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‘Tom the Dancing Bug’ creator wins 2017 Herblock Prize for his original spoofs of Donald Trump

RUBEN BOLLING, creator of the syndicated comic “Tom the Dancing Bug,” has just been named this year’s recipient of the Herblock Prize for editorial cartooning. “Tom the Dancing Bug” is a free-form comic — syndicated by Andrews McMeel and also published on and — that was especially political in 2016, including Trump-laced spoofs […]

The Oscar-nominated writer of ‘Arrival’ is bringing a new series to Valiant Comics

In today’s era of superhero cinema, working on a comic book could lead a writer or artist to Hollywood. Screenplay writer Eric Heisserer took the reverse approach. Heisserer, who wrote the Academy Award-nominated screenplay for “Arrival”, which is based on the short story “Story of Your Life” by Ted Chiang, has been writing scripts for […]

Will ‘Logan’ be the rare superhero film that transcends the ‘comic book movie’ tag?

WILL “LOGAN” be the rare superhero film that transcends the “comic-book movie” tag? Just consider: If Hugh Jackman’s feral furry mutant did not originate from Marvel’s X-Men universe, many filmgoers might not even view it as comic-book fare. Hugh Jackman’s final outing as Wolverine seems to go out of its way not to look and feel like […]

‘The Flash’ recap: ‘Gorilla City’ brings snarling action — and fresh romance

Never trust a gorilla that is smarter than you. Grodd, the super-intelligent, telepathic gorilla and classic Flash rogue, appears to be asking the Scarlett Speedster for help in Tuesday’s episode of CW’s “The Flash,” in Part 1 of the two-episode “Attack on Gorilla City.” Stuck in Gorilla City on Earth 2 after the Flash put […]

‘Lego Batman’ isn’t just a hit spoof — it’s now rivaling some live-action Batmen at the box office

“THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE” isn’t simply a refreshing alternate take on how to depict the Caped Crusader. It’s now even rivaling some of its live-action Batman elders at the box office. “Lego Batman” is an animated love letter to the DC superhero in his many iterations over the past eight decades — an appreciative but […]

‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ review: Engaging, polished entertainment

Horizon Zero Dawn Developed by: Guerilla Games Published by: Sony Interactive Entertainment Available on: PlayStation 4 Has a culture other than ours ever produced such a wealth of apocalyptic narratives? Will we ever grow bored with these stories?  Questions like this buzzed in my head during my seventy-hour playthrough of “Horizon Zero Dawn”–the open-world RPG […]

Where Lin-Manuel Miranda got inspiration for his Oscar-nominated ‘Moana’ song

IF LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA wins an Academy Award this Sunday, many aspiring songwriters may take to their childhood bedrooms. That’s where he went to get inspiration for “How Far I’ll Go,” the Oscar-nominated song from “Moana.” “If I’m writing a teenage character and I need to connect with that angsty part of myself that feels like […]

L.A. publisher reveals new comic about California secession from an ‘autocratic president’

IN REAL LIFE, the Yes California movement aims to put the question of state secession on the 2018 ballot. In the world of comics, by contrast, assessments of that question will be rendered by May. That’s when writer Matteo Pizzolo and artist Amancay Nahuelpan will launch “Calexit,” an indie comic from Black Mask Studios that […]

The challenges behind President Trump’s new and striking Time magazine cover

THE ASSIGNMENT came in as a brief: Think “Trump in a hurricane.” And in a creative whirlwind, artist Tim O’Brien had just days to turn around an illustration. The result — a striking portrait of the president — is this week’s Time magazine cover, which features the caption: “Nothing to see here.” “I know the […]

Does the Spanish Star Wars title shed light on who will be ‘The Last Jedi’?

When the title for episode eight of “Star Wars” was revealed to be “The Last Jedi,” including a logo reveal with blood red letters instead of the standard “Star Wars” yellow, some fans could have assumed this was a warning sign. Rey and her blue lightsaber could be that last Jedi standing. She recently reconnected with […]

Hello, Siri. Please tell us about your feature-film debut in ‘Lego Batman Movie’ …

ON ONE QUESTION, Siri was proving as elusive as a Gotham villain. If you’ve listened carefully in “The Lego Batman Movie,” or simply saw the credits roll, you know firsthand that the Apple personal assistant has a featured role in the top box-office film in the land. In an inspired turn, Siri is Lego Batman’s […]

The eight best nostalgic Easter eggs in ‘The Lego Batman Movie’

FOR A TRUE Bat-fan, one of the best aspects of “The Lego Batman Movie” is that it packs frame after frame with nods to the Caped Crusader’s rich lore across nearly eight decades of pop-culture iterations. Of those scores of lovingly placed Easter eggs, here are our favorites: 1. From Crowe to Bat. In “The Dark Knight,” Heath […]

Why Mel Gibson directing a ‘Suicide Squad’ sequel wouldn’t be so surprising

PERHAPS MEL GIBSON wasn’t insulting superhero films last year as much as he was auditioning to land one. Last fall at the Venice Film Festival, as the director was selling his Oscar-nominated film “Hacksaw Ridge,” Gibson slammed Warner Bros./DC’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” as “a piece of [expletive]” and added, for good measure, that […]

What ‘Lego Batman’ can teach Ben Affleck

IT TOOK a cartoon to render a cinematic Batman at his most human. As I continue to talk with fans of “The Lego Batman Movie,” two aspects keep coming up: How this film’s Joker engenders uncommon sympathy, and how moviegoers finally get a relatable Dark Knight. Those elements aren’t unrelated. “Lego Batman” is the most […]

Mike Flynn’s striking farewell from the Trump White House, according to cartoons

THE LARGE-HEADLINED controversies are coming so quickly this week that not even some of America’s quickest cartoonists can keep up. “One afternoon, 3 investigations?” The Washington Post asks, pointing to the president’s no-good, very-bad Tuesday. The burning controversy that has most turned up the heat on the Trump White House this week, of course, involves […]

‘Doctor Who’s’ Jimmy Vee is the new R2-D2 droid that we’re looking for

JIMMY VEE, the actor best known for his work on “Pan” and “Doctor Who,” is our new R2-D2. Vee will play the droid in this December’s “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” the eighth episode in the main cinematic storyline, he said in a statement from the Oh So Small production agency. Vee fills the costume […]

The real story behind Charlie Brown’s hope for a little redhaired girl’s Valentine

IF YOUNG Donna Mae Johnson had returned Charles Schulz’s affections all the way to the altar, the world might never have received the greatest Valentine’s Day comics narrative ever told. Instead, because the redheaded Ms. Johnson chose another man over “Sparky” Schulz, readers would be forever gifted with Charlie Brown’s annual ritual of unrequited love. […]

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ now seems like an even more intriguing movie

MARVEL STUDIOS is gleefully tipping its hand early for its next Avengers films — with the clear aim to pull us into its larger, big-stakes game. Shooting began last month in Atlanta for “Avengers: Infinity War” (due out in the summer of 2018), to be immediately followed by production of the follow-up 2019 Avengers sequel. […]

Why Matt Reeves is the right director to take on Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film

IT’S WHY we can expect Matt Reeves to say no — yet precisely why I hope he’ll say yes. “I’m always looking for a reason to say no when I’m approached about a big studio tentpole,” Reeves told IndieWire in 2014, on the occasion of his successful big studio tentpole “Dawn of the Planet of […]

‘Lego Batman’ earns $56 million, tops ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ in a battle of toy-happy sequels

EVEN WHEN he’s only molded plastic, you just can’t outdarken the Dark Knight. In a battle of toy-laden sequels, “The Lego Batman Movie” topped “Fifty Shades Darker” to win the box-office weekend in North American theaters, according to studio estimates released Sunday. Show More Summary

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