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To mark Comic Riffs’ 7th birthday, here are our favorite quotes about comics

SO LITTLE time, so many universes.Seven years is a quirky marker of time, and rather an odd anniversary. The traditional gift is wool (anything but a Cosby sweater) or copper (anything but a Trump hair tint), and its modern gift is for a desk set (how sublimely apt). Show More Summary

Kickstarter of the Day: After Medium, The Nib charts a new course for excellence

MATT BORS, whether he likes it or not, is more than a cartoonist, because he also represents a test case. Since the Portland-based artist also edits and curates The Nib, his cartooning site aptly has all the sharp hues and biting acid of a litmus test. Show More Summary

Six eye-catching Bill Cosby cartoons draw their own verdicts

THE AUDIENCE STIRRED a bit giddy in the gleaming Kennedy Center when quickly, the house lights went down and the music stopped. We sat with anticipation. And sat. And sat. Till it was mildly disorienting. And there, in the lingering darkness of the room, unsure quite what was happening, we suddenly heard a singular, wisecracking voice pierce the air. Show More Summary

Happy 75th, Bugs Bunny: How animation’s 1st great brain-trust created a legend

WITH PIXAR’s“Inside Out” spotlighting anew the brilliance of the studio’s famed “brain trust,” it’s worth dwelling today on arguably animation’s first great brain trust — at least the first great one since so many characters lived in lone genius Winsor McCay’s head.Read full article >>

New Harvey Pekar Park embraces people as uncommonly common as he was

EVERY SO OFTEN, since Harvey Pekar’s death five summers ago, local officials in Harvey’s old Ohio neighborhood would ask the great graphic novelist’s widow and comics collaborator, Joyce Brabner, about the possibility of putting up a big Pekar billboard on these Cleveland Heights streets — some dedicated signage to celebrate this favorite son. Show More Summary

You Don’t Mess With the ‘Ant-Man': Marvel declares win over Sandler’s ‘Pixels’

ZOHAN?Pfft. You Don’t Mess With the Ant-Man.If Sunday’s horse-race estimates hold tomorrow, then “Ant-Man’s” sophomore weekend will have beaten the debut of the highly promoted (and highly derided) “Pixels,” the latest big-budget “comedy” from Adam Sandler.Read full article >>

Trump’s Tower: How artists struggle to capture hair colors not found in nature

. EVEN accounting for the orangutan, Donald Trump flaunts a hair color that does not occur in nature.And this, honestly, should be of dyer — nay, even dire — concern. Not necessarily to the nation’s voters, who have an entire nut-basket of true candidate issues to sort through, like silverbacks nitpicking endless small pests from the matted backs.Read full article >>

With today’s sizable flourish, the ‘Fables’ team ends a fairy-tale run

WHEN the time came to begin plotting the final issue of “Fables,” the fairy tale-fueled adventures from the creative team of writer Bill Willingham and artist Mark Buckingham, the duo were presented with a lengthy way to bring the Vertigo Comics series to an end.Read full article >>

Pixar’s new trailer for this fall’s ‘The Good Dinosaur’ is a truly beautiful first footprint

FIRST, class, let’s put away our science e-books. Because given the richness of Pixar’s imagination, we’re now venturing toward the land before logic, past the signpost for “The Far Side,” where a dude and a dino could coexist without “Jurassic World”-levels of genetic hubris to make it so.Read full article >>

“The Magic Circle” review: Challenging video game culture from the inside

The Magic Circle Developed by: Question Published by: Question Available on: PCSatire is most successful when cultural practices are so ingrained that the satire immediately inspires one to think about how things are and how they should be. “The Magic Circle” conspires to challenge video game culture from the inside, taunting players and developers alike.Read full article >>

Sketchbook: The Post’s Jason Rezaian marks a year behind the bars of injustice.

ONE YEAR AGO tomorrow, Iranian authorities crossed a line. So each month during this year, I cross four lines, mark by mark, to tally the days of injustice for Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian.Read full article >>

‘Ant-Man’ to Amy to ‘Minions': How the Judd Apatow Effect just hit $140M trifecta

YOU TEND to swap personal stories while in the newsroom trenches, and some summers back, a friend and fellow arts journalist was offering one of his. It was about his first newspaper, which he spoke of fondly like a first dear girlfriend, a former flame with a few warm embers still. Show More Summary

Box office report: Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’ projected to win its debut weekend

AFTER DIRECTOREdgar Wright left his long-gestating passion project “Ant-Man” more than a year ago, some industry watchers tried to make a mountain out of anthill. Would the auteur’s exit result in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first commercial setback? Might there even be a Marvel derailment after seven years of streaking success?Read full article >>

A fanboy’s review of ‘Ant-Man': 5 takeaways (and an Easter egg) great and small

ANT-MAN. Not only does the name alone not strike fear into the hearts of criminals — it also, for months, has created doubt even in the minds of those who are true believers in the Marvel movie machine. Could Ant-Man really measure up?Read full article >>

Bugs in the system: From ‘Antman’ to ‘Thor,’ why does Marvel clash with its directors?

JUST SIX short years ago, at Comic-Con 2009, the hall of 6,000-plus high-decibel Marvel fans raucously cheered what was technically billed as the panel for “Iron Man 2,” but something else entirely was in the air. This was the Victory...Show More Summary

Here’s why Google Doodle salutes fearless, peerless word-warrior Ida B. Wells

A SEAT, once denied, is no longer just a seat.When you’ve been refused a fair place on the train, you’ve also been denied your rightful station in life.Read full article >>

Maine governor apologizes to son of cartoonist he’d ‘like to shoot.’ (Dad, notsomuch.)

SON OF a gun. Talk about a firing-line item veto.Last month, Maine Gov. Paul LePage, as you may recall, made headlines when he made a comment that he’d like to shoot George Danby, the Bangor Daily News political cartoonist who often has LePage in his editorial cross-hairs.Read full article >>

Be reassured: The 2nd ‘Bloom County 2.0? strip has landed. And yes, it’s a gem.

AND ON the third day, we were reassured.Berkeley Breathed, as you likely know by now, delivered the superb return of “Bloom County” on Monday, a quarter-century after the Pulitzer-winning, Reagan-era strip put itself out to pasture, heading to the great Milo’s Meadow in the sky. Show More Summary

Berkeley Breathed speaks: Here is why ‘Bloom County’ is really returning…

“I thought it might be funny for me to ghost ‘Pearls [Before Swine]’ sometime, just to flip it all on its head. It was just a silly idea.” — Bill Watterson to Comic Riffs, June 2014“The times have lightened. It’s a good time for silliness.” — Berkeley Breathed to Comic Riffs, July 2015Read full article >>

With new trailer, ‘Fantastic Four’ raises its rock-solid prospects to torch box office

AT WHAT point do we have to admit that this “Fantastic Four” movie is starting to look a little cool?If you harnessed the energy of the collective sighs and groans when it was announced that 20th Century Fox was rebooting the FF franchise...Show More Summary

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