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How a Star Wars video game faced charges that it was promoting gambling

Imagine buying a new chess set. Chess is your favorite game. Also you love “Star Wars.” It’s a Star Wars chess set! Now imagine playing your friend who spent $200 for the random chance that his pawns obtain the board-clearing powers of a queen. Plus his king looks like Darth Vader and yours still looks like […]

Meet the ‘Justice League’ villain that does the most damage: Mr. CGI

THE HAIRIEST PROBLEM with “Justice League,” which opens today, is cleanly represented by the great and disturbing case of the missing whiskers. Because Superman, who died at the end of last year’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” inevitably appears in flashback in the new film, it is no plot spoiler to comment on Henry […]

Could ‘Justice League’ signal Ben Affleck’s departure from his Batman role?

THERE IS a moment in the new “Justice League” when the Caped Crusader urges Wonder Woman in the ways of team leadership — Batmansplaining, if you will, but with a well-intentioned purpose. And in that scene, it is easy to wonder: Is the Dark Knight simply grooming the Amazon to be his replacement boss — or […]

A classic title featuring Wonder Woman and Batman returns to DC Comics

“The Brave and the Bold” is returning to DC Comics in a new miniseries that will feature Batman and Wonder Woman. The classic DC team-up title — which debuted in the 1950s, was most recently published by DC in 2009 and appeared as an animated show in 2008 — will be written and illustrated by Liam Sharp. […]

‘Justice League’ reviews are in, and they’re as all over the place as the DC movie itself

THE EARLY critical response to Warner Bros.’s big DC superhero team-up “Justice League,” which opens Friday, is as all over the place as the film itself. “Justice League” was directed by Zack Snyder, but Joss Whedon (veteran of Marvel’s “Avengers” team-up films) was brought in this past spring to complete the picture (for which he […]

‘Justice League’ isn’t exactly ‘Wonder Woman.’ But it doesn’t have to be.

The greatest feat of “Justice League” may be avoiding the disaster that it could have been. This movie was never going to be a masterpiece. Not in the same light as “Wonder Woman” despite the fact that Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) is in it. A director change (to Joss Whedon) in postproduction and a probable […]

‘Coco’ forced Pixar to dive deep into a real-world culture — and add some diversity

PIXAR STUDIOS, for all its renown for creating highly detailed worlds, has rarely had to worry too much about cultural authenticity. Even after all their fabled research for movies such as “Brave” and “Ratatouille,” the filmmakers have been free to use their imaginations, without real fear of offending toymakers, automakers or entomologists. Show More Summary

As Jimmy Kimmel turns 50, his boyhood superheroes come to life thanks to J.J. Abrams, Ben Affleck

IT TOOK only four decades for host Jimmy Kimmel to see his boyhood art come to dazzling, star-studded life. On Monday’s episode of his ABC late-night show, Kimmel celebrated turning 50 with bells, whistles and Ben Affleck. The actor was there to promote his film “Justice League” (opening Friday), but that also provided the perfect […]

How cartoonists are blasting Roy Moore and the GOP amid his sexual misconduct scandal

ROY MOORE’s scandal continues to escalate. Five women have said that the Alabama judge either initiated sexual encounters or pursued them while they were teenagers. Now, as his Republican colleagues rise to oppose Moore, he faces a growing chorus of opposition. “Unfit to serve,” they say. “I believe the women, yes,” they say. Moore “doesn’t […]

Longtime DC Comics editor fired after sexual harassment allegations resurface

NOT UNLIKE with Louis C.K., Eddie Berganza and the allegations over sexual behavior that trailed him had become an open secret within his industry. And like the comedian, the cultural shock wave launched by the Harvey Weinstein scandal has rocked his career. Berganza, an editor for a quarter-century at DC Comics, has been fired, DC […]

Amazon announces deal for ‘Lord of the Rings’ TV series

AT AMAZON STUDIOS, a sprawling epic series has become a commodity most precious. And so the streaming service that first launched with a show about the political swamp of Washington (“Alpha House”) is now headed to the Shire. Amazon announced Monday that it has obtained the television rights for “The Lord of the Rings” fantasy […]

‘Assassin’s Creed Origins’ is one part history, one part amusement park

Assassin’s Creed Origins Developed by: Ubisoft Montreal Published by: Ubisoft Available on: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One Not long ago, I used to associate the Assassin’s Creed series with the words “annual serialization” and “series fatigue.” Although I spent a number of contented weeks taking in the sights of Renaissance Italy as depicted in “Assassin’s […]

Superhero actresses are using their power to take on Hollywood sexual harassment

ACTRESSES WHO star on some of TV’s top superhero shows aren’t naming names. But in the wake of Warner Bros.’s suspension last week of producer Andrew Kreisberg following allegations about his behavior, several performers in DC Comics-based TV shows are speaking out against sexual harassment in Hollywood. Their statements come after their big-screen superhero brethren […]

After many failed attempts at the box office, Netflix finally gets ‘The Punisher’ right

Few Marvel characters have existed in the same live-action developmental purgatory that the Punisher has. The character has not one but three movies that never managed to satisfy a dedicated fan base. Dolph Lundgren gave it a go as Frank Castle in 1989 in a movie you perhaps forgot existed. Thomas Jane had the charisma but […]

With a new trilogy in the works, Star Wars has defeated Star Trek for decades

FOR FOUR decades, “Star Trek or Star Wars?” has been one of pop culture’s most consistent binary conversation starters among nerds, right up there with “Marvel or DC?” and “CD or vinyl?” The thing is, shortly before 2015, you could reasonably argue that Star Trek had gained the upper hand as a cultural force, thanks […]

What the Republican election defeats really mean, according to cartoons

THE VOTERS have spoken, and the most common rallying cry this week was “reversal.” Tuesday’s election results were, as The Washington Post wrote, “a decisive rebuke of Trump and his policies in Virginia and elsewhere.” As Democrats racked up a historic string of victories in the commonwealth, in fact, Republican strategist Mike Murphy turned to an image […]

‘Star Wars’ sets a huge new course with a Rian Johnson film trilogy and a streaming TV series

“THE LAST JEDI” isn’t in theaters yet, but its director, Rian Johnson, is already getting a big vote of confidence from Disney. The studio and the filmmaker have struck a deal to develop a new “Star Wars” trilogy, Disney chairman Bob Iger announced. Disney also announced  that a live-action “Star Wars” TV series will air on one […]

Here’s why it’s a big deal that comics star Brian Michael Bendis jumped from Marvel to DC

The key word in the announcement that writer Brian Michael Bendis was leaving Marvel Entertainment and coming over to DC Comics was “multi-faceted.” We’re so excited to start working with @BRIANMBENDIS! — DC (@DCComics) November 7, 2017 Bendis, one of the biggest names in comics, is going to be everywhere. On the comic book side, Bendis […]

Baltimore Sun cartoonist wins Berryman Award for his impassioned takedowns of Trump

JUST HOW dedicated is Kevin “KAL” Kallaugher to the art of satirizing President Trump? “I look at him — the president’s face — sometimes four, five hours day,” says the political cartoonist for the Baltimore Sun and the Economist. “Much more than my own face.” That’s simply one window into how, from pen line to […]

2017 is the best year in superhero movie history, according to the Rotten Tomatoes math

2017 IS the single greatest year in superhero movie history. At least if you put stock in the statistics over at Rotten Tomatoes, which has just updated its rankings of the best in cinematic spandex, on the heels of “Thor: Ragnarok’s” release last week. According to this super-Tomatometer, four of the five greatest superhero movies ever […]

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