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Clinton would subsidise child care; Trump would subsidise parenthood

WHY subsidise childcare? The most commonly-heard justification is that doing so will encourage work. Child care is hugely expensive, to the point where it is often better for parents—overwhelmingly, mothers—to look after a child themselves rather than work.

Feelings-first voters have found a voice in Donald Trump

FOR some voters, fact and feeling are one and the same. To them unseen forces can be omnipotent and scientific explanations a mere distraction. But until recently, this sort of “magical thinking” knew no political party. That may be changing.

Donald Trump admits the president is an American

DONALD TRUMP inhabits a world of shiny, gold-plated, nothing-really-matters nihilism, and he is betting that voters do, too.

How a few thousand votes in New Hampshire could change America

THERE are several reasons why this year's Senate race in New Hampshire is one of the most closely watched in America. It is the most high-profile political contest between two women—a sitting senator and a state governor—in the country’s history.

Police in Chicago are being trained to defuse violent encounters

DONALD TRUMP often frets about Chicago’s recent crime wave, calling the city's homicide rate, which has risen sharply this year, a “horror show”. What is the Republican presidential nominee’s solution?

Can Donald Trump turn Texas blue?

AT THE beginning of the 2016 election cycle, Republican strategists had little reason to question whether the 38 electoral college votes in Texas—the biggest red state in America—would eventually go to their party’s nominee.

Prosecutors drop corruption case against former Virginia governor

AS CORRUPTION cases go, it might have seemed small beer. In 2014 Bob McDonnell, a former governor of Virginia and his wife, Maureen, were convicted of trading their office for $177,000 in sweetheart loans, gifts and trips from a smooth-talking executive who wanted the state to promote his disputed tobacco-derived dietary product.

Hillary Clinton has pneumonia

IT WAS a small stumble by a sick and tired 68-year-old woman. Yet the dizzy spell Hillary Clinton suffered on September 11th, which caused her to retreat, tottering, from a memorial service in New York, looks like a giant gift to Donald Trump.

Why voters in Iowa are leaning towards Donald Trump

WHEN Hillary Clinton won Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucuses last February, the result was excruciatingly close. Now, with eight weeks to go in the general election campaign, it is clear the Democratic presidential nominee can expect a similarly close race against Donald Trump.

Supreme Court blocks a last-ditch attempt to suppress votes in November

A BASIC principle of electoral democracy is that the people pick their leaders. But by tweaking the rules—such as those which govern which forms of identification voters need; when the polls are open; how the ballot is composed—incumbents can tip the balance in favour of one party.

Barack Obama shores up his environmental legacy

“HISTORY will judge today’s effort as pivotal,” said Barack Obama on September 3rd as he and Xi Jinping, the Chinese president, formally committed their countries to last year's Paris climate agreement in the southeastern city of Hangzhou.

Donald Trump meets Enrique Peña Nieto

ONE week ago, the idea that the president of Mexico would share a dais with the Republican presidential nominee would have seemed absurd.

Why Donald Trump is losing among Catholic voters

A series of recent polls show Donald Trump performing dismally among Catholic voters, who are the biggest single religious contingent in the American electorate.

Gary Johnson’s battle to be a contender

IN RESPONSE to Donald Trump redoubling his attack on America’s 11m-odd illegal immigrants and their progeny, Gary Johnson, who is vying to pick up Republican voters repelled by Mr Trump, refused even to describe them as “illegal”.

How Zika could spark a new abortion debate

ZIKA, the mosquito-borne virus that can cause devastating birth defects in developing foetuses, continues its spread from Latin America to points north. The virus is prompting official warnings regarding foreign and, now, domestic travel.

Why the e-mail scandal will continue to overshadow Clinton’s campaign

HILLARY CLINTON has been on a high since the party conventions in July. While Donald Trump continued the slump that began at his own shambolic convention, the Democratic nominee has risen to the top of almost every national and swing-state poll.

University of Chicago triggers a fresh debate about free speech on campus

IT IS safe to say that no welcome letter to incoming university students has attracted more attention, or inspired more tweets, than the missive John Ellison, the dean of students at the University of Chicago has sent to freshmen.

Clinton says Trump has based his campaign on prejudice and paranoia

TWENTY years ago when Bob Dole accepted the Republican presidential nomination: “He pointed to the exits and told any racists in the party to get out,” Hillary Clinton recalled approvingly on August 25th, as she neared the end of a speech that—in effect—accused Donald Trump of beckoning bigots back in to the heart of the conservative m...

Donald Trump loses his second campaign chief in two months

IN THE foreign policy speech he delivered on August 15th Donald Trump promised to institute “extreme vetting” of anyone seeking to migrate to or visit America. Yet the embarrassing demise, amid scandal, of his second campaign chief in two months does not inspire much confidence in Mr Trump’s abilities on this front.

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