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Meet the new Green Lanterns. Yes, there are two of them.

The Green Lanterns are here to protect planet Earth. And as soon as they figure out how, the world will be a better, safer place. This month, DC Comics, as a part of its new “Rebirth” revamp, introduced the first issue of Green Lanterns. The “s” at the end of Lanterns is important. There are two […]

The world’s most striking Brexit reactions, through cartoons

UK to leave E.U.! P.M. resigns ASAP! Pound now down! The headlines rippled ’round the globe overnight as Britons shocked the world by voting to exit — or “Brexit” — the European Union. Next thing we knew, Prime Minister David Cameron said he was stepping down; Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon spoke of a referendum to break […]

What the nation’s political cartoonists saw at the Democratic sit-in

FOR 26 HOURS, Democrats staged a sit-in on the House floor to draw attention to stalled gun-violence legislation in the fresh wake of 49 Orlando deaths. And before the protest officially ended, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) called for the body to adjourn a day early for the Fourth of July holiday. In acting, Democrats […]

John Lewis’s House sit-in shows how he’s a master of the dramatic image, artist says

ARTIST NATE POWELL has spent years studying Rep. John Lewis, not only biographically but also visually, scene by scene over the congressman’s 75 often momentous years. And as the Indiana-based cartoonist watches the current, Lewis-led House Democratic sit-in over gun control unfold, he is moved by the echoes from throughout Lewis’s life. The sit-in hits “echoes on […]

How ‘Doonesbury’ envisioned Donald Trump’s presidential run 29 years ago

IT’S EASY to forget that many of the headlines surrounding Donald Trump’s current campaign were strikingly foreshadowed. But a stroll down the past three decades of “Doonesbury” can read like a road map to the billionaire’s 2016 candidacy. A Trump run for president? Check. “Doonesbury” first had that covered nearly 30 years ago. Campaign references to Trump […]

‘Asemblance’ review: A puzzle within a puzzle within a puzzle

Asemblance Developed by: Nilo Studios Published by: Nilo Studios Available on: PC, PlayStation 4 You’re standing in front of a computer terminal. A siren wails above you while a pulsating red light stabs the air. A narrator, who sounds like he could be the successor to the HAL 9000 computer in “2001: A Space Odyssey” […]

How Netflix brought new life to ‘Voltron,’ the beloved ’80s cartoon

When producers Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery found out that Dreamworks had acquired the media rights to “Voltron” and were planning to release a new version on Netflix, the two frequent collaborators instantly began contemplating how they would revamp the classic 1980s cartoon if they were ever to get their hands on it. Having […]

Pixar fans went to see ‘Dory’ but fell in love with ‘Piper’

The general consensus about “Finding Dory” is: That was cute, even if it wasn’t quite as good as “Finding Nemo.” But the response to “Piper,” the animated short that precedes Pixar’s latest, has been positively rapturous. Not only is the six-minute movie adorable and clever, it’s absolutely stunning to look at. Technological advancements are rarely […]

The rise and fall of Donald Trump, according to cartoons

IT ALL began one year ago on a descending escalator. Now, as the Trump run for the presidency throws its campaign manager overboard, the metaphors of plummeting transportation rise again. On Monday, the presumptive GOP nominee canned top aide Corey Lewandowski. The firing comes amid reports of low campaign contributions and party conflict heading toward next […]

Lynda Carter, ever the Wonder Woman, will return to TV as the president on ‘Supergirl’

NOW THIS is change we can believe in. And we have Supergirl to thank. Lynda Carter has been gone from our superhero TV screens for much of the past four decades. But now, the “Wonder Woman” icon has been cast to play the president on “Supergirl.” “I’m thrilled to become the president without having to […]

A writer was brutally mugged — so he turned the crime into a moving graphic novel

Paul Dini has turned a tragic night of fear into a instantly-classic graphic novel. In “Dark Night,” available in print and digitally from Vertigo Comics, Dini, a writer who contributed to the “Batman: The Animated Series” and “Tiny Toons” cartoons in the 1990s, retells the tale of the night his career and life almost came to a […]

The visual secrets behind some of Pixar’s most emotional moments

LAST YEAR, I was talking with “Inside Out” director Pete Docter about an animation cel that dated back to the days of early Disney. Docter was immediately able to surmise details from its history, and I was reminded in that moment that the “brain trust” filmmakers at Pixar have a deep and nearly encyclopedic knowledge of their forebears of the […]

‘Mage,’ ‘Bee and Puppycat’ and ‘Red Sonja’ lead new wave of ComiXology Unlimited titles

WERE IT NOT for Matt Wagner and his sword-wielding tales of “Mage: The Hero Discovered,” then ComiXology might not even exist. Which means ComiXology, in turn, would not be announcing “Mage (Vol. 1)” today as part of its new wave of titles for its Unlimited library. Starting June 27, the New York-based digital-comics platform will […]

‘Finding Dory’s’ record opening ($136M) cures concerns over Pixar ‘sequel-itis’

PIXAR has found the prescription to treat all common fears of “sequelitis.” And the best medicine, as always, is good storytelling. “Finding Dory,” the sequel to 2003’s highly popular “Finding Nemo,” grossed $136.2 million in its domestic debut, according to studio estimates Sunday (final numbers are due later Monday). That represents Pixar’s biggest opening ever, […]

How Sigourney Weaver and Ed O’Neill wound up in ‘Finding Dory’ — and stole the show

“Finding Dory” brings back a lot of familiar faces from “Finding Nemo” — but if you’ve seen the movie, you know some of the newer characters steal the show. One such character doesn’t even have a face, as she’s just a disembodied voice: As the fish travel to the Marine Life Institute (“the jewel of […]

The Pakistani American Marvel editor who is trying to make comic books more diverse

SANA AMANAT may help guide a diverse range of comic-book superheroes now, but as a child, these weren’t the images that dominated media. Instead, growing up as a Pakistani American in a predominantly white New Jersey suburb, she looked at art of women who were blond and white as if that were the ideal for beauty. And in […]

How ‘Finding Dory’ and ‘Finding Nemo’ deal beautifully with disabilities

GROWING UP, I would see the look. My mother taught special-ed for many years, and when I accompanied her students on field trips, I was sensitive to how adults in the world would react facially, and then vocally, when encountering her pupils and realizing they had special challenges. It was so common, I began to […]

What does Superman’s arrival mean for ‘Supergirl’?

The Last Son of Krypton will officially join his cousin on the CW this fall. Tyler Hoechlin (“Teen Wolf,” “Everybody Wants Some!!”) has been cast as Superman/Clark Kent for the second season of “Supergirl,” which will air on the CW after the show spent its inaugural season on CBS. Superman’s presence was frequently felt, albeit […]

Why Dory is one of Pixar’s most popular characters

ELLEN DeGENERES had spent the night in the balcony, listening to friends and peers rave for hours about her as a comedian and colleague. She basked in the glow of the warm tributes, but she also seemed a bit uneasy, as if this was all too much concentrated adulation. The moment called for a dose […]

As ‘Finding Dory’ is released, why did ‘Finding Nemo’ connect so deeply with all ages?

It’s something that would only happen in the world of Pixar: A tiny orange clownfish named Nemo goes missing; his father sets out to find him; and a movie about their adventure rakes in nearly $1 billion worldwide. Everyone knows the story of “Finding Nemo,” the 2003 animated smash that led to the highly anticipated […]

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