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The number of thefts on planes is rising

9 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

THEFT is an occupational hazard for business travellers. Unfamiliar locations, jet lag and living out of a suitcase make them an easy target for criminals. Even the most careful traveller has tales of stolen bags, picked pockets or hotel-room burglaries. Show More Summary

Resentment of first-class passengers can be a cause of air rage

10 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

MOST instances of road rage come about in the same way. Drivers are frustrated with other drivers who, in one way or another, impede their ability to get where they’re going as quickly as they’d like. “Air rage” can’t really follow the...Show More Summary

China passes a milestone in business travel

10 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

In recent years China has become a world beater on several fronts. It is now a leading economy, does the most trade in luxury goods and is the biggest e-commerce market. China also supplies the largest number of (and total spending by) outbound tourists. Show More Summary

Lufthansa is attempting to bulk-up Eurowings

10 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

LUFTHANSA is already Europe's largest group of airlines, counting the flag-carriers of Germany, Switzerland and Austria among its portfolio of subsidiaries. It may be about to get even bigger. Impressed with the results of consolidation...Show More Summary

“Last class” is here to stay on America’s airlines

10 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

Back in February United and American Airlines announced they were joining Delta Air Lines in introducing“basic economy”, a new class of fare below standard. This doesn’t mean sitting even farther back in the plane, but it removes the...Show More Summary

Yet another airline ranking

10 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

Spirit, uncharitably dubbed "America's most hated Airline", has once again found itself at the tail end of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) for Airlines. The ranking, which was topped by JetBlue and Southwest, draws on...Show More Summary

Why some hotels are phasing out room 420

10 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

CANNABIS users around the world recently lit up in celebration of April 20th, 420 day. Although the origins of the link are obscure (the earliest credible story attributes it to 4.20pm being the time a group of Bay Area students in the...Show More Summary

Why business travellers forget their manners when abroad

10 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

DO PEOPLE become less considerate when they travel for business? Gulliver was mulling over this recently, after he was phoned by the PA of someone who was travelling to London and wanted to arrange a meeting. He would like to meet you at your offices at 6pm on Thursday, announced the assistant. Show More Summary

America’s flyers can’t expect both cheaper fares and more legroom

10 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

IMAGINE you are in a room with the boss of a big American airline, and he asks you where he should invest the company’s resources in the coming year. What would you tell him? Airlines for America, an industry group, asked this question...Show More Summary

Ryanair experiments with hub-and-spoke transfers

10 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

THREE years ago, taking just one flight with Ryanair would be enough to send a shiver down the spine of a European business traveller. The prospect of back-to-back flights with the airline—planning your own connections with no insurance against delays—was positively harrowing. Show More Summary

A plane collides with a drone at Heathrow airport

10 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

IT WAS last year that consumer drones really took off. Around the world, perhaps 1m of the unmanned robots flew off the shelves in 2015. Now, any visit to the park feels incomplete without high-pitched whining overhead. So it was toShow More Summary

Modern cures for a fear of flying

10 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

WHEN airlines began installing “tail-cams” and streaming live footage of flights to passengers, the idea was to offer a “God’s eye” view of the heavens. It is, indeed, a divine sight, but for those with a fear of flying also utterly terrifying. Show More Summary

Why women book their business trips earlier than men

10 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

"MEN know life too early. Women know life too late," wrote Oscar Wilde. Not so for road warriors. A new report from Carson Wagonlit Travel (CWT), a corporate-travel firm, found that women, on average, book their business flights around two days earlier than men. Show More Summary

Airlines in America are stamping out multi-city airfares

10 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

BRETT SNYDER recently ran an online search for flights from Washington Reagan to Dallas-Fort Worth to San Francisco and then back to Washington. He found something strange. If he booked the three legs of the flight as separate one-ways with American Airlines, the total cost was $412.80. Show More Summary

Americans may soon require a visa to visit the EU

11 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

TIT-FOR-TAT is never a happy way for friends to sort out their differences. By the time one side has blinked first, both parties tend to find themselves in a worse position than when they started. Next week the EU is meeting to discuss whether it should start requiring Americans and Canadians to apply for visas before they venture across the pond. Show More Summary

What will become of the best airline in America?

11 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

THE best airline in America is about to lose its independence. And if the past year is any indication, that could spell bad news for flyers. The 26th annual Airline Quality Rating of American carriers was released on Monday, and for the fourth straight year Virgin America came out on top. Show More Summary

Airbus thinks it has found a way to alleviate jet lag

11 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

THESE days, every element of flying feels like a financial calculation. Is shelling out $80 for an extra six inches of legroom in premium economy good value? Is it worth paying $50 to check a bag into the hold? How about $12 for a mediocre sandwich? Or $4 for a bottle of water? Many frugal travellers would answer “no” to all of the above. Show More Summary

Cases of religious intolerance in the air demand a response

11 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

TWO recent events have focused attention on airlines’ relation with religion. First, female cabin crew at Air France complained about an edict telling them to wear a headscarf when disembarking aircraft in Iran. They will be also expected to wear trousers. Show More Summary

Would a takeover of Virgin America be good for flyers?

11 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

AS APRIL Fool’s Day jokes go, it wasn't bad. Virgin America released its “new” logo (pictured below), which bore a passing resemblance to a pair of breasts, to the bemusement of some. Such fun and games are all very well, but the firm’s management has more serious business to attend to. Show More Summary

Long security lines await at American airports this summer

11 months agoLifestyle / Travel : Gulliver

HERE is a maths question. If the number of people moving from point A to point B increases by 9%, and the number of gates they can pass through decreases by 10%, what happens to the time it takes for them to complete the process? On second thoughts, forget the maths. Show More Summary

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