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A powerful dramatisation of the murder of Gianni Versace

5 hours agoArts : Prospero

THE 20th century may be considered America’s greatest, but gay men had a miserable time. Sodomy was a felony in every state until 1962, and it remained illegal in 13 states until 2003. Gay men were sacked from jobs in government and left to die in an epidemic many considered a punishment for their “sinful” behaviour.

Visualising the careers of musicians-turned-actors

2 days agoArts : Prospero

THE news of Harry Styles’s casting in “Dunkirk” (2017) was met with bemusement. It was hard to imagine the boyband heartthrob, with his Mick Jagger-esque locks and floral suits, under siege on the beaches of northern France (rather than under siege from hordes of teenage girls).

Is art-connoisseur yet another job threatened by technology?

3 days agoArts : Prospero

THE patient is carefully positioned on a pristine rectangular table. A signal is given, and from behind a glass wall, a technician directs an X-ray machine overhead. Zapping begins. This is not a hospital. It is the conservation laboratory of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

“The Post” is Oscar bait, but not necessarily interesting

3 days agoArts : Prospero

HERE’S a trick for home cooks who want to impress someone: find out what they like and give them more. Not bigger portions, but more of the good stuff in each dish. Make chocolate cake with extra chocolate, ragu with more meat and apple pie with lots of finely-diced apples and a glug of Calvados.

“The Chi” examines the human cost of gun violence

last weekArts : Prospero

LENA WAITHE did not squander her moment. “The things that make us different, those are our superpowers,” she told the audience in Los Angeles, as she became the first black woman to win an Emmy for comedy writing in September.

“The Vagina Monologues”, 20 years on

last weekArts : Prospero

IN 1996, sitting on a high-backed stool in a tiny theatre in downtown New York, Eve Ensler declared that she was “worried about vaginas”.

A thoughtful dramatisation of life in the Calais “Jungle”

last weekArts : Prospero

IT IS a rare play that starts before you’ve even walked into the theatre—but so it is with “The Jungle”. Every audience member is pre-assigned a “country” for the night, a section of the auditorium that corresponds to a nationality of the migrants cooped up at the camp in Calais waiting to make the perilous dash to Britain.

“All the Money in the World” is a technical masterstroke

last weekArts : Prospero

ONE summer’s evening in 1973, John Paul Getty’s 16-year-old grandson, Paul, was snatched from the streets of Rome. His kidnappers must have thought they had hit the jackpot. Getty Sr was, at the time, the wealthiest man in the world, so there was no doubt that he could pay the $17m ransom.

“Black Mirror” continues to excel at limited world-building

2 weeks agoArts : Prospero

SINCE the launch of “Black Mirror” in 2011, critics have lauded Charlie Brooker for his dark and thought-provoking stories. Stephen King called the anthology series “terrifying, funny, intelligent”. Jon Hamm was reportedly such a fan that he asked to appear (he got his wish, starring in season two).

“Hostiles” is a bloody depiction of the American frontier

2 weeks agoArts : Prospero

“HOSTILES”, a bleak and bloody western, opens with a horrific act of violence. In New Mexico in 1892, a homesteader is cutting wood while his wife gives their two daughters a grammar lesson and cradles their newborn baby. Four Comanches ride towards the house, guns and bows drawn, to steal their horses.

How “The Nutcracker” danced all over world

4 weeks agoArts : Prospero

THE story of a little girl at Christmas, her toy nutcracker and their adventure in a kingdom of sweets has become an institution. This winter, a version of “The Nutcracker” will be performed on every continent (Antarctica aside).

A convicted murderer is the new star of Czech television

4 weeks agoArts : Prospero

JIRI KAJINEK is one of the biggest stars in the history of the Czech Republic. Last month, the first instalment of a docudrama about his life drew a massive 1.3m viewers (the television-watching public consists of 10.5m people). A theatrical film, released in 2010, shattered box-office records.

At 50, “The Graduate” still has much to say about youth

4 weeks agoArts : Prospero

IN JANUARY 1967, Time announced that its “Man of the Year” for 1966 was not an individual, but the generation of “Twenty-five and under”: “Never have the young been so assertive or so articulate, so well educated or so worldly.” The cover featured a young man in a suit, attractive and confident, intelligent and ready to inherit the fut...

The surreal and hyper-humane humour of “Lady Dynamite”

last monthArts : Prospero

“IF I keep the ice-cube trays full, no one will die.” So goes the opening line of “Anxiety Song”, a bit from a stand-up routine by Maria Bamford.

What is it about “Cat Person”?

last monthArts : Prospero

SHORT stories are uniquely unpopular sources of entertainment. Book publishers avoid them, as fiction buyers prefer novels. Magazines have largely cut them from their pages (perhaps because truth lately has become stranger than fiction). So it is odd, to say the least, for a short story to suddenly trend on Twitter.

“The Last Jedi” tears down—and rebuilds—the Star Wars franchise

last monthArts : Prospero

IN AN early scene in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) is handed his long-lost lightsaber—only to toss it over his shoulder and walk away. Sacrilege!

Lessons from ancient Greek coinage

last monthArts : Prospero

THE Greek word for money, chrema, carries a significance its English translation cannot fully convey.

Those seeking escapism in “The Crown” will find it all too real

last monthArts : Prospero

FOR all the talk of change in season two of “The Crown”—and there is lots of it—everything feels uncannily familiar. Though things begin in the mid-1950s, there are already grimace-inducing references to the European Economic Community: one character wonders whether Britain should be “in or out”.

Retelling the myth of Tonya Harding

last monthArts : Prospero

THE story of Tonya Harding’s rise and fall is sporting legend. One of the top female figure skaters in America, her career and her reputation was destroyed when she was implicated in a plot to assault her rival, Nancy Kerrigan, shortly before the 1994 Winter Olympics.

The beginning of the end of China’s “weird architecture”

last monthArts : Prospero

ACCORDING to the country’s National Bureau of Statistics, China’s urban population density almost tripled between 2005 and 2014. This rush to the cities has been made possible in part by the quick construction of concrete, uniform, faceless high-rise apartments.

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