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Ryan Reynolds has found the perfect superhero-film suit and four other fanboy takeaways from ‘Deadpool’

AMONG MANY of his comic-book fans, Ryan Reynolds had two strikes on him.First, he had swung and missed in 2009’s misguided “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” Through no fault of Reynolds, the “Merc With a Mouth” was inexplicably saddled with sewn-up lips. Show More Summary

Is there a ‘special place in hell’ for these cartoons about the New Hampshire primary?

YOU KNOW the presidential race is really heating up when, between Madeleine Albright’s “special place in hell” damnations and Gloria Steinem’s “where the boys are” accusations, apparently Bernie-backing women can expect everything to go to hell in a gland-basket.Read full article >>

The definitive rankings of superhero acting styles, from stiffest to Ryan Reynolds

NOWHERE IN Hollywood can the question “What suits your talents?” be applied more literally than in the world of superhero casting. Cartoon costuming and character traits are so closely interwoven that actors not only must fit the uniform, but also possess an acting style that befits their comics-sprung crimefighter.Read full article >>

With a nod to Alan Moore, here’s how ‘Supergirl’ just gave us one of its best episodes yet

“FOR THE Man Who Has Everything” is one of Superman’s classic tales, told more than 30 years ago by writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons, the same legendary comic-book duo who gave us “Watchmen.” Last night, CBS’s “Supergirl,” channeled that Moore and Gibbons story -- and gave us one of the show’s best episodes yet.Read full article >>

The 7 most pressing questions (and non-spoiler answers) from the ‘Deadpool’ film

THE LONG-GESTATING “Deadpool” film arrives in theaters this weekend with so many questions -- and we need answers more illuminating than the fast-patter quips emitted by the title comic-book mercenary himself.Read full article >>

At 25, Deadpool’s greatest power isn’t what you think it is.

PERHAPS EVEN impressive than mutant regenerative abilities or ninja-level skills with katana blades, Deadpool has one super-power that now seems to stand above the rest:The “Merc With a Mouth” somehow survived the ’90s.Read full article >>

There could be a Google Doodle evoking Black Lives Matter, thanks to this student

FOR THE first time, a Washington winner is in the running to be crowned the national champ as a student artist for Google.This morning, the California tech titan is announcing the 53 state and territory winners for the Doodle 4 Google contest for grade-schoolers. Show More Summary

Trump’s humble pie and Clinton’s pseudo-crown: How cartoonists drew the Iowa caucus results

DONALD TRUMP entered Iowa as a big-talking strip of New York sirloin. He exited as a second side order of high corn.Still, he remains undiminished as satiric red meat. The steely knives of America’s political cartoonists are close by, primed for serrated illustration.Read full article >>

Marvel’s top editor sketches out the details for its next big event: ‘Civil War II’

AXEL ALONSO, as Marvel Comics’ editor in chief, was in a meeting with senior editors and his publisher when the question was posed to him: What would he do if the Marvel Universe had another Civil War.Read full article >>

From sexism to ‘fake awards’ prank, the Angoulême festival needs an intervention

WITHIN THE span of mere days, France’s Angoulême comics festival put on such a poor face before the world’s comics industry, it should have considered instead donning mime makeup -- and stayed suitably silent.Read full article >>

Haven’t watched DC’s animated Batman? New ‘Bad Blood’ is the most dynamic reason to begin

ONCE AGAIN, with care, DC Comics has taken a Batman tale from the comics and transformed it into an animated movie worth watching.Following in the cartoon boot-steps of such movies as “Batman and Son” (based on comics from Grant Morrison) and “Batman vs. Show More Summary

‘The Witness’ review: A daunting, confounding, maddening, and beautiful game

The Witness Developed by: Thekla Inc. Published by: Thekla Inc. Available on: PC, PlayStation 4Like most who have played an immodest number of video games, there are many I never completed.  The majority of those unfulfilled ventures I hardly think about. Show More Summary

Exclusive: ‘Lunar Chronicles’ author Marissa Meyer will write her first graphic novel — with androids

MARISSA MEYER is bringing her intergalactic characters into a new dimension.Meyer is the author of “The Lunar Chronicles,” the series of YA sci-fi novels that sits atop the bestseller lists, in stellar company with “The Mazerunner,”Show More Summary

Exclusive: Creators launch ‘Black’ comic Kickstarter to move beyond ‘Cosby Show,’ ‘cookie-cutter’ diversity

IT’S NO LONGER difficult to find diversity among comic-book crusaders, of course, what with major comic book publishers tossing the mantles of some of the most well-known superheroes onto the shoulders of characters of color. But do these new heroes bring about significant change in the worlds they inhabit?Read full article >>

As Jason Rezaian returns, an imprisoned political cartoonist is still in Iran

AS JASON REZAIAN walks the halls of The Post’s gleaming home this week, saluted and celebrated by colleagues and administration officials, I smile at his homecoming after 18 months in an Iranian prison. But today, my thoughts are also with a woman who reportedly still sits in the prison that Jason just exited.Read full article >>

Whether it’s Angouleme or the Oscars, credibility wanes if diversity does

AFTER THE debacle in which judges saw fit to nominate no women, Angoulême moves on even as it opens up.The esteemed international comics festival begins today as it joyously takes over the French town for which it’s named. And the Festival...Show More Summary

Can Marvel and Star Wars franchises go on till … ‘forever’?

IN 2009, when Disney struck a $4-billion deal to buy Marvel, I asked the company’s mastermind editor and co-creator Stan Lee to size up the meaning behind the moolah. Just what was the Mouse House getting, exactly?Read full article ...

TV recap: The reverse plot twists fly fast in this week’s ‘The Flash’

IF YOU thought the return of Eobard Thawne on Tuesday night’s “The Flash” was going to add one yellow blur of a plot twist for the rest of Season 2, well … the reverse happened.Yes, the Reverse Flash was back (just as advertised in previews and online images). Show More Summary

Marvel gave its amputee superhero prosthetic legs — with the help of an Iraq War vet

DAN NEVINS knows the little things that only an amputee would know -- like what it does to your mind when you no longer sense the Earth beneath you.Which made Nevins -- who was wounded in Iraq in 2004 -- the perfect person to inform an otherworldly new story.Read full article >>

‘Supergirl’ recap: Amid workplace drama, who’s the Manhunter and who’s the man-hunter?

Mars attacks? No problem.The boss has an attractive son? Uh-oh.First things first: Monday night’s”Supergirl” had the Girl of Steel caught in the crossfire of a Martian civil war brought to Earth. White Martians have arrived with one mission: Destroy the hidden Martian Manhunter (who we now know disguises himself as Supergirl’s government ally Hank Henshaw).Read full article >>

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