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Uber plans for the arrival of flying cars

11 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

FOR decades, when asked to imagine the technology of the future, the stock answer has been flying cars. In reality, the passage of time has brought us innovations of a sort we never foresaw: the ability to send information instantaneously...Show More Summary

Business travellers will be hit hardest by the crackdown on Airbnb

11 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

BUSINESS travellers are embracing Airbnb more and more. New data from Concur, a travel-expense firm, show that the number of corporate trips booked through the home-sharing site grew by 44% in the second quarter of 2016 compared with a year earlier. Show More Summary

RFIDs are set almost to eliminate lost luggage

11 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

HAVING bags go astray on a flight is rare but infuriating. Indeed, according to a study by Skytrax, lost luggage was passengers’ number one complaint last year, beating even flight delays and cramped seats. That frustration could become rarer still. Show More Summary

Aviation executives doubt a third runway at Heathrow will be built anytime soon

11 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

LAST week, the British government gave London Heathrow airport the go-ahead to expand. The decision to allow it to build a third runway had been a long time coming. It is 70 years since the area around London last saw a new one built, and Heathrow, Europe’s busiest hub, is operating at 99% capacity. Show More Summary

Chinese firms are investing heavily in American hotels

11 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

CHINESE tourists are an increasingly common sight in America’s cities, from New York to Honolulu. About 2m Chinese visit the country each year; that figure is expected to rise to over 3m by the end of the decade. But it is not just Chinese tourists who have been enjoying American hospitality; it’s Chinese investors, too. Show More Summary

Heathrow Airport may suffer further delays before it gets a third runway

11 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

CHAMPAGNE corks must have been popping yesterday at London Heathrow, Europe’s busiest airport, as the British government finally gave it the green light to build a third runway. The decision has been a long time coming. The airport, has been operating at 99% of its capacity for a decade.

How not to annoy a flight attendant

11 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

THOSE of us who fly regularly have grown thoroughly accustomed to the usual interactions with flight attendants. Yet because most cabin crew are so courteous and professional, few of us probably have a good sense of how they would like us to behave in order that they go about their jobs as efficiently and pleasantly as possible.

An American airline wins the right to weigh passengers on its Samoan route

11 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

ONE of Gulliver’s stranger flying experiences came in 2011, when he was preparing to board a domestic flight from Panama City to the beaches of Bocas del Toro. An airline employee motioned to a scale, and Gulliver dutifully placed his bag on it.

American airlines can no longer ignore cheap European rivals on transatlantic routes

11 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

GULLIVER tried an experiment the other day: he visited, plugged in some random dates in December, and looked for flights between New York and Berlin. The lowest fare that came up was a modest $387, with Norwegian Air Shuttle. The second-lowest fare was $419, also with Norwegian.

Why did the Obama administration change its mind on the American Airlines-US Airways merger?

11 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

FLYERS in the United States are often frustrated by the dearth of options on certain routes, and the high price of tickets that are the result of limited competition. After several high-profile mergers in recent years, more than 80% of the domestic air market is controlled by four companies.

More airlines are banning Samsung’s smartphone

11 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

RESTRICTIONS on smartphones aboard aircraft have long been a bugbear of business travellers. Rules proscribing their use are slowly falling away; they might not after all, it has been decided, interfere with an aircraft's systems.

A plane’s aisle seat is for cynics

11 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

GULLIVER was just reading about Ryanair’s decision to shorten the window of time in which customers can check in before a flight, from a week to four days. The idea is to give those who are prepared to pay to reserve a particular seat more chance of success.

Airlines are to cough up for cross-border flight pollution

11 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

CIVIL aviation accounts for perhaps only 2% of manmade carbon emissions. Add in other pollutants, such as contrails and nitrous oxide, and the industry’s overall contribution to climate change might be twice that figure. That may not seem much. But the sector is growing rapidly.

How to get around America without knowing how to drive

12 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

LIKE many Londoners, your correspondent does not possess a car. Thanks to the Underground, buses, taxis, shared bikes and the gift of upright bipedal motion (to say nothing of the impossibility of street parking) it has always seemed more trouble than it is worth.

American carriers are much better at dealing with Twitter complaints than European ones

12 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

FRUSTRATED by long wait times on the phone and inadequate responses at airport counters, travellers are increasingly turning to Twitter to lodge complaints with airlines.

Another carrier experiments with child-free zones on planes

12 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

A FEW years ago a spate of airlines introduced child-free areas on their planes, in order to appeal to business travellers. Now another carrier has joined the list. This week, IndiGo, an Indian operator, said it was designating rows 1-4 and 11-14 (which includes the exit row) as “quiet zones”, out of bounds to children younger than 12.

Donald Trump is right: America’s airports are awful

12 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

FACT-CHECKERS had a field day with Donald Trump’s Monday night debate performance, finding fault with his claims on a wide array of subjects, from Barack Obama’s birthplace to whether he has denied climate change. But one statement he made largely evaded scrutiny.

Airlines’ belief in the Airbus superjumbo is faltering

ONE of the most insightful responses to a Gulliver article was below the line of a post about air turbulence, and how flyers often overestimate its effects.

Horrendous queues were predicted at American airports this summer. They never materialised

THE panic began this spring. America’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) had made a bad miscalculation and cut the number of security screeners at airports as passenger volumes increased. Queues grew intolerably long and complaints of missed flights mounted.

Travellers are still unsure about booking trips on their smartphones

IT IS hardly a revelation that smartphones are changing the way that we travel. We increasingly use them to plan trips, as boarding passes for planes, to direct us around cities, even to help find a willing stranger with whom to join the mile high club.

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