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Brexit: America’s next headache

BY INSTINCT Americans cheer declarations of independence, especially when those going it alone claim to be throwing off the shackles of foreign tyranny. A certain note of piquant irony may intrude when the revolutionaries hail from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The Democrats’ “sit-in” could mark a change in the way the Congress does business

TAKING an unorthodox stand against legislative intransigence, a cohort of Democratic lawmakers in the House of Representatives occupied the floor of that chamber at 11:25 am on June 22nd to demand action on gun control.

A split Supreme Court thwarts Obama’s immigration policy

FOR the third time since the death of Antonin Scalia February, a stymied Supreme Court has split 4-4 and failed to come to a decision. Of the three ties, today's deadlock over United States v Texas, a challenge to Barack Obama’s immigration orders, carries the highest stakes.

How the Orlando massacre affects the fight for LGBT rights

ONE YEAR ago this week, the Obama administration celebrated the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling on same-sex marriage by festooning the White House in the rainbow-coloured lights of the gay pride flag.

Senators fail the American people (again)

“GUN violence requires more than moments of silence. It requires action. In failing that test, the Senate failed the American people.” President Barack Obama didn’t mince his words in a tweet on June 21st, the day after the Senate failed to pass four proposals to tighten gun control.

Donald Trump fires his campaign manager

Donald Trump has abruptly fired his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski (pictured), a short-tempered, grudge-bearing schemer reportedly blamed by the Trump family for the rackety state of their patriarch’s presidential campaign.

The Supreme Court weakens the guarantee against unreasonable searches

FANS of television shows such as “Law and Order” are familiar with the so-called “exclusionary rule”: when police obtain evidence of a crime through illegal means, the evidence is usually inadmissible in court.

Bernie drops out, without dropping out or endorsing Hillary

“THE major political task that we face in the next five months is to make certain that Donald Trump is defeated and defeated badly,” said Bernie Sanders in a 23-minute address live-streamed across the country from his hometown of Burlington, Vermont on June 16th.

Are there signs in the courts of a tipping point on gun control?

THE PROSPECTS for new gun control measures in America seem to be close to nil.

Clinton and Trump make clashing speeches after Orlando attack

SPEND any time on the campaign trail, and before too long a cynical voter will complain that there is no difference between candidates on the ballot paper. Let nobody make that claim ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

Nightclub shooting in Orlando is the worst in American history

THE MURDER in the early hours of June 12th of at least 50 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, apparently by a 29-year-old American-born Muslim wielding an assault rifle and handgun, was swiftly and loudly seized upon by political partisans as a vindication of everything that they already believe about Muslims, the fight agai...

Barack Obama endorses Hillary Clinton

IN A TOPSY-TURVY way, Bernie Sanders has been setting the agenda in Democratic circles in recent weeks.

Hillary Clinton declares victory, and takes California too

“WE ARE all standing under a glass ceiling right now,” said Hillary Clinton in her victory speech on June 7th at a rally in Brooklyn.

A snapshot of one moment at a polling station in California

IN EARLIER primary contests and in more sheltered places, from sleepy midwestern college towns to hipster neighbourhoods in New York, a note of self-indulgence could be heard as Democrats weighed whether to follow their heads, and choose the experienced Hillary Clinton, or their hearts, and back the rumpled advocate of revolution, Bern...

The Supreme Court will hear two death-penalty appeals

ON JUNE 6th, the Supreme Court agreed to hear two cases involving recurring concerns about the administration of the death penalty in America. Moore v Texas revisits the question of intellectual disability to ask whether Texas used an outdated method of measuring a man’s mental capacity before condemning him.

What does Donald Trump see in Muhammad Ali and his legacy?

WHAT political lesson should Americans draw from the death of Muhammad Ali, an event so large that it united such figures as Barack Obama and Donald Trump in public mourning?

Bernie Sanders closes in on Hillary Clinton in California

UNDER a golden sunset in Vallejo, California, a beaten-down former shipyard city near San Francisco, a mile-long line of supporters are waiting to see Bernie Sanders. “He’s just says everything I’ve always believed in,” said Pamela Ridel, a 42-year-old florist who had lined up two hours early for the senator’s rally.

Clinton says that Trump is unfit to be commander-in-chief

TYPICALLY, when politicians attack rivals in campaign speeches, they must distort their opponents’ words for maximum effect, or at least wrench them out of context.

How a Trump presidency could undermine the rule of law

DONALD TRUMP says outrageous things almost every day, but few of his incendiary comments and tweets refer to concrete changes a Trump administration would be likely to introduce. Many of Mr Trump’s proposals, including a ban on Muslims entering America, would falter in the hands of a less hot-headed Congress.

The saga over Donald Trump’s tax returns rolls on

IN FEBRUARY, Donald Trump said he hoped to release his tax returns in “three [or] four months.” Progress has not been forthcoming. His excuse for the continued delay is that the taxman is auditing the returns, and that his lawyers say he should keep his papers private in the meantime.

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