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For the first time in five years, Batman gets…a day off!

AS A swan song, you could call it Bruce Wayne’s Day Off. Today, writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo bid farewell to Batman as collaborators with their 51st issue, capping a remarkable five-year run. And to mark the occasion, Snyder said that their final Batman issue shows “all the fun and toys, and leaves […]

Sketchbook: Remembering the many looks of Prince (in less than 10 seconds)

PRINCE seemed to arrive in the ’80s like a multisensory experience. He was a Minnesota explosion not only of funky rock riffs but also of aesthetic cohesion — the velvet toreador on the custom Honda, all frills and high heels with a nod to Little Richard behind his ax. Yet his look was always evolving, as […]

The timeless appeal of Prince’s dance-happy tunes for ‘Batman’ and the Joker

ACCORDING TO Hollywood lore, Tim Burton never wanted to include pop music in his 1989 film “Batman,” starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. The director preferred the symphonic score of composer Danny Elfman. Burton thought that pop tunes not only would clash with his “Batman’s” darker vibes, but also would date his movie years later. […]

Peabody Award for Netflix/Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ is a win for adapted comic-book fare

WHEN “Jessica Jones” debuted in November, The Post wrote that “for gritty thrills, it surpasses” Netflix’s other dramatic content. On Friday, the Peabody Awards judges revealed that they hold the neo-noir detective show in quite high esteem as well. Show More Summary

How we are mourning Prince through the power of art

WHO MIGHT understand the pure power of graphic art more than a man who was not simply a cultural symbol, but who also — for a few years there — was only a symbol? From creating a glyph (for the label-battling recording artist who dare not speak his name) to managing to co-opt an entire tint on […]

As Robert Downey Jr. signs on, ‘ Spider-Man: Homecoming’ gains that special Iron Man swagger it so badly needs

NOW THAT the cinematic rights of Spider-Man are being shared between Sony and Marvel Studios, it only makes sense that the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s biggest star be allowed to burn bright in his fellow Avenger’s big “homecoming.” Variety is reporting today that Robert Downey Jr. has agreed to a deal to star as Tony Stark […]

Here’s how America feels about Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, according to cartoons

“I HAVE always been afraid of banks,” President Andrew Jackson famously said. Now he’ll be excused from having to endure so much face-time with American currency, as the great Underground Railroad “conductor” Harriet Tubman will replace Jackson on the $20 bill. So much is to be determined, though. Not just the date of the switch, but […]

‘1979 Revolution’ tells the story of the Iranian Revolution in video game form

1979 Revolution Developed by: iNK Stories Published by: iNK Stories Available on: PC From the perspective of the present, it can be tempting to view the past as an orderly succession of occurrences. Good history, whatever its form, should remind us that those caught up in the spirit of their times were not predestined to […]

Pulitzer-winning cartoonist is inspired by his late friend — whose job he inherited

ANY GOOD ARTIST has a critic in his head. Jack Ohman, who won a Pulitzer Prize on Monday, has at least two. In 2013, Ohman inherited the chair of his longtime friend Rex Babin, who died a year earlier of cancer. Babin had been the Sacramento Bee’s editorial cartoonist for more than a dozen years, while […]

TV recap: How ‘The Flash’s’ second-season villain just got far more interesting fast.

IT’S TAKEN nearly this entire second season, but Zoom is at last becoming one of the most entertaining characters on the CW’s “The Flash.” Ever since Zoom was unmasked (and revealed to be Jay Garrick/Hunter Zolomon), the black-clad villain has become far more interesting. After a few weeks off, “The Flash” returned Tuesday night, and […]

Could ‘The Jungle Book’ become the first ‘live-action’ film to win the Oscar for animation?

COME THE NEXT Oscars submission season, Disney will be flush with top animation options for consideration. There will be “Zootopia,” of course, and the forthcoming sequel “Finding Dory.” And then there will be… “The Jungle Book”? The smash hit new film from Jon Favreau is being characterized as Disney’s latest “live-action remake” of one of its […]

2016 Eisner Awards: ‘The Oscars of comics’ announces record number of nominations for women

The 2016 Eisner Awards, sometimes called “the Oscars of comics,” announced a record number of nominations for women creators today, as forty-nine of them garnered 61 nods. The leading titles, with three nominations each, are Rep. John...Show More Summary

TV recap: Thank you, Supergirl. You saved the planet AND hooked us to return next season.

THERE ARE so many plot points to look forward to come “Supergirl’s” next season — so many elements that have been expertly set up — that it’s easy not to pause and fully appreciate the climax of the season finale. Monday night’s episode had Kara/Supergirl teaming with the Martian Manhunter to take down the Kryptonian […]

Cartoonist Jack Ohman stopped thinking about awards. Only then came today’s Pulitzer Prize win.

“I STARTED winning awards when I stopped thinking about winning awards.” Those were Jack Ohman’s words to The Post’s Comic Riffs last summer, as the veteran Sacramento Bee cartoonist finished his term as president of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. This afternoon, Ohman hit a new height in his current winning streak, as he […]

‘Jungle Book’ ensures it: Parade of Disney-classic remakes will continue, whether we want it or not

  THERE’LL BE no stopping Disney now as it hits the mother lode — and the mother of all reloads. From panthers to tigers to post-“Oz” bears, the studio behind “The Jungle Book” became the Mouse House That Roared again this week with another live-action adaptation of one of its classic animations. And with cartoon […]

NCS’s ‘Cartoonist of the Year’ list of finalists continues growing recognition of women

  AN AWARD serves a particularly relevant function when you can polish it so clearly its reflection mirrors a truth about the field it honors. Such is the case this week with the 2015 Reuben Awards. The National Cartoonists Society has announced its five “Cartoonist of the Year” finalists. And more and more, Angouleme can […]

Here’s how some artists are viewing North Carolina’s new ‘bathroom law’

AT FIRST, it unfolded largely as a partisan controversy. Social rights vs. political fights. A matter of party vs. potty. North Carolina’s Republican governor had just signed legislation last month restricting rights — what soon became known as “the bathroom law.” In government buildings and schools, transgender people had to use the public bathroom that […]

Cartel violence hit this artist’s family. So he illustrated a comic book about it

AMERICAN writer Justin Jordan knew he had a fertile idea for his fictional tale. He would delve into Mexican drug cartels. But which artist could render this story into riveting life? He needed an illustrator who has a textured, firsthand understanding of Mexico, if not also its cartel violence. The result: BOOM! Studios will unveil this summer’s Comic-Con […]

‘Doctor Strange’ trailer: Upcoming movie is the love child of ‘The Matrix’ and ‘Inception’

  The first trailer for Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” landed Tuesday night during Jimmy Kimmel’s show (yes, corporate synergy abounds, given ABC and Marvel are part of Disney), and in this sneak peek, we glimpse effects that feel as otherworldly as a modern “Matrix” and as reality-crashing as a Christopher Nolan blockbuster. Benedict Cumberbatch plays the […]

Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn could become a pop icon, and other takeaways from the new ‘Suicide Squad’ trailer

With “Batman v Superman” still near the top of the box office, DC is riding that wave with Batman’s next outing, in the August release of “Suicide Squad.” The newest trailer has landed, so today, we take a deeper look at just what “Suicide Squad” is teasing us with to win our interest: MICHAEL CAVNA: So […]

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