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Barack Obama says he want to focus on training young leaders

HE WAS humble, articulate and conciliatory. On April 24th, in his first public appearance since January, Barack Obama charmed his audience with his ability to listen and his unwillingness to boast. As a community organiser on the South Side, "I am the first to acknowledge that I did not set the world on fire," Mr Obama said.

Political polarisation has grown most among the old

IN THE aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, much blame was heaped on social media for fuelling partisan rancour. Even Mark Zuckerburg, the boss of Facebook, considered the idea that social media may have enabled the spread of "fake news" and helped exacerbate political polarisation.

Bill O’Reilly’s political legacy

ON OCTOBER 7th, 1996, on Fox News Channel’s first day of broadcasting, Bill O’Reilly lamented to viewers that television news was “mostly a rehash of what most educated viewers already know.” He promised he would be different. More than two decades later, Americans can lament that Mr O’Reilly delivered on his promise.

The Supreme Court appears to side with a church in a funding battle

NEIL GORSUCH sat silently through much of his first oral argument on April 19th in a constitutional case, a church-state battle over funding for pre-school playgrounds in Missouri.

The Supreme Court considers a church-state playground dispute

A MAJOR and complexity-ridden test of America’s religion-state relationship arrives at the Supreme Court on April 19th in the guise of a quaint complaint from a midwestern church. Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia, Inc v Comer has been on the court’s docket since January 15th, 2016, a month before Justice Antonin Scalia died.

The big hole in Trump’s wall

FEW of Donald Trump’s campaign promises are as memorable as his pledge to build a “big, beautiful wall” along America’s southern border. But while the planned barrier may play well with Mr Trump's base, it addresses a problem that has largely abated. Illegal immigration has been declining since 2007.

Relations between America and Russia are at a low point

REX TILLERSON tends to shy away from the glare of publicity, but this week he was unable to avoid it. On April 12th America's secretary of state arrived in Russia amid heightened tensions between the two countries, particularly over Syria.

The FBI suspected Carter Page was working as an agent for Russia

IT SEEMED a little strange when, in an interview with the Washington Post in March of 2016, Donald Trump named Carter Page as a foreign-policy adviser.

Neil Gorsuch takes his seat at the Supreme Court today

BYRON WHITE, the first Coloradan to become an associate justice, saw 13 seats change hands during more than three decades on America’s Supreme Court. Each new justice represents not just a judge filling a chair, Mr White said, but a transformed court, a new court.

Donald Trump confuses his political allies

THE MOST predictable characteristic of Donald Trump, it appears, is his unpredictability. Having seemed, only a few days ago, to support the continued rule of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, Mr Trump on the evening of April 7th launched a targeted bombing of a regime airfield in response to a chemical attack on civilians.

America attacks Syria

AFTER Bashar al-Assad killed over 80 Syrian civilians in a nerve-gas attack on April 4th, Donald Trump blamed his predecessor. Had Barack Obama made good on his threat to punish the Syrian dictator after his earlier use of chemical weapons, Mr Trump argued, Mr Assad would not have dared to reoffend.

Devin Nunes recuses himself from the House probe on Russia

UNTIL light is shed on any role President Donald Trump’s entourage may have played in Russia’s campaign to disrupt the presidential election, heads will keep rolling.

Donald Trump meets Xi Jinping

ON THE campaign trail, Donald Trump suggested there would be no state dinners on his watch for “the heads of China” who were “ripping us left and right!” He proposed to just “take ‘em to McDonald’s and go back to the negotiating table!” Yet on April 6th the president will welcome President Xi Jinping to his Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago,...

The new battle to defund Planned Parenthood

AS GOVERNOR of Indiana, Mike Pence introduced some of the strictest anti-abortion laws in America. So there was little doubt, when he was required to adjudicate the first abortion-related vote of the Trump presidency, which way he would choose.

Ivanka Trump’s new job

IVANKA TRUMP is not the first presidential child to be a close assistant to her father. Anna Roosevelt moved into the White House in 1944 and accompanied Franklin D. Roosevelt to the Yalta conference of world leaders in February 1945. George H.W. Bush listened to the advice of his sons George and Jeb.

Justices consider the case of an immigrant who received bad legal advice

HOWEVER the Supreme Court decides Lee v United States, a vexing case argued on March 28th, criminal defendants would be wise to heed this warning: client beware. Your lawyer may be a nitwit. Jae Lee would be much better off today had he received that admonition years ago.

The Supreme Court bolsters rule against executing prisoners with low IQs

ANTONIN SCALIA warned fifteen years ago that prohibiting the execution of intellectually disabled criminals as a violation of the Eighth Amendment’s bar on cruel and unusual punishment would turn “capital trial[s] into a game” where defendants would “feign” mental retardation in order to escape the ultimate punishment.

Donald Trump launches an attack on climate-change policy

DONALD TRUMP continues his assault on environmentalism. On March 28th he signed an executive order instructing America’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to withdraw and replace Barack Obama’s flagship energy policy, the Clean Power Plan.

Justices ask whether religious hospitals must guarantee workers’ pensions

ONE in six American hospitals is affiliated to the Catholic church; many more are sponsored by Lutheran, Methodist, Jewish and other religious organisations. The combination of faith and medicine sometimes leads to struggles over access to women’s reproductive care.

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