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Donald Trump kicks off his victory tour in the Midwest

MIDWESTERN voters decided the election for Donald Trump. So it is hardly surprising that the president-elect would start his thank you tour in two Midwestern states.

How to read Donald Trump’s call with Taiwan’s president

THERE are lots of excellent reasons why America should deepen its relations with Taiwan, the raucous, friendly and dynamic island of 25m people that shows that democracy and Chinese culture can co-exist, despite what apologists for one-party rule like to claim.

John Kennedy leads in Louisiana’s Senate race

SINCE the morning of November 9th, Americans have known who would occupy 99 of the 100 seats in the Senate when the 115th Congress is seated in January. The only wild card left is in Louisiana.

Why an electoral college rebellion would be a bad idea

MOTIVATED reasoning—ignoring inconvenient truths on a cognitive path toward conclusions that match our pre-existing beliefs or commitments—afflicts all of us from time to time.

How Tim Kaine might use his new clout in the Senate

TIM KAINE is quietly returning to the office he, and nearly everyone else, thought he would give up to become vice president.

The Supreme Court is critical of Texas’s stance on IQ and execution

WHEN the Supreme Court ruled in 2002 that “mentally retarded” persons’ diminished powers of reasoning and culpability made them ineligible for the death penalty, a dissenting Justice Antonin Scalia wrote that his six colleagues’ “newest invention” would turn “capital trial[s] into a game”.

The Supreme Court is set to review a death sentence grounded in fiction

FANS of “Of Mice and Men”, the 1937 novella by John Steinbeck, will recall the character of Lennie Small, an oafish, dim-witted man whose physical strength is ill matched to his love of rabbits. On November 29th, in a remarkable example of law imitating art, a hearing at the Supreme Court will put Lennie back in the spotlight.

America’s election has led to a boomlet for therapists

IT SEEMS fitting that after an election that many believe went to the dogs, quite a few Americans are seeking comfort from canines. Groups that offer therapy hounds, which are known to reduce stress and anxiety, have seen more demand for their furry, wet-nosed services in recent weeks.

Trump has offered Michael Flynn the national security adviser job

REPORTS that Donald Trump has offered the post of national security adviser to Michael Flynn, a retired military-intelligence three-star general, will do nothing to dispel the fears of the Republican foreign-policy establishment.

Donald Trump chooses Jeff Sessions for attorney-general

DONALD TRUMP's nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama (pictured) as attorney-general—making the hardest of nativist hardliners the country’s top law officer and head of the Department of Justice—is a timely reminder that words spoken on the campaign trail have meaning, that politics is not showbusiness, and that America’s gover...

Why think-tanks are concerned about a Trump administration

ALL across the triangle from Dupont Circle to the White House and Capitol Hill, Washington, DC think-tank staff arrived at work on November 9th with bloodshot eyes.

How California offers glimmers of hope for Democrats

IN AN election that left Republicans in charge of the presidency, Congress, and many state governments, California shines like a ray of hope for Democrats. On the morning of November 9th, the state was even bluer than it was the day before.

At a mosque in Trump country

FRIDAY sermons have been a weekly mainstay of your correspondent’s life since boyhood. But none has ever felt as worthwhile as this one, delivered to the assembled congregants, some 80 Muslims who had gathered in this college town in the middle of Trump country on November 18th.

Can cities sue banks for predatory lending?

THE recession of 2008 wreaked havoc on minority communities in America’s cities. Using an innovative legal strategy, one particularly hard-hit city, Miami, is trying to recoup some of its losses from banks that contributed to the crisis.

Anti-Trump protests continue across America

IN HIS cool-your-jets remarks the day after the presidential election, Barack Obama noted that “a lot of our fellow Americans are exultant today” and “a lot of Americans are less so”. Whatever Americans’ feelings about the results, he said, “we are actually on one team” and the election was just an “intramural scrimmage”.

Donald Trump says the law is settled on gay marriage but not on abortion

A SOFTER Donald Trump greeted viewers of Lesley Stahl’s interview on “60 Minutes” on November 13th. The president-elect, in his first wide-ranging television interview since election day, seemed to renege on a promise to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton’s e-mail habits (“I don’t want to hurt [the Clintons]...

The lessons for political journalists from the presidential election of 2016

SINCE Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton, there has been a series of “why-oh-why didn’t the mainstream media see this coming” articles, and almost an equal number of attempts by journalists to claim that they had, against much available evidence.

Scenes from Donald Trump’s election night party

“DOES he say stupid shit? Yeah, but at the end of the day Mr Trump really cares about Americans,” said a campaign worker at Donald Trump’s party on the evening of November 8th. Another, more senior staffer, quietly reprimanded him, saying he should not speak to journalists after he’d had been drinking. Show More Summary

How the Supreme Court will change under President Trump

THERE are two ways to think about the future of the Supreme Court in the wake of last night’s stunning upset in the presidential race: taking Donald Trump at his word when he says he will load the bench with conservatives, or, in view of his penchant for changing his mind, taking these promises with a shaker full of salt. Show More Summary

Donald Trump wins the presidential election

WHEN Barack Obama proffered his election-day olive branch to a divided country on November 8th, it sounded rather trite: “No matter what happens, the sun will rise in the morning.” But in the dark of a night that, state by state, delivered...Show More Summary

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