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The 2016 National Book Festival unveils a strikingly elegant poster of a literary journey

BECAUSE BOOKS can transport us, the likening of literature to modes of transportation has long been an apt means of comparison. For the 2016 National Book Festival, artist Yuko Shimizu decided to float the idea of a transporting visual metaphor, and the result is an elegantly striking image. The Library of Congress’s festival has just […]

Trump vs. Clinton: Here are the best targets of the week (Cartoon Edition)

AT THE HERBLOCK Prize reception Tuesday evening, beneath the history of the Great Hall, attendees could be heard saying a common refrain to the political cartoonists in the Library of Congress room: Donald Trump sure must be good for business. And at least a few artists could be heard acknowledging: Yes, indeed, he is a […]

At the Herblock Prize ceremony, not talking about Trump still means talking about Trump

AT THE outset of his acceptance speech Tuesday evening, 2016 Herblock Prize winner Mark Fiore made a vow to the Washington audience: Although a political cartoonist, he’d go his entire talk without uttering the word Trump. “I won’t mention a certain orange-hued [candidate]. I’ll leave that to another Mark,” said Fiore, nodding to the front row […]

Captain America hailing Hydra isn’t the end of an icon, it’s just the next great chapter

(This story contains spoilers for events happening in the first issue of “Steve Rogers: Captain America.”) “Hail Hydra.” Two words heard frequently in Captain America’s 75-year comic book history. We’ve just never heard those words coming from Captain America himself, until now. The comic-book reading world is buzzing because it looks like the ultimate symbol […]

‘The Flash’ season finale: Time flies when you’re having to save a loved one

THE SECOND SEASON of the CW’s “The Flash” ended just as the first one did — with Barry Allen running into the unknown in a finale that leaves more questions than answers. Last week’s episode showed this season’s main villain, Zoom, killing Barry Allen’s father in an attempt to turn the Flash toward the darkness […]

R.I.P., Mell Lazarus: Colleagues salute the warm wit of the ‘Momma’ and ‘Miss Peach’ comics creator

THE LAST TIME I spoke with cartooning great Mell Lazarus, at a 2009 comics-award ceremony in Jersey City, he had me laughing at not only his wit but also at the easy and gliding way he delivered a punchline. Somehow, a joke from Lazarus’s mouth both entertained you and, in a subtly sophisticated way, included you. […]

This year’s Herblock Prize winner says ‘Trump talks a big game,’ but Obama’s no beacon of press freedom

MARK FIORE is a rare breed even within an endangered species. He is the modern professional political cartoonist who has an established platform and dedicated following — the editorial artist who bows to the past century’s masters while helping carve the future of the art. Fiore, who is in Washington this evening to pick up the […]

‘Apocalypse’ is shaping up to be the worst-reviewed film ever in the X-Men franchise

THERE IS a moment in the ’80s-set film “X-Men: Apocalypse” when teenage mutants are exiting a screening of the then-new Star Wars release “Return of the Jedi.” One of them notes that the third film in any trilogy is “always the worst.” The line registers like a direct dig at the widely derided “X-Men: The […]

A plan for giving X-Men franchise new life

Whether you’re a comic fan who can’t get enough of summer spandex or one of the people who believe that superhero-movie fatigue is a real thing, you have Marvel’s merry band of mutants to thank for helping create today’s trend of summer superhero movies. It seems like forever ago, but back in 2000 — before Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man […]

Here’s why AMC’s new ‘Preacher’ holds true promise — as a series and a comics-adapted show

  THE LAST time AMC adapted a comic book for television, the result was a little show called “The Walking Dead.” So the network gleefully returns to blood-soaked comics as source material, hoping for another high-body-count hit with “Preacher,” which made its debut Sunday. When adapting comics, AMC steers clear of capes and secret identities […]

Why the American box office is a red, white and blue herring when judging superheroes

THE NORTH AMERICAN box office is producing numbers that don’t match larger industry narratives in 2016, at least when it comes to superheroes. Ahead of Friday’s opening of “X-Men: Apocalypse,” consider the three big superhero movies to be released so far this year: “Captain America: Civil War” is viewed as 2016’s big winner so far. […]

The CW’s strongest identity going forward: A home where superheroes can soar

AT THE TV upfronts this week, it became clear that to a great degree, much of The CW could be called The GB. That’s because the network is set to strip most of its week with shows by “super”-producer Greg Berlanti, who has a knowing knack for mixing capes and one-hour escapades. The CW, which […]

Here’s the trick to drawing the perfect Donald Trump

THE HAIR may be apparent, but it’s the mouth that scored. Since Candidate Trump threw his red hat into the presidential ring, cartoonists have had many months to hone their caricatures of The Donald as politician. And the pictorial evolution — like some time-lapse Dawn of Man animation — has been fascinating. Trump, of course, […]

Yuri Kochiyama: Today’s fierce Google Doodle salutes former Japanese internee’s lifetime of activism

For more than a half-century, the most iconic image of rights activist Yuri Kochiyama has been a violent one. When Malcolm X was assassinated in 1965, it was his friend Kochiyama who cradled his head in her hands in that Harlem ballroom — a moment captured forever by a LIFE magazine photo that ran across much […]

‘Last Ballot’ Bernie: Here is how Hillary Clinton is feeling that lasting Sanders burn (Cartoon Edition)

IT SEEMS only fitting that Sen. Bernie Sanders has a campaign slogan that evokes not only electoral heat, but also pain — be it the burn of physical strain while running a long race, or the hot wound of fiery rhetoric or stinging insult. Hillary Clinton, the thinking goes, must be awfully tired of that […]

All ‘Peanuts’ comic strips have been collected for the first time. Here’s how it happened.

READING “PEANUTS” has long been a patchwork endeavor. You read it in the newspaper, or in paperback collections, or in anniversary editions, but nowhere has existed a single bound set of the beloved comic strip’s entire collected catalog — even after the death of creator Charles M. “Sparky” Schulz in 2000 fanned a new wave […]

‘Battleborn’ review: A mashup of genres that falls short

Battleborn Developed by: Gearbox Software Published by: 2K Games Available on: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One Under the shadow of terms like mashup lies the understanding that spirited things can happen when once-separated elements are knotted together. When the union is a happy one, new genres can spring forth. (Funk is a good example.) But […]

All the best cartoons about Donald Trump. According to John Miller and John Barron.

A POSE by any other name would smell as sweet. At least to those critics and cartoonists who crave their daily sensory dose of The Donald. In recent days, of course, Trump found his latest way to dominate a news cycle, after The Post reported that a quarter-century ago, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee posed […]

Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn movie shows how DC could match Marvel on the big screen

IF ONE didn’t know Harley Quinn had become one of the most popular characters among young female geeks, then a glance at the Baltimore Comic-Con floor last fall provided plenty of instant evidence. Where Wonder Women and Marcelines had predominated among the fangirl cosplayers, old- and new-school Harleys now popped up as thick as Tribbles. […]

From new comics line to today’s animated-series deal, Strawberry Shortcake is blooming anew

SIX YEARS ago, when Iconix Brand Group landed a $175 million deal to buy such properties as “Peanuts,” “Dilbert” and “Fancy Nancy,” the licensing firm with strong fashion brands was moving into a new realm. Because sometimes, as content, character is king. Today, Iconix is only strengthening how it delivers cartoon-character entertainment to the world. […]

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