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A new front in the legal fight over Donald Trump’s travel ban

AMERICA awaits word from one more court in Trump v International Refugee Assistance Project and Trump v State of Hawaii—cases challenging the president’s entry ban from six Muslim-majority countries.

Deep cuts to Medicaid remain the centerpiece of the Republicans’ proposals

WHEN the House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act in early May, it was widely thought that the Senate would rewrite it. The House’s bill, among its many reforms, would unwind Obamacare’s expansion of Medicaid, health insurance for the poor. That expansion has given health insurance to 12m Americans.

The Supreme Court says offensive trademarks are protected speech

“HATE speech”, activists on college campuses like to say, “is not free speech”. Ted Wheeler, the mayor of Portland, Oregon, made the point last month in reference to a man who uttered anti-Muslim slurs before killing two people who challenged him. “Hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment”, Mr Wheeler said.

Disappointment for the Democrats in a fiercely fought congressional race

TOWARDS the end of the marathon election in Georgia’s sixth congressional district, Jon Ossoff was in Cobb County for a “Juneteenth” celebration—commemorating the abolition of slavery—in the company of John Lewis, a fellow Democrat who represents much of nearby Atlanta.

A new Supreme Court case could rejigger electoral lines for the 2020 election

Later this year the Supreme Court will hear a new spin on a scourge almost as old as the republic: partisan gerrymandering, a trick whereby politicians pick their voters rather than the other way around. In recent years, the justices have cracked down on districts that are drawn using predominantly racial lines.

The attorney-general’s amnesia

FOR A tense two hours on June 13th Jeff Sessions, the attorney-general, faced questions before the Senate intelligence committee about his dealings with Russian officials during the election campaign last year.

Maryland and the District of Columbia sue Donald Trump

AMERICA’S constitution is the world’s oldest. At 7,762 words, it is also one of the slimmest. Yet over the course of 228 years, no court has had occasion to weigh in on the meaning of two so-called “emoluments” clauses in America’s founding document.

Another appeals court rejects Donald Trump’s travel ban

“EVEN for the president”, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals said on June 12th, immigration policy “is not a one-person show”. By a 3-0 vote, the court refused to lift a Hawaii judge’s stay on Donald Trump’s revised order banning travel from six mostly Muslim countries.

A primary contest in Virginia offers clues to the future of the Democrats

TO HEAR Tom Perriello on the stump, you might think his main opponent in Virginia’s Democratic gubernatorial primary, due on June 13th, was not Ralph Northam, the state’s respected lieutenant-governor, but Donald Trump.

The Supreme Court will consider a mobile phone privacy case

TIMOTHY CARPENTER, a Michigan man, had a habit of stealing smartphones from Radio Shacks and T-Mobile stores; his own phone provided the evidence authorities needed to nab him.

James Comey accuses the Trump administration of “lies, plain and simple”

TRY to follow each new allegation about Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, and it is easy to feel like a child in a fairy tale, lost in the wild woods.

James Comey is to testify that Donald Trump demanded “loyalty”

JAMES COMEY, whom Donald Trump fired as the FBI’s director last month, is scheduled to appear before the Senate Intelligence committee on June 8th. His written statement, released the previous day, offered an explosive preview.

Donald Trump chooses Christopher Wray to head the FBI

FIRE the director of the FBI while he is overseeing an investigation into your campaign, and your choice of his successor is bound to attract even more scepticism than is customary.

Donald Trump undermines his lawyers’ case for the travel ban

ON THE eve of the Iowa caucuses in January 2016, following a string of controversial statements, Donald Trump marvelled at his political resilience. "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody”, he said, “and I wouldn't lose voters".

James Mattis tries to reassure Asian allies about Donald Trump

DONALD TRUMP’S America still stands by allies in Asia and Europe, and “I can give you absolute optimism about this issue,” the Secretary of Defence, James Mattis, told an audience of generals, diplomats and security types at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore on June 3rd.

Donald Trump asks the Supreme Court to reinstate his travel ban

“SEE you at the Supreme Court!”, Donald Trump tweeted angrily on April 26th, after his travel ban suffered a third defeat in a federal court. On June 1st, late in the evening, the president followed through on that threat.

The flaws in Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris accord

AFTER announcing on June 1st that America will abandon the Paris climate agreement, Donald Trump can at least claim to have honoured a campaign promise. Then again, as he also pledged to reinstate torture, eliminate the national debt in eight years and hail Iran’s supreme leader with “Hey baby!”, that isn’t saying much.

Donald Trump plans to undo Obamacare’s birth-control requirement

LAST month, surrounded by a throng of beaming pastors, nuns and rabbis in the White House’s Rose Garden, Donald Trump signed an executive order “promoting free speech and religious liberty”.

The Supreme Court protects a Mexican immigrant from deportation

“WE HAVE some bad hombres here”, Donald Trump said in his third debate with Hillary Clinton, “and we’re going to get them out”.

Turmoil in Washington, DC clouds Virginia’s governor race

IN VIRGINIA, the only state in the Old Confederacy carried by Hillary Clinton last year, the front-runner for the Republican nomination for governor is trying not to talk about the president. Ed Gillespie, an establishment Republican who worked for George W.

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