchasing-power parity, the notion that global exchange rates should eventually adjust to make the price of identical baskets of tradable goods the same in each country.

Why Europe needs more migrants

last weekNews : Daily Chart

EUROPE’S biggest countries were once among the biggest anywhere. In 1950, four of the world’s ten most populous states were in western Europe alone. But decades of falling birth rates have resulted in slower population growth in Europe than in other regions. By 2017, Europe’s most populous country, Germany, ranked just 16th globally.

The gap in America between black and white infants’ mortality has stopped narrowing

last weekNews : Daily Chart

BLACK babies born in America are more than twice as likely as white ones to die before their first birthdays. A large racial gap has been present for as long as statistics have been kept.

Why it is closing time for so many London pubs

last weekNews : Daily Chart

THE public house, once a linchpin of British nightlife, is in decline. According to the British Beer and Pub Association, the total number of watering holes in Blighty has fallen by 25% since 1982, to 50,800. During the same period, Britain's population has risen by 16%. Why are pubs falling out of favour?

Triple-doubles in basketball reflect selfishness as well as versatility

last weekNews : Daily Chart

OFF-SEASON drama in North America’s National Basketball Association (NBA) reached high gear on July 6th, when teams officially became able to sign free agents. Among the most momentous transactions so far has been the Oklahoma City Thunder’s acquisition of Paul George, a star small forward.

Brazil’s army is becoming a de facto police force

2 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

THE last time a big Brazilian city was attacked was in 1711, when a French corsair briefly captured Rio de Janeiro. The country’s official defence review states that “at present, Brazil has no enemies”. Nonetheless, Brazil maintains the world’s 15th-biggest standing army, and spends more on defence than Israel does.

The return of the plague

2 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

BUBONIC plague brought terror to medieval Europe. Over a third of its population perished from the “Black Death” in the 14th century, hastening the end of the feudal system. As a bacterial disease, the plague these days is generally treatable with modern antibiotics. Nonetheless, it persists beyond the grim chapters of history.

The origin of the specious

2 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

ONE wonders what must have been going through Donald Trump’s mind. On the morning of July 2nd, the president tweeted a cartoonish video showing himself wrestling a man with a CNN logo for a head to the ground and pummelling him. “#FraudNewsCNN #FNN” he captioned, in case the message were not clear enough.

Baltimore’s murder rate is setting unwanted records

2 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

IN MOST places in America, murders are rarer than they have ever been before. Baltimore is not one of them. On June 12th the city witnessed another six killings.

Germany legalises same-sex marriage

2 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

“THINGS take longer to happen than you think they will,” the economist Rudiger Dornbusch once said, “and then they happen faster than you thought they could.” In the 16 years since Germany granted legal partnership rights to gay people, 13 European countries, including the Republic of Ireland, long a Catholic redoubt, began permitting...

How do you pronounce “GIF”?

2 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

SOME questions will be pondered for all eternity. What is the meaning of life? Where do you go when you die? And even more puzzlingly, what is the right way to pronounce “GIF”? The Graphics Interchange Format, a file type commonly associated with web animations, is older than the world wide web itself.

Suicides in Japan hit a 20-year low

3 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

AOKIGAHARA, a sprawling 13.5-square-mile (35-square-kilometre) forest at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan, is popular with tourists for its trails, caves and dense foliage.

America’s global standing plummets under Donald Trump

3 weeks agoNews : Daily Chart

IT IS no surprise that a fast-tweeting, pugnacious president, with little regard for diplomatic niceties or enthusiasm for treaty obligations, is not much liked outside his borders. Nonetheless, the magnitude of the change in global opinions on America’s leadership since Donald Trump took office is still remarkable.

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